Dompig On The Abrams Report; “They always denied having sex with this young girl. ”


Gerald Dompig, the deputy chief of police in Aruba, joined MSNBC’s Dan Abrams on Wednesday, October 12, 2005 to discuss the status of the case.

Aruban police say new tapes could spur arrests. Appears that Deepak Kalpoe has certainly opened the door for further questioning in the disappearance of Natalee Holloway and a possible rearrest.

DOMPIG: He is working on it … you could say that the glitch was that — I understood that the producer of the company of the “Dr. Phil Show” wasn’t pleased because they said that they didn’t — they never put any conditions on it. But we were informed differently.

But that’s not the issue right now. More important is to me that we do get the tapes as soon as possible. … Because I assure you that, if these tapes are legitimate, it could turn around the case.

ABRAMS: Why is that? Is what he says on that tape inconsistent with what he said in interviews with the police?

DOMPIG: Absolutely. Absolutely. They always denied having sex with this young girl. And so, in looking at the tapes, to watch if this is really what this gentleman has said, then it is totally contrary to what he has declared at our police station.

ABRAMS: So, if those tapes are verified by you, are you going to re-arrest Deepak Kalpoe?

DOMPIG: Of course, that’s one of the strong possibilities. Don’t forget that we do have to follow tactical issues and strategies.

The issue, also, is that, in Aruba, we don’t know the plea bargains. It’s not allowed within our system. So we do have to follow different rules and regulations.

But I assure you that, once this is verified, and if it’s legitimate, the case will turn around fully. And it will be for us absolutely enough new information to talk once more to this young man, or, as a matter of fact, with maybe to all three.

(Full transcription)

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    29 Responses to “Dompig On The Abrams Report; “They always denied having sex with this young girl. ””

    1. E Saxxon on October 14th, 2005 1:06 am

      So he is saying that he will re-arrest Deepak if he gets the tapes and hears for himself that Deepak made an admission that they did have sex with her? Well, great idea announcing that on TV so Deepak can flee the island…gheesh.

    2. Jim Hanson on October 14th, 2005 3:22 am

      Don’t you find it strange that the North American media hasn’t shown the VIDEO itself of Deepak actually saying “yes she did” .. and “you wouldn’t believe how simple it was” ..???

      I can record and edit the audio from a video … most of you can as well … you use an audio editor on your compter.

      The video portion can’t be altered unless it’s run through a very professional graphics computer, just like the ones used in movies … how will they alter Deepak’s lips?

      The reason we haven’t seen the actual video of Deepak on television is because he didn’t actually admit they all had sex with her, and that “you wouldn’t believe how simple it was” …

      Do you really think one of the three supspects in this case would say something like this?

      Why hasn’t the tape been sent yet? Why is it taking so long. Geez, you would think they would have had it down in Aruba ASAP.

      Hmmmm ……..

    3. Sharise on October 14th, 2005 4:16 am

      I listened to a report that Steve Croes, the party boat dj ..who said he saw Joran and the Kalpoes drop Natalee off at the Holiday Inn and saw the black guards, and identified one of them in a line up, then admitted it was all lies… may sue Beth for defammation of ironic.. Seems to me, Joran, the Kalpoe Brothers and Steve Croes have done a great job defaming their own character and continue to do so.. Reminds me of that old saying.. Sometimes it’s not what you do, but what you don’t do that makes you who you are.

    4. bizman on October 14th, 2005 7:54 am

      Is it true that Scared Monkeys is closing down?If so,WHY???

    5. julie on October 14th, 2005 8:25 am

      i never believe that anything will be done ,thier rules and regulations wont let them.dont you know and cant you see.if they had full confessions they would find some rule or regulation that would require looking further into the case.always got a comback to forever save those boys hides

    6. John Staton on October 14th, 2005 8:28 am

      Sure, Right never talked about it. Anybody believe this?

    7. iremember on October 14th, 2005 8:39 am

      Is this the same Dompig who, on June 11 or 12th announced that a suspect had confessed and was going to lead them to the burial site?

      Something is just not matching up for me here, something is wrong.
      Either there are two Dompigs, or this man is totally full of it. I find it very hard to believe that Beth would totally fabricate the story about transcripts in which Joran admitted to having sex with Natalee. She saw something, some kind of official statement, now what was that? Why is this Dompig acting so clueless about how Beth could have comeup with that story?

      I swear, I really believe these people think if they can just jkeep “yes” ing us all long enough that the whole thing will finally blow over. God I hope that’s not true, ’cause something does not smell right, and hasn’t from the beginning. And this guy Dompig, he was there from day one. Or am I nuts?

    8. bizman12 on October 14th, 2005 9:36 am

      Is the ScaredMonkeys site really closing down?Let’s hope not.

