Dr. Phil on Jay Leno: “Natalee Holloway is Alive”


Dr. Phil was on the Jay Leno Tonight Show last night and revealed that he thought Natalee Holloway was alive and being held as a sex slave.

Dr. Phil was hesitant to reveal what he termed, “too much information” Wednesday night. However, the doctor’s light-hearted appearance on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno turned serious when discussing the issue of the missing Alabama teenager.

“Without giving up too much information… we believe Natalee Holloway is alive.’

Dr. Phil pointing to what he termed the “sex slave market” as the main point of focus in the ongoing investigation. via JuicyNews

What information he has and how he has come to this assumption we do not know. However, it is interesting that as the family is in Aruba delivering a letter pleading for a new investigative team, Dr, Phil is going on one of the most influential television programs in the United States stating he believes Natalee Holloway is alive. Was this a concerted effort between Dr. Phil and the family, or was it coincidence?

From Jay Leno:












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    56 Responses to “Dr. Phil on Jay Leno: “Natalee Holloway is Alive””

    1. commonsense on November 3rd, 2005 1:11 pm

      But wait….. Didn’t Dr. Phil say with complete confidence just 2 months ago that Joran and the Kalpoe brothers killed Natalee Holloway??? Then if she is alive, and a sex slave somewhere, then why boycott???? Better yet – if this is the case, then guess what – JORAN AND THE KALPOES ARE TELLING THE TRUTH!!!
      They did NOT kill her. Or gang rape (BHT term) her!!
      Wake up people – this is what I have been saying all along – there is more to this story than Beth saying “They raped and killed my daugher”.

      White Sox – 2005 World Series Champions!!

    2. Diane Villano on November 3rd, 2005 1:44 pm

      I have always felt that she was still alive. Maybe because there is no trace of her at all on the island. My theory, from the beginning has been the three guys took her for a “ride” around the island on the pretense of taking her back to her hotel at some point. This after Joran slipped something in her drink at Carlo’s and Charlies. They then went to the beach where they raped her. Being afraid that she would “come to” and get all three in trouble the next day they contacted van der Sloot Sr. He counseled the boys and made arrangements to take her off the island. I don’t think the 3 were smart enough to kill her and I don’t think Sr would want to get involved with a murder. He contacted the DJ to get her off the island, possibly the DJ or one of his acquaintances owed van der Sloot Sr a favor. The DJ loaded her in his boat and met another boat farther out. Natalee was transferred to the boat and taken away. The boys problems, they though would be over but because of her mother, they have just begun. Human trafficking does exist and there are organizations who are fighting this horrible crime. They need to be made aware of Natalee and all the other Natalee’s out there who have not made it home from a vacation. Natalee is not the only young girl who has disappeared from one of these islands in the last 5 years. I pray she is alive and is found and may these 4 rot in hell.

    3. SB on November 3rd, 2005 2:21 pm

      Why are comments closed on the letter posted on the site? I read the letter despite the miniscule text and having to reopen the site to read subsequent pages. Interesting that condoleeza Rice is on th cc.

      I hope this letter brings the desired result. I learned new information about Dompig and others. Not good.

      You know ARUBA is worried about declining american presence, and thus dollars. Perhaps a reverse approach is warranted. “What if” as many of us as planes will hold descended on the island all on the same day– thousands of Americans, all at once.
      Aruba would get what they want (MONEY) and the USA might get what they want- the point across. What is the capacity of the island, I dont mind being a bit cramped.

    4. Edeline Berg on November 3rd, 2005 2:30 pm

      Hi there, I live in Aruba and I’d be really happy i it is true that Natalee is alive, so all of this can stop here in Aruba, we’ve all sufford because of this. We all want it to be over. We have been doing everything we can to help find Natalee or any traces of her, we’ve helped in so many ways but I guess it’s just nout apriciated nor good enough. I really hope you people stop talking bad about Aruba, because all of this has concequences!! We will still help out with anything we can but just don’t lower us like that.. like America is the safest place omn earth!
      Thank you

    5. Giselle Geerman on November 3rd, 2005 3:01 pm

      I’v read this declarations made by Dr.Phil and the only things I can say as a jong Arubian girl is, how dear you come on our island, where our people have treated you as nice as possible even when Ms. Twitty has gone over her limits to make sure that we get a bad spotlight in your media, and question our judiciary system and call our goverment corrupt? I’ve been following this case in the local and international media very closely and not once have I heard anybody say that they have questioned the fellow students from Alabama who came on this trip to Aruba with Nathalee. That’s for starters, then where are the chaperones? Have they been questioned? On the other hand don’t you have prostitution in your Glorious country? You mean to tell me that everybody who has ever gone missing in the United States has been found? What about the tourists who visit the United States, hasn’t any of them ever been reported missing? What has your goverment done to find them back? However even when people have gone missing in the United States, the rest of the world has never questioned your judiciary system. What good would it do us Arubians to hide a person from you or keep valuable information from you? We have lives here and most of our economy depends on tourism, it would be very stupid of us to try and damage our relationship with Americans. But yet it is also very cruel of Ms. Twitty, Dr.Phil and Nancy Grace to go on television and disgrace the image of our small island. Where were the cameras when Ms.Twitty was spotted drunk in casinos, nightclubs and concerts on our island, while “searching for her poor lost daughter” on our island? Has she forgotten to mention that? I guess she did. And on the other hand what kind of girl gets into car with 3 perfect strangers on a foreign island? And what kind of friends allow this to happen? I know for sure I wouldn’t want “friends” like that. And last but not least, Ms.Twitty, if Aruba is filled with criminals, why are you here again? Haven’t you had enough? If you really wanted to boycot Aruba you should have started with yourself because we Arubians are not happy with you!
      Thank you very much for this space to leave replys. Hope you have a nice day and if you truly want to see what Aruba is all about I invite you to go on our Arubian website or try visiting us sometime and you’ll be shocked to see that Aruba is not at all what Ms. Twitty has pictured us to be.
      God Bless you!

    6. John Staton on November 3rd, 2005 3:33 pm

      Saying that the government of Aruba is corrupt is probably the biggest understatement of 2005

    7. Kelly on November 3rd, 2005 3:49 pm

      ya know….maybe she is alive….after all NOBODY has really found anything yet…..not sure I agree w/Dr. Phil on everything…..but I hope Natalee is alive…..I prayed again for her to be found soon ..Beth & Dave, we have not forgotten your heartache here in Pittsburgh, PA! ….and I am not sooo naive to believe there is not a very lucrative slavery business in other parts of the world.



