Beth Twitty Criticizes new New Round of Interviews by Prosecution in the Natalee Holloway Investigation


According to the AP, Beth Twitty is rather critical of the Prosecutions new interviews. It would appear that they want to question and re-question former classmates of Natalee Holloway in the United States. It seems to be Beth Twitty’s contention that the ALE have botched the case and only need to reinterview the Mountain Brook students because they messed up the original interviews with them and never initially asked important questions. The speculation has always been whether the ALE ever took the disappearance seriously in the first case.

Beth Holloway Twitty repeated her charge that Aruban officials ignored leads and botched case and said they only want to speak with former classmates because there were holes in their questions.

“The reason they want to ask follow up questions to those students from Mountain Brook is because of the holes in their original line of questioning and because of questions they forgot to ask the first time,” she told The Associated Press in a telephone interview from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Although I have always agreed that all parties should have been properly interviewed including her friends and classmates that were with Natalee Holloway in Aruba, it is puzzling that the prosecution and investigators in Aruba pick this time as the focal point to do interviews in the United States. This is probably one of the points that has disturbed Dave Holloway as well especially since he had spoke with Dompig regarding a particular witness to do an interview with and according to Dave, it was never done. One also wonders what happened to the re-interviewing of the suspects that was stated would be done nearly one month ago?

Now their answer is to put the spotlight on the interviews with the Mountain Brook teens rather than the promised weeks ago interviews and potential rearrests of suspects in Aruba. The re-interviewing or what may be in some cases interviewing for the first time just accent the poor job that was done by the ALE from the beginning in this matter. As I have stated, I do believe all should be interviewed as one never knows what piece of information may be helpful in finding tips and clues into Natalee’s disappearance; however, why was this not a serious concern five months ago? Four, three or two months ago? The investigators seemed to have never treated any of this investigation seriously hoping it would all just go away.

On Friday the Aruban prosecutors office in a statement said they would conducting a new round of interviews in their investigation of Holloway’s disappearance.

The statement said there are people living in the United States who have to be interviewed again. They said that there are several aspects that need more attention.

“You have to have an open mind and investigate all leads, that would be the professional thing to do,” Aruba’s chief prosecutor Karin Janssen told The Associated Press.

Many have been critical of Beth’s actions and for some reason there are those who wish Beth Twitty and the Holloway’s would just drop it completely. I hardly doubt any one of us would do so if it were our child. Beth Twitty does not seem to be going anywhere or abandoning her quest to find answers to her missing daughter Natalee. Her criticism has forced the investigation to continue and in many respects to be looked at from square one of what many believe to be a botched initial case. Even investigators admit there were errors made. We can only hope for the families sake that it is not too late and that witnesses that are interviewed have not forgotten important details. Also not too late to find answers to Natalee’s disappearance.

Beth Twitty pushes forward with her criticisms of an investigation that is deserving. One can only imagine what would have come of this investigation without such persistence?

(Full AP story)

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    25 Responses to “Beth Twitty Criticizes new New Round of Interviews by Prosecution in the Natalee Holloway Investigation”

    1. Frank on November 6th, 2005 1:21 am

      Gee, let’s see, how many times have we been distracted from the crime scene?

      Who needs to slip out the back door when there is no hurricane? Who would benefit by Aruba casting suspicion somewhere else?

      Who has a financial interest in having suspicion move off Aruba?

      What is Paulus’s legal release date from suspicion?

    2. cal on November 6th, 2005 3:51 am

      In my opinion Natalee Holloway investigation was deliberately botched by the ALE, who was given their orders from the gov’t of the Netherlands, a constitutional monarchy. The Netherlands monarchy says Aruba is a on its own as an island, but I doubt that.

      The Kingdom of the Netherlands deliberately created the story line of , autonomous member of the Kingdom of the Netherlands so it could hid from the world that its a major dealer in the drug trafficing world. It’s the Netherlands gov’t that calls the play in the Aruban LE; its the Netherlands gov’t whom has helped gather and destroy evidence in the Natalee Holloway investigation; its the Netherlands gov’t whom is Paulus Van der Sloot’s employer; its with their guidance that the case got deliberately so botched it could never be solved – it was not accidently, it was deliberate.

      It was evidence gathering to make sure it was destroyed – Aruba and the Netherlands are one in the same gov’t. The autonomous member of the Kingdom of the Netherlands is just a smoke screen fr the world, and its worked well for the last 19 yrs.

