Dave Holloway; “I was one of the last holdouts”. (Natalee Holloway Investigation)


Dave Holloway provides some frank and stern words for the investigators or prosecution in Aruba who have been in charge of the Natalee Holloway disappearance. It has been pointed out is the past that Dave Holloway was a patient man; however, that did not mean that he did not expect sincere and serious efforts be made in the investigation of his missing daughter Natalee Holloway. One should never confuse patience with tolerance. Aruba and Aruban officials may just beginning to find this out. During last nights interview with Dan Abrams on The Abrams Report October 2, 2005, Dave Holloway showed a side not often seen.

The result being a cumulative effort with both Dave Holloway and Beth Twitty coming together and jointly signing a letter to Aruban officials. Dave Holloway has always been looked upon by many during this five month investigation as the more calm one and the pillar of reason by not only Americans but Arubans as well. Make no mistake about it though, Dave Holloway is after the same result as Beth Twitty is, finding Natalee. Is it any wonder with recent events in Aruba where there appeared to be cooperation and communication between the ALE, Natalee’s family and the searchers that Dave Holloway would even lose his patience when all that looked good had gone south almost overnight? As Dave Holloway stated.

I was one of the last holdouts. I think Beth had been pushing for this for some time. And I went back to the island, hoping to make one last push to get everybody together, hold some solid communications and move forward with the case. And there at the end I thought we were coming close and starting to gel and to move this forward, and suddenly it just fell apart.

More from the Dave Holloway interview where even a patient man has his limit. Many have said and felt that during this terrible, emotional ordeal of the disappearance of Natalee Holloway that Dave Holloway was the “voice of calm and reason.” By all accounts he has conducted himself in an overly cautious manner giving Aruban officials more than every opportunity to do the right thing. Even ArubaTruth has made favorable comments toward Dave Holloway when he stated he was against a boycott of Aruba. We had said a long time ago that when it comes to Dave Holloway, do not confuse patience with a tolerance of the situation. Being patient does not mean that one does not expect results. Being patient means just the opposite. It means one is willing to take the time to have others get it right.

Aruban officials has now backed itself into a serious corner. Dave, who has given them every benefit of the doubt and has integrity beyond reproach, now seriously doubts the actions of the Aruban investigators. When Dave Holloway doubts the situation so will many people who have respected his approach throughout this nightmare ordeal. For all the cooperation and communication to have dissolved what appeared to be overnight is most frustrating, even more so, to a patient man who gave every opportunity to those in charge to get it right. A patience that looks like it has finally been pushed to its limit.

HOLLOWAY: Yes, it would be. I was one of the ones who held out, hoping that the police would come together and complete their investigation, and it just finally got to the point where “you know we’ve got tunnel vision and a lot of peripheral issues started coming up, and you know why aren’t we focusing back on the three suspects? Why are we talking about issues that don’t even involve the case? And that’s where I started getting frustrated and I felt like you know it’s time, it’s the fourth quarter, and time’s almost up. Why don’t we just start all over and start out with a whole new fresh team?

More from the Abrams Report and a not so pleased Dave Holloway who has even his limits when it comes to patience.

ABRAMS: Hi everyone. First up on the docket tonight, there is a war of words unraveling in Aruba. Natalee Holloway’s divorced parents who up to now have been proceeding separately, sign a letter. Here it is. You see Dave Holloway, Robin Holloway, Beth Twitty, Jug Twitty, all signing this letter in agreement with what is in this six-page document. They are demanding that Aruba’s attorney general pull the team investigating Natalee’s disappearance.

Quote:It has become increasingly difficult to hold our tongues. It is our contention that it is in the best interest of everyone concerned to instigate a fresh start in this case. We respectfully request that Dennis Jacobs, Karin Janssen, and Gerold Dompig be removed from the case.

The letter goes on to say that when Dave Holloway asked the police to begin a search for Natalee two days after she went missing, the detective in charge of the investigation answered—quote—"no, this happens all the time. Just go on down to Carlos N’ Charlie’s and have a beer. She’ll show up sometime. She probably got drunk or fell in love and ran off with someone for a few days.”

They also had strong words for the deputy chief of police, Gerold Dompig. Quote: “It is apparent that Dompig wants to incite anti-Beth Twitty feelings among the Aruban populace in a situation where he should be doing the exact opposite and appealing to the Aruban people for leads to solve Natalee’s disappearance.”.

This scathing letter comes just a day after we had an exclusive interview with the deputy. He was on the program yesterday, where he had some tough words of his own for the family.

