DIARIO Editorial:Jorge Pesquera; Where were you the in the days that the American TV channels were in Aruba?


From Diario, Jossy Mansur Editorial: UNDA JORGE PESQUERA TABATA? Where has Jorge Pesquera been?

Please keep in mind that this is an editorial and Jossy Mansur’s opinions regarding Jorge Pesquera and the Strategic Task forces lack of a pro-active response to a boycott. His response to Jorge Pesquera’s comments regarding wanting equal time and the prevention is eye opening. Many should realize that this editorial was meant for Aruban consumption, not American. Scared Monkeys had previously posted on ArubaTruth’s comments referencing the Dr. Phil show and the boycott. However, when an Aruban and a man like Jossy Mansur makes similar critical points I think that Arubans must stand up and take notice.

First off, and with all due respect Mr. Pesquera, where were you the in the days that the American TV channels were in Aruba? Currently, you are in no position to demand equal time on American TV to counter the ‘attacks’ against Aruba. In particular now that Dr. Phil has called out for American to stop visiting Aruba. I don’t believe that the strategic group can do something, especially not when the spokesperson you have appointed, I am doubtful that this will help in any way.

It would appear that Jossy Mansur also seems to have a problem with Ruben Trappeneberg, MEP government spokesman as well. For those of you that have questioned whether the Natalee Holloway issue is not a political one, I think Jossy Mansur has weighed in on how he feels. I would also tend to believe for those out there that do not deem this a real story that should be covered or that ArubaTruth.com should not respond; it would hardly seem that one of the largest newspapers in Aruba would still be covering the story and doing editorials if it were not important. Maybe ArubaTruth will respond to Diario? Many of these so-called “not important” missing persons stories actually may lead to reform or change behaviors of individuals. In the case of missing groom, George Allen Smith IV of Greenwich, his family is calling for legislative changes for cruise ship lines to protect passengers and their families. In Aruba there has been speculation as to reforming missing persons investigations according to sources.

To you and government representatives. And please spare me your opinion of Ruben Trappenberg, because he is one of the ones who made things worse due to his not answering questions, by instead fighting interviewers, making ridiculous accusations and diverting attention away from the incompetence and indifference of his government.

What is rather interesting and should be noted by Aruban and everyone alike is Jossy’s opinion of how one should go about dealing with the issue of boycott. Jossy is taking the approach of actually looking at the issues and seeing whether they are with or with merit. At a point in this investigation where to many people have misreported the problem as one of the Holloway/Twitty family vs. Aruba; Jossy Mansur is willing to use an honest approach to first deem whether the accusations are based in fact.

You want to counteract a forming boycott? First begin by looking at reality in the face. Start by analyzing the accusations and see if whether they have basis or not.

Do you by any chance question Joran’s release and the reasoning behind it that Joran has expressed his wishes to continue his studies as being correct? What kind of justice is this? And do you know, or are you up to date on all of what Joran has admitted to the Polis in his first declaration?

Then why do you say “baseless accusations”? The accusations have a solid basis, believe me, it’s the boycott that has no basis, because the Aruban people have given all their cooperation to find the young woman, treated the family well and with courtesy, and showed genuine interest to have the case solved.

As previously stated, many have questioned that American media and blogs cannot question or specifically understand the thought process or resentments that has been created by this investigation, media coverage and Beth Twitty’s actions. It has been stated that there is an inherent bias in the case if anyone other than Arubans are critical of Aruba. Jossy Mansur has done just that. What I give him credit for is that he wrote such a scathing editorial toward the present government after the election. Make no mistake about it he does call out the Aruban government and their inaction in being pro-active in preventing any possible boycott. Jossy makes it a political issue.

It is us who have the courage to confront the truth and to speak without fear, to make a difference. Neither you nor any other group or spokesperson will arrive to where you can prevent a boycott, if you do not confront it speedily, that can do great harm to our economy.

In the end, I ask myself: where were you when the American TV channels were in Aruba? Where was the government? What have you done to prevent what is coming toward us?

(For the Full English Translation of the editorial)

Hat Tip: Get a Grip

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    25 Responses to “DIARIO Editorial:Jorge Pesquera; Where were you the in the days that the American TV channels were in Aruba?”

    1. TexasRick on October 3rd, 2005 7:58 pm

      The main thing I take away from this interview is just how detrimental to their economy Aruba belives an American boycott of their island will be. I suppose the formation of the so-called “Task Force” is evidence of that.

