Natalee Holloway: Newspaper Stories you may have missed


The following are some translated stories that you may have missed from Aruban and Dutch newspapers. Are Arubans feeling the affects of public opinion in the United States when they come to visit America? Also in Aruba the Chamber of Commerce requests an independent investigation into the Natalee investigation.

Diario: Diaranzon, 28 September, 2005
Algun Arubiano hayando trato menos bunita ora di bishita Merca

(US Translation)

Some Arubans are treated less nicely when visiting America

ORANJESTAD (AAN): The image Aruba is acquiring with some Americans is none too pretty. Now that Beth Twitty is suggesting that Americans not travel to Aruba or any other Dutch territories, on almost all channels, as well as on the popular Dr. Phil Show and soon on the hugely popular Oprah Winfrey Show, the situation is worsening.

There are millions of Americans following the case of the Alabama student who went missing in Aruba. The general opinion is that the government of Aruba hasn’t done anything to find Natalee, nor to maintain the three young suspects detained.

They think that in Aruba, corruption is the order of the day and that because Joran’s father has the title of judge, he could have easily caused his son to regain his freedom.
Now what? It seems that many Americans will (take out their anger) on any Aruban that goes to their country.

Evil Eye on Arubans

DIARIO received last week, various reports of Arubans visiting America, under the ‘evil eye’ they have gained from Americans. This has even happened to Arubans who have lived a long time in America.

A known local citizen has indicated that he telephoned the US to make a reservation in an American hotel. The female operator was speaking very nicely and was cheery until the time when she asked “where are you calling from”

When the citizen replied “From Aruba”, at once the tone of the conversation changed drastically.

(For the Rest of the story)

From Amigoe, 27 Sep, 2005, 17:40 (GMT -04:00)
KvK wil onderzoek naar ‘druk op justitie’

Chamber of Commerce (KvK) want an investigation to force Justice Department

Oranjestad — The Chamber of Commerce (KvK) wants an independent investigation to a possible political pressure to the police and the DA. The Chamber of Commerce wants this investigation after the statements of former commissioner Jan van der Straten, who can be considered as a well informed person of Judaical business at high level.

The Chamber of Commerce is afraid that the political pressure to the Justice Department will decrease the investments on Aruba.

(The rest of the Story)

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    20 Responses to “Natalee Holloway: Newspaper Stories you may have missed”

    1. Wayne on October 2nd, 2005 12:17 am

      Good they need to investigate and they need to get their house in order in Aruba. If they have bungled this case to the point it cannot be solved they need to show the world what went wrong in every phase and what they intend to do to see this doen’s happen again and in addition they need to address the other three Americans that have gone missing since 1998.

    2. haas on October 2nd, 2005 12:39 am

      Somehow I doubt that Americans would mistreat Arubans.Especially here in Miami.I mean you have every single nationality here.If you are going to be rude to an Aruban for 1 missing person,what about the Saudis and Arabs and Cubans.Does not make any sense.

    3. Jim Hanson on October 2nd, 2005 5:24 am

      You know, I’ve been reading here and posting as well for about two weeks and I’ve come to a conclusion. This is total insanity. I used to feel so deeply for Beth Twitty when she was on the island and these … kids…were incarcerated. But now since this case is really gone cold … I’m left totally uninerested. There’s no other word to describe the comments and feelings here but “INSANE” … Beth Twitty has flown the coop, fallen over the edge, she’s on medication .. you can see it in her eyes every time she’s been interviewed lately. Her husband is not partaking in this insanity that she’s delved into. Neither is Natalee’s father, Dave Holloway. She’s crossed the line. She needs to see a psychiatrist and undergo therapy. She’s broken her twig.

      Americans have disappeared all over the world, in different countries. Some cases have been solved. Some haven’t. But never in my 53 years on this earth have I EVER seen anything like this. Who does Beth twitty think she is? God? What makes this woman think she can just up and ask the whole US to boycott Aruba .. I’m not talking last week, I’m talking MANY weeks ago, on her own. What is it about you Americans that makes you think you can do anything you want on this planet?

