Yellow ribbons coming down in Alabama hometown of missing teen, Natalee Holloway


First the Wall of Hope came down as the weather began to affect the structure and the many words, hopes, prayers and well wishes began to fade. Now it appears the town of Mountain Brook, AL are taking down their “yellow ribbons” as well. However, just because the yellow ribbons come down does not mean that this is forgotten. I am sure Natalee’s family want people to try and get on with their lives and this is a symbol to do so they do not feel bad about it.

Yellow ribbons put up in hope of Natalee Holloway’s safe return to Alabama began coming down Wednesday nearly six months after the teenager vanished during her senior trip to Aruba.

Friends and relatives held a brief ceremony signifying the removal of the ribbons — an omnipresent show of support in this cloistered, wealthy Birmingham suburb — to let the community know it was OK with the family for supporters to begin moving on.

I hope that no one gets the notion that this somehow means that Natalee Holloway is being forgotten or any support is waning. The family is just doing the responsible thing in allowing people to move on in certain ways if the wish. The Mountain Brook community has always and will always continue to support Natalee’s family in their search for their daughter. Along with many others out there.

As dozens of people placed bows in a big yellow box outside City Hall, many also signed a statement pledging continued support for Beth Twitty, Holloway’s mother, in her search for her daughter.

“When we first put the bows up we thought we’d have her home, not that we’d be still looking six months later,” said Marcia Twitty, an aunt of the honors student.

“It’s just time for them to come down,” she said. “We’ve had a lot of people ask us what they should do with their bows. They’re getting weathered and tattered.”

If people want to continue to see the yellow ribbons of support they can go here to see the many yellow ribbons of support that support the family and Natalee in their efforts to find Natalee.

I am reminded of this as an article in The Birmingham News came out earlier this summer entitled, ‘Yellow Ribbons Strung for Missing Teen Fade in Sun, Along With Hopes of Solving Mystery in Aruba.’

Please read and listen the post we did a while back in a note to Beth … Much of what is said transcends all. As we told the family a long time ago, Don’t Give Up, Don’t Ever Give Up“. Neither shall we as we wrote on The Wall of Hope.

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