      And so I believe we should give the boycott all of our support – from Jossy’s editorial it sounds like this is the only way we’ll get a result for Natalee. To apply pressure to the gov’t via [threat of] boycott.

    2. txchic on October 3rd, 2005 8:28 pm

      “believe me, it’s the boycott that has no basis, because the Aruban people have given all their cooperation to find the young woman, treated the family well and with courtesy, and showed genuine interest to have the case solved.”

      i’m sure the family felt like they were being treated with courtesy when they had to turn on the t.v. in their hotel room to see arubans protesting the same media that was the only source for answers for the family.

    3. Jan on October 3rd, 2005 8:44 pm

      Well if you are talking about the US media for answers – ya right – the same media that twisted the truth, went with baseless allegations, and has absolutely no idea of the real truth in this story. Oh ya, we should really look to the MSM and all their stellar reporting – and on that reporting we should support a Boycott – now that would be following stupid with stupid!

    4. Scared Monkeys on October 3rd, 2005 9:15 pm

      You may want to actually read the post and the editorial before commenting. This editorial comes from an Auban, not an American or American MSM.

    5. dennisintn on October 3rd, 2005 10:46 pm

      aruba ruben really would be an excellent spokesman on the dr. phil show. and then follow up with jossy to correct ruben’s errors and misinformation. i’m really interested in aruba ruben’s explanation(spin) on the mysterious fire at the landfill, and how the hole dave and crew had spent 2 weeks excavating was suddenly filled up right after the fire was extinguished. getting too close to something??

    6. Linda in L.A. on October 4th, 2005 1:19 am

      Up until now…although I had read so many negative entries regarding Jossy…I personally had not read anything. After reading his editorial…and granted…maybe there is a lot more I don’t know about that he’s done…but I would think anyone wanting this case moved along would support him.

      We (Americans) are saying we want Arubans to support us and stand up to their government. Am I totally misreading this article?? Is Jossy not from Aruba?? Whether or not he is…I have one thing to say to him…thank you Mr. Mansur. There doesn’t seem to be any blind faith going on here in my opinion. From what I have read on here…I had a totally different view of Jossy. He seems to want to get the truth out…whether that means Aruba…or whatever.

    7. Survivor on October 4th, 2005 2:11 am

      The request for a boycott is not to hurt the Aruban people, who are actually, as in most of the caribbean islands(a few I have visited myself) usually people of color, poor, and working in the capacity of mainly menial jobs, living a hand to mouth existence. Their standard of living will never change, boycott or no boycott.If any of you have looked on Gretas website, she posted pictures of the real Aruba, once you are away from the tourist hotels, where all you see are shacks and wandering, starving animals. The boycott is to hurt the people in power.

    8. Jim Hanson on October 4th, 2005 2:30 am

      Do you really think this “boycott” is going to stop Americans from vacationing in Aruba? For starters, do you think that every American agrees with this boycott? Not a chance. Americans who choose to vacation there will do so, even if Beth Twitty are her newfound friends ASK that they don’t … that’s all this boycott can do is simply ASK people not to spend their money there for a vacation. You know, in all my family, with all my friends, none of them even care or know alot about this case. I’ve mentioned this in passing to couple of people I know and they responded “Who is Natalee Holloway?” … Seems it takes a certain breed of people who have taken an interest in this case. I’d say most people have heard about it, but how many really care? We hear about missing people every time we watch the US news … the vast majority of people think it’s tragic, but they don’t dwell on it … they have better things to do … I have a little interest left in this case, not much .. I had more a couple of months ago, but it’s becoming a rhetorical subject now. Anyone else I know who I talk to about this case really has nothing much to say about it, except “tragedy” etc …

      You could very well tell your next door neighbor you’re going to Aruba for 2 weeks and they could very well tell you, “Don’t go, cause of the NH case .. ” Do you think people are going to change their travel plans to please their neighbor? Or Beth Twitty for that matter? I mentioned in an earlier post that this summer’s tourism in Aruba was up at least 10% and that Oct to April hotel bookings are up from this same time last year. The article also mentioned alot of middle aged people, more than ever, are visiting C & C’s .. that’s it’s become a huge tourist attraction now, because it was the lasy place NH was seen … The beach where VDS claims he left her has become a new attraction for visitors. My first reaction to reading this was that perhaps this case has boosted the tourist trade in Aruba. Sure sounds like it. It sure doesn’t seem to be stopping people from vacationing there, does it.