    9. Rafael on October 14th, 2005 9:41 am

      they do things slow on this island. Not rippin the people of Aruba, folks have to understand it is not the Aruban’s fault. But this Dutch legal system is not set up for modern day times. If thie kid denied having slept with Natalee and then admitted it on tape he is truly stupid. Either way I hope the tapes are real and I hope they fry. Interesting though, did you guys catch the fact that they do not allow plea bargains in the dutch legal system. Plea bargains are crucial in getting one person to talk or to turn against his partners in crime.

    10. klaasend on October 14th, 2005 10:11 am

      I’m hoping that they have the Deepak audio and vidio tape now and are verifying it’s legitimacy. I’d love to see all three brought back in.

      Hammer, if you are reading this, I found what you were looking for yesterday. When the site comes back up I’ll send it to you. You were right!

      In case you didn’t know, Red and Tom’s contact information is at the bottom right hand side of this screen. Send them an email and let them know we miss the forum!!

    11. Model 1873 on October 14th, 2005 10:20 am

      Sounds like ALE is feeding us the same old tired lines of BS, but THIS time by someone who they hope has more credibility with the U.S. Media than that idiot Trappenberg. The tiger doesn’t change his stripes, folks. Ask yourselves this: why is Dompig front and center all of a sudden? He’s been part of the investigation since the beginning, so why is he #1 ALE media contact now?

      No, I still smell an island full of rats…

    12. OldF on October 14th, 2005 10:31 am

      One has to wonder what DOMPIG means by “I assure you that, if these tapes are legitimate, it could turn around the case”.

      All Deepak has to say is “Hey I lied to the guy..I was tired of it and just told him what he wanted to hear”.

      If DOMPIG wants to do something to turn this case around ..he needs to bring all three in and CHARGE (not just Detain) them of whatever Obstruction is in their legal system.

      The 1st story of the H.I. put this entire investigation on the wrong track. This is especially true IF they DID leave Natalee on the beach.

    13. nicole rodgers on October 14th, 2005 10:32 am

      Unfortunately I will believe it when I see it. following this case from day one only leads me to the following conclusion. It’s no wonder their crime rate is reported so low. They cover everything up. Leaving people in the dark about evidence is there way of getting rid of it. I say bring them to the states to verify them, then go back to Aruba and do your job finally.

    14. Scared Monkeys on October 14th, 2005 11:11 am

      Bizman & Everyone,

      No is no truth at all that SM is closing. We are just dealing with some issues on our Forum side of SM.

      We are just as much involved in the Natalee Holloway case as well as other blog sites as always. I just had a long conversation with Dave Holloway the other day and we help behind the scenes in whatever capacity we can.

      Don’t worry … Not going anywhere.


    15. sylvia on October 14th, 2005 11:58 am

      Dompig and the rest of the Aruban police and prosacuter think we Americans are dumb and believe what they are telling us, WELL guess what, WE are NOT and we are not going to forget. The video will be lost as soon as they get it in their hands. They will NEVER prosacute the 2 Van Der Sloots and 2 Kalpoe’s because they are protecting Paul and Joran. If they can find a way, they will use the Kalpoe brothers to take the rape and Paul and Joran will be free to do it again. We want to know where and who the body was that they found. We want to know who’s blood was in the Kalpoe car. We want to know why they left out parts of Beth’s statement and also left out the part where Joran told the 3 police about having sex with Natalee that night and what they all did to her while she was going in and out of conscience. We only want the truth so Natalee can be brought home and the ones that did it prosacuted.

    16. commonsense on October 14th, 2005 12:22 pm

      Why is it so hard for people to see that the “taped confession” was done right after BHT went and ambushed Deepak at his job. So what was he doing – speaking real negatively about Natalee, because he was pissed at BHT. Was he lying? Could be. All he has to do is say “I said those things to piss off BHT, who ambushed me with a video crew, and said ‘I saved it all for you… Deepak’, so I lied to make her mad”. Story then over.
      More important is the fact that Dompig has verified that BHT keeps speading inaccurate stories about Joran. Dompig has verified that Joran never admitted to having sex with Natalee. So why does she keep saying that then?

    17. SouthGeorgiaGirl on October 14th, 2005 1:05 pm

      Please hurry and solve the “behind the scenes” issues. We need our monkey forum….where else we gonna get credible information?

    18. Leo on October 14th, 2005 1:22 pm


      I get the impression the Dutch legal system is purposely set up to help the criminal get away with it. Like one of the Aruban legal eagles said on TV in the U.S. system the suspect is an “object of investigation” but in the Dutch system the suspect is “a person.” I don’t think the victim has any rights at all in the Dutch legal system.

    19. Lostintime on October 14th, 2005 3:26 pm

      Thank you Red,
      I’m glad to hear that the forum will be back up and runnning soon. Not just for my sake, but for Natalee and her family. After checking out other places last night and this morning, I realized even more how special this site is. Do what you’ve got to do to get the forum back up!! We have work to do!!!

