Rudy Croes: “Twitty’s attitude is incredible”. SO IS ARUBA’s FREEDOM OF SPEECH, “SHUT HER UP”


From Amigoe, Friday 30 September 2005, Rudy Croes the Minister of Justice makes some comments regarding Beth Twitty that can only respond to as “things that make you sat hmmm.” Can anyone imagine being banned from a country because of what they say? The United States, where freedom of speech is so sacred and protected that we allow flag burning and pornography as a protected symbol of free speech. However, Aruba seems to think at one persons words make them persona non grata. The nightmare PR adventure continues for Aruba.

According to Justice-minister Rudy Croes (MEP), there is not much that can be done against Twitty’s attitude. He says that declaring her as persona non grata is no option. The American media would blow that up and it can fire back at us.

A government official of Aruba would actually contemplate not allowing Beth Twitty back to Aruba for the only reason of the fear of what the media would do? You have got to be kidding me? Ever hear of free speech Rudy, or does not that exit in Aruba? I really have to admit that this is not even a matter of taking the Holloway/Twitty side or Aruba’s as many have drawn battle lines. It is more a matter of trying to figure out what type of system really exists in Aruba. With comments like these out of a ruling parties official I actually feel sorry for the actual lack of human rights that really must exist for every day Arubans when “all our back are turned.” It is a sad commentary and all better take a look at the words that were said. The only reason why the Aruban government does not take action is because of the media retaliation and thus the affect of Aruban tourism. For all those people that have complained of the over-media exposure that the Holloway and Twitty’s have received I guess maybe you can understand now why it was done? Rudy Croes has literally said that without the media coverage they would have treated Beth Twitty completely differently. Minister Croes seems to be forgetting that little fact that Beth Twitty has lost her daughter Natalee Holloway on Aruba.

She is back in all sorts of programs where she calls upon Americans to avoid Aruba as vacation destination. “I can’t understand her attitude. We did everything possible to find her daughter”, said Croes. He hopes of course that one day the teenager will show up, but he said that badmouthing would definitely not contribute to that.

He can’t understand her attitude. People may agree or disagree with Beth Twitty’s reaction to how she is handling the disappearance of Natalee, but I hardly think anyone can say they can’t understand her attitude. Newsflash … her daughter has vanished into thin air while vacationing on your island Justice Minister Croes. 10 days went by before your justice system ever arrested the last people ever to be seen with Natalee. They have reportedly lied during interrogations and Joran has admitted they all three conspired to lie to investigators in the beginning. Searches of the three suspects homes were delayed as 2 security guards were originally arrested. All three suspects last seen with Natalee are free walking the streets of Aruba and seemingly contradicting their stories in interviews. The frustration level alone of no answers and no sign of her daughter right or wrong is enough to make anyone act like this. The lack of perceived cooperation and communication even referenced by Dave Holloway the other night is enough to cause complete frustration. Do you really wonder why or how Beth Twitty could not have this attitude? Really? Your own Prime Minister, the leader of your party has stated mistakes were made. Some how you can’t understand a mother’s frustration that her daughter has vanished. What is even more amazing about Minister Croes’ comments is they seemingly care more about the affects of tourism rather than the where abouts of missing teen, Natalee Holloway. Every time one turns around there is a reference to tourism. Here lies the rub. As much as it is a concern to Minister Croes and Aruba, tourism is not the concern of Beth Twitty. Getting her daughter back is.

Many Aruban people are very angry with Twitty and are afraid that her constant appeals against Aruba would have a negative effect on the tourism. Even though this does not reflect in the figures, the government does keep a finger on the pulse. Croes does not consider taking measures against Twitty yet, but does not rule out the possibility to shut her up in the future. The Dutch government was asked to diplomatically support Aruba in this matter.

If anyone ever wondered why Beth Twitty has taken the approach that she has they only have to look at the following comment to understand. She took this approach as a reaction to what she had dealt with in Aruba. There had been rumblings as to Aruba potenentially not allowing Joe Mammana in Aruba becasue of his past, now it would appear if not for media exposure “free speech” gets you the same.

Croes does not consider taking measures against Twitty yet, but does not rule out the possibility to shut her up in the future.

SHUT HER UP IN THE FUTURE? This is a government position to an American mother whose daughter was on vacation in Aruba (of which Americans make up 70% of the Aruban tourism) and vanished without a trace? I had wondered in the past about the comments against Aruba about the purposeful letting out the suspects while Americans backs were turned and focused on hurricanes in the Gulf Coast, Labor Day festivities and the death of a Chief Supreme Court Justice. I had wondered whether it was true about the increased fees for satellite feeds. I questioned whether the comment made to Beth about when was she leaving for good may have been slightlly taken out of contest. With an attitude of “shutting someone up” it really makes me wonder. So in other words, the message from Rudy Croes is, unless you play by our rules we not only won’t do anything, we will shut you up?

 These comments transcend a missing girl and bring into question how things could actually Aruba Comp 2be manipulated to bring a means to an end. Are there really that few liberties? This is a free speech issue. I wonder as some sources have relayed to us whether other forms of communication that may be considered “persona non grata”. One wonders when maybe they will attempt to “Shut Scared Monkeys up in the future”? This is a free speech issue, the main stream media can feel more than welcome to join the fray at any time. It is chilling to know that if not for the fear of what the media would do to Aruba, Beth Twitty would have been treated differently.

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    84 Responses to “Rudy Croes: “Twitty’s attitude is incredible”. SO IS ARUBA’s FREEDOM OF SPEECH, “SHUT HER UP””

    1. Nina on September 30th, 2005 8:19 pm

      I surely will not EVER visit Aruba. The only way to shut Beth up is to return Natalee to her. I am sure this is not what Rudy Croes was intending when he made such an offensive comment. The total disregard for women’s rights in the Aruban justice system has set the tone for those who have decided not to treat her like a human. I guess they feel like they “shut her up”.

    2. bizman on September 30th, 2005 8:56 pm

      Well sooner or later it was destined to come to this scenario.Apparently they are in midst of deciding whether or not to ban Beth from the island.As disclosure of this statement is a testing of the waters to the response that such action would bring.Obviously the Arubans are getting to the point they accept that Beth is not going to stop her crusade against Aruba so they are in my opinion not willing to let her back on their soil for her to tarnish their image anymore than they perceive her as having already done.In their view it seems they realize they cannot stop her from voicing her opinion but that if she isgoing to do so then she will have to do it in her own backyard.

      In all actuality why would Beth need to go back to Aruba?I could understand if she needed to go back for a trial or identification purposes but since it seems that the island has been turned upside down numerous times it would appear that any subsequent appearances of Beth in Aruba would only be a waste of plane fare.Now if she were to hire some undercover investigators to go in and take up rsidence and blend in over a period of time and gather evidence that way then the plane fare for such persons would be justified.

      As far as the price of the satelite feeds for broadcasting purposes I can truly see the reason for that.Why should all of the cable news shows make all of the money off of this tragedy.Whoever furnishes the equipment on the local level should receive their slice of the pie too.

      Now ScaredMonkeys let’s talk about this topic of FREE SPEECH that was so over the top in the most recent piece presented.Free speech is a thing that should be honored everywhere,yes even right here at ScaredMonkeys.Recently there have been several of my posts that have been removed for no other reason than the fact that free speech was not honored.

      The Arubans as you see it are contemplating violating Beth’s right of free speech.And I totally agree with you on that.Now by the ScaredMonkeys removing posts it is the same thing as what you are accusing the Arubans of contemplating doing to Beth.

      Is it somewhat of a double standard that Beth should be guaranteed freedom of speech in a foreign country but the BIZMAN cannot even be guaranteed free speech right here on ScaredMonkeys.Where is the fairness in that???

      Now what Beth can truly be thankful for is that the ScaredMonkeys are not running things in Aruba because I know firsthand they would not contemplete doing anything,if they were going to deny her entry into Aruba then Beth would show up and then learn that she cant gain entry just like I find when I come back and look for a post that was posted earlier and POOF it is gone.





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      Any comment in the future that discuses our policy and procedures will be deleted.


    3. Pat on September 30th, 2005 8:56 pm

      As I have mentioned before, there seems to be a fear factor in Aruba. The citizens seem to be reluctant to get involved in speaking out. Evidence, witnesses, girls making charges all seem to vanish within days, and are never brought up again. When you put that in the context of what appears to government corruption and these statements, you no longer have to wonder why.

    4. oneyka on September 30th, 2005 9:18 pm

      Its just so unbeliavable that a public official would make such remarks about Mrs. Twitty. The lady has all the right in the world to express her disgust, her pain and frustration as how the dissappearence and possible murder of her daughter has been handled.
      This Rudy Croes should he ashamed of himself, his island and his goverment and should hide his head between his legs.
      This will never go away, not as long as Mrs. Twitty and Mr. Holloway do not have an answer.
      Rudy Croes should be ashamed of how the young people get drugged and drunk, and possibly more at places of “entertainment” as C&C’s. What about serving alcohol to minors and minors gambling in casinos?
      Why doesn’t he just SHUP UP!

