Dompig: “That is why we were kind of disappointed when the judge didn’t accept that. That is basically a felony in Aruba.” (Natalee Holloway)


A must read for all in a Rita Cosby “Live & Direct’ interview with Gerold Dompig, Dave Holloway and Jamie Skeeters. A revealing interview from the man who made the Deepak Kalpoe tape (Jaime Skeeters) what may turn out to be a smoking gun in this investigation. The lead investigator, Gerold Dompig, where if this tape is authentic had some serious decisions to make on potential rearrests in the Natalee Holloway investigation and also Dave Holloway’s opinions on the recent events. Some very interesting comments from this interview: (Hat Tip: SMS)

Rita: Is it possible chief, if these tapes can be authenticated that we could even see search warrants? Maybe even arrests in a few weeks, if they are authentic?

Dompig: Absolutely! I talked to the prosecutor today as a matter of fact and we discussed that possibility.

Rita: Did any of these three ever admit to having sex with Natalee at any point chief?

Dompig: No, they did not. They keep denying it, they only went as far as to say that they fondled sexually, at least Joran did that. The others denied everything.

Rita: We have heard from the family chief that Joran stated that she was going in and out of consciousness, did you see that anywhere?

Dompig: Yes, that is definitely in the statements. That is why we were kind of disappointed when the judge didn’t accept that. That is basically a felony in Aruba.

In their first live television interview together joining me now is Gerold Dompig, Dave Holloway and Jamie Skeeters from the October 14, 2005 show.

Playing Deepaks tape

Rita: Dave, when you hear those comments that are verified in the tape, are you praying this is going to be the big break Dave?

Dave: Well, hopefully the police will be able to do something with it, Rita. I spoke to Jamie several days ago and he told me basically the full content of the tape. I am hopeful Gerold and his people will be able to analyze it and make a decision if it is valid.

Rita: Chief, walk us through the stages you need to do right now to verify the tape. How long do you think it is going to take?

Dompig: Well, basically I personally see three steps.
The first step will be to get the tapes as soon as possible so that we can take a look at them.
Secondly, once we are satisfied with what we see and hear to try and get the tapes verified for their authenticity.
Maybe the FBI can assist us with that, maybe we have to send them to Holland, maybe both.
Third, once these tapes are proven to be authentic which is very important for our court case. We definitely we will move ahead and I assure you that this will be a complete turn around in the case. As I said earlier, if these guys are guilty, I want them behind bars.

Rita: Is it possible chief, if these tapes can be authenticated that we could even see search warrants? Maybe even arrests in a few weeks, if they are authentic?

Dompig: Absolutely! I talked to the prosecutor today as a matter of fact and we discussed that possibility. She doesn’t exclude it, she did say to keep in mind that we will have to go to the judge again. I am sure that if we can determine the tapes are authentic then we have a strong case to make before a judge to get new warrants for searches and eventually rearrests.

Plays tape where Deepak says he has no friends, everything is empty.

Rita: Dave are you hoping that if the squeeze is on and if they are not such good friends like Deepak is saying maybe one will crack?

Dave: Well, I am hopeful that if the tape is authentic and the authorities in Aruba feel like they have something maybe we will get them back behind bars. As you recall we had all three behind bars prior to the hurricane we had. Then all of a sudden, hopes were dashed and all three were released. So maybe we will get some better hopes now.

Rita: Dave if you are confronted with this…if Deepak Kalpoe maybe has some information you have a big reward out there. Would you or someone in the family be willing to pay him some money to tell where Natalee is if he has that information.

Dave: That would be something we would have to discuss with Beth. I think that she is agreeable that if there is some information out there that can show Natalee’s whereabouts, the reward is payable.

Rita: Did any of these three ever admit to having sex with Natalee at any point chief?

Dompig: No, they did not. They keep denying it, they only went as far as to say that they fondled sexually, at least Joran did that. The others denied everything.

Rita: We have heard from the family chief that Joran stated that she was going in and out of consciousness, did you see that anywhere?

Dompig: Yes, that is definitely in the statements. That is why we were kind of disappointed when the judge didn’t accept that. That is basically a felony in Aruba.We think that what happened was the judge just didn’t buy it because Joran went back and forth with his statements. He withdrew two statements he had already given to us. Basically, none of his statements were really trustworthy.

Rita: But what you are saying chief is that Joran did say was that at some point, she was in and out of consciousness. You are saying that is a felony in Aruba, where did he say that happened. In the back seat of the car?

Dompig: In the back of the car he mentioned a couple of times that she passed out a couple of times. Those were his words. But, in a way that is someone who is drunk, not really aware of what is happening. That to us was very interesting and very important. We thought as investigators that we had at least that. Again, what we were faced with, and I think Dave also had that experience was at a certain point and time the judge just didn’t buy it.

Rita: Dave, is there a question you have for the deputy chief?

Dave: No, not at this moment. I just want to thank Gerold for being forward with all of his comments. I look forward to meeting him. It sounds like to me he has some good words, and if we put some action with it maybe we will get some results. I appreciate him coming on and getting this going in the right direction.

Rita: Let’s bring Jamie Skeeters in because there is an inconsistency and I am sure you are all wanting this. Jamie, did Deepak Kalpoe say to you at any point when you met with him whether it is on tape or not that he believes that Joran killed Natalee?

Jamie: Yes

Rita: He did, tell me how?

