A Current Affair Interview; Joran Van der Sloot and Beth Twitty’s Reaction (“The entire summer has been a lie”)


Current Affair ran the second part of their interview yesterday and although some of it was repetitious there were a couple of parts that were a bit eye opening. As the AP has reported:

The mother of a missing Alabama teen said Tuesday that a Dutch man was lying when he denied that he and two other youths had sex with the young woman before she disappeared during a trip to Aruba.

“He admitted this to the interrogators,” she said. “He admitted this in front of 10 witnesses in the early morning hours of May 31st of the sexual assault that he committed against Natalee. So, yes, that is a fact.”

In the continuation of the Current Affair interview Beth Twitty states she has seen once again references the statements that Joran Van der Sloot made.

Based on statements she said she saw Joran Van der Sloot admitted to the sex. “Drove to his home, wanted her to come in … had sex with her”.

Aruban officials have not released any of the statements to the public.

Beth Twitty then goes on to say in the interview the accounts of the statements down to the graphic and explicit details of Natalee’s undergarments as well as other graphic details that Beth does not get into.

Joran and co-suspects Deepak & Satish Kalpoe. Got Natalee drunk at the bar, took Natalee from the bar and then sexually assaulted her.

Since such documents have never been released and by Dutch law presumable cannot until the entire investigation or trial is over this presents a puzzling problem of verification. If it is true that Joran made these comments and has such detail of Natalee it brings into question again the fact that he claims not to have sex with her whether it be consensual or not.

Beth Twitty is asked about the FBI and where that investigation stands at this point. The comments that Beth makes are startling. Beth alleges the following in referencing the FBI investigation during the Current Affair interview.


What about the FBI. Beth …? “The entire summer has been a lie”.
The FBI never received a single document in the investigation, audio or taped evidence. The FBI told her when a Dutch Official arrived at Quantico for the expressed purpose of sharing documents no papers or tapes were ever turned over to the Americans.

“The FBI told me they never released the documents, the audio or video tapes evidence to them.”

Beth Twitty then went on to discuss the DNA evidence that was taken from the Kalpoe’s car that has never yet in her words been reported.

“They wanted the DNA because of the fluids they found in the car. They found fluids in the care in back seat of that gray Honda and on the roof.”

Beth claim that an Aruban government official made a statement that blood evidence was found and removed from the Kalpoe’s car. But to date no results have ever been made public.

One of the the more shocking and sad comments of the interview was the anguish, hurt and despair that obviously a parent goes through in losing a child and having no end or beginning as to where the investigation was going. The trauma of being put through the ups and downs of a search and investigation. Beth sadly adds,

“If someone brought her out alive that would shock me at this point”.

“There is no shock value anymore. “That country has dragged me through hell.”

Beth said that Aruban officials put her and her family through episode after episode of torture. Late night emergency phone calls that Natalee was first found safe then that Natalee’s body had been recovered. And all of it ultimately untrue.

“She’s on the side of the road raped and murdered. She’s alive walking down the street with some crack head named Wendi.”

We later learn the Beth Twitty will be going to Holland near where Joran Van der Sloot is going to school to put up missing person’s posters of her daughter, Natalee Holloway. We are left with one final comment.

“The suspects cannot hide from the truth whatever that is”.

Video of interview from the Political Teen

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    42 Responses to “A Current Affair Interview; Joran Van der Sloot and Beth Twitty’s Reaction (“The entire summer has been a lie”)”

    1. GG on September 28th, 2005 11:31 am

      It sounds to me like Beth Twitty (EDIT) is happy to say anything, as long as Aruban officials can’t reveal elements of the investigation. As the only circumstances under which they would be released is a Joran trial, it is win-win for Twatty. If they charge him, she wins, if she doesn’t, she can slander away, without worrying about the Aruban officials saying “Hey, wait a minute here.”

    2. Scared Monkeys on September 28th, 2005 11:41 am


      If they do not ever charge him the documents are released. Not quite the win-win you claim.

      The docs don’t stay under raps forever.