    3. Chris on November 6th, 2005 11:47 am

      I’m continually amazed at the theorists who assume that the ALE and the Aruban/Dutch government as a whole are fosterring the van der Sloots and the Kalpoes.

      The question is begged: wouldn’t a quick resolution with a higher profile subject better Aruba’s standing in the world view?

      Think of it this way: as it stands, the killers/abductors are theoretically unknown, and those who are suspected are going on with their lives. Is this a situation that a tourism-based economy would contribute to? Of course, not.

      More, the notion that a low-level, magistrate-type government employee could buy himself, his son, and his son’s drinking buddies acquittals would be equally damaging. Who would send their children on vacation if it came to light that anyone who’s ever had his name in the paper could coax the government into burning evidence?

      Regardless of who are involved in Natalee’s disappearance, it’s ridiculous to think that Paulus, et al carry enough clout for Aruba to put its standing in the international community at stake. Bottom line – who the heck is he, anyway? And would anything speak more volumes about the government and law enforcement than if they charged and convicted someone from the public sphere, and told the world, “we fight for justice, regardless of who the wrongdoer is…”?

      Maybe the ALE is less equipped, adept, and prepared to collect evidence than our resources in America, but everyone involved in this situation, if it happened in the US, would be in the same position – out of jail, uncharged, and going on with their lives.

    4. Prima on November 6th, 2005 12:46 pm

      Beth said the Aruban police have NO authority to come here and question witnesses and she is absolutely correct. Let the Aruban police authorities go through the FBI, as the FBI has to go through them and have limited to no capacity in the investigatyion whatsoever. Beth said there are statements on file from the witnesses in question. Why would Aruba want to reinterview these people? Something smells fishy in Aruba and has from the beginning. I don’t blame Beth for wanting Karen Jansen off the case and a totally new team. I am not sure how much better they would be because they are all in “cahoots” protecting the perps. Sad state of affairs.

    5. Marci on November 6th, 2005 1:35 pm

      Hi Frank and Cal, you both are right on! Even if Natalee’s friends did give another statement, what do they know that would change anything. If they said anything negative about Joran et al, Dum-pig would say they weren’t telling the truth. This is just another ploy to drag out the time to the 2 year time limit and put the blame on Natalee’s family and friends.
      There will be no change because the same people are doing the investigating.

    6. Stefani on November 6th, 2005 2:07 pm

      Most definetly requestion the MB kids. It can prove to be VERY interesting, and who KNOWS what will come out ? Especially LE NEEDS to further expand questioning to Francis Byrd. She KNOWS more than what was originally declared…..

    7. dennisintn on November 6th, 2005 2:19 pm

      beth isn’t complaining about aruba wanting to reinterview the mb students. she’s complaining about them waiting so long to do it. its been 5 mos. now, and somebody is just now discovering there were discrepancies that need to be cleared up or new questions asked? so what is he waiting for now? he’s been complaining about not being able to question them for over a week now. what’s he done about it? the students are ready, the chaperones are ready. what’s the hold-up? is he waiting for something else to come up so he can bitch about this some more?

    8. Model 1873 on November 6th, 2005 3:01 pm

      Cal, you hit that nail right on the head.

      Paulus’ legal date for release of suspicion is November 11 as I understand it.

    9. Jim Hanson on November 6th, 2005 3:04 pm

      Cal, you didn’t mention if your post was factual or fictional … do you have any proof to back your statement up?

      It get’s tiring reading conspiracy theories. I could understand a post like this being written if some Dutch authorities were caught in the act and proven guilty of destroying evidence. None have. I could understand if some Dutch officials came forward with proof that the Netherlands deliberately destroyed evidence. None have.

      Former president Nixon was more or less caught in the act in the Watergate scandal, and finally admitted his role and had the gall to exclaim “I’m not a criminal” before he stepped down as president. Now that’s factual.

      What you are saying Cal, is not.

    10. missy on November 6th, 2005 5:13 pm

      I am a little surprised that BHT would scoff at having Natalee’s classmates interviewed again! Doesn’t she want to find her daughter or her daughter’s killer! I think the Brookie’s are hiding something and even possibly protecting one of their own. Why did they chaperone’s whisk them off to the US so quickly? If NH had been my friend, there is no way I would have left that island so fast. I would have doen everything in my power to help find her. The Aruban LE deserves the right to question everyone who was on that trip–and they should be jumping at the chance to tell what they know and help find their friend! There are secrets hiding with NH’s friends adn they need to step up and do what is right.