    5. MBS on September 30th, 2005 9:21 pm

      Of all the things the justice minister could have said, what kind of
      person must he be to threaten to take some action against the mother of
      a (most likely) rape/murder victim to keep her from criticizing the investigation? He
      could have apologized for not solving the case, he could have said they
      were still investigating and hoped for a solution, but instead he
      threatens the mother of the victim to try to get her to shut up. I used
      to think the Aruban authorities were just incompetent, but now I think they are
      corrupt, and intentionally covered up or lost any evidence, with the
      idea that an unsolved disappearance would hurt their tourist industry
      less than a rape/murder. Plus Joran’s dad probably called in few

    6. TexasRick on September 30th, 2005 9:22 pm

      This is sickening.

      For a government official to state that justice should be meted out according to the attitude of a parent griving a murdered child is simply sickening.

      We heard from Jug Twitty that he had the same response from both van der Straaten and Karin Jaansen, that if his attitude didn’t change they would stop the investigation.

      This is not justice. This is working on a whim.

      Justice is (supposed to be) blind. It should not be granted to only to those with whom a government feels it has a cordial relationship, one that makes for good Public Relations and doesn’t harm their tourist trade – it should be applied equally.

      Here you have the public statement from a government official indicating this is not the case in Aruba. You have Jug Twitty confirming similar treatment from two other Arbuan government officials. And you can see the result of this ‘investigation’ and prosecution.

      I hope “Aruba Truth” posts Mr. Croes’ commentary on the front page of their glorious website for all to see. It is the truth, isn’t it?

      And while they’re at it, they might want to rethink their new PR person – he is apparently also the PR person for the porn industry.


    7. E Saxxon on September 30th, 2005 9:34 pm

      They did everything they could? Is that what he said? Like when they emptied the pond 85% of the way and walked off the job.. or when Prosecutor Jansen took 2 week vacations without telling the family right in the middle of an investigation? Like when they didnt even interrogate Joran for the last ten days he was in custody? They did everything they could to cover up the crime, let the suspects go and get rid of the mother of the missing girl.

    8. Genebernat on September 30th, 2005 10:01 pm

      I guess when we liberated the Netherlands we missed a few (Edit)!

    9. bizman on September 30th, 2005 10:08 pm

      The guy did say that he could not believe beth’s attitude after everything that the people of Aruba have done to help her find Natalee and they also graciously hosted her free of charge in most cases while she was on their island helping to search.I dont think she did very much searching unless you call doing interviews and hanging posters actually searching.I dont think she ever participated in any of the searches that were reported in the paper.It is obvious that she expected someone else to do the heavy lifting.

      Are you saying that because Natalee has not been found that the people of Aruba never tried.They tried to the best of their ability.They pursued every lead that Beth threw at them and came up empty everytime.

      Had the evidence been there to convict the 3 boys she would be praising them fo sucha wonderful job,but since the evidence was not there now she has elected to make enemies out of the very people that have tried to help her.

      Fact is there are cases presently in thenewsright here in the stated that have not been solved,does that mean that the investigators who are working on the case have not tried.For some reason people think the Aruban authorities did not try.They tried and are still trying.Believe it or not investigations are conducted on a daily basis without a news anchor to stand ove rthem and report all of the minute details that dont amount to anything .Hard evidence is what solves crimes,not news anchors who have an agenda to churn ratings into profits.What the world has witnessed in this case is the minute details being reported and exploited for profits while no smoking has ever surfaced.We can never give up hope that this case and so many other cases just like it right here in the states get solved.

    10. Jairo on September 30th, 2005 10:36 pm

      Are you guys kidding me? This is outrages! How many times do I have to say this, it’s not the government that is in control of what the prosecuters office does or does not do. Minister Croes can’t do anything, if he could, there would be some people behind bars long time ago. The Amigoe took his words totally out of context, “Shut her Up”? Are ou kidding me? Come on, you guys know better than that. When everyone in the US was looking to blame someone the government, again the government, was the one giving people a chance to look for Natalee Holloway. Helping the family all they could. All of that, while we had a chief investigator who let a son of his friend go, to arrest two black security guards. Of course Minister Croes and the government feels as everyone keeps blaming them, instead of pointing the finger at the right people, who are the chief investigator and prosecuter in the case. One must have lived in Aruba long enough in order to understand how thing work in the justice system on the island. Stop blaming the government, point the finger at the chief investigator and prosecuter who are the ones in charge!!

    11. bestbuddy on September 30th, 2005 10:41 pm

      Paranoia on the island of Aruba does not stem from guilt. It stems from fear of exposure of the deepest guts of that country, the internal organs that drive the heartbeat of corruption and the denial of anything wrong. The officials are like a bunch of alcoholics that bury their problems looking at life through the bottom of a blue colored scotch glass, while sitting in some house of prostitution convincing themselves of the propaganda , “One Happy Island.”

      The cowards who would rather ban from Aruba a saddened mother mourning the disappearance of her beautiful daughter instead of waking up, pushing the bottle of denial away while easily forgetting last nights events and grinding their nose to the dirt roads, muddy pits, garbage filled empty lots in search of the truth is appalling. Aruba needs to clean house.

      The truth is being found.
      PS: Hello Karin.

    12. \\\CBX/// on September 30th, 2005 10:57 pm

      W–O–W !!!!!! Way farther than ever imagined!!!! My utmost regards and prayers!!!

    13. Peapod on September 30th, 2005 11:04 pm

      Sounds like to me they are getting scarred now that she is getting lawyer and PR of her own involved. He also makes it sound like they aren’t really looking anymore and the case is over. Because he has no intentions of it being solved. He doesn’t want Joran to go to prison. He might loose his job! I wonder if he realizes its not as bad as loosing a daughter.

    14. joe b on September 30th, 2005 11:06 pm

      I really feel For Natalee’s family and because of the Arubian coverup there will be no closure until Natalee is found. The only hope is the three who were last seen with her will make a slipup and hang themselves. They may not be prosecuted in Aruba but someone will avenge Natalee. All of Joran’s statements about the beaches are lies. Natalee was staying at the Marriott on Palm Beach. All the other places he said he was with her are further north. They had to pass the Marriott on the way. However instead of taking the shore line road they take RTE 2b north towards Noord. They make a right onto 3A towards Montana. They and others have their way with her at Joran’s house. She either dies there or is killed there. She recognized someone there that had a lot to lose by being there. Two related individual place Natalee in another car and leave Montana. They take the back roads towards Alta Vista pass the closed Gold Mines. I believe her body is down one of the mine fissures.
      Please check this area. The time line for all of this could be accomplished before sunrise and would go unseen. I believe all the other search areas are just diversions away from the real area. Anyone checking for tire tracks? How about fingerprints on the glue side of the duct tape?There was no other mention of whose hair it might have been because it probably was Natalee’s.

    15. Maggie on September 30th, 2005 11:07 pm

      I have been reading this site everyday and I think ScaredMonkeys have done an excellent job with it.. I wish we didn’t even need this site concerning Natalee Holloway missing..

      I have a daughter away at college in Florida and I can’t imagine receiving a phone call that she was missing and no one was able to find her anywhere on this earth or what happened to her.. I am sick to hear of people saying bad things about the parents or Natalee .. The only thing worse than losing a child to me would be losing a child and never knowing where they went or what happened.. These people are the victims of the unthinkable..

      It doesn’t matter even if a girl was a slut or a prostitute… that doesn’t give any man (and I use man sarcastically) the right to do whatever he wants with her and its ok.. I think Natalee was none of the above.. This was a child anyone would want for a daughter who worked hard and was on the road to a great life.. and it’s all gone..

      To show what kind of people Joran, and the Kalpoe brothers are.. They lied to put two black men in jail for 2 weeks.. so they could have 9 days to get it all together.. while these 2 innocent people sat in jail.. and the only reason they changed their story again was because the cam at the Holiday Inn didn’t show Natalee returning at all.. Otherwise the two black men would probably still be in jail.. How outrageous is it that the chief of police was Joran’s godfather.. investigating it.. and the cops let these three go without taking them in and questioning them or searching the car of the father and Joran’s place.. Now Joran does an interview where Natalee came on to him, gave him drinks, wanted him to Jello shots.. wanted to go with the 3, wanted him to stay on the beach and he left her there coz he had to go home to go to school.. He also said when he saw her picture he didn’t know her and didn’t know her name..It’s all about poor Joran and how he was the victim.. How delusional.. When it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck.. it’s not the goose that laid the golden egg..

      The Kalpoe brother’s mom gave the complete opposite time of what the brothers did of the time they got home on the night in question.
      The father of Joran said he picked them up at 11 on the night in question …who’s them? He then changed his story to he picked them up around 3 or 4 am… Their whole story is the theater of the absurd..

      Common practice when you don’t have a good defense blame the victim over and over .. and keep on victimizing them…

      If I was a accused of a crime that I am not guilty of.. I am gonna be out shouting from the roof and I don’t need 10 lawyers to do that for me.. I would be looking for her , and work with the parents, take a lie detector test.. whatever it took to clear my good name.. and I certainly wouldn’t be out slandering the victims over and over.. I wouldn’t be out saying no body, no crime..