    3. Linda - L.A. on September 28th, 2005 11:52 am

      I watched the second interview. All of you out there that continue to say only Dave looks sad…I am hoping you saw the sadness and torment in Beth’s eyes. Just because someone appears strong on the surface…doesn’t mean they aren’t going through hell inside. I think when this is all over…or at any rate when Beth decides she can’t go any further…we are going to see her finally allow herself to release all of that. If no other part of the interview touched you…it had to touch you when she was asked “What if you didn’t really know Natalee at all?” or something to that effect. She caught her breath like someone had just stuck a knife into her and said she wished she didn’t really know her daughter the way she did. That’s not acting folks…thats real.

      Meanwhile…Joran was giving that interview…and in my opinion…almost appeared to be smirking. I could have mustered some sympathy for all three boys really in the beginning had they come clean about what happened. Not so much sympathy for what they would be going through…more sympathy for three more lives that would be ruined. But the way they have lied and failed to take responsibility over and over…and the way they seem to blame Natalee and Beth for “their problems” makes me want them to be brought to justice…and hard justice…that much more.

      By giving these interviews…these boys are showing once more…but this time for all the world to see…that they will not…and can not do what they are instructed to do. No…they know so much more than everyone else right? Do you really think their attorneys are telling them to go out and give these interviews? Almost like they want to get caught…and maybe subconsciously they do. Would be nice to think they have a conscious…even if its buried very deeply.

      Beth…keep it up…step by step…we are seeing more and more about them. That wouldn’t be happening if you weren’t doing what you are doing. Don’t let the people who are saying they are sick of hearing about this…or that you are hindering the case stop you from doing what you think you should do. Because in the end…whether they are prosecuted or not…at this point…what’s important is that you will feel you did all you could. That point is a private personal matter between you and Natalee…and you’ll know when you reach it.

      As for all of you that are demanding Beth tell you why she isn’t giving money to her ex or asking other personal questions that have nothing to do with the investigation…get a life. Some of the personal questions I’ve read here and elsewhere are so personal that I wonder the motive for asking. She’s looking for her daughter…she’s not running for President. We have no business asking her those types of questions. If you are concerned about the money because you yourself donated to the cause and you feel so badly about her ex…then donate some money to him. But at any rate…put that aside. Its not like she’s out buying cars, homes and a new wardrobe with the money.

    4. Susan on September 28th, 2005 11:58 am

      I think that GG (above) has it wrong about who is happy to say anything! Joran and the Kalpoe brothers have repeatedly lied about the truth. The Aruban officials won’t reveal anything because they are so corrupt and filled with lies themselves. Get a reality check. For what reason, other than to find truth and justice would Beth Twitty have for making statements? She can only go by what statements have been made and the information that she learns from investigators. Get a reality check.
      Please continue to pray for this family and do not travel to Aruba until officials there get to the bottom of this and return Natalee to her family.

    5. bizman12 on September 28th, 2005 11:59 am

      It appears that the ones who put Beth through hell this summer is Beth herself along with Jossy,Jug,TJ Ward and the others who were so willing to go on camera with scenario after scenario.

      It would seem that Beth would acknowledge that she is personally responsible for most of the high and low point of the past summer.She personally endorsed every one of the witch hunts by associating herself with such antics.

      It is all so obvious that she thinks she and Jug are the main investigators in the case as is evident from the time they landed on the island.

      I think the prosecutor has plenty of backbone and Jug is simply teed off because it is now obvious that the prosecutor has not bought into his and Beth’s endless theories.The prosecutor has a job to do and it is good to know that she is doing it.

      So what if the prosecutor asked early on in the investigation about Natalee’s home life.It is her job to follow up on all possibilities and then re check and re interview all family members as many times as it takes to clear them.

      To this point there has not been a thorough investigation into the family or any of the others who were on the trip.It is about time that such is at least being explored.So Jug simply needs to accept that he and anyone else who was part of Natalee’s life before,during and after Natalee’s disappearance will have to be eliminated as suspects.If he or anyone else does not have a part in her disappearance then what do they have to worry about.They need to line up in Mountain Brook and submit to polygraphs and interrogations so they can be eliminated as potential suspects.

      Kudos to Karin Janseen for being brave enough to do her job and and look at all other possibilities.

