.travel Domain Open for Business for the Tralliance Corporation


A new .travel on-line domain name will be available for the travel industry. This domain may give some users a sense of confidence; however, it is the internet and all should use due diligence when using. The following travel and tourism industries will be able to use the .travel domain. Pretty soon we will have on-line domain names for just about everything.

Airlines, theme parks, restaurants, tourism offices and others in travel and tourism are eligible for Web sites and e-mail addresses ending in “.travel.”

The new domain could give consumers confidence that they are dealing with a legitimate travel business or group, though the mantra of “buyer beware” applies: Operators of the domain won’t be performing any credit or criminal background checks or offering any guarantees.

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    1. MRS. RAVENSWOOD on October 4th, 2005 10:33 pm

      Just who do these judges think they are? The Natalee Holloway case wreaks of COVERUP. Don’t threaten a woman who has lost her only daughter. Americans have every right to be angry with the Aruban police, the judges, and everyone else who deliberately covered up evidence. Paul Vandersloot should have been arrested for complicity in this case. Get a grip. This very well may result in a gigantic lawsuit against the police department and everyone else involved.

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