Natalee Holloway: Diario Gets it, Maybe Aruba May want to Listen to end the Boycott


For some reason there are those in Aruba that just don’t seem to get it with regards to those in the US that support or even contemplate the thought of a boycott. There is just cause for people to be upset over the way the Natalee Holloway case has been handled by Aruban authorities and still is to this day. Whether you believe a boycott is the answer or not is another story; however, one looks at this situation and ask a couple of questions. One, what frustration and lack of cooperation drove the family to consider a boycott? Especially Dave Holloway? Two, why did Aruban officials ever let it get to this point?

The second question may be partially answered by the reaction we continue to get from Aruban officials. One really does begin to wonder of the attitudes that existed toward the family and the help they received when we hear the following inflamatory comments from an ex-Aruban spokesperson:

The former government spokesperson declared on FOX News Channel (when he was interviewed) that there were truly errors made in Aruba at the beginning of the investigation into Natalee’s case, but that the US also took care of the war in Iraq incorrectly from the beginning!

To make such a juvenile statement and comparison really does show a lack of understanding and the fact that Aruban authorities were never able to handle a missing persons case and should have asked for FBI help immediately to solve the case. Diario is correct when they state in their article that all such talk accomplishes is adding fuel to the fire.

Well, this was fuel added to the fire of the American TV viewing public’s sentiments and the consequences of the preposterous declarations and statements of the former government spokesperson were to have more and more people in the US asking for a boycott of Aruba.

Appeals have been made to the public to put pressure on cruise ships to not come to Aruba. Until when will these macho acts continue from Aruba to result a total disaster for this island?

Let’s hope that this does not continue to occur as it serves no purpose whatsoever. Arubans have claimed that a boycott would be harmful to their island. How are such comments also not just as harmful? Beginning a new and competent investigation in the disappearance of Natalee Holloway with new investigators and prosecutors is hardly much to ask for in lieu of a boycott. It would seem a wiser move than adding “fuel to the fire”.

Read the translated version of the Diaro article:


In the case of Natalee Former government spokesperson creates even more anger against Aruba in the U.S.

ORANJESTAD (AAN) In the US, things are turning darker day after day for the country of Aruba, its image, and surely its tourism and financial future given the planned actions of the boycott.

It is more than logical that nobody wants to call themselves an Aruban or wants to beat their chest and say that they love this island and will defend it until the end, that they don’t want any manner of boycott against their island!

If everyone knows that in the US certain persons want to use the case of Natalee to create sensation, and while there isn’t a solution to the case, any declaration a little on the outrageous side on the part of Aruba, can end up adding fuel to the fire, then why are there in Aruba supposed heroes who believe that they can go confront them macho-style, who can do even more damage in the case of Natalee?

These are the questions that everyone who loves this island have to ask them because last Sunday again, unnecessary anger arose towards the American public who can see and hear via an American TV channel, how a former government spokesperson went to spin the case of Natalee by telling Americans that the war in Iraq was also something that Americans took care of in an incorrect way from the beginning.

What does the war in Iraq have to do with Aruba and how can this help us to solve the case of Natalee and surely avoid the boycott who will harm the whole island?

(The rest of the translation)

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