      P.S. go ahead and delete my comment and ban me if you are that afraid of the truth.

    11. cal on November 6th, 2005 8:29 pm

      Specualtion – the jury, conviction and case is over: In my opinion in a closed door judical hearing, the three boys admitted to involvement in Natalees death as an accident, with Joran as the primary suspect. The Kalpoes only had a limited role. The judge sentenced Joran to 90 days in jail, and the Kalpoes 1 week. The judical branch agreed that the crime was an accident and the suspects paid there price in reputation and jail time. It’s a closed door case w/no participation of anyone else and certainly not the victims parents. The Arubans and Netherlands don’t give a dam for anyone other than themselves and your money. In a few weeks all the suspects will be cleared of charges.

      For my earlier bizarre remarks about the Kingdom of the Netherlands here’s where I read about it, an article from the Netherlands security department regading Jossy Mansur and his fight against the Netherlands gov’t. It has nothing to do with Natalee; just another view of the Netherlands the world has not seen. Its from the archive of the Univeristy of Minnesota, Human rights public Library. They will do the same thing to the Holloway-Twittys and Natalee.

      Here the entire context of the article w/o using a link:

      Messrs. L. E. and J. Mansur (represented by Dr. Jan M. Sjà ¶crona and Mr. John H. van der Kuyp) v. the Netherlands, Communication No. 883/1999, U.N. Doc. CCPR/C/67/D/883/1999 (9 November 1999).

      Messrs. L. E. and J. Mansur (represented by Dr. Jan M. Sjà ¶crona and Mr. John H. van der Kuyp) v. the Netherlands, Communication No. 883/1999, U.N. Doc. CCPR/C/67/D/883/1999 (9 November 1999).
      Distr. RESTRICTED*


      9 November 1999

      Original: ENGLISH



      Sixty-seventh session

      18 October – 5 November 1999


      Submitted by: Messrs. L. E. and J. Mansur (represented by Dr. Jan M. Sjà ¶crona and Mr. John H. van der Kuyp)

      Alleged victim: The authors

      State party: The Netherlands

      Date of the communication: 12 October 1999

      Date of adoption of Views: 9 November 1999

      On 9 November 1999, the Human Rights Committee adopted its Views under article 5, paragraph 4, of the Optional Protocol in respect of communication No. 883/1999. The text of the Views is appended to the present document.





      -Sixty-seventh session –


      Communication No. 883/1999

      Submitted by: Messrs. L. E. and J. Mansur (represented by Dr. Jan M. Sjà ¶crona and Mr. John H. van der Kuyp)

      Alleged victim: The authors

      State party: The Netherlands

      Date of the communication: 12 October 1999

      The Human Rights Committee, established under article 28 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights,

      Meeting on 5 November 1999

      Adopts the following:

      Decision on admissibility

      1. The authors of the communication are Luis Emilio Mansur and Jossy Mehsen Mansur, Dutch citizens who are residents of Aruba. They claim to be victims of violations by the Kingdom of the Netherlands of their rights under articles 2 and 17 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. The victims are represented by Dr. Jan M. Sjà ¶crona of The Hague, the Netherlands and Mr. John H. Van der Kuyp of Oranjestad, Aruba.

      The facts as submitted by the authorsThe facts as submitted by the authors

      2.1 The authors are members of the business community in Aruba. Among other enterprises Luis Emilio Mansur is co-owner of a shipping company and Jossy Mehren Mansur is owner and editor-in-chief of a newspaper and co-owner of a trading company.

      2.2 Under a Royal Decree of 22 October 1994 the Interim Head of Aruban Security Service, A. Koerten, was instructed to carry out an investigation into the security and integrity of Aruba. A report on this investigation was produced on 20 April 1995, entitled Security and Integrity of Aruba: Context and Perspective.

      2.3 The report was issued as top secret and was sent to a limited number of state officials and institutions, named in the report.

      2.4 The report draws a picture of security in Aruba and mentions that foreign services fighting crime in the region are Aalmost unanimous in their opinion that the predominant image of the Aruban business community is one of joint services towards (laundering specialists of) regional drug cartels.@ The report mentions the authors by name and portrays them as criminals who were associated with criminal organizations involved in drugs trafficking, gun trafficking and laundering money obtained from criminal activities.