      I don’t now about any of you other “posters” here … I don’t know if YOU have suffered severe family loss … I HAVE … I lost my wife to Cancer in 1997 and had to finish raising my two children alone. I went thru hell for years, I hated the world, I hated God, I hated everything ……. I managed to run my business, and I had to see a psychologist for months and months to get over it. Did any of you see me on the news, screaming about what I was going through? Did you see me on Nancy grace asking for pity and supporters? NO. To this day, I still don’t know if my wife was the most important person to leave my family. I still think it should have been me. I’ll never know. But it doesn’t matter. I found closure. I had to. And Beth Twitty, as sorry as I am to say it, it’s time YOU did. I know you lost your daughter. I know you’re angry with life. And I know you don’t like to wake up every day right now. But you’re going to just have to face the truth. You’ve lost your daughter. There was nothing I could do to bring my wife back. I wanted that for years. I still do, but I had to find a way to deal with it. Just like you’re going have to find a way to deal with your loss. Get off the airwaves. Go get some help. Go calm down. Do SOMETHING. Stop making a fool of yourself. I could never do what you’re doing. You KNOW there’s not enough eveidence to charge anyone in this case. For your sake, I wish there was. But there isn’t. And you KNOW IT. Stop trying to be Joan of Ark here. Get some self respect. IS what your doing pointed towards some kind of financial future? A book perhaps? A movie? Let’s just run with all this insanity here folks. Let’s pick a cast for the movie … Julia Roberts as Beth Twitty … a dirty blonde dye job? You bet. Hmm .. Bruce Willis perhaps? Yes … Portraying Dave Holloway. What about Joran .. hmmm …

      You’re going to learn the hard way Beth … you’re going to be even more over the edge than you are now in six months when your current “scheme” becomes fruitless. You can’t force the Aruban authorities to re-arrest these kids. There’s not enough evidence. I can assure you as well, the Aruban police force isn’t going to invent evidence to satisfy YOU. This seems to be all about YOU now. Not your daughter. It’s all YOU. Personal revenge. Give your daughter a break. Listen to lawyers that you’re dealing with at this time. They know there isn’t anything they can do to solve this case. Hey, they’ll take Joe’s money any day of the week, and take the publicity as well to make you look like a fool. Mark my words, you’re going to be sorry about this. You should be resting somewhere, trying to relax, trying to deal with this like an adult mother should. I know it’s not easy, believe me I know. But it has to be done.

      I hate to say it, but I really think you’re attempting to become famous here, make some marks in the history books. This has gone beyond finding your daughter and solving this case. This has become BETH TWITTY … BETH TWITTY … BETH TWITTY .. You’re asking for too much sympathy and support Beth … You have enough of that with your family. Take a look in the mirror, before you end up ina straightjacket.

    4. icey on October 2nd, 2005 7:29 am

      arubans on ths board. There will be no actions taken against arubans living or visiting the US. This “news” article is the typical set of lies published to discredit the US. As stated earlier, the US represents every country on the face of the earth, a;; in one country.

      As a recent or future visitpr to our country, you may be asked about Natalee’s disappearance. That’s a fair question and does not mean the person asking is trying to disrepect you. This is not mistreatment, it’s just a way for people to connect more directly and exchange views and opinions without the media getting in the way.

      Don’t let the media guide your thinking. Read and listen, but use your common sense.

      People in the US have a huge heart and readily share our country with others looking to live free and to those visiting. Right now many here are heartbroken with Natalee’s disappearance and others are concerned about other events including other disappearance and the situation in Iraq. Lot’s of people with concerns and questions, so one should expect some questions on both sides!


    5. Dez_Perado on October 2nd, 2005 8:46 am

      The only way I can see an American being rude to an Aruban would be if the person on the other end of the phone line happened to be a Van Der Sloot or a Kalpoe.

      Okay, who broke the message board?????