ABRAMS: Look, Dave, you have generally been a sort of calmer voice in connection with this investigation, and yet you did sign this scathing letter about the investigative team. Why?

DAVE HOLLOWAY, NATALEE HOLLOWAY’S FATHER (via phone): Yes we did. I was one of the last holdouts. I think Beth had been pushing for this for some time. And I went back to the island, hoping to make one last push to get everybody together, hold some solid communications and move forward with the case. And there at the end I thought we were coming close and starting to gel and to move this forward, and suddenly it just fell apart.

ABRAMS: But Dave, these are very serious accusations that you all are making in this letter. Let me read from one of them that apparently was regard to you from a detective handling the case.

When you went to the police department to report Natalee missing “quote” Dennis Jacobs responded with the following inappropriate question. How much money do you have?

HOLLOWAY: That’s correct and there were two witnesses there that can confirm that.

ABRAMS: And your understanding was he was effectively saying in order to search for your daughter, that they would have to get paid?

HOLLOWAY: Well I don’t know what his intentions were, Dan, but he made that comment. Whether he was making it in jest, or whatever, I don’t know, but he did make that comment.

(The rest of the interview, full transcript)

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    19 Responses to “Dave Holloway; “I was one of the last holdouts”. (Natalee Holloway Investigation)”

    1. JEWEL on November 3rd, 2005 8:56 pm

      I’m sorry – but no one really cares anymore -

    2. Lori on November 3rd, 2005 11:05 pm

      I am totally disgusted. Shame on all you supporters of this team of investigators and shame on all the family-bashers.

    3. Marci on November 3rd, 2005 11:57 pm

      Beth and Dave, keep up the pressure on the Aruban Government
      they know where Natalee.

    4. julie on November 4th, 2005 5:10 am

      I can not imagine the horror this family is going through. As far as I am concerned the Arubab Government has become the defense team for the perpetrators who were last seen with Nataleee. The ignorance of the Aruban authorities comments and total lack of caring for Natalee makes me sick. I will not go to Aruba and will campaign against Aruba until this team is pulled and a team of professional people (which the present team is not) is put in place. The team handiling this is incompetent and grossly negligient. It is no wonder that Natalee’s family is on camera campaigning for people not to go to Aruba. It is not safe to go there because the Governement there does not care what happens to you on their island. I feel sorry for the Aruban people, it is not their fault that such incompetent and uncaring people are in charge of their island.

    5. vicki on November 4th, 2005 8:23 am

      I say this to “jewel” and all the rest like you, Don’t think for one minute that you are a majority, because you are not. WE DO CARE and WE WANT JUSTICE> If you didn’t care why are you commenting and reading this???? Who are you really? Please don’t even comment on this board if you are not going to help. I for one am SICK of the GAMES that are being played in ARUBA. It is sickening now. What in Gods name can you people be hiding? Because thats what it appears to be happening. ONE BIG COVERUP> Now the question of the hour is WHY???? THE WHOLE WORLD IS WATCHING>>>>>

    6. Dave on November 4th, 2005 8:28 am

      I guess when anyone ever gets frustrated with any le agency just send a letter and demand a new team…. What a joke
      My God…. what would be happening in Nashville now. It only took their le 10 years to arrest the husband

    7. Alan on November 4th, 2005 8:38 am

      Beth & Dave,

      Alot of people are still standing behind you & we care! We are not turning our backs on Natalee.
      Aruba can’t be let off that easily & they need to resolve this.
      America is not forgetting it.

    8. Kelly on November 4th, 2005 10:40 am

      nice Jewel…..I hope you never have to go through something like this….nice attitude….God Bless you!

    9. flyingmermaid on November 4th, 2005 10:41 am

      How sad that somebody who does not even care took the time to post something so negative – Some of us still care about Natalee – simetimes a jewel is just Cubic Zarconia – a complete fake!!!!!!!!!

    10. commonsense on November 4th, 2005 10:55 am

      I see that the comment section of the letter link was closed. Probably due to these two big questions:
      1) Why was this written by a Jossy Mansur employee, not their legal team? That would be like me sending my clerk to court in my place. The judge might frown upon that a little :)
      2) Two words – Spell Check!!! You think a letter this important might include the correct spellings for Joran and Janssen!! You got to be kidding me! The family needs to get away from Jossy and his bunch of bumbling detective wannabees and politically acting clowns now. These guys are much to blame for the family being led down dead end after dead end.
      You have legal teams in Aruba – use them. Or is this just to get away from the questions about the Mountain Brook students? Talk about a cover-up…

    11. DougG on November 4th, 2005 12:10 pm

      Yes, I’m “sick” of this story too, we’d all like for it “to just go away.” But I have a hard time denigrating the family, who have lost their child to some sort of Aruban black hole, nor do I feel sorry for the Aruban authorities, or populace.