      2.5 Despite the fact that the report was classified as top secret it was leaked to the press and its contents became public. It is not clear who leaked the report. An investigation of the leak was carried out by the Dutch Internal Security Service in which it was supposedly found that the leaked photocopy was not made from a copy in the hands of the Minister of Dutch-Antillean and Aruban Affairs or another Dutch official. The investigation report did not state of which copy the photocopy was made.

      2.6 The authors claim that the allegations against them in the report are totally false and that as a result of the report becoming public their reputations were severely harmed. This led to serious damage to their business interests. They claim that by allowing the report to become public the State party violated their rights not to be subjected to unlawful attacks on their honour and reputation, protected under article 17 of the Covenant.

      2.7 The authors requested the Minister of Dutch-Antillean and Aruban Affairs to disassociate himself from the report. When he refused, they initiated summary proceedings in the court of first instance in Aruba. In these proceedings they requested a declaration that the State party, the Minister of Dutch-Antillean and Aruban Affairs and the Interim Head of the Security Service of Aruba had no evidence that the authors were involved in laundering money or in fraudulent actions.

      2.8 The court of first instance ruled that it had no competence to peruse the claim against the State party and that the Official Secrets Act justified refusing a remedy against the Interim Head of Security.

      2.9 The authors filed an appeal against the dismissal of their summary action with the Joint Court of Justice of the Dutch Antilles and Aruba. Contrary to the judgment of the lower court this court held that the courts were competent to peruse a claim against the State party. However, the Court held that the authors had failed to demonstrate, nor make probable, that the defendants had been negligent in allowing publication of the report and that they could not be held responsible for acting in violation of article 17 of the Covenant.

      2.10 The authors did not challenge the above decision before the Netherlands Supreme Court as they were advised by a Dutch cassation attorney that they had no grounds for a successful cassation appeal.

      The author’s claimsThe author’s claims

      3.1 The authors claim that by not preventing publication of the information relating to them contained in the secret report the State party has violated their rights under article 17 of the Covenant. They further claim that the directives of the State party regarding classification of secret information and the requirement of the Court in the summary proceedings that the authors prove the negligence of the State party result in a violation of the duty of the State party, under article 2, paragraph 3, of the Covenant, to provide an effective remedy for violation of their rights under article 17.

      3.2 The authors claim that by pursuing summary proceedings they have exhausted domestic remedies. They concede, however, that the domestic law does Aoffer the possibility of a civil standard procedure (before the same instance as where the summary proceedings were lost), yet going through this procedure takes up at least 4 to 6 years (in view of the existing possibilities for appeal and cassation).

      Issues and Proceeding before the Committee

      4.1 Before considering any claim contained in a communication, the Human Rights Committtee must, in accordance with rule 87 of its Rules of Procedure, decide whether or not it is admissible under the Optional Protocol to the Covenant.

      4.2 From the materials presented by the authors it is clear that within the framework of summary proceedings the domestic courts could not examine the factual allegations of the authors. These could only be examined in a standard civil action. The authors have conceded that they have not commenced a standard civil procedure against the State party for a remedy for the alleged attack on their honour and reputation in violation of article 17 of the Covenant. In the circumstances, the Committee cannot accept the mere assertion by the authors that the application of domestic remedies will be unreasonably prolonged. Accordingly, the communication is inadmissible under article 5, paragraph 2 (b) of the Optional Protocol.

      5. The Human Rights Committee therefore decides:

      (a) that the communication is inadmissible under article 5, paragraph 2 (b) of the Optional Protocol;

      (b) that this decision shall be communicated to the authors and, for information, to the State party.
      *Made public by decision of the Human Rights Committee.

      View 883

      *The following members of the Committee participated in the examination of the present communication: Mr. Abdelfattah Amor, Mr. Nisuke Ando, Mr. Prafullachandra N. Bhagwati, Ms. Christine Chanet, Lord Colville, Ms. Elizabeth Evatt, Mr. Eckart Klein, Mr. David Kretzmer, Ms. Cecilia Medina Quiroga, Mr. Fausto Pocar, Mr. Martin Scheinin, Mr. Hipà ³lito Solari Yrigoyen, Mr. Roman Wieruszewski and Mr. Maxwell Yalden.

      [Adopted in English, French and Spanish, the English text being the original version. Subsequently to be translated also in Arabic, Chinese and Russian as part of the Committee's annual report to the General Assembly.]