      I do think Natalee was the victim of a crime.. Just a trusting 18 year old girl…celebrating what she worked her whole life for to accomplish, and have it all taken away in an instant.. Beth and Jug Twitty, Dave Holloway….carry on looking and never give up… My prayers are with you always.. They are the real victims here.. why victimized them more..

    16. Koni on September 30th, 2005 11:20 pm

      This is just too much, this is like a big maze, so many twists and turns, you just can’t imagine what is going to be around the next corner, I don’t know what keeps Beth from having a break down, someone out there is scared to death for the truth to come out. I hope she can hold up and not give up till the truth does come out, and it will, it has to. our prayers are with her and the family. The ones that have this site my best to you and keep up the good work!!!

    17. Hyscience on September 30th, 2005 11:26 pm

      HarryTho Friday Night Natalee Holloway Update And Commentary

      Accordingly, we have to weigh the veracity of those “translated-statements” with other information that has been promoted by Josie Mansur and the Dairio newspaper sources.

    18. Bryan on October 1st, 2005 12:17 am

      I will not entertain the ” edit” comments… However I will say this, one must respect other countries’ cultures, as the world does not revolve around the U.S. Is that good or bad? that can be argued both ways. “Freedom of speech” can be interpreted in many ways depending on what culture it’s based in.

      Let me first state that I’m one of many Arubans that do not support the current government. That said, I do understand to some extent Rudy Croes’ feeling, though I don’t necessarily agree with it. But how does one react when someone goes out with the agenda to bring down a whole country and its economy? I’ve mentioned it before in other postings, I sincerely think that punishing an entire country for the irresponsible acts of a few teenagers is simply prepostorous. I sympathize with Ms. Twitty for the loss of her daughter, but I’m outraged at her boycott suggestions.

    19. anon on October 1st, 2005 12:29 am

      wow. makes you wonder just how much worse they could have treated the family of natalee. i can’t begin to imagine what they’ve gone through. to think it could get worse is unspeakable.

    20. december_star on October 1st, 2005 12:31 am

      wWow it seems the justice minister put in his own bid against aruba tourism, I won’t go there knowing I have no writes, or that I’ll be “shut up” if I or someone I love becomes a victum while there….Idiot

    21. december_star on October 1st, 2005 12:43 am

      I meant “rights” insteasd of “writes” above….sorry

    22. Nina on October 1st, 2005 2:09 am

      I agree with Beth suggesting a boycott. Aruba use to sound like paradise. The fact that Deepak said it was common knowledge to pay bartenders to drug customers is horrific. There is only one reason to pay a bartender to do such things and that is to have sex with women who would otherwise not sleep with such scumbags. I praise Beth for staying in the news and letting other women around the world know of the dangers they face while traveling to Aruba. Of course the crime rate is low, would you miss your flight from hell to report being raped?

    23. Wayne on October 1st, 2005 2:20 am

      Bravo Maggie, what you said goes double for me.

      Bryan you and your countrymen need to realize the BOYCOTT is coming and Mr. Croes just about insured it now. If you and your countrymen want to stop it then you need to bring pressure on your government and your judicial system needs to be reformed. Its simple you need to become: Government of the People. By the People. and For the People. You see Bryan we people of the USA are the Government and when they shaft somebody we make sure the problem is brought out in the light and corrected. It may be too late in the Holloway case to solve it, but you can sure make sure it doesn’t ever happen again through reform of the system

    24. alison on October 1st, 2005 2:55 am

      To Bryan: First, it’s not the irresponsible acts of a few teenagers. It’s the failures of the Aruban governmental and criminal justice systems that have brought the boycott discussion on. Ultimately, the people of any nation form the bedrock of its government and criminal justice systems. That is why the Aruban people can be held responsible. Arubans know perfectly well about the underside of Aruba. Second, Aruba aggressively touts itself as a delightful tourist destination for young foreigners. Yet it tolerates a great deal of organized crime, and it tolerates a great deal of unreported violent crime. It was unrealistic for Arubans to have expected that this contradiction between advertisement and reality would not eventually catch up to them. I can understand Arubans hoping it would not, but actually to have expected it was foolish and shortsighted. This is why this very unfortunate situation is now at their collective doorstep. I hope the boycott will serve as a wake-up call to other families who believe the “One Happy Island” type of advertising that Aruba and other destinations shower across the hemisphere. Aruba isn’t the first Caribbean nation to have this sort of problem and I doubt it will be the last. It’s not specific to Beth Twitty or any other individual; it’s reflective of the two economic pillars of the region: crime and tourism. There is no reason anyone anywhere needs to “respect other countries’ cultures” if those cultures not merely tolerate but even embrace corruption and crime, and face both with inertia at best and greed at worst. Until Arubans are no longer a party to this region-wide problem, their objections to a possible boycott hold little merit. It is similar to Americans who say they shouldn’t be held responsible for international policies of the American federal government. Ultimately, Americans (and I am one) are responsible for the actions of our nation–and for our inaction.

    25. Jim Hanson on October 1st, 2005 4:32 am

      Just a few quick thoughts here ..

      Jairo .. You claim no-one should place blame on the Aruban government … how much do you or I really know about the power this government has over the judicial system? Let me tell you something we DO know. In the United States, a president is constitutionally able to pardon any incarcerated criminal in prison. Let’s get analagous here with Aruba. How do you know that this Government can’t do the same? How do you know that it can’t do MORE? I myself don’t know, but we’re all willing to listen when you find some proof that the Aruban government couldn’t have had a hand in this. I only state what I know as fact. Too many people state their theories as fact.

      Bizman .. you claim the Aruban police etc did everything they could in this case. How do you really know? Are you on the Aruban police force? Are you an Aruban prosecution lawyer? Were you there? Or is this just your opinion?

      Bryan … you state this planned boycott against Aruba is ridiculous … I have personally suffered family loss, but I have to agree with you. As much as I admire Beth Twitty .. as much as I would love to meet her and hug her, I really think it’s time for her to wind down and prepare for, at the least, semi closure. I myself know that you can only despise things you can’t control for so long. When you deal with personal tragedy such as this, you reach a point where you have to make a decision regarding your mental health. There is a line you can cross, which leads to self abuse. This isn’t me talking. This a psychologist I knew talking.

      Anger creates more anger. It’s a known fact. Anger doesn’t solve alot. It only creates more problems. The very idea of Beth heading a boycott posse against Aruba just doesn’t make any sense. It’s anger. I can understand the anger. But her anger will only in turn anger the Aruban authorities.

      I think I’ve said it before here, no-one on this planet can indict the island of Aruba and try to charge it with a bad investigation. Only Aruban authorities can re-arrest these …. kids …

      I learned something very important in my life a while back. Acceptance is the road to a healthy future.

    26. Pat on October 1st, 2005 6:38 am

      Jario, you said:

      “Of course Minister Croes and the government feels as everyone keeps blaming them, instead of pointing the finger at the right people, who are the chief investigator and prosecuter in the case. One must have lived in Aruba long enough in order to understand how thing work in the justice system on the island.”

      You are right! We do not understand at all! Perhaps you can explain it to us. How do things work in the justice system on the island? It doesn’t look to me like it works at all. Why on earth would you defend it? Why would someone in another part of government threaten the VICTIM of a crime instead of demanding results. Why don’t YOU demand results. Your government and the citzens can get something done by demanding this be resolved now, and that would be far better for your island than these threats.

      So how does your hustice system work???

    27. Dave on October 1st, 2005 6:43 am

      How would the people of the US react if the situation were reveresed?

      Worse then what has been said in Aruba for sure

    28. Dave on October 1st, 2005 8:09 am

      Gee maybe Beth and Joe will just nuke aruba
      I swear that is the only thing that might satisfy some of the MONKEYS

      but just wait…. what is good for the goose is good for the gander and based on our own unsolved crimes here I think that EVERYONE should take Beths attitude and just take matters into their own hands…..Any Crime that has ever been covered up we should all just go hire our own Joe M and solve it ourselves
      Every unsolved crime…..Every crime that someone has a hunch…… and they dont feel the FBI acted right,.,…..sure just go hire your own justice and do what needs to be done

      How PATHETIC!!!!!!!!!!!

      Or do you all jyust feeel that because its Beth she has a right to do this????
      Or is it just a new way to get the results you want…..Lets have it just be like this for ANY crime here in the USA ok
      Hey teh hell with courts…..anyone thats accused of anyhtiing….Once people make up their minds why dont we just ok shooting them

      and hey what the heck…..who cares if months from now we find out that someone else might have been involved….Hey Beth was upset and she thought that they did it so she can go do what she wants

      what a joke and very sad that any type of media be it MSM or a blog would even slightly support this type of crime solving

      This is the type of justice that would have resulted in someone like Richard Jewel being burned and killed at the stake a few years ago……Who cares that years later we all found out that Mr Jewel…tried and convicted by the MEDIA because of an FBI that wanted to railroad him was in fact INNOCENT and had his life ruined

    29. Jan on October 1st, 2005 8:43 am

      I wouldn’t wish Beth Twitty’s situation on anyone but I can’t help but wonder how some of these critics would view her behavior if they could find themselves in the same situation.