Jamie: I talked to him, part of it is on the tape, but the main conversation I had with him, I asked him pointblank: Did you kill Natalee? He said no
Did Satish kill Natalee? He said no
Did Joran kill Natalee? Well, it wasn’t me, wasn’t my brother, so what do you think? And he nodded and said yes and shrugged his shoulders. That is when I asked him would he do a polygraph.

Rita: And he refused to take that polygraph, right Jamie?

Jamie: No he didn’t, he said he would take a polygraph. He didn’t think his attorney wanted him to but he did say I will do a polygraph with you. He was talking like the following day or two from that conversation.

Rita: But then it never happened, right?

Jamie: He was arrested.

Rita: That is what I thought, the timing didn’t work. But you are telling me Jamie again he looked at you and said take a guess who did.
Not as a question of maybe but strongly saying Joran did.

Jamie: Yes, he didn’t say take a guess. He said it wasn’t me or my brother but who does that leave? And I said Joran? And he said yes and then shrugged his shoulders.

Rita: Dave, what do you make of this when you hear this?

Dave: Well, you know, I just really couldn’t comment at this time. We know that all three are involved. We have heard statements from Joran through the press and leaks that he pointed the finger at Joran. So, you really don’t know.

Rita: Jamie, is this on tape?

Jamie: The statement that was made there was before the taping began. But, there is something on the tape that I just saw myself the other day.I asked him did he kill her and he said I didn’t. I said VDS and he said Yeah. That is on tape

Rita: Chief, if that’s on tape, what do you have now?

Dompig: Well, Jamie told me that already in a phone conversation.I told him Jamie, I really need your help on this. We need to have the tape in Aruba as soon as possible.To Dave, I want to stress to hang in there with us. Believe me, we are going to stick with it and anything.I also want to thank him for all the emails he has sent to us. We really look at all of the tips and leads he sends to us basically on a daily basis.So he really works for or with us

Clip of Deepak on if he knows where the body is

Rita: Dave, if you could be in that questioning room. I believe that the chief is going to verify these tapes, I believe he is going to call them in for questioning, maybe even arrest them. Dave, what do you want to ask Deepak if you could be there with the chief in that room?

Dave: Well, I would just like to ask him to tell the truth and let us have closure in this case. Whatever he knows, I would like for him to tell the truth. Stop all this pointing fingers at someone else or whatever. Tell what you know and lets get on.

Rita: Dave, what is the most troubling thing tonight when you hear these questions?

Dave:Well, just a pack of lies, that is all we have heard all along.
Just pointing fingers and outright lying.I think Deepak might have come to his end with Jamie interviewing him.He wanted to get it over with and it sounds like to me that he wants to talk. He wants to tell the truth, hopefully.

Do you think you are going to be able to have some leverage over him chief? What Jamie just said I think is a bombshell. If indeed on the tape it says yes, Joran killed her.
You have it on tape, what are you going to be able to do with Deepak now chief?

Dompig: Well again, I agree with Dave. I also feel that if these tapes are what they sound like that these boys are now feeling the urge to talk. Look at the interview Joran gave in Holland. He didn’t give such an interview in Aruba. So, finally these boys start talking and maybe time is against them now. I think it starts haunting them, and they will finally start talking.

Rita: Dave, I have two quick questions for you. First, there is some buzz I have been hearing among law enforcement community that you may have gotten a call from someone saying that they were Natalee or acting like they were Natalee?
Is there anything that law enforcement is looking in to?

There was a phone call that we have not verified yet. It’s like this, you don’t want to get your hopes up high because you end up getting them dashed. But there was a phone call made, I think it was a wrong number and someone hung up. Because they really didn’t say anything and I am just going to leave it at that.

Rita: Of course, we are all praying she is alive. If it is a prank, that is terrible.
What do you want to say to the chief? I know you are heading down there Dave.

Dave: Well, I just want to say to the chief and the people of Aruba that we still have this website open. I have been getting a lot of tips and leads and forwarding them to the police. Hopefully we will get to the bottom of this case someday.

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    55 Responses to “Dompig: “That is why we were kind of disappointed when the judge didn’t accept that. That is basically a felony in Aruba.” (Natalee Holloway)”

    1. txamyg on October 15th, 2005 6:27 pm

      We can only hope the tapes are real. I believe they are, and Deepak will break down and FINALLY tell the truth. That’s just me.

    2. star on October 15th, 2005 8:24 pm

      Deepak better hurry and tell his side because I guarantee JVS plans to lay it all in Kalpoes lap! He has already insinuated such. And HE has the backing, as we all know, from higher in law enforcement. The deal with the Kalpoes was only if they kept their mouth shut. You can take my predictions to the bank!

    3. Rafael on October 15th, 2005 8:41 pm

      Back to my comment of a couple of days ago. Do they not offer plea bargains in Aruba? Sounds of if Kalpoe does not like Joran and would gladly give him up if he had the chance to clear his name as long as he was offered immunity. I think Kalpoe should tell the truth for two reasons. One to clear his family name, and to restore Aruba’s good name. Kalpoe should know one thing, Joran is in another part of the world and doesn’t give a sh….it about him. And if the shoe were on the other foot, Joran would have turned on the Kalpoes had they been the guilty ones. Time to grow up and do what’s right.