    12. Richard on November 6th, 2005 8:33 pm

      I don’t believe that the Aruba government has new leads, new interviews or anything else. It’s just another stall-and-dodge tactic.

    13. 10061906 on November 6th, 2005 9:13 pm

      Frank and Cal… I agree 100%
      The Aruban police and investigators are not stupid nor are they incompetent. I believe corrupt is a better term. They are “dumb like fox”. Their current attitude towards this investigation show they know what happened, they know who did it, they are covering for them and as long as they kept looking like bumbling idiots, a la Peter Sellers, this case is never going to be allowed to be solved. They, the Dutch Authorities, are just going to wear everyone down until Natalee is just a distant memory. I don’t know what kind of outside intervention will bring this case to a resolution other than a total boycott of all Dutch held territory. The Dutch have lied and are laughing in Dave and Beth faces regarding their daughter’s fate.

      I believe Shango left the cross and the rosary. Shango refers to Natalee as the virgin, the rosarys are the Blessed Virgin. Shango is a native Aruban and is Catholic but also into native island superstitions. Shango has a conscience but only because of the island superstitions, a form of Haitian Voodoo. Shango has put his/her life out on a limb by supplying earlier clues. The fact it was left on the beach to be discovered is no clue and don’t try to read into it. It was put in the most logical place eveyone is looking so it can be seen and Shango can atone for his/her sins..
      It would have meant nothing if it were placed at the airport or at the State Park.

    14. Jerry on November 7th, 2005 8:40 am

      If you do not believe that the Aruban Gov. is involved in a cover up, read the following.

      In the early days of the investigation, some videos were posted on June 11th to an Aruban websites,, that showed people searching an area near the lighthouse. It was presumed that they were searching for Natalee Holloway. Shortly after they were posted online at this site, they were removed. The reason for the removal was that the videos were posted to help prove the security guards initially arrested were innocent, and then removed when the guards were released.

      The videos are from a handheld camera and and show the police searching near some large rocks, and during the search they put up a tarp and then mark the rocks. The timing of the videos was the day after the Aruban and Dutch authorities mistakenly announced Natalee was dead, and were going to retrieve the body. That is why the folks followed them and recorded it.

      View video # 8 at about 1min 34sec. into the video. It will take your breath away. Go to Oct. 8 on this site to find the videos.

    15. commonsense on November 7th, 2005 12:19 pm

      Why would you write such thing? This is not a cover-up! You want a cover-up, then here is one: Why won’t BHT “let” the other students talk? Why would she not want them re-interviewed? Why does she put up these road blocks into the investigation? These kids were there! They know things, and saw things! Let them speak! What is BHT affraid of?? Fellow posters – what good can come from blocking the students from speaking?? Tell me!! Really! And don’t say that the FBI has their stories. Let the re-tell them!
      If you really want this case solved, and justice to prevail – then lets hear from the students again! Is someone affraid of what they will hear?
      I am not saying that these students had anything to do with Natalee missing at all. But – why not let them tell what they saw again. How could that possibly do any harm? This amazes me! And don’t tell me that this is just trying to cover up the three kids again. There is Your story, My story, and the truth. Lets get THE TRUTH.

    16. commonsense on November 7th, 2005 4:47 pm

      Hey Jerry,
      After posting about the video on every single thread, I finally saw the video by the rocks. What was supposed to take my breath away? Was there a body? no. Was there Natalees clothes? no.
      Tell me, what was so breathtaking about a guy marking rocks???

    17. me on November 7th, 2005 5:39 pm

      commonsense, I dont think anyone is stopping the Aruban LE from interviewing the MB kids. What are they supposed to do? Spend their own money to fly back down there? If the Aruban LE wants to talk to them , they can come to the US just like our investigtors would if they had questions for someone in their country. If they don’t go to Alabama to interview the MB kids, I believe this is just more cover-up and a way for them to say “MB kids did not cooperate so they must be hiding something’. Just another smoke screen from Aruba!

    18. Maggie on November 7th, 2005 11:50 pm

      Natalee was on the Aruban island her entire vacation and nothing happened being with the students she arrived there with. The first and only night she gets in the car with the Kalpoes and VanderSloot, she’s never seen again.

    19. commonsense on November 8th, 2005 11:04 am

      What the ALE is looking for is a listing of the students, and how to contact them. Beth has this information. That is why they need her to help. Instead she tells them to “go to the FBI, they have the statements already”. This is amazing to me – just because you think that the three local kids did it, you would not explore other options??