    8. mojo on November 3rd, 2005 4:55 pm

      beth is still trying to get FBI involvement. if her daughter was kidnapped as she originally claimemed, she would get more traction with them, no?

    9. John Staton on November 3rd, 2005 5:17 pm

      Perhaps the story that they sold her following the gang rape is true. This would involve the dirty officials relationship with organized crime. The original story was that she was sold to pay off Van der Sloot gambling debts. In any course, note that the first action of Officer Jacobs was to ask for a bribe. Very consistant with the image of the Aruban dirty cop.

      What ever happened, the P.I.M.P.S. were involved as was Van der Straaten and the balance of the dirty officials.

      BTW what happened to Freddie, Loco Man Pimp, leader of the rape gang etc. Have they quietly let him go as well. Where did he get the money for the bribe then?

    10. me on November 3rd, 2005 5:27 pm

      Giselle, Beth Twitty still comes to your isleand because her daughter is still missing. Hello!, what’s she supposed to do, go home and forget about her? I’m sure once this is resolved, she will stay away from your crummy island. We dare to criticize your island because of the lack of sincerity and proper attention given to Natalee’s disappearance. Maybe every missing person is not found over here, but at least the LE puts their best into trying to find them. I believe that there are many good people on Aruba that feel for the family and want Natalee found, but the head honchos seem to be hiding something, and the only way to get them moving is a boycott. Sorry if that hurts the good people of Aruba, but maybe they should pull their collective heads out of the sand and stop the corrution that is going on. It is obvious the 3 boys are lying, and they were the last seen with her. Questioning the other staudents that were there is just ludicrous. As for Natalee going in the car, I’m sure the date rape drug they gave her clouded her judgement.
      Try to deny the fact that there is a huge human sex slave market, and it is possible that high-ranking offiials in Aruba are aware and look the other way. Again, not the fault of the good people of Aruba, but unfortunately, this does affect them, right or wrong. I, for one, will never go to Aruba unless this disappearance is solved.

    11. Occam's Razor on November 3rd, 2005 5:40 pm

      I’m not trying to play devils advocate — but this whole conspiracy kidnapp human trafficking thing really doesn’t pass Occam’s Razor. Dr. Phil is a moron who thinks everyone’s problems can be solved in an 45 minute TV Show, and as usual he’s using this situation to garner the spotlight for himself. The people from Aruba that have posted here are the only ones being objective, and I think that speaks volumes. Twitty actually has the nerve to go on TV and say that her 18 year old daughter, who was out clubbing at 2-3am in a foreign country getting drunk with a bunch of dudes is ‘an innocent virgin’ with ‘impeccable character’… this is just unrealistic… I’m not saying she deserves anything bad to happen to her, I’m just saying that if the police, her parents, and everyone involved would start looking at this case and NH from a more realistic perspective, they’d have a much better chance of figuring out the REAL truth of what happened to her.

    12. American Justice on November 3rd, 2005 5:49 pm

      The arrogant island of Aruba is very corrupt, and to say that its not you must be a part of the corruption yourself. As far as im concerned Aruba should be blown off the face of the earth. But getting back to reality I think the consequences for Aruba have yet to come. When American citizens are victimized in other countries it gives the U.S. Government the right to step in and take over. you can kiss the Loopy dutch system that protects the criminals goodbye. I do think Dompig knows somerthing and has done nothing but provide false hope, further assisted with the coverup, stalled the investigation, and swayed the focus in the wrong directions. I wouldnt be surprised if Dum Pig and other members of the police force have something to do with all this. Dont forget that Dompig knows Paulis and is friends with him.

    13. arrbor on November 3rd, 2005 6:10 pm

      Ediline, it is not the aruban people that is the issue, it is the aruban government. you should be upset with your government. Unfortunately, the good aruban citizens are suffering becuase of there own government. Perhaps the aruban citizens should visit the door steps of the thier government. the criminals are not your citizens, it is your government.

    14. Gabriel Leo on November 3rd, 2005 7:11 pm

      The authorities here on the island just are stunned and amazed at wat this man, Dr. Phil keeps on bringing out. Therefor they are very interested in the information which Dr. Phil has expressed in the Jay Lenno show. News has started to spread on the island that the investigative team are interested in bringing in Dr. Phil for sharing the info which he knows. Who knows, maybe he might shine a new ligth on this case.

      On a personal note:
      He mentioned that the tapes which he aired on his show a few weeks ago were sent to aruba, but the corrupt government has putted these tapes aside. PURE BS! The tapes are being investigated at this time. They are being examined to see and make sure that the tapes weren’t tampered and are indeed authentic. Why? Because the authorities had to find out about these tapes via the media instead of sending these tapes to the authorities in the first place. We have to remember that the media will do anything for ratings and therefor they must be tested first, but again this is not enough for Dr. Phil because he makes the remark that the government and indirectly the authorities and the Aruban people are all corrupt. The authorities have mentioned here to the press that if these tapes are real, Kalpoe will be confronted with the tapes.

      She was on the island but according to the local press she left the island today. She claims to the local press, Aruban government and the Tourism Authorities that she never ever called for a boycott. Now who is she lying? Are whe all deaf and blind?
      She always comes to Aruba and smiles with us, let’s us know that she is satisfied with what we are doing, doesn’t tell us exactly what she thinks here on the island. Then whe she arrives back in the States all of the sudden Aruba is the all evil island, where druglords, sex-trade is all over the streets, all of the sudden the government isn’t doing it’s job, the authorities are corrupt, the legal system isn’t worth nothing etc etc etc. Does anyone truly believe this is the best way to solve this case?
      Smile with us here on the island, have fun, happy hour, then when she’s back in the states she points the finger at us!

    15. NYSOM on November 3rd, 2005 7:32 pm

      Giselle, please understand, not Beth, nor most Americans have any problems with the Aruban people. She has stated repeatedly how greatly she appreciates their efforts and support. The issue of how she is being treated and how the case is being handled are completely, absolutely separate from how she feels about the people of Aruba.

      Most Americans, Beth included, do not wish ill will to the people of Aruba by considering a boycott. The intention is to pressure your government into properly investigating and resolving this case justly. The threat of an economic sanction doesn’t seem to be motivating your government, perhaps yourself and others can let your government know how badly you want this case resolved. Perhaps they’ll listen to you!