    6. Sanne on October 2nd, 2005 8:57 am

      @ Dez_Perado:

      Hope it doesn’t work like that, because my lastname is ‘van der sloot’ 2, but I’m not related to Joran. Van der sloot is a very common name in the Netherlands also in the U.S.A., people with dutch herritage, but most of them shortened it to Vander

      Van der means: from the. During the occupation of Napoleon, last names were introduced and people could choose their last names. A lot of them called them:
      van de(r) berg (from the mountain) or van de(r) molen (from the mill) etc. etc.

      What’s in a name???

    7. Jewce on October 2nd, 2005 12:38 pm

      You know, when you look at the big picture here, it looks like Aruba and the Netherlands are engaging in acute state-sponsored terrorism. The perpetrator has the full power of the Aruban Justice minister, H. Rudey Croes, working to bollix up the investigation in an inocuous manner and make her fate seem lost to bumbling pollice work. However, the very justice Minister himself has a bad habit of keeeping non-citizens as sex slave, not ot mention his unotld genocide of illegal colombians during the late 90′s and early 0′s. In a country where you never to old to party with the kids, did Rudy Croes and Nelson Odufer have more to do with Natalee’s disappearance than a responsibility society would suspect? Is H. Rudy Croes afraid that Americas FBI will find out about the refugee families of Iraqi generals who fled the war in Iraq, and who sympathize and harbor Al Qaeda sleeper agents on his Island? Arabs would fit right in on Aruba, and maybe some in Oduber’s own cabinet sympahthize with the plight of the Iraqi’s that they purposely look for young “American” girls to send their hunting dog Joran to retrieve tor their evil service?

    8. Jewce on October 2nd, 2005 12:40 pm

      Or did Aruba recieve a pass because of the help it is giving the United States in its ventures to Assasinate Hugo Chavez and invade Venezuela? I hope Hugo takes this threat seriously. Act first Hugo, before the Arubans can help son of Bush get rid of you.

    9. dennisintn on October 2nd, 2005 6:50 pm

      i think the only time americans would be upset with or rude to arubans in america would be if their names were vds or kalpoe, or if the american had just read the natalee blogs and forums that day and remembered all the nastiest things said about natalee and beth. that could leave them slightly ticked off. spell that murderous.

    10. GG on October 2nd, 2005 7:49 pm

      People have asked, on other threads, what if the situation were reversed.

      OK, let’s go there.

      Suppose Alabama teenager Nathan Holloway were accused of murdering Dutch girl Juliana van der Sloot while he was on a class trip to Aruba. Suppose his detention kept getting extended, while no charges were brought against him. Suppose his mother, Beth Twitty, kept going on television demanding that he be tried or released. “There’s no body, no crime. Put up or shut up.” Ms. Twitty said on 15 talk shows, while suggesting that van der Sloot was probably backpacking in Venezuela.

      Do you have any doubt that all these people, from Sean Hannity on down, would be calling for sending in the marines to “rescue” the kid? Hypocrites.

    11. John Staton on October 2nd, 2005 8:47 pm

      If there is going to be an investigation let it start with Jan Van der Straaten himself. He is the dirty cop that lead the cover up and destruction of evidence including Natalee’s body. This beast kept the P.I.M.P. gang of sexual predators safe. Only after he left office was Freddie arrested (Local Man PIMP) best friend of Joran and close neighbor of the Van der Sloots. Go ahead and read the arrest warrent. The 3 gang rapers and murders in question were his best friends, close associate and fellow sexual predators and psychopaths.

    12. antoinette on October 2nd, 2005 10:57 pm

      Well, if somebody asked you about Nathlie , You can always say that she was left unattended in the beach, because she drank afternoon and part of the morning and she wanted to have some fun, MAYBE she had intercourse with 3 youngsters, and unfortunatelly , she wanted to stay in the beach. while she was MAYBE she feltlittle drowsy and wanted to swim so she was washed by the ocean. What is sad, is that most of the people think that we are able to handle a drunk person and is not truth, . If you were in the trip with her don’t you feel guilty also?? People is holding responsable 3 complete strangers because they let her alone in the beach.
      Now you can always said that the Mum was influenced by cheap magazines and journalistes that wanted to sell the story and started a gossip that everybody instead of analize belieeve and they got hooked with the sory..