    20. rapsone on November 8th, 2005 2:16 pm

      First, Mr Hanson, you need to go back and check you history regarding fromer Pres. Nixon. He was NOT caught in the act as you maintain.

      BHT is NOT against the MB students being interviewed, only angry that it took so long for ALE to get around to doing any serious investigation. She is not blocking them, and she is not the only person with a list of students who went on the trip.

      ALE probably didn’t take the disapperance seriously at first because young female visitors are regularly druged, raped, and left to fend for themselves in crack houses all the time in Aruba. Of course, they didn’t want to come right out and say that now did they?

      I pity the poor innocent natives who will suffer the most when the wrath of the American public comes down on them. They know this, which is the reasoning behind the recent demonstrations begging the Dutch authorities to step in and solve this case.

      And you can put my name at the top of the list of those who could care less what happens to Aruba or its governing body now.

    21. Maggie on November 8th, 2005 10:14 pm

      A murder of a local in Aruba , (just like a murder local in the USA is for this country to deal with) is for them to deal with anyway they want to.. If the people there don’t like it they should step up and ask for help from wherever.. A murder of a tourist, a place they advertise as a “Happy Island” to come visit.. that comes up missing is for the country they are from to deal with..

      Let them inteview the students, What MB student knew where to find Natalee on the night she went with the Kalpoes and Vandersloot to do anything to her? So far the suspects have said they dropped her off at Holiday Inn, took her to the lighthouse, went to the beach, went to Joran’s house.. The cam at the Holiday Inn don’t even show Natalee returning, so the MB students would had to go elsewhere to find her to do something to her. I would think the cam would show them leaving. Or Beth sent her to Aruba to get rid of her to collect money and run a scam.. so she could become famous.. and look like she has aged 50 years in 5 months. Or 3 boys who were last seen with her leaving.. that got together and made up a story , not just to say they dropped Natalee off at the Holiday Inn and leave it at that, but went on to say she hit her head when she got out and two black men came and got her.. Who’s homes, cars or bodys weren’t searched for evidence.. for 10 days and only changed their stories when the Holiday Inn cam showed Natalee never arrived. The one black gentleman was in jail with Deepak and didn’t tell Deepak who he was.. Deepak told him they lied. Joran was saying that Deepak killed Natalee and buried her. Deepak is saying that they all 3 had sex with her. Joran is saying none did, but made it a point to say noone has said any different.. wrong!. Joran in his Current Affair interview that he didn’t know Natalee when he saw her pic or her name.. then went on to say the night before that her friends yelled Natalee at her in the car and asked her if she was ok. Who can believe he spent the evening with someone and danced and the next day he didnt know who she was. The Kalpoes mother went on tv and gave 2 different times her sons got home.. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Now who am I gonna believe had something to do with Natalee missing.

      Why would a tourist want to go to a country that they are going to be treated like this in a tragedy. First the Twittys and Holloways had their hearts cut out and since then they been rubbing salt in it over and over.. It’s not that the boys aren’t locked up, it was how it was handled and how the victims were treated like the criminals.

    22. No theory needed on November 9th, 2005 12:45 pm

      dear sirs,
      Beth exploded when she was inform that the investigation required some convesrsation with the students that was with Nathalee on the trip. Why? Bill O’reilly aired an intervieuw with the representative of the studen. He clearly makes the statement “The students were instructed not to talk” Instrustions came from Beth Twitty herself…Why? aired on june 24, 2005. Check it out!

    23. No theory needed on November 9th, 2005 12:48 pm

      If any one needs to hear the intervieuw let me know how to get in contact with them.

    24. Marci on November 9th, 2005 2:30 pm

      The Aruban Polis should re-interview the people who were last with Natalee.
      Joran and the K-2. Nothing that Natalee’s friends can say will make any difference. The Aruban Polis will see to that. It’s just another stall.

    25. Grandma23 on November 9th, 2005 5:12 pm

      Aruba le has been told come to the USA anytime the mb kids will speak to you anytime .Do you really think these kids would want to go back to Aruba after what has happened to Natalee. I dont think they should and know they wouldnt be safe she wasnt.So it is up to Aruba to come here you are welcomed in Alabama all we want is the truth. WHY JUST SPIN THE CASE COME TO THE USA. GRAM 23

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