    4. oneyka on October 15th, 2005 8:51 pm

      I really hope this tape is authentic and the three or four creeps are rearrested. The family of Natalee deserves this as sad as it would be to confirm she is dead. They need closure and I hope this chief of police is sincere and honest, which seems to be so far. Now, let us see what the Prosecutor will do, as she is a very dissappointing person, not to mention the judges. Bad system of justice in Aruba.
      Bravo! for all members of Natalee’s family that do not give up for one second and keep searching for the truth.
      God will help them all, as Divine Justice does exist, even it does not in Aruba.

    5. Pat on October 15th, 2005 11:38 pm

      If this is legit, it is great news. I think they are seeing the negative direction things have taken (wether you believe in a cover-up or not), and they are looking for an event to turn the situation around. The tape is now just what they need. This is no longer lip service, they are going to take action. If not, they will soon be even worse off than if they had just stayed in the spin zone worrying about tourism and ignored the tape. In the end they will roll over on these boys and save the Dutch judcial system, but what of Natalee?

    6. 10061909 on October 15th, 2005 11:43 pm

      Just wondering if INTERPOL can get involved with the Natalee Holloway case and what jurisdiction would it have. Anyone know?

    7. mojo on October 16th, 2005 1:19 am

      interpol has nothing to add in this case at this point. the kalpoes are already in aruba and joran is in holland. his rear would be back in aruba so fast he won’t know what hit him. if he flees, then it’s a whole different balgame and interpol would have a role to play.

    8. Richard on October 16th, 2005 8:01 am

      I understand that plea bargains are NOT part of the Aruba judicial code. Domberg himself pointed this out in an earlier interview.

      It’s interesting, I think, that Daddy van der Sloot has suddenly returned to Aruba. How can he tear himself away from dear little Joran? I wonder what kinds of conversations he is having with his wife … and whether she’s losing it completely.

      When I think of the atmosphere in their house, I can only think of the cliche about rats deserting a sinking ship. However, I’m certain that he’s frantically pulling any strings that still exist.

      Let’s hope that the Aruba government has decided that he and his little son are more of a liability than an asset.

      And I’m still wondering if the two security guards who were fired (and who haven’t gotten their jobs back, as far as I know) are planning some kind of lawsuit on their own.

      Meanwhile, maybe some bartender at Carlos ‘n’ Charlies is getting nervous … if Natalee were indeed drugged ….

    9. Lori on October 16th, 2005 9:06 am

      Never give up! It amazes me that Deepak’s mother admits to her boys’ lying and adds that everyone lies. Then, Joran is released because they didn’t get a straight story. What does that say for the moral of the story? Just keep lying and all will be ok. Time for the truth boys because ultimately what goes around comes around!!!

    10. John Staton on October 16th, 2005 9:40 am

      Always look for the sematics in these statements by an Aruban official. He only counts statements made in the station with a lawyer present. All of those other statements admitting guilt made to police without a lawyer present and not signed by the perps he does not count. In the US all of the statements would count. It has been a game with the 3 all of the time. Hope that Deepak slipped up this time and left himself open with the tape. As psychopaths, the 2 main need to relive the deed. Note that the she was so easy comment may indicate that the did not get the satisfaction raping someone coming in and out that they would have gotten if she had been able to put up a fight. They may have killed her because they did not get the rush of a physically forced rape and got it with the kill.

    11. Bodo on October 16th, 2005 10:41 am

      Sounds like Deepak is being eyed to take a fall on a rape charge. Might be seen a way to soften public criticisms and condemnations of Aruba but, unless Deepak spills his guts, Joran is still off the hook and the final fate of Natalee is still not known.

    12. Dave on October 16th, 2005 11:30 am

      I thought according to Beth Joran said he had sex w.NH?

      Ooops guess he didnt say that
      Has Beth admitted this yet?

    13. roy on October 16th, 2005 2:56 pm

      And what if Deepak says he just gave skeeter what he wanted to hear?

    14. sandy on October 16th, 2005 5:09 pm

      I am skeptical that his may happen, Isnt this the same dompig who in the begining of the case threatened with ending it if the family didnt back off from the media, why is it that he claims those statements made by JVS were never seen by his office, especially since his office has been involved since the onset. I pray this isnt just another run around. Anyone know anything more about a possible call from Natalee to the family????????????????????

    15. nelson on October 16th, 2005 5:56 pm

      Oneyka you can’t play judge, so dont know what proof was presented to the judge for him to make his decision. Aruba has a legal system and so does every country in the world, you like or not you have to respect it. There is no cover-up or corruption, PvS is NOT A JUDGE and has not much weight anyway in Aruba, ALE was always on this case, not because of pressure from the Twitty’s, because they want this case solved also. But you can’t just hang people if you are not 100%. Beth wants blood and it seems like she wants it no matter what, but she is not a judge so let that for the real judges.

    16. Linda in L.A. on October 16th, 2005 9:26 pm

      Another “story” that the Beth haters have been saying she made up that Joran made a statement Natalee was going in and out of consciousness. Thank you Beth for holding on…hopefully this tape will be authenticated and used as evidence. Praying for you.

      I believe I read that Aruba does not have a plea bargain system…and so they need to name “all” of the suspects at the beginning and need to prove guilt on whoever they charge. I believe that was what they said.

      What I’m confused about here is (and maybe its something in the Aruban legal system). If Joran makes a statement…how in the world can a judge decide its not true??? and not accept it? I understand different countries have different legal systems…I work in our legal system…but what in the world would be the reasoning behind allowing that???