      Afterall she has been doing exactly what Beth and Jug have requested for months now and no evidence has surfaced,so what do they expect the prosecution to do?Go back and relive the past where they will come up with the same answer.

      Jug does not have a clue but it is obvious that he is highly offended that the prosecutor is thinking outside of the box,you know maybe she just got tired of eating the same ole bullcrap that they were serving on their so called silver platter that they offered up as they claim from the very first night.It is irrelevant what his posse says since it would only be a ditto of what he and Beth say.

      Karin Janseen will see this through to the end and sooner or later whoever is responsible will surface.At least she is obligated to her office to explore all leads and theories,not just the ones that are Twiity approved.

    6. WHAT???? on September 28th, 2005 12:14 pm

      I personally think she has every right to say what she feels, what she believes. What if that was YOUR daughter? Who are you? Do you live in Aruba? Are you friends with them? You must be to think this way. UNBELIVEABLE!!!

    7. Mezcal on September 28th, 2005 12:22 pm

      For the sole reason to get the media’s attention. As soon as something terrible happens (hurricanes) and the media attention is turned on these events, she sais Aruban and Dutch government is abusing these events to cover everything up. And as soon as things quiet down a little she comes out making a lot of statements which can’t be checked. And the statements which can be checked, won’t be checked. How difficult would it be for a CNN, or any other network, reporter to pick up the phone, call a spokes person of the FBI and ask them, whether the FBI got cooporation from the Aruban government or not. Ask them if they think there is a cover up going on, anything! They can give this kind of information without jeopardizing the case. And if they won’t, please tell us in your show “we called the FBI, but they were not willing to comment”.


    8. Sleuth on September 28th, 2005 12:33 pm


      It will never be a win-win for Beth. She has lost her daughter.


    9. GG on September 28th, 2005 12:36 pm

      The thing is, for the first time we saw Joran as a human being, rather than a cipher in canned footage of him in handcuffs, and he did just fine. Just fine. So much so that Beth and her minions have to claim that he was lying at every turn. He had lied. He admitted it. Sorry, it doesn’t make him a killer, after seeing Joran unshackled and ungagged, it is likely that fewer people think he is a killer today, than did a week ago.

      A few more “ambushes” and Beth will be down to her hard core . . .

    10. scott schmidt on September 28th, 2005 12:51 pm

      the whole of the matter is sickening. with all the thugs in and around our country, can’t one or two of them just get a HOLD of these boys and get the truth out?
      i mean, come on already— a little twisting in the back room and a little tweeking should get some thing out of one of them.
      i would be willing to donate to that fund.

    11. commonsense on September 28th, 2005 12:59 pm

      Susan – don’t say the the three boys have repeatedly lied about the truth. We don’t know what the truth is. Just because BHT says something, that does not make it fact.
      So now our amatuer detective Beth is going to Holland to put up Natalee posters. She needs to give up this act. If I was the Holland government, I would not allow her entry. Joran is not under arrest. He is not guilty of anything. So she should not be allowed to harass him, or anyone for that matter. What would she do if the Kalpoe brothers can to Alabamba and started camping across the road from twitty house???

    12. Shelly on September 28th, 2005 1:29 pm

      You go Beth! Go to Holland and make Joran’s life living hell like yours has been for the last 3+ months. He can run but he can’t hide! It’s so typical of PVDS to be in Holland with Joran instead of Anita. Just like the night of May 30th. Did anyone think for a second that Joran was going to be a “good boy” once he got out of Aruba? NOT!

      When your done in Holland Beth, please go back to Aruba and do the same to the lying Kalpoe brothers and their Mother whom condones LYING!

      May God bless you and your family and keep the faith. Prayers for NATALEE!

    13. Dave on September 28th, 2005 1:47 pm

      we do have a right if we have donated to finding St Nat.
      Id like to know where my $$ are going or went
      I did NOT donate so she can fly to NYC and be ion every TV Tabloid show known to man so she can try and destroy the subjects of her choice.
      I dontated to help her find her daughter
      What she is doing now is not looking for her daughter but trying to destroy others on behalf of her daughter. I doubt her daughter would want to destroy Joran considering she left with him and before that invited him to do jello shots off of her body

    14. Jim Hanson on September 28th, 2005 1:57 pm

      To GG — I’m wondering exactly what frame of mind you were in when you posted your thoughts about this being a “contest” for Beth Twitty. I can only speculate that this is the way you think at all times, so if you’d like to compare this ordeal of hers AS a contest, “win and lose”, look at this way you thoughtless twerp: There IS no winner. Beth lost period at the end of May this year when her daughter went missing.