      If it were my daughter, we would be reading about a whole lot more than letters.

      In my opinion this talk about misappropriation of funds and so forth is ridiculous. Are you saying the family is attempting to “profit” from the disappearance of their daughter? That’s disgusting!

      My questions are, why are the LE officials being so belligerant toward the family? It seems they could solve that problem by speaking with them openly, honestly and regularly. They appear to have closed ranks and periodically lash out.

      I agree with the family’s response to allow interviews of the MB students by the FBI, provided the FBI also has access to the 3 primary suspects (I should say 4, including Paulus). I would not allow these officials to conduct the interviews directly given their track record thus far. Maybe a reasonable compromise would be to allow Aruban LE to participate in the FBI sessions, provided the FBI is allowed to actively participate in new sessions with the Aruban Four.

      I think the family has gone out of their way to compliment the Aruban people, including hotels and businesses, and be courteous and respectful, under the circumstances. How would you react? I can assure you I would not be so courteous and respectful. And in response to this the LE are talking about throwing Beth in jail?

      If that happens, I say we take possession of the island. Really, how more surreal can this case become?

      On the other hand, Tim Miller now says he spoke with Dompig and appears to have cleared up their misunderstandings. So lets move forward.

      Given the raw nerves, I would suggest the LE assign a new team to the case, and in turn, the family should appoint Dave Holloway and one other person (preferably a non-family member) as the contacts from their siade.

      It’s not perfect, but I do know that compromise calls for both sides to give in some areas. That would be my suggestion.

      God speed.

    12. December_star on November 4th, 2005 12:50 pm

      JEWEL speak for yourself, plenty of people still care and if you don’t then why are you here reading about it and taking the time to comment?

      Beth and Dave I’m glad to finally see you on the same team. United you will get more things done. I too believe the Auban Government knows where Natalee is, nad the only way they are gonna talk is if they are forced to.

    13. Marie on November 4th, 2005 1:40 pm

      It is clear that there’s be a cover-up of the investigation from the start due to Paul Van der Sloot high position. The investigators are his buddies, of course they will cover-up for him and his depraved son. We would have to be quite naive not to see that.

    14. monkey wench on November 4th, 2005 2:19 pm

      I’m sorry, JEWEL, but you are so wrong. Many people DO care. If you don’t, fine. Don’t read or post comments. Find something else to amuse yourself.

    15. Occam's Razor on November 4th, 2005 2:50 pm

      Come on guys — If the Aruban Government knew where she was, they would have brought her out by now.. With as much money as they’re losing every day from American tourism, I’m sure they’re entertaining the idea that someone else mentioned in a previous thread about buying an American Girl and paying for plastic surgery to get her to look like NH — it’d be cheaper than the losses they’re inccuring in their tourism industry…

    16. sandy on November 4th, 2005 6:01 pm

      Americans now is the time for us to stand foward with the Holloway-Twittys and show Aruba we mean buissness. Enough of this nonsense allready. Boycott Aruba and Aruban and Netherland products. If Decency doesnt work, hit them hard and hit em where it hurts, in thier pockets. Justice for Natalee is the only way to absolve this problem…

    17. MF on November 5th, 2005 12:42 pm

      I like DougG’s posts. He seems to have an understanding of the situation from a caring, father’s view. Our family had been considering vacationing in Aruba prior to NH disappearing. Not anymore, or anytime in the future, unless Aruba can solve this mystery. As far as why Aruba wouldn’t come forth and let the family know where NH is or what happened to her, I believe they dug themselves a hole early on, by destroying evidence. What are they going to do now? Lies only precipitate more lies.

    18. James Smallwood on November 22nd, 2007 3:46 pm

      I wonder if you can climb up stairs or get to the second story of the lighthouse. And that it was from there the Natalee accidentally fell, and our of panic her body was disposed of to hide any evidence.

      J. Smallwood

    19. M. Blake on February 28th, 2008 10:48 pm

      I just won’t to say I hope you find her and god be with you. I read a little into it and am a little amazed that Joran van der Sloot hasn’t been looked into a little more. I wish you the best of luck.

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