      I agree with what you say Pat. I’m one of those that believe there was a coverup in the beginning. I think the government (not the people) are aware it was done…and stopped it soon after. Unfortunately…I think it may have been too late to gather evidence, etc. But I do see a major shift and think they are doing what they can now to get to the bottom of it.

      Would they have done all of this if Beth hadn’t kept it up? We’ll never really know. But if it has helped Beth even a little bit…then I’m glad she did it. Hopefully its almost over and the Holloway and Twitty family will begin their process to find closure and peace.

    17. fredo on October 17th, 2005 2:19 am

      keep up the good work.

    18. Sue on October 17th, 2005 3:03 am

      In Aruba There is NO immunity, they Offer NO DEALS to turn someone else in, Also Under Aruban Law Natalee Wont be Offically considered Dead For FIVE long years from teh date she went missing…
      Leave it to Aruba Law

    19. Maggie on October 17th, 2005 3:44 am

      Deepak’s lawyer already put a statement out that the tapes were edited and the answers he gave were really answers to other questions.. so now he can’t say that he only gave the answers that Mr. Skeeters wanted to hear to the questions.. or he would’ve claimed that instead.. I can’t imagine the tapes being edited .. What other question could he have answered where the answer was ” She looked like a slut and talked like one .. go in the car with 3 strange guys. That statement makes me sick.. along with Jorans on his current affair interview saying.. when he saw natalee’s pic, he didn’t even know who she was or her name.. and that natalee asked him out, asked him to dance, asked him to do jello shots and poor little joran had to go home for school so he left her on the beach after he already said in his police statement she was passing out off and on in the car.. Dompig said it would take more that 2 days to tell the inconsistencies in his story.. Joran’s dad probably came back to Aruba because of Deepak’s taped interview coming.. They all got together the day after she went missing and hired all the lawyers.. Everything they do and say points to guilt..

    20. Prima on October 17th, 2005 7:56 am

      If for any reason, the judge does not accept the tape into evidence and rearrest the perps, Aruba better be prepared for the backlash. The Judge to view the tape (unedited/raw tape) is probably the Dutch judge from Curacau who has been so lenient with this case in the first place. I am not holding much hope with the track record of the judicial system in Aruba that has protected the perps all this time.

    21. John Staton on October 17th, 2005 8:24 am

      Again, you have to look at the statements carefully, they have all been taught how to lie within the law without perjury. Dompig is saying that the 3 never admitted rape in the Station in the presence of an attorney. That is all. All of the times that they admitted what they did are not admissible. Therefore too Dompig they do not exist. Remember the 3 perps had 9 days of coaching by Paulus letting them know how they could play the game and nothing get into evidence. What we do not know is how will the tape be viewed in the Dutch rules of evidence which seem to be exclusionary to say the least.

    22. Kristin-SC on October 17th, 2005 8:27 am

      I would like to know more information about the two phone calls to LE supposedly made by Natalee recently. If Dave is not saying much more than that it is being investigated, that gives a huge boost to my hope and faith. I Still in my heart believe that Natalee is still alive somewhere.

    23. commonsense on October 17th, 2005 9:39 am

      Deepak will say he said that because he was mad at BHT for ambushing him in the internet cafe (remember – this tape was made right after that), so to piss her off, he made that line up. Or, his english is not that great. Then he is off. There is no rape confession here. It takes a lot more than that. Plus, the tape is so chopped up. Don’t think that these people are above that? Check out the FULL transcripts of the Current Affair (the National Enquirer of tv) interview. Talk about a hatchet job.
      Chicago White Sox,
      American League Champions!!

    24. bizman12 on October 17th, 2005 9:42 am

      Well the tape was supposed to be delivered by FEDEX last Thursday but it has not been verified that the tape has been received by ALE or the FBI.

      I must point out that a piece of evidence this strong should have been provided as much needed evidence to keep the boys in jail.The way it has been sensationalized by the media suggests that it is a farce obtained from Skeeters for the September
      TV ratings sweeps.

      If rearrests are not made soon it will only be accurate to come to the assumption that the tape was a work by one Jamie Skeeters and one Dr.Phil all in the name of the almighty dollar.

      I have a feeling that it is another piece of misinformation just like all of the rest of the misinformation that has been presented over the past 4 plus months as unproven evidence.

      We can all be relieved that ALE is looking into all possibilities and hopefully closure will be possible very soon.