    30. Lauralynn Staton on October 1st, 2005 9:31 am

      Thanks to Scared Monkeys for their informing articles. Having to “shut someone up” and reading rumors that the mafia is involved in the hotel business in Aruba, reminds me of the God father’s movies. How are they going to “Shut her up”, put a horse’s head in her bed !!! Others may feel the average Aruban and their govt officials can do nothing but I say our officials and people can. I call upon our President, Congress (especially Senator Coleman from Minnesota) to join the citizen’s of Alabama in not only calling for a boycott of Aruba but a recall of the Dutch ambassors; our ambassor to the Netherlands; a visitors alert to both Aruba and all Netherlands; the stopping of landing rights to KAL and to the USAirlines that is currently advertising cheap flights to Aruba. Where is the honor of Americans? Where are the knights of old who were sworn to aid and protect woman and children in distress? If you wonder why we should hit all Arubans both innocent and guilty? It is because there are no innocent Arubans. If you stand by and watch while others die (or are shut up), you are as guilty as those you do it.

    31. Gabriel Leo on October 1st, 2005 9:55 am

      Beth is a victim in this case, but it’s not fair that she goes around on all tv-networks and keeps on calling for a boycott and then has the courage to come to my island and ask us to keep on helping her. Hell no! Dave Holloway has stated many times that Beth is passing the limit and he doesn’t support her actions.
      If Beth thinks by going everyday on tv, doing tv-shows where she surely gets paid for, and urging people to boycott Aruba just because her Daughter’s case has not yet been solved and then come to Aruba and expects us to gladly, on our knees help her out in anyway possible she’s VERY wrong.
      What she has done and is doing now has just closed all doors that haver been and were open for her.

    32. Gabriel Leo on October 1st, 2005 10:00 am

      The day the US-Media starts being objective a allows e.g. Justice Minister, Prime Minister, Investigative agents, Arubans on their show to talk about the case together with Beth is when a fair anlysis can be done about the case. But until it has not been done a boycott is very unfair and it just makes things very difficult for Beth Herself to find an end to this case. I for one will not search for Nathalee or support the case in anyway possible if she doesn’t stop with the boycott action.

    33. lisa on October 1st, 2005 10:15 am

      Aruba is a Corupt Nation. The police; Corupt. The Prosecuters; Corupt. The Judges; Corupt. Why should America expect anything different than this from the Minister of Justice. Watching this case just shows me how good we have in the USA. Aruba has put Beth Twitty through hell. Now they want to silence her. Wake up america and Boycott Aruba.

    34. Pat on October 1st, 2005 10:27 am

      We have had similiar situations of crimes that go unsolved in the US, and for quite a while people stay very focused: look at Jon Benet, Nicole Brown Simpson, Marilyn Monroe, Chapaquitic. Unfortunately, some crimes never get solved, and people do eventually lose interest. It may happen here, but I hope it is a long time. We have to strive to solve these things to have a civilized society. sometimes it means rooting out internal corruption, and sometimes it is handled at the polls, and some may never be resolved in this life…

      I dare say we have never had a case in this country where a foreign visitor was the victim of a crime, where evidence was swept under the rug, coverup ran unabated, suspects were released unconditionally in the middle of an investigation and allowed to leave the country, and the victim’s family was told to “shut up” by a representative of our government. That is the difference. Some time ago a nut case killed a Japanese visitor to Florida, and it made me especially angry that it was someone from another country. the perpetrator was caught and dealt with.

      I wish your people could see that solving this would be better for your island than protecting the corrupt system and your reputation. Pressure your government to get something done – you could be the start of a whole new Aruba! I have been encouraged by those of your country who have been bold enough to speak out in support of justice, some in this very thread, even if I don’t agree with them on every point. I hope there will not be retribution against them.

      On the subject of free speech:
      the “right” of freedom of speech has been fought for and paid for with the lives of many of our own over the years. We should value it and use it wisely. History has shown that those who don’t have enough sense to use their freedom wisely will lose it in due time. Also, private groups are not bound to extend free speech to all – TV, newspapers, books, are all examples – they can take what they want of what you say and edit out what they don’t want.

    35. Debbie on October 1st, 2005 11:47 am

      Hey Dave-If this happened in the US Joran’s butt would be in jail! He admits to having sex with Natalie “in and out of consciousness”-is that not rape?There does not have to be a body for trial…

    36. Dave on October 1st, 2005 12:13 pm

      Hey Debbie

      Did Joran admit that….really…???
      when exactly did he admit that?
      Or is it more like that Beth said he admitted it? And of course because Beth said it it just becomes 100 % fact right?

      You heard Joran on a current affair? Doesnt sound likely he or any other 17 year old would even use those terms
      Joran NEVER said that….. That is some sort of statement . unsigned that was part of Jossy giving garbage to Beth. Most likely written by investigators as some sort of coerced confession they wanted him to sign as an intergotion technique. Which is what Beth keeps talking about when she says over and over about 22 stories. There are not 22 stories though and Beth knows it but cant deal with it.
      With no evidence neither JorAN nor anyone else would be in jail here in the states either. And for sure he would not have spent 3 months in jail here. The most he could have spent is 48 hours without being charged

    37. FREE SPEECH???? on October 1st, 2005 12:19 pm

      Hey, maybe Beth is wrong, she is enforcing her will on this little island of Aruba, Stop it Beth!!

      Leave Aruba alone!!! Do not mess with Aruba!!

      Give Joran a chance, Maybe Natalee was not that kind of a angel as you want us to believe, is there a chanche that Natalee left the island on her own,

      Boycot America!! Maybe the governemnt of the USA is involved in this, maybe there is a conspiracy against Aruba and Bush is involved?

      Boo america, BOYCOT AMERICA

      These commenst need to be deleted, there is no free speech on Scared

    38. FREE SPEECH???? on October 1st, 2005 12:28 pm

      wow. makes you wonder just how much worse they could have treated the family of natalee. i can’t begin to imagine what they’ve gone through. to think it could get worse is unspeakable.

      yes you are right!!! You know wath they have gone triough??
      Let me sum up some only..they gave her free stay at the hotels, the government gave all of its workers a half day off to help looking, she received several help, fee food at some restaurants, a free rental car, etc. etc.

      Wooow, how terrible, and it can get worse, I am afraid those horrible arubians wont give her free stay at the hotel, no free eating at restaurants, no free rental car…oooow, is that true?? Yes, thats how more horrible these ugly arubians can get….


    39. FREE SPEECH???? on October 1st, 2005 12:46 pm

      If you wonder why we should hit all Arubans both innocent and guilty? It is because there are no innocent Arubans.

      Hey Lauralynn Staton !!!

      You know what you should do? Go to Aruba, tell them that you care about these poor little children of Aruba, knowing the Arubians, they will be friendly enough to let you enter their homes..then when you are alone with a 3 year old child…you may pull your hidden knife and start your personal vengeance on these guilty 3 years old arubians!!!

      You said it yourself, there are no innocent arubians!! So how about my plan?

    40. FREE SPEECH???? on October 1st, 2005 12:48 pm

      These last 5 comments were just to make some people think before they start telling their nonsense!!!

      For those that are serious considering to hit all arubians because none is innocent…

      God will deal with you later!

    41. jeannie on October 1st, 2005 12:53 pm

      the only person that i find with commonsense is dave holloway
      when he is asked about some of the statements that is being said by the twittys he dont agree with some of them
      also the twittys are not sharing there information with him could be because it has been proven there not true
      i cant believe some people think saying the three men kidnapped drugged & murdered natalee is alright —when none of it has been proven
      i feel like the twittys should be lucky that a civil suit hasint been filed
      against them
      i feel so sorry for dave holloway i see more pain & hurt in his face
      he is so sincere just because he isint in front of the camera {like beth } dont mean he cares less
      beth needs to take lessons from dave
      if this case gets solved it will be because of dave
      he isint bashing the arubans instead he is working with them

    42. Gabriel Leo on October 1st, 2005 2:13 pm

      that’s why Dave is welcome on the island and is givin 100% support in this case. That is why when he arrives to the island everyone on the island doesn’t even think twice when he asks for something. On the other hand Beth gets didly squad from me!

    43. Wayne on October 1st, 2005 2:22 pm

      Dave and Beth are two differnt people they went their separate ways years ago. Beth is the stronger personality and Dave is laid back. So who is correct? I side with Beth. On the free room and food that is a lie, they have been given some discounted rates but nothing free and they have so stated many times. On the 20 to 22 stories, Joran told three disticntively different stories at one point and had several variations for each one. What his current lie is now depends on what fits his needs. Basically he admitted sex with Natalee in several different accpounts and now neither he nor the Kalpoes had sex with her, ask Joran which story is true they cannot all be true. Obviously, now the sex and kidnapping charges are being discussed it is a convenient time to change our story again. The main porble in this whole affair is the secrecy of the Aruban/Dutch Legal system all of you who say Joran is inoccent say you are basing your opinions on the Defenses evidence when none of us no what the total evidence is and under this system probably never will. Based on the best information available it is quite evident there is a degree of guilt associated with the three suspects and Paulus but they wil most likely never be prosecuted and the family and the public will never no the extent of the evidence or what the decision was based on and that my friends is wrong and the world will formulate its on opions based on what has been provided and the suspects lives will be a living hell because they will have been found not guilty due their refusal to talk. You must admit with all the lies they have told why would anyone believe them.