      Do you feel better now GG?

    15. A on September 28th, 2005 2:08 pm

      Donations to the trust fund do NOT go to pay Beth’s travel expenses. So, sorry Dave, Beth doesn’t owe you any explanation at all. Trust funds are controlled by a board of trust officers under the auspices of the State’s Attorney General.

      Beth’s community has held fundraiser after fundraiser, Courtney Cox did the auction from her community and even her hometown in Arkansas held a big fundraiser to defray the cost of her travel expenses.

      The rest are on Jug’s credit cards as he stated long ago. Don’t think he would have said that if not true for might make all those falsely claiming to have provided accommodations stop doing so. They weren’t and the BOR show called one Reuben on it big time, not even so much as a car for her to use in Aruba.

      So, Dave, unless you feel you have any business in Jug’s credit card bills, the money you donated to the trust fund is still there for only those designated expenses. You could ask for a refund if you think you didn’t get your money’s worth. I am sure they would comply. And I’d watch the slander claiming misappropriation of funds like that.

    16. WHAT???? on September 28th, 2005 2:14 pm

      (Dave) when did the jello shot think come up? is that new or did i miss it???

    17. Andy on September 28th, 2005 2:19 pm

      Dave Dave Dave…. I’ve been checking this forum off and on and I can’t figure out why you even care to post. This is a forum dedicated to helping solve the NH missing person case and help report the facts. Not to belittle and demean not only her family, but her memory. I knew Natalie growing up since I live in Birmingham and Know Beth’s Family very well. While she wasn’t a goody two shoes she never would, in her right mind, let 3 guys gang bang her – drunk or no drunk. What you are saying about her Natalie’s mother and her grief is beyond me and I have to believe that their is another reason why you are being so negative. Then again you might just be a real “penis”(censored for the kiddies). We will let the Monkeys decide ehh?

      PS – I know you wont be able to resist replying so if you having something smart and witty that you have been thinking of and carefully crafting into the perfect comment I must save you the trouble. I don’t really care what you think, I’m really just tired of hearing you cry about how you gave 5 dollars and now your mad that you can’t buy another pack of smokes cause your a dead beat loser who does nothing more than read peoples posts and make them feel stupid – grow up and get a life – ohh wait – too late – your life sucks.

    18. Linda - L.A. on September 28th, 2005 2:37 pm

      Well Dave…what can I say??? You donated money to help her find her daughter…in her opinion…whether its your or not…this is helping to find her daughter. If you would like your money back…I’ll bet they would be willing to return it. On the other hand…maybe the next time you donate money you should have all your “rules” agreed to beforehand.

      So are we really back to Natalee deserves what she got because she left with him and invited him to do jello shots? Are you serious???? So if you meet a girl or woman in a club and she leaves with you or asks you if you want to do jello shots…do you then feel justified in forcing her to have sex while she’s unconscious?

      I find it very sad that so many men…let alone women…have the mentality that its too bad what happened but she asked for it. Natalee was not a saint. No one is a saint. So she had some drinks…and now all of a sudden she’s a slut? I wish I could return your money to you because you obviously didn’t donate it with your heart. You donated it under your terms only. Once they do something different from what you think they should…you resent giving the money. My advice…don’t donate in the future to any cause at all…unless of course its your own defense for misreading a woman’s intentions.

    19. Susan on September 28th, 2005 3:57 pm

      I am appalled at what some people are saying here. Beth is never a winner here….she lost her daughter. Do you guys live in Aruba? Who are your friends and relatives?
      Have some heart!

    20. Scared Monkeys on September 28th, 2005 5:12 pm


      No personal attacks. We will delete both personal attacks and ridiculous attacks against people. This is not a hate sight.

      Have a respectable debate or add something constructive. if you cannot then move on.