    16. Richard on November 3rd, 2005 7:57 pm

      If the good people of Aruba want an end to the commotion, they should pressure their authorities to comply with what the Holloway Twittys want … answers to the fate of Natalee Holloway.

      Otherwise, would they please stop whining about the unfavorable attention? What do you think Natalee’s family should do, appear on ads touting the glories of Aruba?

      I suspect that most of the Arubans who post here don’t know half of the stuff that is done there … and probably aren’t interested.

      So why don’t you stop yelping? I’m just waiting for the boycott movement to reach critical mass … and for the U.S. government to stop sitting back and start doing something.

    17. concerned american on November 3rd, 2005 8:02 pm

      All Arubans take note. Americans are not unhappy with the Aruban people, but to deny there is corruption in your government that has hampered this investigation is riduculous.

      So until Aruba cleans house and there is integrity in the police and judiciary you are darn right I am not going to Aruba.

      FYI — In America lying to investigators and in a court of law is a crime in and of itself, and all three of those “boys” are guilty of that and are walking free when they should be behind bars.

    18. Michele on November 3rd, 2005 8:35 pm

      I’ve often wondered if what Dr. Phil says about Natalee involved in the sex slavery is true but I just don’t think that is the case here. I justed wanted to tell Beth Holloway Twitty that I have watched coverage about Natalee since day one and I cannot believe that after all this time there is still no closure on this case. I remember when the story first broke that I would watch endless hours of coverage live from Aruba about your daughter. It really baffles me that these Aruban officials can continuously cover for these suspects and not allow you and your family closure to what happened to your daughter. I truly believe they did something to her and there is a huge cover up going on in Aruba to protect Joran the Kalpoe brothers and even Paulus Van der Sloot. I have thought this from early on, even before all the pressure has been put on them to find answers. I am so hopeful that you, Jug, Dave, Robin and your extended families find the answers your are so desperately searching for. Beth you have become a role model for me because when I am faced with a long and difficult voyage, I look to you and say “how does Beth get through every day” and I always remember you saying that you “aren’t going away without answers” and “you will be the voice for Natalee forever” and your persuit for justice has only further given me the courage to stand up and fight for things I believe in. Thank you Beth and good luck to you. I do hope you find out the truth regarding Natalee. I will never give up on this story.

    19. Page on November 3rd, 2005 8:43 pm

      Dr. Phil never said that Joran and the Kalpoe brothers killed Natalee Holloway! He believes they took advantage of her sexually and did something with her afterwards. Aruba is being boycotted to get the attention of the case from the goverment to help find where Natalee is. Joran and the Kalpoe brothers are not telling the truth!! If they did not kill Natalee after they gang raped her, the three of them know where they took her. There is more to this story and if wasnt for Beth Holloway Twitty the Aruba government would not care one bit about Natalee.

    20. Maggie on November 3rd, 2005 8:53 pm

      I’ve never heard Beth Twitty tell anyone her daughter was killed. I’ve never even heard her say she was dead, although inside I’m sure she probably feels that to be true.
      I have heard her say that the 3 who arrived on the island with her and Jug the day Natalee went missing were told my Joran that he had sex with Natalee and described her undergarments and said she was going in and out of consciousness. Dompig has also said that Joran said in his statement that she was passing out off and on in the back seat. Plus a tape of Deepak saying all three of them had sex with her and it was so easy. From everyone who knows or knew her.. they’ve said no way would natalee participate in that willingly.

      What kind of girl gets in a car with 3 guys in a foreign country?. It’s been reported she met Joran earlier in the day and that he said he was an exchange student staying at the Holiday Inn.. Perhaps he offered her a ride back to her room ,since he has said he was staying there also and everyone was looking for taxis. AN 18 year old girl got in the car with one guy and trusted his friends were giving them a ride.. It doesn’t matter if Natalee was nude walking on main street.. Noone has the right to do anything to you unless you say yes.. I’ve heard noone say she used great judgement that night by going with them. I’m sure her family doesn’t even feel that way. I’m sure as 18 year olds at one time, we have all been guilty of bad judgement due to our ages and lack of experience. Does that exscuse the ones who did something to her?!

      As for Beth drinking, she’s free, white and 21 and can drink anytime she wants.. Joran was underage and drinking and gambling and thats ok?! Lord knows what I would be doing if this were my daughter missing going on 6 months.

      There’s more crime in the US there’s also more cars, more people, more more more. so therefore yes more crime. If an Aruban tourist went missing in my state and the parents were refered to as f—ers.. and the missing girl was called a slut and her mom a bitch ,and ask if she’s related to Hitler. I would stand up with the Arubans and back them all the way for being mad. I’ve not heard Beth slam the citizens of Aruba it’s the ones who lied to the cops and put 2 innocent people in jail for 2 weeks. the ones who said they dropped Natalee off at the holiday Inn and the cam there showed no Natalee being dropped off, the ones who didn’t take the last people seen with Natalee in for 10 days to question them, the ones who didn’t search none of their homes or cars and to this day Jorans parents home where he lives, the ones who told Dave go drink a beer, your daughters probably drunk, or fell in love and went off a couple days, the ones who said Deepak killed Natalee and buried her, and it goes on and on, who are still in the words of Dompig lying today.

      I’m so tired of hearing the mother of a more than likely murder victim smeared, because she refuses to go home and give up on finding her daughter, and because she don’t like being treated like a toadstool. Beth came to that island for one reason and one reason only to find her daughter and bring her home. She never asked for the situation she is in.. It was what she was dealt and there but for the grace go any of us and I can only hope were it me I would have the backbone and strength to carry on as she does.

      I’ve also seen it compared to the Elizabeth Smart case. Elizabeth Smart was found alive, but she was found with the LAST person she was seen alive with.. Unfortunately, I dont think Natalee’s luck will be the same.

      I don’ think Natalee is alive. and to believe this theory one must believe that Natalee had the bad fortune to meet 3 liars, she also was left on the beach at 2 am and wouldn’t you know the sex slave traders just happened to be out at that night on the same beach and got her.

      The Mountain Brook students have statements on record and I’m sure the chaperones have also given statements. Natalee was 18. People here in the US question our judicial system all the time, when cases aren’t handled right. Look at the case of Shasta Groene and the judge who let that man walk free.. Boycotts like sanctions are placed on countries where the govt. don’t play by the rules. Unfortunately innocent people usually pay a higher price the ones who needs it the most..