    44. cheryl on October 1st, 2005 3:01 pm

      due to all respect for beth and family i will gently ask why the international lawyer that she was going over different options with ,would not know the laws of Aruba such as their right of law to deny any one entry to their country?? i wonder what other important issues is he missing ??

    45. Linda in L.A. on October 1st, 2005 3:03 pm

      I don’t necessarily agree on calling for a much as I think one will just happen naturally. I don’t believe…or at least my reason for not wanting to go to Aruba…has nothing to do with the people of Aruba. It has to do with a fear that should something happen while I was there…I wouldn’t feel I would be protected by Aruba’s officials or legal system.

      We can’t tell Aruba to change their laws or their government. We don’t have that right or power really. All we can really do is make a personal decision based on what we believe. For some they may travel even more to Aruba…for others…they will never return. That is the one right we all have…no matter which way you decide.

      As for the statement maybe Natalee left Aruba on her own. How would she have done that? I would think the airlines would have security cameras and passenger lists??? Is there another way out she could have taken…I don’t know…I’m asking here.

      One thing directed at Dave regarding whether Joran ever said he had sex with Natalee. You stated “Most likely written by investigators as some sort of coerced confession they wanted him to sign as an intergotion technique.” If your statement is true…I’d have to say Aruba’s justice system is even more corrupt that some of us think. Think about it…they take a 17 year old boy and make a false statement and try to coerce him into signing it??? No…don’t think so Dave. Do I KNOW? No…sure don’t…but none of us know what is true and not from the initial investigation.

    46. Linda in L.A. on October 1st, 2005 3:09 pm

      One last comment…Beth is talking. Talking and talking…what is so horrible about that? Ok…possibly you think its unfair to the 3 boys if somehow in the future it turns out they are innocent. But you know…Natalee is paying the ultimate price for making bad decisions that night. The boys are paying a much lesser price don’t you think? They made bad choices that night also. They have chosen to lie, to give interviews putting Natalee and her family down. I understand Joran said they decided to lie because he felt bad for going out and not telling his father. Hmmmm…so he takes Natalee and the boys back to his home??? Where his father is??? Yeah…sounds like he’s scared alright. And then says he continued to lie because…well…he had already lied to everyone…classmates, his parents, the police. Do you see a pattern here? I know…I know…”Everyone lies”.

    47. cheryl on October 1st, 2005 3:19 pm

      i dont think its an issue with free speech,but my goodness people her association with this joe chacater is pretty scary in his words I AM COMING TO ARUBR AND BRINING HELL WITH ME come on now i think any country would have a promblem with that kind of threat and ARUBA like any other country is going to respond in a very negative and harsh way

    48. Pat on October 1st, 2005 3:19 pm

      Gabriel Leo:

      I am sure that there are many TV stations/shows/hosts who would clamor for an interview with some of your officials. The silence from officials involved has a lot to do with why this whole arguement is heating up. We would all like to know what is being done. I know that they can’t tell everything they know, but they could give much more than they have. They wont even talk to the VICTIM’s mother! Better to tell her to shut up…

      If you could mediate and arrange some interviews, I’m sure you would be well paid by the media, and have the sincere thanks of many Americans.

    49. Jim Hanson on October 1st, 2005 4:13 pm

      Geez, this forum is starting to sound like a lynch mob. Lisa, you state that the aruban authorities are corrupt. Well, the US is full of corruption as well. The whole world is. So what’s the big deal?

      Everyone seems to think that a full scale boycott is going to pressure Aruba into solving this case. Just what is it that you expect the Arubans to do? Invent fake evidence to convict someone? And what should they be convicted of? There’s no evidence to prove she’s dead. How do you prove a gang rape with no dna evidence? Just what is it you want the Aruban authorities to do here? From the information I’ve ingested this summer on this case leads me to believe these three could be charged for kidnapping. This is what the media told me about Aruban law. I hope it’s true. I’m not going to sit here and accuse the Aruban authorities of anything, as they’ve witheld evidence from the media (Which by the way is done in most countries during an ongoing investigation) and they have a different judicial system down there. I think too many people have been watching too many tabloid shows with biased hosts, like Nancy Grace.

      To Pat .. you mention free speech in America, Beth’s freedom of speech etc … freedom of speech only goes so far, anywhere. When the US invaded iraq, the Dixie Chicks appeared on a magazine cover or two with body art, which if you saw, was a protest against the war in iraq. Very quickly, especially in the southern states, their music was boycotted from many. many radio stations. These stations wouldn’t play Dixie Chick music. Is that freedom of speech? That’s BOYCOTTING.

      I just can’t see the use of boycotting a small island to force them to do something they cannot do at this time. You can’t force people to find evidence that may very well not be there to find. Diplomacy is the answer here. Not a mother’s anger. I feel for Beth, believe me I do, more than you know, but other people have disappeared in other nations and their cases have gone unsolved. Don’t boycott a country that “tried” to solve the case (Even if the investigation seeemed poorly done, which I agree to, was.) Boycotting Aruba is no fairer than boycoting your own country and western rock groups for protesting their own country’s involement in a war.

    50. Harry Putter on October 1st, 2005 9:07 pm

      Both flag-burning and prnography ARE illegal.

    51. Jim Hanson on October 2nd, 2005 12:51 am

      Harry – pornography is only illegal if it is sold to a minor.

    52. Bryan on October 2nd, 2005 2:19 am

      To Nina, Wayne and others…

      You speak of Aruba as if you’re an expert on the island, it’s history, and governmental and judicial system. If I wouldn’t have known better, I’d say you were one of my countrymen. Did you learn all of this while you stayed at the holiday inn? watching U.S. news centered CNN?

      Let me flash a name for you… Chandra Levy? Remember her? Remember “corruption & cover-up stories” about her case? No boycott in that case was there. Never got solved. But nobody cares right?

      If I recall correctly, quite a few of the 9/11 terrorists were Saudis. Why doesn’t America boycott Saudi Arabia and don’t buy any oil from them? Certainly thousands of people dying is far graver than a girl who got lost on a trip to Aruba. Ah, but no, we need oil.

      I apologize if I offended anyone but with the 9/11 example, it was not meant to make light of that tragic chapter in history. Nor am I trying to make light of this terrible ordeal that Beth Twitty is going through. All I’m attempting to do is try to explain how utterly ridiculous and insane this suggestion of a nation-wide boycott of another country is.

      Wayne, reform of a government does not happen over night. If that were the case, it would be an unstable democracy, ruled by one tyrant or rebel leader after the other. And if you’re so adamant about reform for the sake of rooting out injustice and corruption… HALLIBURTON ring a bell to you? Maybe you should start looking into that. It’s costing your country lots of tax dollars, and a lot of pain overseas to both Iraqi people and U.S. soldiers.

      I can assure you that Arubans want this case solved as much as you do. It’s been a nightmare to the island. Besides, can someone explain this fact to me… why on earth would we want to cover this case up and risk this US boycott?

      All these accusations of corruption, underworld crime, and lords knows what else. Where do you people get this? CNN? If that’s the case, here’s a novel idea… Ever try getting the other side of the story? Maybe you should try that before you start accusing another country of corruption, and threatening to boycott and take down their economy. Or better yet. maybe you should actually try to get to know the other culture? Have you ever been to Aruba? Must be since you know so much about it right? Or are you simply basing your support on what CNN or FOX tells you?

    53. Bryan on October 2nd, 2005 2:27 am

      To the site moderator…

      If you are going to censure my earlier posting, I respect that. But in that case please also censure the other posting I was referring to.

      Genebernat Says:

      September 30th, 2005 at 10:01 pm
      “I guess when we liberated the Netherlands we missed a few Nazis! ”

      You said it yourself in a response to Bizman…


      In my opinion, postings don’t get much more ignorant than Genebernat’s posting.

    54. Bryan on October 2nd, 2005 2:47 am

      To alison…

      You speak of a “contradiction” of how Aruba advertises itself (One Happy Island), and what it allows or embraces… corruption and organized crime?

      My question to you is… have you been to Aruba? Are these facts you’re putting out? I would certainly like to see those facts. I’m 100% certain that if we look at crime rates (violent or not) and compared Aruba’s to any U.S. city, Aruba’s would be much lower. Certainly that wouldn’t be possible on an island that “embraces organized crime”?

      Do we have problems in Aruba? Sure, I’m not going to deny that. Our biggest being drug-trafficking coming from South American countries. However, the past decade has seen a mjor crackdown on this activity, and progress is being made.

      So my question to you then is… what other country does not have any problems and has a clean violence or crime record? Let’s look at Las Vegas perhaps… ah yes.. Sin City as it’s called. “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” correct? Certainly since Vegas has been a haven for mob families for years, and a fertile ground for organized crime nowadays… crime groups that specialize in importing that infamous drug “Ecstasy” which one of the previous posters referred to. Yes, in Aruba we do have problems with Ecstasy too, but my guess is it’s certainly not as bad as in Vegas right? or else we should have a show on CBS called CSI Aruba.

      My point is alison… before you start calling out other countries’ on their crime problems, look at your own house. There’s plenty of cleaning to be done.