    21. bizman on September 28th, 2005 5:17 pm

      Has one of my posts been deleted?

      I have not made any personal attacks,I have not said anything any worse than anyone else.If my post was offensive lease tell me what was offensive about it.

      (BM – I do not think a post was intentionally deleted, sometimes it does occur because it gets caught in the spam deletion)

    22. JJB on September 28th, 2005 5:45 pm

      People listen up. Try to get through all tne BS and ask. Why was Natalee probably killed? Who had the most to lose if Natalee recognized that person and why? This was premeditated gang rape; not premeditated murder. Sometime during her drugged stupor Natalee was probably awake long enough to recognize and identify that person. Not Joran or the brothers. They were already seen with her. Someone who probably then offered to take her to the Hotel and had his way with her, maybe alone and by himself. And because of the position of the person this drama will never unfold, it will continue to be whitewashed and covered up. Also all the areas that were searched are red herrings. Check the caves.

    23. Dave on September 28th, 2005 6:22 pm

      Fundraisers are the same thing as donating
      Hey now all we have heard is how Beth and Jug are just middle class to upper middle class…..No upper middle class person is putting the last 4 months of hotel and travel expenses on their credit cards.
      Dont be so naive. Donations are what is fueling this fire right now

      What- the jello shot came up when it was mentioned to Beths mom re the ca interview if in fact she had seen pictures of nat at c-c drinking and having jelo shots done off of her. She acknowleged that she in fact had…. then went on to call for joran to be arrested because he was a minor and bought her a shot
      excpet what joran said was that Nat ordered the booze lol so that isnt going anyplace
      actually joran is a minor and NH is an adult…so in fact NH could be charged with statuary rape… (sex w/a minor) if in fact they had sex.

    24. Paula J on September 28th, 2005 6:26 pm

      This is my first post ever on any blog regarding Natalee Holloway. I have followed “Scared Monkeys” since early on in the investigation to find Natalee. It has been so very informative for myself (and others who may not have access to Cable TV) because we live in a rural area where Cable still doesn’t reach. I do have DSL through my phone Co. so I faithfully watch every clip of video provided by this wonderful blog.

      Today I just finished watching the provided blog re: part 2 of “Current Affair’s” interview with Beth and her comments re: Joran. I am left wordless with some of the callous remarks that are posted here trying to belittle Beth and the memory (may be all they have left) of Natalee. Our son is 28 and daughter is 24. Let me assure you I would do nothing less than Beth and Dave are doing to get to the bottom of what, why, where- should either of them disappear seemingly from the face of the Earth. Also let me assure you that I would NEVER shield my son from any or all consequences should he ever find himself in such a situation.

      There are two tidbits that my 83 year old dad taught me while I was growing up. They still ring true at my ripe old age of 52. They Are:
      “There are some people in the world that are here as perfect examples of how NOT to be.” and “If you can’t find something nice to say about someone, it’s best to say nothing at all.”

      Thank you “Scared Monkeys” for your very informative and up-to-date forum.

    25. Kate on September 28th, 2005 7:16 pm

      I have to make one more response to Dave, and then I plan to begin ignoring him. Dave, after all the terrible things that you have said about Natalee and Beth, I have a difficult time believing that you donated a penny to finding Natalee, so I guess you DON’T have a right to know where a stinking penny is being spent.

      And, Tom and Red, I personally am tired of Dave being allowed to disrespect Natalee (or any other person) on numerous blogs, by referring to her in derogatory manners, such as “St. Nat”, and worse. Ridiculing Natalee’s reputation has nothing to do with the current blog of “A Current Affair Interview; Joran Van der Sloot and Beth Twitty’s Reaction (“The entire summer has been a lie”).

    26. oneyka on September 28th, 2005 7:50 pm

      Susan: your post is a very nice and reasonable one. You spoke all the words I would have said.
      And this GG and this Dave, should not even post anything anywhere, they are so hateful, cheap and mean!
      Mrs. Twitty and her husband seems to be very decent persons, who have lost a daughter and the jerks are walking free, including the sweaty father. The funds for Dave and Beth are separate, they are divorced, Dave Holloway is doing things his way and Beth are doing her thing the way she seems fit. They both have separate families, so why Beth should share with Dave? He also has his own fund raising site and method.
      Leave this people alone, restrain yourselves from coming public with this stupid mean remarks. Yeah! Dave, your $5.00 donation probably paid for everything Beth is doing! I hope they give you a refund, they have nothing to thank you for!