    21. American,K. on November 3rd, 2005 9:33 pm

      If, Natalee Holloway is alive (as Dr.Phil says), then FBI can have longer
      arms and Miss Rice, USA secretary of state can do much more; but why
      not ARUBA requesting it?
      Do not forget, “NO BODY, no case”- who said to whom? WHY? To do
      the same thing; sell the body- where? To local contact and get money-
      and hire 9 lawyers: and drug-money has to flow in if do not want to get
      exposed to the world— i.e. everybody in such businesses there will help
      “Pimps” only and not TOURISTS (like Beth) who lose daughters and Police
      and Prosecutor are all enjoying PARADISE at the expense of poor locals:
      If any body complaints, all start shouting DO NOT HURT OUR ECONOMY,
      DO NOT HURT US, WE ARE POOR ARUBANS! Systematic exploitation of
      poor locals and poor tourists— by well organised THUGS; and politicians
      - Aruban and Holland Royals keep quiet- so long as their daughters are
      not raped or sold or murdered? THEY CAN GO TO CHURCH ON SUNDAY
      and ask for forgivenness! And, they think, it is done!!!
      Best thing, here, in this case- Paulus V Sloot has the key-in so many
      readers’ opinion- Take him out from ARUBA and whip his ass – or give
      him to POLICE from INDIA/ PAKISTAN, and they will solve in a week!
      REMEMBER, Singapore Govt. whipped a boy from USA for spraying some
      paint on somebody’s car and disfigured it, he was caught and he was
      whipped- with bare BUTTOCKS- 3-4 lashes and his father brought him
      back to USA: Even, president Clinton thought it was harsh punishment;
      but, sometime GOVERNMENT HAS TO DO IT- to teach a lesson. It is
      cheaper to do that way— cheaper in the long run— SO, ARUBA, you
      can decide— or somebody should !!!

    22. cal on November 3rd, 2005 9:44 pm

      My opinion – the island in order not to loose its reputation used its criminal element to devise another better scam. Request the family to ask for new investigators which the Aruban gov’t does willingly. All evidence has been destroyed so there no hope and the gov’t knows this – but they have to cleaverly disguise the the bait and switch tactics. Now get a syndicate celebrity host by blackmail and have him broadcast Natalle is alive in Mexico. The family switches there search efforts there and the heat is off Aruba. For $200k you can easily find a Natalee look-alike and with some plastic surgery you can have an exact replica. A look-alike that has been drugged and photograph will renew hope for the family and Aruba can complain that it was unfairly treated. The replacement of Natalee will never be found, but a glimer of hope will help the family and Aruba. This is the most horrendous crime of the century. There’s been too many coincidences – since hte case was bungled from the start I can not beleive such sad theories.

      Different story – the hurricanes this year finally had a greek name with “alpha” and the way of the world maybe this is the beginning of revelations; a famous man said – I am the beginning and the end – what year is the end, I have no clue. But it starts with A, B, C – the three islands that had there hands in Natalees demise.

    23. BRENDA on November 3rd, 2005 11:10 pm

      ok if the three boys are the only suspects tracked down only by ms. twitty and the police there tried to prosecute them but could not then why aren’t the police into any other possibility’s why did they listen to MS. TWITTY why don’t they have any other leads of there own of other possibility’s? i am not really asking you these questions i am thinking out loud. my answer because the police have no intention of figuring it out. oh my! at this point i have no other reaction other then being very angry at them if that where my family member. oh yea i would be. so you all in aruba get a clue this family is mad and they ain’t going to take it anymore. they are not caring about your island ARUBA no time to stop and worry about your tourism dollars. and some point you all are going to have to closed down the island and everyone leave and let the family search. thats exactly what i would make you do yes MAKE you do.

    24. Marci on November 3rd, 2005 11:54 pm

      Giselle, you got it all wrong. Beth lost her daughter, the only thing she wants is her daughter back. Dead or alive! DID YOU HEAR SHE WANTS HER DAUGHTER BACK. Why are you saying nasty things about her. SHE IS SEARCHING FOR HER DAUGHTER. The Aruban Justice System is corrupt. Did you see the video’s posted on this site. It looks like they found Natalee’s body and the Aruban Government Officials covered it up. They could have put her body in the landfill. That is why the Government Officials don’t want any one to search the landfill anymore. There was evidence found, the Police there destroyed it to protect Joran because Paulus was friends with the entire Justice System.The Aruban Police also have no respect for women, and they believe money will buy everything.

    25. dennisintn on November 4th, 2005 12:27 am

      giselle, you sound just exactly like deepak. i’d sure like to see the sources for these tales about beth’s supposed drinking, concert going, and other indiscretions on aruba. or anywhere else for that matter. your disinformation director, paulus, is kind of losing his touch.

    26. Stefani on November 4th, 2005 12:43 am

      Those who are lower income on Aruba do not know about the
      corruption on the island, because it does not involve their meager incomes. IF they do KNOW about the corruption on Aruba they KNOW to keep their mouths shut to stay alive and be happy.

    27. R. Decker on November 4th, 2005 12:58 am

      Hyscience has some good comments on the Twitty/Holloway Family- Especially about Beth-I don’t think Dr. Phil has aany proof whatsoever of Natalee being alive,And yes, it’s nice to believe or think that she may be alive & I hope she is.After all, there has been NO evidence found of Natalees’ demise- no body, nothing. And how did Natalees’cellphone end up back in her room ? Read Hyscience>>>

    28. san on November 4th, 2005 1:23 am

      TO THE Arubian person who is bashing beth,Your batender was the one who give Joran the drink with a date rape drug in it .Maybe that is why she got into a car with three guys.she was drugged by them.and probley not in her own state of mine.They know what happend and so dose the father papa van der sloot.That’s probley how he made his money is kidnaping American girls and selling them to sex slavery.Put the blame on where it happend and don’t try to bring her family and friends in on this.They left the next day with out her Joran and Kalpoe bothers was last to be seen with her.

    29. Betty on November 4th, 2005 1:35 am

      Dr. Phil..Whoopie..I see that you finally agree with me..I have been batting my head against the wall saying that Natalie is on another island (Columbia) since she went missing..I guess that you finally read my posts. I have posted it on more than one sight. She now has short black hair and working at a house for the pleasure of traveling business men.