    55. Jackie on October 2nd, 2005 2:47 am

      Aruba is worried more about its pocketbook than finding Natalee or finding out what happened. Blame Joran Van Der Sloot and the Kalpoe brothers, blame their lies. Beth Twitty is doing evrything she can to find her daughter, something any grieving parent would do. Sure she has said things and done things that weren’t exactly lady like, but given the circumstances what do you expect? With Gabriel Leo saying Aruba welcomes Dave Holloway, it is more like you tolerate him, otherwise your precious tourism is at stake. Should Aruba lay down and kiss tail? No, but stop blaming Beth Twitty. Ask Joran why he lied? Ask him and Deepak why they did not even come forward with the “Left her on the beach story” it was the security guard who got lucky and deepak told him, otherwise where would the security guards be? I saw those two men’s families crying and begging for justice saying they didn’t do it, and yet the 3 guys who saw Natalee last weren’t questioned for 9-10 days? Deepak and Satish and Joran fabricated a story and put Aruba exactly where they are now. Sure, who knows maybe it will be found in the future that are perfectly innocent, but the specualtion that is lingering at this point is their own doing, they brought this upon themselves. The fact that the investigator who was present at the house when evidence was gathered was good friends with the Van Der Sloot family certainly hasn’t helped Aruba in solving this case, and caused more questions to boot. If your daughter was missing would you want the accused’s good buddy overseeing the investigation? In my opinion he was doing daddy Sloot a favor, then daddy got first hand knowledge of what he was up against (speculation or common sense). How many lawyers did Joran have? Don’t tell me Aruba is the victim here. If this were a poor island and the economy wasn’t going to be affected you would be welcoming the media recognition and your island would benefit. Aruba doesn’t care about American’s there, only the money they bring with them, see money can buy you love, but the loss of any of it brings true colors out in the open. The only reason Beth Twitty isn’t welcome there is because of the money Aruba will lose. “Boycott Aruba” by Beth Twitty? More like “What damage did Aruba cause itself and how could it have been avoided?” (maybe they could have used an impartial investigator). Wasn’t Jug Twitty asked by Aruba authorities lately about a suppossed million dollar insurance policy on Natalee? what a question, shame shame we know your name. People are of their own free will, they won’t boycott aruba if they feel aruba is innocent in all of this. You will have plenty of people who will take advantage of the lower rates. Maybe you could raise your alcohol prices or stop the ladies night free drinks or start charging a cover charge to your bars and casino’s? Didn’t Aruba make a pretty good chunk by raising satellite fees? Didn’t the tourism officials of Aruba recently say that fall bookings were up from last year? I know I read that on the Monkey Post recently. So don’t worry so much Gabriel and Dave, Aruba’s actions speak louder than Beth Twitty’s words.

    56. Dutch on October 2nd, 2005 4:19 am

      Beth Twitty travels to Aruba only to frustrate ongoing investigation, insult everybody who could and will help her. The government of Aruba is thinking about to deny her access to the island. Don’t get me wrong, Freedom of Speech is one of men’s most important rights, but what about the right not to get insulted by words, what about the right to investigate a missing persons/murder case according to your own rules and regulations??? If this whole scenario would have taken place in the US, would Beth Twitty have been warned not top obstruct Justice??? (maybe even found in contempt of court ?? or something similair???

      All I want to say is that if Beth Twitty and company only want to insult the Aruban Government and the Aruban Citizins, they can do that from the comfort of their own homes, but don’t come complaining that they are not allowed to enter Aruba. (Would you let someone that has insulted you into you home? No, you would prfobably sue their asses off!!)

      The real victim here is Natalee Holloway, lets remember that. Lets all help the authorities to solve this case instead of obstructing and insulting them. And ofcourse you may or even have to put some pressure on the authorities, but not to much, because if they get sick and tired of whining Americans, they might put the whole case into the unsolved file, waiting for a coldcase team to take over !!!

      (These things also happend in the US, don’t forget that!!)

    57. GG on October 2nd, 2005 9:21 am

      Flag burning is not illegal. So saith the Supreme Court.

      From my reading of the article, no one is taking action against Twitty, so lay off. We have a statement (not a quotation) that Croes does not rule out taking unspecified action later. Perhaps if she violates the police order she’s under after the internet cafe incident to stay away from the Kalpoes? We might have a problem letting people who break protective orders into this country, too.

      And if certain comments are to be deleted, perhaps the one about the Nazis ought to be. That’s just ridiculous.

    58. sandy leiva on October 2nd, 2005 5:24 pm

      Has noone any common sense anymore, have the aruban officials and Mr croes no morals. Shut beth up he says. Not allow her entry onto a island where some crime has occured resulting in her daughters dissapearance but more likely her death at the hands of 3 aruban living there. How utterly disgusting for an official to publickly say so to a mother whos daughter is missing. Does CROWS oops CROES really believe Americans and Natalees family will take this latest blatent show of corruption and disregard for human life and the sanctity of how women should be treated lightly. For sure……not!!!! Lets have some common decency here and solve this crime and return her daughter to her, only when that is done will this be over. All nations should stand strong and demand justice, not just americans, arubans too… after all dont you have to live there ? Would you agree with the corruption and coverup this case has endured if this was your precious daughter, Ill bet not, Its not humane to have been treated this way…Stop the cover ups, solve the crime and prosecute justly and only then can you return to thinking you are a happy little island, Admit your wrongs and make it right . Threats only anger and enrage people. AS an official Mr Croes and the prosecutors and all lawyers involved should clean up thier act and do whats right by the family. Stop trying to come betweeen the father and mother by playing one against the other here, DH the good guy and BHT the bad one, they both share the same interest JUSTICE for thier daughter Natalee Holloway. For GODS sake have Mercy and return thier daughter so closure can occur. I pray all decent people will stand together boycott the island thier products and do whatever by whichever means available legally. Boycott aruban products, products from the netherlands etc. If you cant be descent and act so then the proverbial ” hit you where it hurts most namley in your pockets will continue. Until you learn how to act in a descent and responcible manner. Like the saying goes money talks and BS walks, one way or the other ammends must be made. Lets see how far these corrupt officials last while the natives are going hungry. Betcha in no time flat istead of trying to rebuild thier false island image they start acting it.

    59. Linda in L.A. on October 2nd, 2005 8:59 pm

      Jim…I agree there’s no need for “lynch” type talk here…but what I’m not understanding here is why people keep talking about the problems in the U.S. I don’t think anyone has ever said or thought we don’t have plenty of our own problems right here to deal with. Its a fact that isn’t going away anytime soon.

      But at least that I know of or when was the last time any suspect so blatantly taunted everyone with hints and innuendos. These boys have lied. They have lied and changed their story. One minute Joran never touched her…the next he had consentual sex with her…and came around full circle to say he didn’t. The tabloid story…I discount totally (but thats just me). Deepak pretty much hasn’t changed his story. He just says they all had sex with her.

      People can say all they want that the tapes were edited…and I’m sure they were. All tapes are edited for media. But when Deepak was telling his tale about how trashy Natalee was…there was plenty there to choose from that wasn’t cut and pasted. When Joran told his story…he went from being the “gentleman” saying Thats none of your business” to admitting they did consentually have sex.

      I think what people are angry about…well let’s stick to me…what I’m angry about is how they seem to be flaunting it in everyone’s faces while blaming Natalee and her mother. His grin to me tells a lot. Sorry…but it just does.

      A boycott? No…an organized boycott isn’t going to get them convicted…what it will do though is give people a choice to go there or not based on their feelings. Have they always had that choice…sure…but in a situation where you have absolutely no control to help…maybe people feel by their not traveling to Aruba…they are doing what they can. It doesn’t have to make sense to the world that they feel that way does it?

    60. Maggie on October 2nd, 2005 9:45 pm

      ummmmmmmmm…. civil suit against Beth Twitty? The only civil suit that would make sense to me is one from the 2 black security guards.. The 3 boys said they dropped Natalee off at the Holiday Inn and she fell and hit her head on a rock ( no clue why they wouldn’t get out and see if she was ok) and as they drove off ,, 2 black security guards were coming towards her.. Those 2 were kept in jail for 2 weeks even though they had alibis to where they were.. while Joran and the Kalpoe brothers were out having a good time.. and get stories together.. After the cam at the hotel showed Natalee didn’t return… and one of the brothers was jailed with one of the black men and the brother told him they lied about what happened.. they were turned loose.. Now what kind of people lie to put innocent people in jail.. They would probably still be there if the Cam hadn’t been on to show Natalee didn’t return.. There’s a civil lawsuit.. but they are probably too afraid to bring one..

      As for a boycott.. remember being in school and someone would do something wrong.. when the teacher didn’t know who it was that done it and noone would rat on them.. The whole class was punished. Well, that’s what a boycott is.. It doesn’t mean everyone did something wrong or is a bad person , it’s to show the person who is guilty, that everything you do in life affects everyone around you, so they will change.. because others around them get fed up too and wont accept the behaviour..

    61. batty on October 3rd, 2005 1:39 am

      I have a question about this. Where is the original link to the statement. I want to see where he said shut her up.