    20. jacqueline on October 14th, 2005 4:16 pm

      Let’s hope we get some good news over the week end.

      Miss all the monkeys and our forum.

      Hope it is up and running real soon………

      Cheers to Mrs. Red!

    21. \\\CRoSSBronXXpreSS/// on October 14th, 2005 4:20 pm

      ABOUT the tape everyone is refering to , I am pretty sure it is an audio only tape that was a hidden recorder.
      Someone may correct me , but I believe this is audio only , no video.

    22. ?????commonsense????? on October 14th, 2005 4:37 pm

      Where ever did you get that name? Are you absolutely positive you know what you are saying? It makes me wonder why you even try to defend them. It’s your right I know, but i mean really. I think you should go back to square 1 and re-read and re-listen to everything and sit on it for a while. Then come back and let me know what you have came up with.

    23. 10061909 on October 14th, 2005 5:03 pm

      I believe Joran when he says that nothing happened on the beach with Natalee. He left her there all alone and along came her classmates who were jealous of her scholarships and they found her on the beach and they rape her and killed her and buried her body in the one foot deep sandy beach.
      Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it.
      That’s as ridiculous as a 17 year old male high on testosterone, walking away from a girl who wants sex with no attachments, because he has to go home to daddy and study. Sounds like a faggot to me.

    24. sandy on October 14th, 2005 6:12 pm

      yada yada yada more lies from aruban and dutch officials.

      whats the new ploy, hummmm let me guess perhaps to leave the kalpos holding the bag so joran and paul are protected and therfore the underground activitys they dont want compromised can continue to feed their happy lil island.

      remember only the truth can set u free

    25. Marci on October 14th, 2005 7:07 pm

      I believe Sylvia’s statement. Dompig must have gone to diplomacy school, or how to “LIE” effectively. When Beth and Jug got to the Van Der Sloot home the day after Natalee didn’t return home, they were accompanied by three people, which I believed were Americans and also 2 Aruban police officers, they all heard Joran explaining how he had sex with Natalee. Paulus at that time told Joran,”NOT TO TALK”. His statement was never documented. Paulus is the controller!. Dompig said if the recent statement Deepak made is true, the case could turn around.
      Seems odd to me that Paulus has suddently turned up in Aruba, maybe to monitor the new situation and give more demands.
      Also I haven’t heard anymore about the Aruban man that collects metal from the Aruban landfill who said he saw a body dumped in the , he said there was a white pick-up with 3 young boys, a red Jeep and a man that looked like Paulus, he does own a red Jeep. Also he saw a small yellow car with 2 women. Could one of those be the prosecutor, it all looks like a cover up.

    26. blue on October 17th, 2005 11:48 am

      If the Pope witnessed the whole thing, there are just too many involved in this for them to do anything. The US should have options, as well as the Attn: Gen in Alabama to protect the citizens through the FBI and INTERPOL it would seem.

    27. commonsense on October 18th, 2005 4:34 pm

      So, to the person who wanted me to revisit and come back later…. I did. I did not look at old Nancy Grace transcripts. I looked at the proven facts. No body, No DNA. No “Signed” confessions – the ones BHT is talking about have yet to be seen by you or me. So therefore, you can’t call them facts. There is nothing to prove that the three kids and the ones father did anything. You have been fed lies. You believe them. For that, I am sorry. You need to start thinking for yourself. If you are, what are YOUR facts? What do you see that proves these kids are guilty. The Skeeter tape – please! This thing is so chopped up. The former college cop won’t even turn it in to the ALE. Why you might ask – because it was edited to hell, and it proves nothing. That is why these kids are free. There is no evidence that they did anything wrong at all! There is no conspiracy. There is really answers for all questions posed. I suggest you go read the three part story at Riehl World. After reading it you should be pissed at how the media tried to force unproven stories upon you. They should be embarrased by never contesting information from the family by asking for proof. You hear something, therefore you take it to be true. But this is not the case. Sorry

    28. oshanna on October 20th, 2005 6:07 pm

      I believe those boys did something evil to that girl. I think the father helped, because he kept telling them, “no body, no case” They had two weeks to cover up and dispose of evidence and Natalee herself!! and the Abruban “government” is too, stupid and backwards to do anything about it.

    29. Rob Noble on October 25th, 2005 4:14 pm

      I am a 22 year old college student and i feel i am smarter then the whole aruban government. I have a beautiful sister and this case tears me apart because i couldnt imagine something like this happening to her. Since day one i have strongly believed these boys harmed this young girl and hid the body. I feel the aruban authorities have orchestrated a cover-up to protect joran (judges son) and the surinamese brothers. I feel our government needs to put alot more pressure on Aruba to solve this case because the evidence is already there.. but they refuse to use it. I feel Natelees parents need to plan a boycott of that island for all Americans, before it happens to someone else and is overlooked once again.

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