      Giselle, I applaud your article that you wrote, and I will be back in Aruba next year. You sure mad a lot of sense. I love Aruba and it’s people.

    30. mojo on November 4th, 2005 3:04 am

      betty, colombia is a country that is part of south america. get an atlas.

    31. Dave Stearns on November 4th, 2005 3:52 am

      Unfortunately, it is a known fact that there are sex slave rings operating in the Caribbean and Aruba is one of the hot spots. It is NOT safe for attractive white women to visit these islands unless they are accompanied at all times by a friend or family member. Worldwide news reports say bartenders from all parts of the Caribbean, including Aruba, regularly spike the drinks of unsuspecting women with drugs such as Rohypnol and GHB for the purpose of “date-rape.” Reports also describe the increasing use of these drugs to place women in a submissive state to move them into position for transport to Caribbean island and South American brothels for indefinite periods for use as drugged prostitutes in known white slavery rings. Please take time to learn the facts. And regarding the Aruban government, I think some of you Arubans are comparing your government to the government of nearby Haiti and other Caribbean islands when you say that comparitively your government is not all that corrupt. Police demanding bribes and covering up crimes commited by Judges is generally accepted as corruption in the west, even though you guys think that sort of behavior is normal, it is not. Thanks.

    32. Dave Stearns on November 4th, 2005 3:57 am

      “Why are you here again? Haven’t you had enough? If you really wanted to boycot Aruba you should have started with yourself because we Arubians are not happy with you!” – Giselle

      I can hardly imagine the darkness and evil that would be within someone to make such a hateful comment about a mother whose daughter was raped and murdered by the Dutch thugs on your island. This is typical of the Dutch really – just look at the genocide they commited in Indonesia. They will rape and kill whoever they please and then blame the victims afterwards because they are now and always have been nothing more than animals.

    33. julie on November 4th, 2005 5:44 am

      My gut feeling is that Natalee is dead. My gut feeling is that the 3 offenders are responsible for her death. Since the authorities were telling Natalee’s family to go drink beer instead of looking for a missing person the perpetrators had more than enough time to dispose of her body in a place she may never be found. Far out in the water. My question now is if the authorities were possibly giving the perps more time to clean up their crime. There is something very fishy going on in Aruba.

    34. Kristin-SC on November 4th, 2005 9:11 am

      Finally we have more saying what I have believed from the start, the Natalee is alive. The investigators of course want DH, BT and Equusearch to focus on “that part of the ocean” because they know that she is not there, that they could spend years searching all the while she is not there but on another island somewhere.

      Look at the reality people! No matter how careful one is, there is *always* some trace of evidence when a murder takes place.I cannot even believe that 3 local “thugs” could have pulled off the perfect crime even with the help of the {{edit}}}l PVDS unless she was handed over to “the pros”.

      Look back at the first interview attempt with PVDS when he is running to his car, and taking off in a hurry. Look at tthe condition of the car. The chunk missing from the steering wheel, the dents, etc. Look at the pictures of their house, how it looks rundown, etc. Now explain to me how a family that does not appear to have any wealth afford NINE LAWYERS???

      I know that I am not delusional to think that a “judge”, and other persons in the legal system there in Aruba are so upstanding that there could now way be any corruption. It has been well known for many many years that Aruba and Curacao are ports for drugs and money laundering. It is the perfect setup…billions of dollars of tourist money being mixed with billions of dollars of drug money.

      Now you consider once again the probability of JVDS being deeply in debt because of his gambling and drinking addiction. Tack on the fact that Joran is a horny little slime that cannot stop his pursuit of young girls and his connections with date-rape drugs.

      My theory is something like this: JVDS hangs around C&C, spots Natalee days before she goes missing. He points her out to those that he owes, they like what they see and they agree to clean his debt in return for him to bring her to them. Joran waits for the right moment…the last night on the island when everyone knows that the next day they are going back to the U.S and as such, it is mega-party time while they still have the chance.

      JVDS approachs, offers her a drink, she accepts, they walk to the bar together and the bartender produces the drinks…one with a drug in it…pre-planned of course in the event that Joran can entice her. JVDS posing as a exchange student on holiday and also staying at the HI (remember the girls saying that they saw him a few times in the lobby?) and since he was seen in the HI lobby, she believes him and gets into a “taxi” and off they vanish into the night.

      The three now have a drugged Natalee in the car, and take her to who knows where, rape her, and then drop her off “at the beach” where the exchange is made and she vanishes without so much as a trace of evidence. Maybe all along JVDS is telling the truth about him leaving her on the beach.

      I’m just some girl from the US who still believes that she is alive. God bless you Natalee, may the Lord watch over you wherever you are. God bless her family and grant them the strength to continue on in their search.

    35. stevep on November 4th, 2005 9:16 am

      To Edleline Berg , Get a grip , you think aruban people are doing all that they can for the BHT & family then you are very stupid, The people of aruba are so scared of the police and local government that they wont even take the offer of reward money 1 million dollars. Dont tell me that no one on that tiny island dosent know anything, THEY ARE AFRAID TO SAY ANYTHING FOR FEAR THAT THEY OR THEIR FAMILY WILL END UP THE SAME WAY. And if you think that a few hundred people walking on the beach that the local police knew she wasnt at is helping you are even stupider. The fact is you will find out how much you depend on U.S. for your financial well being when the tourist dollars dry up. and for your info U.S. stands for UNITED STATES, something aruba will never know, being UNITED.