    62. Brenda on October 3rd, 2005 4:03 am

      The way that the Aruban Government has treated this has sickened me. I am Behind Mrs. Twitty 100%. I wish Someone of higher authority could step in, just as the Aruban Govt has played hard ball, I would love to see special agents of usa step in and start scaring people. Beth should not be pushed around. The poor woman has been through enough. Forget greif, how about revenge. I would fight until my death.

    63. Vengence on October 3rd, 2005 9:50 am

      My name is Charlie and I just wanted to make a few recommendations on how you can save Aruba from imploding due to the corrupt cowards you call Aruban officials kill your only legitimate means of support. That being your tourist industry.
      The world knows you will always have the drug cartels and the money launderers pumping money into the campaigns of your corrupt network of criminals that happen to hold positions with in the Aruban & Dutch judicial system, but that won’t put food on the tables of the average Aruban citizens that rely on the almighty American dollar.
      So just take a moment to understand you are in no position to procrastinate on the rebuilding of your badly tarnished image. What ever you do don’t kid your self into thinking your corrupt way of life will ever be the same as it was, once all Aruba’s dirty secrets about predators drugging, raping and killing female tourist for fun leaked out it was not good at all.
      Plus the fact that seventy percent of your businesses are controlled by the drug cartels and money launderer’s doe’s nothing to help your image. So again you have a long road ahead of you and the present Aruba government must show the world community that they are ready to do what it takes to be rid of the corruption which plagues The Aruban & Dutch governments. The question is are you ready to prove to the world you have what it takes to be a civilized society which is governed by laws which are enforced by Men & women with integrity, morality, and are willing to take an oath to protect & serve the public instead of there corrupted selves.

      The first thing you have to do is talk to your Queen; I understand she has the power to appoint a prime minister with big balls. This person should have a military back ground with a take no prisoner’s attitude towards government corruption if he wishes to succeed in rebuilding your economy.

      OK, you must issue arrest warrants for the present & former corrupt Aruban Government officials for there crimes against Natalee Holloway, the Holloway family and civilized society. The arrest of these corrupted officials should be a major media event with lots of news footage of them in hand cuffs and shackles.
      You need a lot of PR on these arrests.

      1) Paul van der Sloot: complicity in the gang rape, murder and being directly involved with the disposal of Natalee Holloway’s body, Obstruction of justice, tampering with evidence, hindering the ongoing investigation and orchestrating the attempted cover up of Natalee Holloway’s demise at the hands of his rapist, murdering, lying coward of a son.( this guy isn’t a man he is a pathetic sociopath and a lying coward)
      2) Jan Van Der Straaten: obstruction of justice, tampering with evidence, complicity in the attempted cover up of Natalee Holloway’s demise, hindering the ongoing investigation and for being a corrupt, disgraceful, despicable human being. (This man is just a complete fucking asshole).
      3) Rudy Croes: complicity in the attempted cover up of Natalee Holloway’s demise, hindering the ongoing investigation of Natalee Holloway and for being a corrupt, disgraceful, despicable human being. ( it’s only a matter of time for this guy)
      4) Ben King alias Ben Vocking: obstruction of justice, tampering with evidence, hindering the investigation of Natalee Holloway’s demise, complicity in the cover up, and for being a corrupt, despicable, lying, coward. Also hindering the ongoing investigation and for being Paul van der Sloots lackey.( I only hope this little man gets another beating like the one he got in the Mathews case,)
      5) Karin Janssen: obstruction of justice, hindering the ongoing Holloway investigation, complicity in the attempted cover up of Natalee Holloway’s demise, corruption, being for being a despicable, disgraceful, heartless cunt. Her treatment towards the grieving parents of a young tourist was cruel and her sandbagging this investigation was something only a sociopath would be able to pull off. (Karin, you are one despicable, deceitful, whore for the way you pretended that you were doing your job, but we all know you and your judicial position were bought & paid for a long time ago.)
      6) Steve Croe’s: complicity in the disposal of Natalee Holloway’s body (he is the one who took her for the boat ride) now this guy is one big dope and should be fed to sharks, but he must receive the same punishment as the rest of these low life’s.

      Now that they are in custody you must charge them with the crimes which were specified earlier then prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law.
      Once they have been convicted you must impose military law which gives you the option of prison time or the death penalty. I think for PR reasons you should choose the death penalty for of these cock suckers. Like I said before you need a PM that does not take prisoners. So I think if you want the world to now you mean business when it comes to weeding out corruption, you better have a televised execution of each of these thugs, you know one bullet into each one of there brains televised during prime time would gain you the most respect by the world community . Even if it doesn’t convince the world you want to be a civilized society, it will give new meaning to reality TV.

      Good luck,
      Justice will be served

    64. Joran on October 3rd, 2005 12:00 pm

      Who is this guy?
      The Aruban goverment will never change there corrupted ways because they can’t.
      That’s why me and my daddy will never be charged for what we did to Natalee. Maybe the Kalpoe’s bros. might go down but were protected by Rudy Croes foot and Jan van der Straaten so good luck trying to get us.
      It seams to me if there is to be justice for what we did it will have to come in the form of a bullet or me being stabbed like a stuffed pig, or as some have sugested maybe it could be from a flare to the belly.
      No matter what we will have still one, because we will go to our graves knowing Natalee will not be found, thanks to daddy & Ben Vocking & Rudy Croe’s.

    65. Leo on October 3rd, 2005 12:13 pm

      Personally, I think Beth should not return to Aruba but concentrate her energy on organizing a boycott in the U.S. and even more important getting Congress to conduct hearings on crimes against American tourists in foreign countries. Maybe some new laws need to be passed – in the U.S. – that can put pressure on these countries to take more seriously crimes against American citizens.

      It is obvious by now the Arubans and Dutch are not going to do anything to prosecute this crime. It is may be psycologically impossible for them to successfully prosecute locals for a crime against an American. When Dave went down there last week they basically used him for public relations purposes. There is nothing much else Beth can do in Aruba IMHO.

    66. Jennifer on October 3rd, 2005 1:49 pm

      Is that really Joran?

    67. Joran on October 3rd, 2005 2:50 pm

      Of course that is not Joran, I am!!!

      do not believe everything you read on the internet


    68. Joran on October 3rd, 2005 2:56 pm

      This website and its moderators is becoming a little bit too ridiculous

      They delete some posting, then leave some other, creating so a distorted view of what someone might try to bring over…

      and no way to defend yourself, because if you try to express your frustration, they will either delete it again, or worse, ban you completly…

      And they will just say that they banned you because you tried to discuss their rules or forum procedures, or they will say that your posting was either hatefull or ignorant..

      And they (SM) can say whatever they want…you cannot defend yourself anyhow..because your banned..

      Nice way to control your website…

      You would make a good PR for BUSH

    69. YES!!! on October 3rd, 2005 3:03 pm

      Joran, or whoever you are….you are absolutly right!!! I happen to know the FREESPEECH poster…and I know what he posted, and I know what he tried to post, and I know that some of her postings were deleted…

      And now there is indeed a distorted view of what she tried to post..

      Any way…I think that some day the truth will come out, wonder how many mouths will be shut then?

    70. Banned on October 3rd, 2005 3:05 pm

      Banned again!!!

    71. Banned on October 3rd, 2005 3:10 pm

      Stop trying!!!
      Ban or be banned!!

    72. Banned on October 3rd, 2005 3:14 pm

      Hey, new style of banning?

    73. banned on October 3rd, 2005 3:21 pm

      Lets do a test…

    74. Banned on October 3rd, 2005 3:22 pm

      I am going to put a singel word, to see if it will ban automaticly

    75. Banned on October 3rd, 2005 3:24 pm

      For example the names of the firt poster, than the second poster and then the name of the 37, 38, 39 and 40th poster….just to see if banning is possible on names only..

      Posting 1

    76. Banned on October 3rd, 2005 3:25 pm


    77. Banned on October 3rd, 2005 3:25 pm


    78. Banned on October 3rd, 2005 3:27 pm

      Hahahahaha!!! You see!!!??? Certain names are just BANNED!!!

      You try it yourselves, the name of the 37,38, 39 and 40th is just not possible…

    79. Bryan on October 4th, 2005 12:13 am

      To Vengence (or Charlie),

      An amazing execution plan you’ve put together to help Aruba avoid “imploding” under pressure from the “almighty” American dollar. The list of accusations certainly raises eyebrows.

      This new “prime minister with big balls” that is to be appointed to clean up this whole mess… I imagine you’d suggest he/she be an American right? since we poor, dumb Arubans wouldn’t know how to clean our own house correct?

      And where do you get all these facts? do you have any proof of “money launderers pumping money into the campaigns of your corrupt network of criminals that happen to hold positions with in the Aruban & Dutch judicial system”? or “seventy percent of your businesses are controlled by the drug cartels and money launderer’s”? Sounds to me like you’re either an Aruban citizen, or an expert on the island’s history.

      The list of accusations you described for the individuals Aruba “must issue arrest warrants for ” is equally astonishing, especially since the only proof you have of these “alleged crimes” against the Holloway family is Nancy Grace’s “colorful” commentaries. I’m sure those will hold up in any court (perhaps you may want to include your childish name-calling; that should do the trick and convince any jury). The FBI who has dealt with the Aruban authorities has certainly not come forward and supported these allegations of corruption/cover-up? Could it be that they realize that these allegations are simply ill-founded and have no base whatsoever?

