Olamide Adeyooye’s Missing Car found in Atlanta

The missing car, a green 1996 Toyota Corolla, of a slain Illinois State University student Olamide Adeyooye was found in Atlanta. Atlanta, where police have a man in custody and awaiting extradition to Illinois on unrelated charges but may want to question him in the death of Olamide Adeyooye.

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Dompig: “I can say, even though we butted heads a couple of times, but we basically renewed our vows to work together” in the Natalee Holloway Investigation

From the ‘Rita Cosby Live & Direct’ for Oct. 27th, 2005 interview comes a couple of rather odd and interesting comments from Dompig.

DOMPIG: No, not at all, because you have to keep an open mind, of course. But don’t forget that, if we look at the statements from especially Joran, I have received today an overview of all the several moments where he has basically lied. And that’s a lot.

COSBY: Do you believe that you’ll be coming to the states soon possibly, Chief?

DOMPIG: Well, I hope I’m safe coming to the states, because there’s a couple of people that are not really pleased with the work that we’ve done. But, if the time is there, I’ll be glad to come.

Then Dompig goes into the possible discrepancies again which seem could be easily proved or disproved. For more of the interview … from Rita Cosby:

And now we’re going to move on to the case in Aruba. Now to new details out of there in the search for a missing teen, Natalee Holloway. The Aruban deputy police chief has just wrapped up a closed-door meeting with the FBI.

This as divers take to the waters around the island paradise to hunt for new clues in Natalee’s disappearance. On the phone tonight from Aruba is the island’s deputy chief of police, Gerold Dompig.

Chief, thank you. First of all, how did the meeting go? And how long was the meeting with the FBI?

GEROLD DOMPIG, DEPUTY POLICY CHIEF OF ARUBA: Well, it was a great meeting. And basically, I can say, even though we butted heads a couple of times, but we basically renewed our vows to work together. And we sat for, I think, a little over five hours, but it was a great meeting.

COSBY: What’s the next step, Chief, in terms of who you want to interview next and where you’re headed?

DOMPIG: Well, we’re still looking at the same scenarios. And we’re pretty much, you would say, encouraged by the fact that the main scenario where we still look at these three boys is also the scenario that the FBI believes that we are on the right track.
COSBY: Is there a possibility she may have run away? Can you exclude that?

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More Searches for Tara Grinstead in wooded areas of Ocilla and Irwin County

According to WALB News there were massive searches yesterday and ones planed for today for the missing 30 year old teacher Tara Grinstead in the wooded areas of Ocilla and Irwin County.
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Body Identified as Missing 24 year old Lynn Moran; Accidental Drowning

Another unfortunate end has come to a missing persons case. This time it is Lynn Moran who was found Monday morning floating near the Maine State Pier in Portland.

The body of a 24 year old woman who disappeared three weeks ago was found Monday morning floating near the Maine State Pier in Portland.

The state Medical Examiner determined that Lynn Moran died by accidental drowning.

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Natalee Holloway: (Diario); Bone Previously Found by a Tourist has now Gone to Holland

From Diario, October 29, 2005: Sospecho cu por ta trata di un weso humano WESO CU A WORDE HAYA PA TURISTA AWOR TA BAY HULANDA

From the previously discussed story of bones that were found near the Fisherman’s Hut.

It is suspected that it could be a human bone, Bone previously found by a tourist has now gone to Holland

ORANJESTAD (AAN): There has been a lot of criticism about the fact that a tourist found something resembling a human bone on the beach a little to the North of the Fisherman’s Huts and that after handing it over to police…he heard nothing more of it. A few American TV channels questioned this day and night and no one in Aruba wanted to give a response.

There are now details relating to this issue. It is now known that the bone was found around the boat Baboo II in Malmok. Apparently a person discovered the bone and had indications that it could be human.

The discovered bone was handed over to High Commissioner Ronnie Bernadina in connection to the disappearance of the American student, Natalee Holloway.
It is known that for some months there has been an investigation about the location of the American girl. Related to this, there have been a few detention while all of these suspects have now been set free.

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