      To Giselle Geerman , Let me start by saying you wrote come to aruba were people treated well , is that what you mean by being treated well, is being drugged, kidnapped, gang raped, and either sold to sex slavery or murdered dont be shocked if Americans dont run to their travel agents and book vacations there. YOUR NOT A SAFE ISLAND thats why when we Americans travel there they the cruise lines tell you before you get off the ships that you shouldnt leave the group while on the island and they also tell you not to trust taxi cabs and or dont take and make a deal to go somewhere on they island because they have had people make adeal and then the taxi driver takes people out and they rob them or they change their story and say the price has changed and the want tripple or more to take you back and the tourist pays just to get back and they get on the ship and are glad they are alive. But hey Giselle your island is safe, and how can you say BHT went over the limits with what she has done , Who said their even were limits, YOU ! , Who the Hell are you to even say that, It wasnt your daughter that is missing so who are you to say she went over the limits, when something like this happens THEIR ARE NO LIMITS. And if it had been my daughter that this happened to you wouldnt have to worry about any police dept . or local govt. because the moment that they let those young men out of jail they would have been taken on a fishing trip and after we got out to international waters I would have taken the first one and cut his throat and when the sharks came to the blood I would have taken the other and told him if he didnt start talking he was going to be the bait and then I would radio the friends I had on shore and if the story didnt check out I would start with his arm and then his leg and you would see how fast they would be willing to talk then. and after I got my info I would just for fun feed the rest of them to the sharks, But Hey Thats Just me. as for the people of aruba I couldnt care if you all died you and your island are not worth 1 AMERICAN cent . After what I have seen and what the keystone cops have done with this case the entire island is corupt, all of you, if you are aruban and you dont come foward with the info needed to solve this case you are just as guilty and the whole island should suffer for it. and many AMERICANS feel the same way I do they just are not saying it as openly.

    36. commonsense on November 4th, 2005 10:21 am

      Dr. Phil is not reading your posts.
      Wake up people!! You keep saying that Aruba needs to get off their butts and solve this case. How?? Really. How??
      The Twitty’s have over a million in the bank in a find Natalee account. Ready Hyscience. Or Riehl World View. Beth spent over 30 grand to keep a private jet on the runway while she looked for Natalee at a crackhouse! True story that the monkies don’t feel like posting since it is stirs the post a little.
      Here is my question. With all the people and resources that the family has used to search for Natalee, what have they found? NOTHING. So if they can’t find her, why do you think it would be so easy for the Aruban police to find her??
      Think about it.

    37. 10061906 on November 4th, 2005 11:28 am

      As I have said in the past every one is trying to get in on the act. (including me). If Doctor Phil has any idea that Natalee is alive, why is there so much time and energy wasted looking in the ocean for a body, as suggested by the police.? Does the Dr. think she is now a mermaid? I agree that there is perhaps a very slim chance that Natalee is alive but my gut feeling is that if so, she would be held captive and still be on the island. Personally, I still feel Natalee’s disappearance revolves around the three suspects, along with the father and two friends, an after hours club, a straight body truck and an area near the gold mine ruins, which are near Montana. That would be a logical place to investigate, knowing that the suspects lived only 1.5km from the Ruins. Before anymore time elapses, searchers and dogs should investigate. It would not hurt, since the investigation is going nowhere based on the police directing the current search areas.
      As an aside. One of the witnesses said they saw a body dropped off at the land fill brought there in a light colored jeep. Well it seems that almost all the rentals in Aruba are beige colored jeeps. I feel that is another red herring. Besides that land fill is at the other end of the island from where they said Natalee disappeared.

    38. noregrets on November 4th, 2005 11:37 am

      I’m from Alabama and for those of you in Aruba, we appreciate all you’ve done, but it’s your officials we’re after, not you. They aren’t doing the job. If they were doing a good job then they wouldn’t have waited 5 months to start asking follow up questions. I’m in favor of a boycott if it gets a new team on this case. Better yet, I’d like to see the case turned over to the FBI. Joran’s father has his hands all in this. I’ve been saying this since the case was a month old. Natalee is one of our own and in Alabama we take care of our own. We want the truth, but I think most of us would settle for having her home, dead or alive.
      Like it or not, they did gang rape her. What else do you call it when 3 boys are having sex with an unconscience woman?
      I have wondered from the beginning about Natalee being sold into slavery. However, I think after the extreme media attention given to this case that Natalee would become a huge liablity. In other words, if she were sold into slavery, she’s probably dead by now. Regardless of whether she’s dead or a sex slave she doesn’t deserve it. Personally I think Beth has handled this very well. If that were my only child missing I’d be in the looney bin after going on a mass killing spree. Grief is a great defense folks.

    39. Occam's Razor on November 4th, 2005 2:48 pm

      To all of you saying there is no evidence she’s dead….

      there’s no evidence that she has been sold into ‘sex slavery’ either…

      comments like this

      “..I guess that you finally read my posts. I have posted it on more than one sight. She now has short black hair and working at a house for the pleasure of traveling business men.”

      Expose this for the quack of a theory that it is. I’m not denying that the disappearance of this girl is tragic and awful, but trying to hold an entire country responsible for the actions of a couple of people is how we ended up getting attacked on 9/11.

      The Aruban Justice System may be corrupt, but so is the United States Justice System — Here in the states, they probably wouldn’t have even been able to hold Joran for 48 hours, and if his dad we a Judge in the US, you would have never even heard his name.

      I wish that everyone would devote their time to actually doing something to further the investigation as opposed to spouting off crackpot theories with absolutely no evidence…

      What do we know for sure:

      Natalee was out drinking at a bar in the early morning hours in a foreign country she didn’t know.
      Natalee left said bar with 3 men from a different foriegn country she also didn’t know.
      A witness saw the 3 men alone at a raquet club later that morning, without Natalee visable.
      Natalee did not arrive to leave Aruba the next morning.

      It’s pretty obvious from the facts that they are responsible for her disappearance.
      Why aren’t they put away? The same reason they wouldn’t be in the US —
      circumstancial evidence alone isn’t enough to slam the door on someone, you have to have physical evidence, proof that they did it. This is the price we pay for a system that believes it’s better to let 1000 guilties walk free than imprison an innocent.

      As far as Natalees chemical intoxication status…

      If anyone posting is aquainted with the chemicals mentioned (Alcohol and Ecstasy), you would realize that Alcohol is usually the more dibilitating and judgement-imparing chemical. Also If she was in a foreign country getting drunk at 18, is it really that big of a stretch to think she might’ve taken a hit of ecstasy on her own free will? I know her mother is on television saying she was a saint, but actions speak louder than words. The girl I saw posing with some dude she barely knows, half naked in a bar in the tropics is not a choir girl.

      She doesn’t deserve any ill fate, but at this point there’s just as much evidence that she got drunk, was rolling on ecstasy, and tried to went swimming and drowned as there is that JVS, Deepaks, and the entire Aruban government conspired to abduct this ‘Southern Belle’…. and why would they?

      Thousands of young, indescriminate American girls go to Aruba all the time? Why take all these risks, mess up the tourism industry, etc to kidnap this one girl when I’m sure hundreds of girls each year would do anything out of ‘Girls Gone Wild’ for a free t-shirt or a night at an Aruban hotel.