    13. B-Real on October 3rd, 2005 8:07 am

      Why, please explain me why ?

      Isn’t there in America also such a law that states “a person is innocent until proven guilty ? ”

      Aruba has always been one of the safest isles in the carribean. Now you want to judge all of them, just because of one missing girl ? Tell me, my american friends, howmany girls dissapear in America each year ? Please, look me in my plain blue dutch eyes and tell me honestly !!


    14. stevep on October 3rd, 2005 1:18 pm

      Its very sad about Natilee, But has anyone questioned the Adults that were with the group,Why didnt they do there job they should have never left the teenagers unattented. NEVER NEVER NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they should be brought up on charges they should stand up in front of the media and answer that question!!!!!!. Yes it true Natliee is missing but if they would have done there job no one would have been left behind. Chaperons are supposed to be the one looking out for the group no matter WHAT they should have not slept and went with the group and watched everyone of the students even if it was from the doorway, thats what you sign up for when you are a chaperone its your responsilility to make a sacrifice and watch the students. Sorry if I sound rude but I have chaperoned before and I took it very serious

    15. Linda - L.A. on October 3rd, 2005 1:22 pm

      Whoaaaaa….Jim. I’m very sorry you lost your wife…but this is a totally different thing here. You knew what happened to your wife. I’m not in any way minimizing your pain and anger…I’m not. But when all was said and done…you knew exactly where she was…and that she was finally at peace.

    16. Linda - L.A. on October 3rd, 2005 2:59 pm

      Would just also like to say…people mourn in different ways. Telling Beth to get over it and move on because “we” think its time means nothing to her. If it offends any of us so much that she has called a boycott…just don’t honor it. If enough people feel like that…it won’t go anywhere anyways. To say “DO SOMETHING” to her…she IS doing something. It may not be what we would do…but its what she is doing. So for all of you that are saying no one wants to hear this anymore…I need to wonder why in the world if you are sick and tired of hearing about it…why are you still on this blog??? TV, etc. most definetly cover stories based on ratings. So how can you keep saying no one cares to hear about it anymore. Someone is caring somewhere no?????

    17. E on October 4th, 2005 1:10 pm

      “What is it about you Americans that makes you think you can do anything you want on this planet? ”

      Jim Hanson——-SCREW YOU!!! Where ever you are from or at, you go to Aruba and stay there.

      I read your psycho babble and am sorry I did.

    18. Linda - L.A. on October 4th, 2005 2:44 pm

      Hi Payson…mmmm…can hear your frustration in what you wrote…and understand. You see…we Americans know we can’t do anything we want on this planet. Thats where our frustration is actually in this case. We can’t really do anything but express our opinions and personally choose whether or not to visit Aruba. You have that same right no??? You are expressing your opinion…and you certainly have the right to decide where you will vacation.

      People have been and will always express their opinions about how the United States is corrupt, wrong, crazy…whatever word you’d like to fill in here. We have listened to that for years haven’t we? But when we dare to express an opinion about another country all of a sudden everyone is in an uproar. Just what are we doing in everyone’s mind that is so horrible? We are talking about a crime that we are frustrated about. We are talking about whether or not we agree on a boycott. Bottom line is…unless the government were to call for an official boycott (which I sure don’t see happening) all the talk about a boycott is simply individual people making known their own preference.

    19. Linda - L.A. on October 4th, 2005 2:47 pm

      Sorry Payson…just realized you weren’t the one who made the comment about “Us Americans”. I still mean what I said…just not directed to you…thanks.

    20. Pissman on October 4th, 2005 4:37 pm

      Let’s all hope Jim Hanson suffers the same fate as his wife, and soon.

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