    25. Charlie on October 17th, 2005 10:35 am

      I said it four months ago, the day that Joran confessed was the day Paul Van der Sloot, Jan Van der Straaten, Ben Vocking alias Ben King & Rudy Croe’s and the entire corrupt & inept Polis Dept. orchestrated the cover up of the gang rape, murder and disposal of Natalee Holloway. These Aruban officials are guilty of obstructing justice, hindering the Holloway investigation, tampering with witnesses and tampering with evidence.
      Sadly the actions by these government officials were sanctioned by both the Dutch & Aruban governments. Why else would these corrupt government officials risk loosing there jobs or there reputations? Because they knew if they pulled off the attempted cover up they would have been rewarded with higher positions or other political rewards.
      Well it seams there little web of deceit is finally coming apart. It will be funny to watch as these disgraceful, despicable corrupt cowards run for cover and to see who will take the fall for trying to cover up the gang rape, murder & disposal of Natalee Holloway.
      I predicted the outcome of the sham investigation led by Karin Janssen and the inept Polis Dept. Under no circumstances will she charge or prosecute Joran Van der Sloot that will be political suicide for her. Her above mentioned superiors would not allow her to bring charges against one of there own, and she never will. As far as the Dutch & Aruba governments are concerned this case was closed four months ago.
      The only reason Karin Janssen made a last ditch effort to pretend there was an ongoing investigation was the media attention that was focused on the now well known Corrupt Island of Aruba.
      Her and her Cohorts never imagined that there Islands dirty little secrets would be exposed due the tenacity of Mrs. Holloway. The world has her to thank for exposing the drugging and raping of our young daughters that visit There Island. Why did it have to take the taking of Natalee Holloway to bring this Aruban epidemic to light?
      How could this tourist haven let this happen to a tourist that only wanted to support there economy? Is this how they treat the tourist? Well now we know it wasn’t the people of Aruba it was the corrupt Dutch & Aruban government officials that are to blame. It was the corrupt police chief Jan Van Der Straaten, Ben King alias Ben Vocking, Karin Janssen both Karin & Ben are Aruban prosecutors and Rudy Crows that allowed the attempted cover up to protect Joran Van Der Sloot.
      You must also realize they acted on orders coming from high up in the Dutch government, how else could they get Dutch judges to protect the Van Der Sloots at all cost.
      Well, now we will see how many parents are willing to sacrifice there daughters by letting them travel to Aruba.
      I am truly saddened for the family of Natalee Holloway and I only can imagine the pain they are going through knowing that the Dutch Government has sanctioned the cover up of her daughters rape & murder committed by Joran Van der Sloot Deepak Kalpoe and Satish Kalpoe. I wish only the best for this family and hope they will someday get to the truth of what these lying cowards did with her body.

    26. Joe on October 17th, 2005 1:16 pm

      So what exactly happened with the tape? Why doesn’t Rita offer to buy it from Skeeter? What a journalistice coup that would be!

      Of course Aruba probably bought off Skeeter by now and have the tapes. Sure, Skeeter is still making the rounds, but the Aruban governmant know he’s toothless now. It’s Skeeter’s only way to keep from disappearing like Natalee did. At least we have is sworn statement on record.


    27. Charlie on October 17th, 2005 2:19 pm

      The Dutch government has no intentions of authenticating the Skeeter tape. Remember this is the same government that has sanctioned losing key evidence, disregarding evidence, doctored depositions and wittiness statements & manipulated witnesses.

      Do you think they are going to stop the cover up now? They can’t. There are too many Corrupt Dutch & Aruban officials involved in this conspiracy to stop the cover up. Also keep in mind every time there was evidence that implicated Joran Van Der Sloot it was totally disregarded by the Dutch judge of instruction behind closed doors. So forget about this tape, because this government will surely undermine its value to once again slap down the Holloway family from seeing justice for Natalee’s demise.

      So forget about the tape and don’t listen to Dompig, he is just another Aruban mouth piece that talks in circles and repeats himself just to here himself talk. Don’t be fooled into thinking this case will be solved because this case is a lot bigger than Natalee Holloway’s rape and murder and the solving of this case would surely put many Aruban & Dutch officials behind bars.

      If this government were to authenticate this tape it would completely undermine the Aruban judicial system to the point of collapse and not to mention would completely embarrass the Dutch government.
      To this government it bad enough the Holloway’s have brought to light the fact that 70% of Aruban businesses are controlled by money launderers & the drug cartels. Sure they would rather to have kept that dirty secret to themselves, but it’s there fault for not doing the right thing in the Holloway investigation.

      So now we have Rudy Croes crying to the Dutch government that Mrs. Holloway is spreading the truth about the Aruban government and they want to stop her because she creating a media nightmare for them. They in essence want to silence her so they can go back to corruption as usual, well news for them, things will never be the same for them till Natalee is brought home & her perpetrators are brought to justice.
      So till then boycott, boycott, boycott till the people demand a regime change. I understand the people are innocent of all that has happened throughout this investigation, but there the ones who can force change.

    28. Sylvia on October 17th, 2005 10:15 pm

      I heard on TV tonight that the search team tried to get PVS to let them search the old well in back yard and PVS went nuts. Also there was new cement around the pool in back yard. They told PVS they had equipment so they wouldn’t have to do any diging and he still said no. Sounds fishie to me. If you didn’t do anything wrong why would you say no.

    29. julie on October 18th, 2005 3:05 am

      Joran and his father have both shown that they are gutless worthless beings. Still hoping one of the Kalpoe brothers will have a conscience and want an end to the nightmares theyparticipated in by telling the truth. When the one brother said he did not know where the body was he may have been telling the truth but he does know that Natalee was killed I believe.

    30. suniskye on October 18th, 2005 3:58 am

      I too think there was a cover up in the beginning, when Van der Straaten was in charge and that it was too late to go back and undo the damage that that had done when he finally “retired”.

      I am not certain what I think about who done what … however, the most incriminating evidence to date …. if those tapes were not tampered with, etc., is the taped interview with Deepak. He had alot of anger towards Natalee and that came out in the statements he made … no respect for her as a female, and that came out in his statements to Skeeters. I have had an issue with the tapes from the beginning and the manner in which the interview was obtained, however, that does not change the chilling statements allegedly made by Deepak and, to me they were chilling. His statements on that interview alone, showed me a very angry person who did not have one bit of remorse and who really did not think much of the victim “you would not believe how easy it was” … I won’t ever forget those words. Whatever means was used to get those statements from Deepak DOES NOT change what he said….you heard it, I heard it … and now, the investigators in Aruba will hear it. It will be interesting to see how this is all going to pan out since they follow different laws/rules than we do.