      Unless Beth Twitty can somehow force Congress to pass a new law making travel to Aruba ILLEGAL, which will never happen in a million years, people will continue to travel where THEY want to go … not where Beth wants them to go.

      Hey, given a chance of going to NYC, Detroit or L.A. … where you could very well get your head blown off in a drive by shooting or mugging, or Aruba … I’ll take Aruba any day of the week ….

    9. Gabriel Leo on October 4th, 2005 2:54 am

      Jossy Mansur is a man that has been black listed by the US government. He is not allowed to enter the US because he is accused by the US to be involved in money laundry. He is from Lebanon. Jossy Mansur has been denied several times a US-Visa because of his actions. He is stronlgy against the present government because the government is stopping all of his actions towards Money Laundrying. The last person to say when Jorge Pesquera should or should not speak is this man.
      Because the government has been such a problem for him (disturbing his actions) he tries to paint the Aruban Government and it’s people black. That’s why he appears on a regular basis on the Nancy Grace show.

    10. Prima on October 4th, 2005 5:39 am

      Well we won’t have to worry about misinformation and denials from Ruben Trappenberg any longer. According to getagrip Ruben Trappenberg is no longer the Aruban government spokesman. He has moved on to be the spokesman for the Aruba airport. See link below for full story.


    11. Alan on October 4th, 2005 8:47 am

      It’s the govt of Aruba that deserves a Boycott! From the very beginning of the Investigation, there has been nothing but Corruption & Cover-Up.
      Every step of the investigation has been orchestrated to make it look like the
      gov’t was cooperating, but in fact was making sure nothing would be found.
      10 days past into they started the investigation, the pond was filled back in before
      it was drained completely, in landfill was set on fire & filled in, the VDS home was never searched, Equisearch wasn’t given permission to search VDS or Kalpoes properties, the forensics from VDS was never studied, the FBI never got any major leads or forensics to investigate.
      The Aruban Gov’t controlled the investigation to yield Nothing.
      Boycott is what the Gov’t deserves for Corruption, Cover-Up & for getting no results.
      All the Suspects are Free, THEY ALL KNOW what happened to Natalee.!

    12. John Staton on October 4th, 2005 9:01 am

      Aruba does not seem to get the picture. Your advertise yourself as a den of evil (USA Today) where you get teenage girls drunk so that the rape is easy. Your police are known for refusing to investigate rape. It is like this is some sort of Aruban amusment which you gladly give your sisters and daughters too. It may be true that your Dutch Masters are the ones who benefit from your easy transfer of drugs and money laundering but so long as you crawl on your stomachs toward your corrupt Masters you cannot avoid that which is comming your way. Like the British bombing of Dresden it will destroy good and evil a like. There is an old saying, people often times do not get the kind of goverment they wish, they get the kind that they deserve.

    13. Mezcal on October 4th, 2005 9:54 am

      First of all let me tell you that I don’t know ANY Aruban who agrees with Jossy Mansur, so he is in no way reflecting my thoughts, and I sincerely doubt the majority of the Aruban population. He has been used and is being used by American Media to give the Aruban people a voice. Yeah right, as long as he states exactly what Nancy and the others would like him to state. Yesterday I saw him on Nancy Grace. Nancy asked him if the investigation still was going on. Even for Jossy it is impossible to flat out lie, when the investigations are still going on, so he actually admitted that still everything is done to find Natalee. Nancy dropped him like a bomb. On the phone, all the way from Aruba and only one tiny question, that he did not answer the way Nancy would have liked it and he was dismissed.
      Besides that, one of the reasons that it has come so far that people actually are calling for a boycott, is because of the wrongful display of facts by Jossy Mansur. So it is pretty pathetic to blame the government of not doing anything.
      People have been trying to get some time on these programs to give the Aruban point of view. There has been an E-mail, send to the news channels, circulating the island in which ordinary Arubans as well as prominent Arubans signed their names and offered their services for a dialogue so they could put the facts as we see them. But NOBODY of us (since I was one of them) got a response from any news channel, Nobody was even the slightest interested in an opinion opposite the one of Mrs. Twitty and Jossy. Not even in the days when the reporters were on Aruba. The newschannels are not interested in justice, facts or truth, they are only interested in their ratings.
      If Jossy doesn’t agree with the justice system, he should take this up with the Dutch government and not with the Aruban government because there is NOTHING which can be done by them, besides putting some pressure on the investigation. That has been done from day one, and THAT is where van der Straaten was having his doubts from. Van der Straaten never stated there was corruption, he merely pointed out that in his opinion, the amount of pressure put on this case by the government has not been helpful to the investigation.
      Listen people, Jossy knows that this editorial will be read by Americans who are following this case. This thing isn’t directed to Arubans, it’s just meant to make Jossy look good to Americans. Dont’t forget that there is only one person who has strings to corruption FOR A FACT. Right, Jossy Mansur.