    40. sandy on November 4th, 2005 6:44 pm

      that there is corruptness in the isle of Aruba within its officials there is no doubt. That they do not respect women and treat them like putas which is what Beth Twitty had to hear when she went to the polis to report her daughter missing and find out what was being done to find her. We now hear from Dave holloway Natalees father that the officials told him no were not searching go down to C&C have a beer or maybe she fell in love and ran away she will show up sonner or later. That women are treated as objects of lust and kept pregnant and in the kitchen is also apparent. Look at your burgeoning sex slavery rings. What about all the porno movies and God only knows what other depravitys occur on your happy little island. That there are corrupt official accepting bribes to look the other way and make things go away is for sure. Dave Holloway was asked how much money he had in order for the polis and investigators to do thier job. Sounds like a bribe to me. But nowhere have a seen a greater example of disrespect and cruelty, that has been shown here to the Holloway-Twittys a family that has united for one thing and one thing alone to find thier daughter Natalee. All the family has done is ask for justice for thier daughter and to bring her home one way or the other. Wouldnt you do the same in their shoes. Five months and no clue, bumbling investigations and 4 suspects last seen with her on the loose living thier lives. What about Natalee’s life, what about her dreams. She went to Aruba for four days and is now gone without a trace. SOMEONE knows where she is and the family and all the world are demanding to know also. To accept anything less is in itself unacceptable.Everyone wants closure in this case, the Holloway -Twittys did not ask for this nightmare. Beth Holloway has been made the bad guy in this scenario by corrupt officials who dont want this case solved. That it involves something bigger than Natalee Holloway is apparent to all the wolrd. That corrupt Aruban officials dont want that info to be revealed is true. But now your island willl suffer becasuse of that corruptness. GEt ready arubans, batten down the hatches bad times are coming down upon you all for your corrupt officials and the coverup in this case. We will not stop until Justice for Natalee has been served. This case will not just go away…………..

    41. Scared Monkeys on November 5th, 2005 12:42 am

      Commonsense says …”Beth spent over 30 grand to keep a private jet on the runway while she looked for Natalee at a crackhouse! True story that the monkies don’t feel like posting since it is stirs the post a little.”

      Yeah … think we stir it up just fine. Maybe you just have not noticed.

      No need to you just commented on it. However, you act like this is some terrible thing that Beth did vs. being told that her daughter was in a crack house in Aruba and the parents being prepared to take their daughter off the island. Your point is???

      Here is where the exact quote came from since you have asked and want me to post. Greta oct 31, 2005: http://www.scaredmonkeys.net/viewtopic.php?p=282914#282914

      Greta: But first, we are joined again by Natalee Holloway’s mother, Beth Holloway Twitty, live from Birmingham, Alabama. And Beth, of course, is going back to Aruba tomorrow.

      Beth, Chief Deputy Dompig is making some accusations about you, says you’re scamming money. What do you say about that?

      TWITTY: Well, you know, Greta, it’s hard for me to even respond to that, but if I must, I would hope that Deputy Dompig realizes that we’re not flying family, friends and searchers in and out on brooms to Aruba. You know, we pay air fares. We pay hotel bills. We pay the exorbitant attorney fees, private investigators. You know, one sample of a bill was $37,000 to Medjet (ph) because we had the jet sitting on the tarmac for two days because that’s when we thought we were pulling Natalee out alive of one of their crack houses, being held by a crack addict against her will. So you know, there have been some expenses that we have incurred during this investigation.

      VAN SUSTEREN: Why is Dompig suddenly on this thing about money with you?

      TWITTY: You know, I just don’t know, Greta. I hate that he’s losing his focus of the investigation on the perpetrators that participated in a gang rape against my daughter.

    42. Pat on November 5th, 2005 1:29 am


      90% of me agrees with you. There’s no doubt that there is something going on in those videos, but I think there is something much bigger here.

      Think about it, why would these bumbling officials try so hard to mislead, misdirect and obstruct this investigation at every turn? Why would they put the whole island in economic peril? Why would they put themselves out there as complete buffoons, continually making statements and backtracking, losing evidence, not following up, etc., etc. For 3 little punks and a want-a-be judge? If that was all this is about, someone would have cracked by now, or turned these people in for the reward. There is big money and big crime here, and certain death for anyone who rolls over. Perhaps it is drugs, perhaps sex trade, who knows, but all we are seeing is a very poor attempt to cover up the tip of this iceberg. The rest is hidden below the surface. Many people (but not all) in Aruba know about it as surely as they know about The Lion’s Den (that secret place that no one talks about or goes uninvited). People in Aruba are afraid to speak out; every witness or acuser has been silenced (somehow) within days of making claims. I believe most of the people in Aruba are decent, caring people, but their country is occupied and controlled by pimps and thugs. Whatever is going on, it is more important to the people in control than the tourism.

      If Natalee was kidnapped then this whole murder investigation/ body search has been allowed to go on and on as a cover-up for the real deal. It could explain why so many searches have been started but not finished, and why everything is drug out and made to be difficult… Contrary to what one person said, if Natalee was kidnapped it wasn’t by guys scouring the beach for drunk girls at 2AM, but rather by a carefully coordinated system that starts with stalking victims in the bars and casinos.

      On the other hand, perhaps Natalee was killed, but if the truth of the murder was known, it would lead to exposure of this iceberg. Either way the cover-up that has been so poorly orchestrated goes on and on. It reminds me of a child, who, when caught in a lie continues to lie knowing that you know the truth.

      The saddest part of this is that if corruption and crime are in control there, it will never be possible to get to the bottom of it, short of some independant Dutch or international investigation.

      Aruba, the whole world is watching you, just like that child…

    43. Sharise on November 5th, 2005 8:12 am

      If everyone who was going to commit rape or murder sat down and made a list of how it would impact the tourism, their job, their families, guess what they more than likely would still commit the crime. Like they are rational. Rape isn’t about sex, its about power and ego. These people stalk their victims out usually. That’s part of the thrill They become fixated on one person, not a group of women who will do anything for a cigarette, tshirt or whatever.

      I don’t think anyone going to aruba usually wears winter coats and hip boots.. we see much worse on tv everyday. Natalee worked hard to get a full scholarship to attend school to be a dr. Sounds like the old days of blame the rape victim because her skirt was too short.