    31. Pat on October 18th, 2005 8:47 am


      Deepak has already mentioned “the body” as if she were dead. PVDS has mentioned a “body” (no body no crime). If those involved in the case are talking about her in the past tense, I have to wonder why this is even an issue. It seems some would not consider Natalee dead without bones, and then they would doubt the DNA evidence. I suppose they believe she is somewhere hanging out with Elvis.

      If it is true that Natalee is not (legally) considered dead for 5 years, and someone else has said these boys are only suspects for 2 years, this is just one more thing about this great Dutch justice system that doesn’t add up!

      If this tape has been altered and then provided as evidence, then those responsible should be charged with obstruction of justice. I can’t believe any TV network (with batteries of lawyers) would be that foolish. I think the tape will be found to be real, but will it be discarded as another “inconsistant” statement by some judge?

      To the Aruba/Dutch judicial system:

      the whole world is watching,
      the whole world is watching …

    32. SB on October 18th, 2005 8:58 am

      I think that Aruba is happy because with the tapes they might be able to prosecute the Kalpoes and keep thier Joran safe from harm while at the same time appeasing the US and lessening a boycott.

      I think the well in the VDS backyard needs to be searched! Why cant someone just go do it. Why are they protecting this guy. This is why I dont trust Aruba.

    33. commonsense on October 18th, 2005 11:08 am

      I have heard on many, many occasions the family of Natalee refer to her in the past tense. So that seems to be a common practice. Don’t read too much into it. He could have been referring to the body because Skeeters referred to her as “the body” in a previously asked question. I would like to see the tape in full – unedited for the Dr. Phil show. That would go a long way in answering questions I have. I saw the unedited version of a Current Affairs interview with Joran. It was day/night in it’s differences.

    34. Mia on October 18th, 2005 11:55 am

      Does anybody know where can we listen to the tape that Deepak made these sytatements?

    35. vicki on October 18th, 2005 11:57 am

      Pat, you said it all. Aruba… the whole world is watching

    36. Kelly on October 18th, 2005 1:07 pm

      Here’s some interesting , but old news….after viewing the “Hyscience” site, I saw a photo with duct tape attached to what really looks like the shirt Natalee was last seen wearing. I remember the duct tape that was found a while ago was said to not have anything to do with Natalee …….I am telling you ….you HAVE to see that shirt….! it really looks like her shirt!…

    37. Leo on October 18th, 2005 1:15 pm

      A two year statute of limitations on murder! One more thing we did not know about the Dutch legal system.

      I think maybe I do not want to travel in a country that places such a low value on MY life. I’ve been to Netherlands – wasn’t much impressed by the way – but don’t think I’ll be going back to any Dutch-controlled areas of the world.

    38. Rafael on October 18th, 2005 2:06 pm

      I am not trying to upset Aruban citizens when I post this. But look at this story.
      This lady dissapeared and within a day of her dissapearance, based on video footage from the casino a man was arrested and is being held in jail while the investigation goes on. They are doing a search of his home and car and have already found evidence. In two days. Now if this were in Aruba, the man would have been free for ten days. They then might have searched his car or house, unless his dad was a judge in training and his buddies were the judges. Now if we had waited ten days, this man could have gotten rid of the hair samples and any other evidence easily.
      I post this so that Arubans can see how laxed their system is, and how a semi intelligent bad guy could get away with murder on their island within the current system. Easily……….. Just ask Joran

    39. Jim Hanson on October 18th, 2005 2:54 pm

      A VIDEO of Joran talking to Current Affair, answering questions, has been shown publivly through the media. A VIDEO of Deepak’s Mother answering questions has been publicly shown through the media.

      Why is it that this Video of Deepak answering questions HASN’T been shown publicly through the media? Why is it that the AUDIO portion has only been HEARD, with no video to back it up? Take a wild guess.

      Why is it that when you listen to two responses through headphones, as I have, “Yes she did” .. quick pause .. “You wouldn’t believe how simple it was” … these two statements were in response to the question “Did Natalee have sex with all of you?” ..

      I taped the first version of this snippet of audio off the Nancy Grace show when it was first aired, and the response “Yes she did”,s volume is much lower than it should be, and “you wouldn’t believe how simple it was”‘s volume seemed a little high. As well, there is no audible fluidness wth the two consecutive statements.

      I heard this snippet once again on the Nancy Grace show, and it had been RE-EDITED once more … the volume of the two statements seemed more realistic, but still lacked fluidness and realness. One doesn’t need to be an audio expert to hear this. A good set of headphones and ears is all it takes.

      This is why we haven’t seen the VIDEO of Deepak actually speaking these two statements to the question “Did she have sex with all of you?” It’s also obvious that since these kids have been released, it was a very hard blow to Beth Twitty. I’m not trying to offend her in any way shape or form here, but I think she has become willing to do just about anything to have these boys re-arrested, hence the recently past statements by her that Joran admitted to police that he had sex with her etc etc and the police claim he never said that etc etc. I won’t go any further with this. It’s her business.

      All I’m trying to say that if the audio portion is sent, it’s a very sketchy thing for the police to look at, especially since Deepak has publicly said the AUDIO portion of the tape has been altered.