      Let’s cut to the chase here. THIS IS STILL AN ONGOING INVESTIGATION. Like all of you, I would want nothing more than to have whomever is responsible for this girl’s dissapearance to be brought to justice. But bringing someone to justice entails a careful process of evidence collecting and building a case. You cannot convict someone of anything (rape, murder or any other crime) based on a series of conflicting statements. If so, I would be scared of living under such a judicial system, as it is more prone to unfairness and error. Reminds me of 50 years ago when African-Americans would get convicted of serious crimes based on a simple “accusation” or “statement”.

      Are there many questions left unanswered involving v.d. Sloot’s conflicting statements..YES!! But how do you suggest they go about finding these answers? Should the Aruban authorities employ NYPD tactics and bring him in and sodomize him until he gets his story straight? Or should we strip him and the Kalpoe bros. naked and take pictures of them in compromising positions, humiliating them until they break? The fact remains that until any hard evidence is found, this case cannot move forward. And I believe that this is what is being worked on. Therefore my patience comment.

      I understand Beth’s frustration, but to insinuate this “conspiracy” theory involving corruption and whatever else you may have, is simply asinine. And the major media outlets should know better not to promote such negative slander and accusations for the sake of ratings. But then again, this really makes you wonder who is relying on the “almighty” American dollar.

    80. Yvonne on October 11th, 2005 2:27 pm

      All I know For Sure is that my Twin 19 year old Daughters WILL NOT be going to Aruba.

      You know if Aruba can’t solve the Natalee Holloway case then……what can they do to ensure
      the safety of anyone.

    81. Johnny VM Aruba on October 18th, 2005 10:24 pm

      To: Harry Putter

      The Supreme Court, you see, considers burning the American Flag an act which is protected by the First Amendment right to free speech. The only way Congress could make such anti-flag-desecration laws pass constitutional muster is to amend the very document that protects our rights.

      It is not illegal according to YOUR laws…..


    82. Johnny VM Aruba on October 18th, 2005 11:39 pm

      Dear Wayne
      On your article oct 1st 2005
      Bryan you and your countrymen need to realize the BOYCOTT is coming ………………
      You say proudly for the people and by the people?????????
      Well I guess you have a lot of work coming, to fix what is written below, thank God we dont have that her we are DUTCH and governed by the DUTCH law. Ever heard of the Peace palace???? Know its function????? Know in which European Country it is located????? YUP in Holland……
      And for your info…. I as an Aruban am not afraid of a boycot, you have been boycotting CUBA since 1958??? Been to Varadero lately?????? Also when the oil refinery closed her in Aruba we had it tough for approx 2.5 years today we have over 9000 hotel rooms and many investors fro all over, why???? We are a guaranteed return on investment, ask all the large Hotel Chains that are located here, you really think that they will listen to some puny brained individuals about boycot????? Ever realized that Aruba is not just another Tourist Island???? No we are a professional destination in the Caribbean with over 50 years of experience in the tourist entertaining business, we are also a destination to the rest of the world, oops, you probably forgot that there was something more out there then the USA right???? yeah lack of world history and the geo’s in school, only dollars. dollars in school, well maybe you should take a good look at the EURO today 1.19247 US$ for I EURO…. Europe is growing and they are also looking to vacation in the caribbean,,, so guess what, boycot us and make room for the EUROpeans, just understand this, we Arubans have Indian Blood we were never captured, and we were never slaves, so we dont have an issue with anyone, and we dont lime to be treated as slaves either, like many of you must be thinking oooohhhh those poor people they are hungry for dollars, what kind of remark is that where does it come from???? Dont you pay at home when you purchase something??? or are the busiensses in the US also hungry for the dollar???? We are in business of tourism and we happen to have an excellent product, Wayne, please do yourself a favor, go to your FBI and CIA sites and check out the crime rates in the entire Caribbean 32 islands to vacation on, but star first with Puerto Rico US teritory , St. Croix also US St. Thomas also US and then pass judgement on the others, and after that conclude by REAL FACTS what would be the safest destination in the Caribbean…
      Since 1954 when we started well over 28.000.000 if not more visitors from over the whole world visited us and returned home safe except for the ones that had a heart atack or drowned, but you can say that all returned home safe, so maybe we are a safe iskand????? remember the Duck??? if it looks like …. etc???
      Now unfortunately one young lady does not return and an immediate “intelligent: call BOYCOT….
      Waaaaw impressive…..
      What happened with the proud American saying” we dont leave anyone behind” Did you ask the group that came down with Natalee whay they just got up and left??????????? So much for that saying…..
      Ever asked yourself also what is the WASHINGTON connection behind Natalee why did washington ordered
      the FBI immediately to Aruba to assist the local authorities within 48 hours???? Are other Americans not American enough to get the same treatment????? Who is Natalee????????????? What is the Washington connection?????? by the people and for the people?????? clear that part before you make an attempt to tell us what to do….. For your boycot go ahead if pleases you, to each his own , it does not bother me one bit, THE WORLD IS HUGE wayne, grab an Atlas for a change and realize that, Aeroplanes are wonderfull inventions they are faster then steamers, and can go anywher in the world in a relative short time…
      Saludos, from Johnny VM in Aruba….with the real free passport that does not dictate where i can or cannot go…

      Sullivan, ruled that the government does not have to listen or respond to the People’s Petitions for Redress of Grievances.

      Without the Right to a response, the People do not have the Right to Petition. Popular Sovereignty thus becomes a quaint anachronism.

      In essence, a federal District Court has declared its allegiance with Congress and the Executive, which have repeatedly ignored our Petitions. The decision effectively declares that our government is no longer accountable to We the People and that our servant government is unrestricted and untouchable in its pursuit of activities and agendas that are clearly prohibited by our Constitution.

      Accountability contests between a free People and its servant government should always be of a respectful nature and require minimal encroachment or confrontation.

      Unfortunately, Judge Sullivan’s decision is anything but respectful.

      Any reasonable person would agree that the People’s Right To Petition the government for Redress of constitutional torts includes the Right to an honest response. The Right to bring grievances before the government is of no value if the People do not have the Right to a respectful response. Indeed, this is the essence of the Right.

      Listen to the words of Chief Justice Marshall in Marbury v. Madison in 1803, “It cannot be presumed, that any clause in the Constitution is intended to be without effect.”

      Seldom has the Judiciary been so disrespectful of the Rights of People — probably not since the court decision in Plessey v. Ferguson, which held that “Black” people were “separate but equal” — a patently absurd, political decision that was eventually overturned by Brown v. Board of Education.

      It’s one thing for the political branches to deny the Right to Petition, it is an entirely different matter for a federal judge, standing as the Judiciary, to officially sanction the denial.

      As was the case with Martin Luther King, Jr. in Alabama and Ghandi in India, the enhancement of Liberty in any society must come from the efforts of the People.

      The history of man’s struggle for Freedom teaches us to become involved citizens and to become Petitioners when the normal political process no longer meets our needs or fails us entirely.

      Petitioners are first class citizens who, having the courage of their convictions, act as free and thinking people. They rise and engage themselves as involved, responsible citizens to make change where change seems necessary.

      What must a Free People do after Petitioning the Executive and Legislative branches for stepping outside the boundaries drawn around their power by the war making, taxing, property, privacy, money and due process provisions of the Constitution and then witness their government turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to the

    83. Betty on November 21st, 2006 12:28 am

      The say they did everything TO FIND Natalee they had the guilty parties why didn’ they keep those guy’s in jail for as long as it took for them to confess includeing the dad in jail he couldn’t make a living and i belive if they hadn’t let those brothers go the would have told what happen there are holes in all 4 statements. Because you havent heard a word in the news about those brother’s saying any thing where the duth boy walking around so smug he won’t attention he won’ts to be in the news those other boys don’t

    84. Janet on January 16th, 2007 3:53 pm

      83. Betty, Aruba searched for Natalee in the air, on the land and under the sea but … failed to do a forensic search of the main residence and property where two of the suspects in the Natalee Holloway case reside …. the residence where Natalee Holloway was taken to on that fateful night.
      Beth Twitty
      Fox News
      LIVE DESK w/Martha MacCallum
      November 28, 2006
      Beth: Well I think they will always have to look at there were two personnel involved from the Aruban Justice Department and that is why we don’t have any evidence and that’s what Joran’s attorney will have to be reminded of. It’s because of Bob Witt and Ben King stopped the search warrants. It was made to initially search the entire area of Mon. 19 the garden, the buildings and everything but on the spot high ranking employee of the Justice Office Bob Witt reduced the search warrant to only the room of Joran so that’s why we don’t have any evidence because of involvement of the obstruction from the Aruban Justice Department personnel.
      Gerold Dompig – Chief of Police
      48 Hours’ Interview
      Dompig laid out the latest scenario of what happened after Natalee was last seen driving off with van der Sloot and the Kalpoe brothers shortly after 1 a.m. He says investigators think the group did not go to the beach but that they possibly brought Natalie back to the van der Sloots’ home.

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