      For a country that says 90% of their tourism is from the U.S. you would think they would work hard to protect them instead of slandering a missing one and her family. This just shows all the future tourists, what would happen if it were to be their families it happened to next.

      Both of those families know exactly where Natalee is and what happened to her. If not
      why all the lies?

    44. Jerry Ditka on November 6th, 2005 1:41 am

      Natalee is dead…enough already, she is yesterdays news. She was a little slut and drug addict. I have no sympathy for that. She slutted it up at that bar then left to smoke some drugs. I feel bad but the USA has more pressing things to deal with. I am sorry for Natalees loss but she is DEAD!

    45. Jim Hanson on November 6th, 2005 3:58 pm

      “She’s dead!”
      “She’s alive!”
      “She’s this”
      “She’s that”

      NONE of you know where she is.

      And as for Dr Phil, he appeared on Jay Leno for his OWN publicity. That’s the way it is folks. That’s Hollywood. Ratings and personal exposure. For any of you who watched him on Jay Leno, you noticed he didn’t have a shred of proof that she was alive.

      In fact, nobody has a shred of proof about anything in this case. It’s all supposition.

    46. Jim Hanson on November 6th, 2005 4:03 pm

      “Aruba is corrupt!”

      That’s all we read here … can I let you in on a little secret?

      The United States is the most corrupt country in the world …

    47. Jim Hanson on November 6th, 2005 4:46 pm

      And to whoever claimed that there are slave trade rings in the Caribbean, the US has documented, prosecuted cases of CHILD sex rings. And these are only the ones that haven’t been caught yet. Stop trying to make Aruba look like the worst criminal in the world. Aruba is like a newborn lamb compared to what goes on in the US, ok?

    48. Maggie on November 6th, 2005 9:27 pm

      Looks like momma gave deepak his crayons back.

    49. Pat on November 8th, 2005 1:27 am


      It amazes me that in 2005 we still have people (even in the US) who think that a woman who exercises her right to do what she wants with her body is a slut, but a man who does the same thing is a real warrior! A woman’s style of dress may make her a slut, but for a man it is macho. A woman who talks about sex is a slut, but guys who tell of their great exploits are heros. Women who are raped are scorned, but rapests are cheered on. Hmm, sound like anyone we know? As ignorant as such a double standard is, it can be seen right here in this thread.

    50. Mr Sjonnie on November 9th, 2005 8:26 am

      Well, that there is corruption in Aruba would not surprise me. And I am convinced there is too in the U.S.A.

      Funny thing is that some Americans think the law system in Aruba sucks. Well, luckilly for people like Michael Jackson and O.J. Simpson they have not to deal with a law system like on Aruba and have dealt with the much more superior system of the U.S.A.

    51. Maggie on November 9th, 2005 9:29 pm

      The jury’s in the Michael Jackson and OJ Simpson turned them loose.. not the govt.

    52. Tom Hallinger on November 10th, 2005 8:59 am

      Lets get real … natalee is most probably dead… What “dr” Phil claims is at best highly unlikely! This investigation has cost millions of dollars already. Even f16′s flew over the island scanning every inch (or centimeter). She hasnt been found! Kidnapping is highly unlikely, because of the massive media attention. This would have caused her release (or death) because she wouldnt be worth a dime then. So common sence can whipe dr phills declaration of the table. Beth Twitty probably suffers from a huge portion of guilt. We must get her help! Not help her get manic and cause serious damage to our relations with our allies. Probably the most loyal ally the US has left. Ok ppl would say “whats holland we dont need them..” But hey when new orleans got flooded we didnt even have the pumps to get out all the water.. We got help … and guess who? Yup the dutch pumps sucked the sea from new orleans in record time …. high capacity pumping saved the US millions $$ And what did we have to pay? Zero! But hey!, lets get crazy and repay them for their loyalty with some good old american Xenophobia and mass hysteria. Boycot Holland and Aruba ! That will teach them ! they took natalee and sold her to the white slave dealers!! and the government of aruba they are behind all of it !! Conspiracy I tell YOU!!

    53. maranda on January 9th, 2007 2:13 pm

      I think everybody needs to stop talking crap with each other and blameing aruba for her disaparence. Just because some bad people decided to do something with her doesnt mean everybody in aruba has something to do with it. she is either alive are dead. Hopefully alive. either way she is somebodys daughter nobody dezerves to be killed are put into the slave trade. We blame aruba because it happend there. but us americans need to grow up and stop assuming that because there foregin they have something to do with her wereabouts ane maybe they do but until we know we have no right acussing them of covering up her wereabouts.

    54. Earleen Young on February 1st, 2008 3:00 pm

      I am so glad the case has been reopened.I have some information I feel is crucial to the case.Who should I contact?

    55. Madchick on April 28th, 2009 2:42 pm

      I have watched the lifetime movie about Natalee Holloway about 8 times, thinking what could have happened to her. I am almost positive they either have her somehwere captive somehwere else in this world, or the dropped her body at the bottom of the ocean, SOMEWHERE. People should care more about all those girls much like Natalee H., and be aware that this world of crime…. ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE! So since there aren’t any known facts weather she IS dead or ISNT, they, you and i both should keep researching about her. If YOU were Natalee wouldn’t you want someone to find you? Don’t stop searching, there are always possibilities and if you were to read to bible, god promises you Beth… he WILL bring her back, i promise you. And above all… God promises you. So don’t give up on you poor little girl. She might might not be alive. Be God guarantee’s that you WILL see her one day. If you want to find out more about being able to see your daughter again, you can get a free bible study from any Jehovah Witness out there in your area. It’s in the phone book. And once they teach you,, you can surely have that hope that you WILL see her one day. So people… don’t give up. If you do, you are letting those sick killers destroy you, and Natalee is worth more than that…. God will bring the truth forward. Try it and you will see. God is the only one that can save your daughter, and he will.. PLEASE. AT LEAST READ REVELATION 21:4. The bible is what god wants us to know. And im telling you that god want you to know everything will be okay in the end. And you will see that beautiful daughter of your one day.

    56. Madchick on April 28th, 2009 2:58 pm

      I just left comment #55. I am Madchicky. If you want to learn more about your daughter… email me at: helpadoginneed@gmail.com or visit my website at http://www.adoginneed.synthasite.com, my email is written on the HOW YOU CAN HELP page. I really hope you read this page, and are able to find that compfort that God assures you…

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