      This case seems to be turning into a political mess right now, and I won’t comment on that either … it’s none of my business as well.
      I’ve never seen anything like this, except for one case in the nineties where a female reporter went missing in Jamaica, and her parents made several trips thereafter claiming the case didn’t look “right” … she was last seen with a bartender the night before and was supposed to meet him the following day on the beach, which she was seeing doing and was never seen again. But what I’m seeing here is just unbelievable.

      Anyway, I think it’s proof that since other interviews have been shown on video regarding this case, but this one strange sounding interview is audio ONLY, and very questionable at that, … well, I’m not going to say it. There’s no point. This is just my opinion about something I have personally listened to twice, and each one (the tape snippets) sound a little different from each other but both unrealistic (the two above mentioned statements to a question).

      I think some people aren’t objective enough and har only what they want to hear. I take sides with no-one here. I’m not Aruban, I’ve never even been there. And I really feel the best way to look at any crime case is to look at facts and not take sides and point fingers when the “crime” took place thousands of miles away and none of us were there involved in the investigation.

    40. alvarez armando on October 18th, 2005 3:14 pm

      there are some mysteries in this case of missing natalee holloway.
      Obviuos there is a cover up in aruba. But what about information at home. How can you lose in the midst of 124 fellows?. her closest friends must have seen something and they need to talk about anything that can be a line of investigation. Maybe somebody take photos of the scene or the cameras in the hotel have recorded pictures.
      also natalee’s e-mails must be checked

    41. Dave on October 18th, 2005 3:42 pm

      Do any of you really think that any court in this country would accept that tape as gospel? After all it was made by a private detective and hid for three months and then it magically appears on Dr Phil….. and LE has not seen it?
      Be real….. If this were about ANY case here in the states this tape would be in the garbage where it belongs
      Skeeters has the nerve to talk about that chain of custody of the tape
      Hmmm lets see him, beth and dr phil……. Not one mention that the tape was in the hands of LE as soon as it was made…. To date it still isnt in the hands of le…. It was in teh hands of people with an AGENDA
      Most likely because the tape was used for its purpose….It allowed Beth to keep the heat turned up…..But now that the tough questions get asked amazing that the tape still isnt in aruba.
      Its right up there with this earth shattering evidence that will shock the world that we are all waiting for along with maybe sometime we will all be enlightened as far as why Beth said this was a kidnapping from day 1. If one of the talking heads has the gonads to ever ask.
      I was really saddened to hear that the talking heads asked Dan Horowitz tougher questions regarding his wifes slaying then anyone has ever asked Beth
      Im not a Beth hater I just dont understand how the fact that her daughter is missing gives her the right to this public stage to say whatever she wants about anyone yet she never has to answerr the question. What is your proof and How do you know what you are saying is true
      The tabloid cable networks have set a horrible precedent that is going to come back and haunt them big time…..Ie No credability any longer

    42. Frank on October 18th, 2005 9:21 pm

      Let’s face it. Facts don’t matter. Look at Jon Bonet Ramses, killed in her house, but no arrests let alone conviction. OJ Simpson, blood evidence everywhere, a suicide note, the gloves his wife bought him, and the Bruno Magli shoes – which a photo of him wearing them surfaces after the trial (well dressed drug hit men according to OJ). Let’s keep it simple. Guilty people immediately hire lawyers, and refuse to take polygraph tests. Plain and simple. Joran looks to be a lost soul. A prolific drinker and gambler at age 17. His father is actually worse then the son. Paulus looks to be a man who lost control years ago of his family. By the way, speaking of guilt, Paulus’ refusing a search of his property. Nothing to hide? How about allowing elimination of his property as a place of interest, so the investigators and search teams can focus elsewhere? No better to light up a $2 plastic angel on the television set console and show it on CBS Evening News. Joran, Paulus, Anita and the Kalpoes never lifted a finger to search for Natalee. Why is that? If it was me, I’d be helping go through everything everywhere to help the missing girl’s parents. Oh yeah, I wouldn’t be involved with something to lose. Joran’s father and mother are his enablers. Deepak and Satish are just a couple of losers who can’t have sex with a girl unless they drug her. Even at that they mess it up and manage to kill her. Aruba, by definition is not safe where young female tourists are routinely drugged, raped (some vacation, huh?) and occasionally disappear. Where is the investigation? The crack down on C&C? The “part-time” law enforcement is ineffectual at all levels and by all standards. It goes for all third world nations. This is the reason why people flock to America, to get away from the gross injustices of wealth, privilege and power of the “nobility.” Americans should not allow their sons and daughters to go to these places, because if something should happen most families don’t have the connections and resources to follow through like Beth Twitty and Dave Holloway. Getting drunk and high is not a right of passage after high school. Parents should not enable this thinking in their children. “Let them go to Aruba and have their fun…” No, everything doesn’t work out all the time and no your children won’t always be safe. That was what Natalee was thinking before she fell in with these evil men. Ladies and gentleman this is true evil incarnate. Let’s wake up and make sure that predators in places like Aruba are not given the opportunity to prey upon our youth. Well, I got that off my chest. Thank you.

    43. Jerry on October 18th, 2005 10:31 pm

      Look at video #8 from “Videos from Search for Natalee Raise More Questions”, on oct. 10 (this site). It will chill your blood.