    14. Scared Monkeys » » Strategic Communications Task Force; “the boycott will have negative consequences for our tourism and economy” on October 4th, 2005 10:10 am

      [...] nd economy. Is it any wonder that Jossy Mansur made the recent editorial entitled, “Where has Jorge Pesquera been“? Hat Tip: Get A Grip for translation.


    15. Linda - L.A. on October 4th, 2005 11:51 am

      So I ask again…if Beth calling a boycott won’t stop people from going to Aruba…why the big uproar to stop her?

    16. Pat on October 4th, 2005 1:53 pm

      Everyone in the US knows that the news media is driven by ratings; they love to find people with opposing views, put them on stage and let them argue, get trapped, etc. That is nothing new. If anyone in Aruba was really willing to get on TV and talk about this, they would beat a path to their door. It would be a ratings Bonanza: BTH and “prominent” Arubans face off Friday night at 8:00!!! Your post is lame to say the least.

      I’m going to foward your post to Greta or Bill O’Reilly. Maybe they can track you down and see just who is willing to have a dialogue about “the facts”.

    17. me on October 4th, 2005 2:21 pm

      To Jim Hanson,
      For someone who has no interest in the case anymore, you seem to spend a lot of time posting about it. Why don’t you just go away and not pay attention to this case, since it no longer interests you? Those of us that have some campassion for Natalee’s family, and do wish to boycott Aruba, can do so. Please stop critizing a woman who only wants to find her daughter. I would not care about other missing persons if my daughter were missing. She would be the only thing on my mind. That’s called caring about and loving your children to the exlcusion of all else. Obviously, if you have chiildren, you never bonded with them, if you can criticize Beth like this.

    18. wallace on October 4th, 2005 2:36 pm

      Ah. Jossy Mansur criticizing someone else for making ridiculous accusations. Sweet, sweet irony.

    19. Gabriel Leo on October 4th, 2005 6:47 pm

      Alan you have proof the Goverment was acting in a corrupt way?
      where’s your proof? Dr. Phil, Nancy Grace, Geraldo, Greta van Susteren?
      Please stop being childish..;)

    20. Pat on October 4th, 2005 9:11 pm

      Gabriel Leo:
      Alan’s proof is probably the post you made several days ago when you said the Dutch who were/ are in control of the justice system are corrupt. I don’t see anything childish about him agreeing with what you said.

    21. bizman on October 5th, 2005 7:52 am

      I really do not think that a boycott will hurt Aruba at all.I had always wanted to go to Aruba.In fact I had a trip booked with The Sonesta (now Renaissance)about 3 years ago but had to cancel those plans.But since this all started I was simply too curious to stay away after having heard Beth and the media portray it the way they have.

      So what was the direct result of all the media coverage?Well I booked a trip to Aruba and went and never did find anything close to what Beth had described on TV.In fact I felt safe at every turn that I made.I could have chosen to go into the seedier side of town but good commonsense made sure that I did not venture into those areas.Ye sthe same commonsense that keeps me out of the seedier sides of any town that I have visited here in the USA.Enough stuff happens in the good areas of any city.

      The Aruban government need not worry about a loss in tourism as any boycott will not be honored by anyone who frequents the island or by anyone who decides they will go and have a look for themselves just like I did.I will go back again.

      The Aruban government does not need to spend another penny worrying about the effects of a boycott that will never be successful.They should instead spend those pennies on street signs so people who visit the island for themselves can navigate their way around thru the neighborhoods of interest.Accommodate those who will show up and spend their money.Sadly,this can be a moneymaker for the island if done for a tour of all the points of interest in chronological order as to how the events of the evening transpired.Believe me it would be worth $10 or $15 dollars for a ride on a tour bus simply because if you dont know where you are going it can be a real challenge to find Joran’s house or the Internet Cafe because of the lack of street signs.The funds raised could be used to pay back the government for all the money they have spent in the search and ongoing search.