    44. joe on October 19th, 2005 12:00 am

      What if …. they didn’t do anything?

      And did Beth ever get the tapes to Aruba? I thought they said they would be going.

    45. Sue on October 19th, 2005 2:31 am

      They do have a screwed up system in Aruba, But If one Falls You can bet they all fall together.. Here is part of the statement from the New Cheif In Aruba saying there in NO Plea bargains.. I was searching for the tape for the Death part It was just on the news the other day.. We could only get lucky if someone just off’s these boys, You can bet in given time this will happen again..
      I am still wondering what happened to the 3 girls that were filing rape charges on these boys.. It just amazes me how you hear stuff and Folks from aruba tell you Yes ther are other girls coming forward then BAM nothing is heard from again .. They have ONE corrupt system there.. I hope they take PVS out with the boys also.. I guess lucky for us he isnt a judge ..

      DOMPIG: Of course, that’s one of the strong possibilities. Don’t forget that we do have to follow tactical issues and strategies.

      The issue, also, is that, in Aruba, we don’t know the plea bargains. It’s not allowed within our system. So we do have to follow different rules and regulations.

    46. Sharise on October 19th, 2005 5:55 am

      I watched Greta tonight and saw that Deepak is outraged over the tapes and the lawyer is considering suing over them, because Deepak didn’t know he was being taped and also being coerced.

      Last week the lawyer was saying they were edited..

      Joran’s father is back in town for a reason.. He’s going to do what it takes to protect his son.. I remember Dave saying Joran’s father said he would do anything for his son..

      Over here we have a mother, brother, stepfather, dad and family who have no clue for almost 5 months now where their daughter is.. What kind of cold heartless person leaves a parent to mourn in that way? This entire family’s lives has been at a standstill and a nightmare every day of 5 months now.. If they are innocent, drop all the lawyers, take a polygraph, offer money to search and get out and help search and look for this innocent young girl, who hasn’t deserved none of this instead of running down back alleys,
      lying, confessing then changing it, hiding behind a ton of lawyers.. and slandering Natalee and her family.. None of them deserved this.

      I’m positive that Beth and the rest would give up this new found fame just to have their daughter back
      and go back home to Alabama to become “nknowns” again..

      If you want to be thought of as innocent stop acting so guilty..

    47. Eric from NYC on October 19th, 2005 11:06 am

      It amazes me that any red blooded American would even consider, at this junction, supporting Aruba by going there on vacation, and spending their money, and supporting the Arubian economy. That country, and it’s entire legal and judicial system, should just dry up and blow away. I went a year or so before this whole NH case, and it’s not a pretty place to begin with, outside of the resorts, it’s barren.
      Those three creeps did it, just like OJ did it, and like Gotti’s a crook, and MJ a pedophile. You can’t change legal systems, whether ours or theirs, but you can boycott the God for saken place.

    48. 10061909 on October 19th, 2005 1:03 pm

      There is possibly a misconception on my part and others that Natalee was drugged and spirited away from CandC’s. If you read the classmates testimony they state that Natalee was enthusiastic about going for a ride, was coherent and refused to get out of Deepak’s car. She appears to have been very young and naive. Perhaps Joran was partially telling the truth that Natalee did not want the evening to end. Perhaps they did drive around up to the lighthouse, played around a while and then went to an after hours club where she was then slipped a drug and the enevitable happened. Its a possiblity. But Where is the question and where is she now?

    49. 10061909 on October 20th, 2005 11:25 am

      to Eric from NYC
      It is not called a boycott by staying away from any of the Dutch Islands. Its called you do not go there for safty’s sake. Our State Dept even admits Aruba is a haven for human and drug trafficing.

    50. 10061909 on October 20th, 2005 11:44 am

      kelly please supply the url for that photo of the duct tape I can’t seem to locate it. Thank you

    51. Kelly on October 20th, 2005 2:32 pm

      Ok, I have to find out exactly where the pic of the shirt was….there was a man standing over it….it was an old post from a site…I will find out which site.

    52. Kelly on October 20th, 2005 2:50 pm

      I think you can find the pic if you track back on the Scared Monkeys site. However, if you go to the Hyscience site, & go to the date of 7/24/05, there is a pic & a caption above it that reads “Was Natalee’s shirt found with the duct tape?”….you HAVE to see it…can you smell the attempted cover up? hmmm?
      ok, here is the URL:

    53. 10061909 on October 20th, 2005 4:16 pm

      I read somewhere that Natalee was wearing an ankle bracelet that night. Wouldn’t it be interesting if she left it as evidence that could tie someone to her disappearance.

    54. Kelly on October 21st, 2005 11:11 am

      Yes, it would be interesting if an article of hers was found….anywhere? I would have started looking in Papa sloot’s home…..easy for me to say that though……I am concerned about the remark I heard about papa sloot going ballistic when Equisearch asked to search the fresh concrete around his pool in backyard…..hmmmm….if I was truly innocent, I would have invited Equisearch in to my home…when they first asked …a few months ago…

    55. Andy on November 2nd, 2005 12:27 pm

      I was in Aruba a few months ago. The local folks I spoke to believe she is in a septic tank, close to the investigation site. There is lots of new construction in teh area, and the waste systems are basically a hole dug into the ground (Coral) which contains teh solids, and allows the liquids to leach into the island base. This type of tank has a concrete lid, and will keep the smell of decomposition down. JVS home should be checked in the same way….

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