      So dont fret Aruban authorities,capitalize on the story just as Beth and Jug have done.But if such an idea is put into action,make sure that all of Dave Holloways expenses to and from the island as well as his accommodations are paid for.He could use the help.

    22. SB on October 5th, 2005 11:37 am

      There is proof the govt acted in a corrupt way.

      1. The statement Mrs twitty was forced to sign in Dutch was not her words (after it was translated to her)

      2. The PM told the world there was blood in the vehicle and sections were taken to a lab. Then later said nothing was there

      3. Mysterious “Freddie” story was never concluded…

      4. PVDS home was never searched!

      5. Boys admitted to lying

      6. JVDS says he has not told the whole story but “will one day” so how well was he interrogated

    23. Gabriel Leo on October 5th, 2005 7:40 pm


      You believe what Beth Twitty is saying these days to be true? When was she forced to sign? never heard that she was forced to sign any statement.
      The PM said there was blood found? Oh yeah? Really? Gosh for someone that isn’t on the island you sure do know allot. I don’t know who you mean with mysterious Freddie….so won’t comment about that
      PVDS home was never searched, oh yes they did.
      Boys admitting to lying, that’s true
      JVDS says someday he will tell the truth I Freaking HOPE SO!

      My POINT being is that I as an Aruban Citizen, Proud of my island, Proud of who I am, where I live, what I have and lucky to be living on this Paradise am Furious about the following:

      -Joran vd Sloot, Satish Kalpoe, and Deepak Kalpoe. Who are foreigners living on the island who have brought this mess on my Island. You guys from the states want them? You guys want to execute them PLEASE DO SO! Joran is in Holland go and HUNT him over there!
      -I’m so fed up that my island has been doing all that Beth wants and she has the freaking nerve to tell us over here that she is thankfull, we are wonderfull people, the government, police force and authorities have been doing their job and she’s greatfull about it and then when she goes to the states she starts atacking all of us, calling for a boycott and thinking that she will get succes in solving the case by doing this. If she freaking has a problem with my goverment, the PM, the Police Force why doesn’t she say so when she’s here? She has trully lost it! She, for my part shouldn’t be welcomed back here to the island, but somehow My govt is calmer than I am and still doesn’t want to do that and probably wont either.
      -I’m so fed up that all kind of people, which allot of them never ever heard from Aruba or didn’t even know where Aruba was situated seem to know now how corrupt My Government supposedly is. If my government was corrupt, you would have seen Beth twitty and Jug twitty be denied entry to my island already. If it was corrupt you would still be seeing the 2 dutch personal, who are the reason why this case has not been solved, still beeing part of the investigating team(They ran the investigations the first crucial 10 days in which they released JVDS). If my gov’t was corrupt you would have seen the two security guards who have been arrested from the beginning still be under arrest. If my gov’t was so corrupt you would have seen someone get arrested and put in jail just to bring an end to this case.
      I my gov’t was so corrupt the FBI would have never been allowed to join in the investigating team and no one would have been allowed to come to my island to search for Nathalee.
      Are you sureeeee my gov’t is still corrupt?
      Pls givs me as an citizen and the people of Aruba a Freaking Break! In last week election I and my family voted to keep this same governtment in office and they won the election and wil remain in office. My corrupt gov’t will remain in office.
      You guys continue with the boycott, continue trashing my island, that’s what you guys do best (revenge). But thinking it will help the case….you are veryy veryyy wrong ;)
      Those who will come to Aruba, believe me you will be very Happy you did and you will trully see what’s the real truth about my island instead of hearing it from the media who is just trying to get ratings.
      For those who don’t want to come to my island any more? Fine, your it’s your decision.

    24. SB on October 6th, 2005 12:54 pm

      Gabriel Leo I know you are defensive because your home is being attacked.
      Mrs Twitty herself said (on Nance grace 2 nights ago) that she was forced to sign a “revised” statement by officials who cornered her at a restaurant at 10pm saying there was a date wrong. When they had it TRANSLATED into English, it was not her statement. Key elements, names and circumstances were changed. This came from Beth Twitty herself.

      The PMs remarks were on camera. Maybe Aruba is wanting for channels I do not know.

    25. Scared Monkeys on July 19th, 2007 9:17 am

      [...] (Palm Beach: Is this what you want for the face of your tourism?) Bureau officials point to Pesquera’s 30 years of experience in the travel and tourism industry. They also said they were impressed with how he handled himself during a crisis that played out in the national media. (REALLY, may want to read?) [...]

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