    27. none on September 28th, 2005 7:59 pm

      Perhaps the reason why no evidence was found was because the aruba officials waited 2 weeks to arrest and begin searching for natalee??? Just a hunch here.

    28. dianne on September 28th, 2005 9:12 pm

      I would NEVER NEVER NEVER go to Aruba. How can anyone vacation there and feel safe. I think the whole thing about it being a safe island is a lie. They probably cover up all crimes the same way the cover up the Natalee case. Even if Joran was not the person that killer her, the way the police investigated the crime is a total joke. Crooked Crooked Crooked… boycott Aruba for your own safety!

    29. Hyscience on September 28th, 2005 10:53 pm

      HarryTho’s Wednesday Night Natalee Holloway Update

      As I reviewed Joran van der Sloot’s interview with Current Affair, there was one thing that glared out at me.

    30. Sylvia on September 28th, 2005 10:59 pm

      what you are seeing in Beths face is a Mother that Loves her Daughter so much that it is driving her to do everything on earth to find her. More Mothers should be like Beth. I think Natalee is a lucky girl to have parents like Dave and Beth.

    31. Linda in L.A. on September 29th, 2005 6:49 am

      Paula J…thank you!!!

    32. jeannie on September 29th, 2005 9:20 am

      i watched the rita cosby program & see where beth has a new invetergator & i thoght here we go again
      i dont care how many different lawyers or investergators she hires the answers are always going to be the same NO EVIDENCE
      i believe she is getting incorrect informations as so many thinge she has said are unfounded
      when asked by abrams & greta about the last three statements she had if they were siged or taped ?beth said she didint know
      you cant be saying things you are not sure of
      i also watched dave holloway on gretas program —what a difference he is so sincere –he isint throwing out false information
      what i do see is the twittys not sharing anything with him
      i truely believe if this case gets solved it will be dave that will do it
      so beth can use the donations to fly all over the country claiming she is doing all she can to find her daughter
      will someone please tell me how all the talk shows can find natalee?
      the world knows she is missing it is four months i think beth needs to take lessons from dave

    33. don katzman on September 29th, 2005 10:38 am

      I was reading my E-mail this morning >I get the gretawire from greta van sustern itsaid if the holloway family did not start acting right they were going to stop the investagation ! this is what they are wanting to do all along . They hope to sweep it under the carpet and hope it goes away . I say bring them over to the Usa and get real Justice and get them away from the corrupt Dutch goverment where Joran father has pull !Go beth !

    34. Dave on September 29th, 2005 11:12 am

      Just as an fyi
      I dontated plentry pf money to her cause
      you dont know me and i dont know you. The amt ive donated personaly is in the for figures. How much have you donated???
      That was way before she started presenting things as facts that are just not facts and this is what my point is. If you cant deal with that or see that Beth has been presenting things as absolute facts that turn out to be her opinion and her opinion only I feel very sad for you that you cant deal with the truth.
      Lord knows that anything joran says is analiyzed word for word to find something that he has supposedly changed…..Try holding Beth to the same yard stick. Her facts turn out to not be facts
      as Dave said last night on Greta. The only think that they knpw for sure is that NH left with JVDS… That is the only real fact they know. Everythinbg else is pure fuction and speculation

    35. Jackie on September 29th, 2005 11:23 am

      A_ _

      I’ll bet that donation you are pissing and moaning about didn’t even happen. You just want some attention and use the pain of other people to get it. So what if Joran ( prounounced Urine) was a minor, there is no age limit on rape. If a vicious 17 year old decided he wanted you and did, would you plea his case because he was a minor, how about a 6′ 2″ strappling 17 year old minor and his 2 little pee-wee sidekicks. You are an (EDIT) and I am not sure I am any smarter by giving you a little attention. when you GIVE something (if you did, I doubt it) you give it, you don’t snatch it back and say hey that was mine where did it go. So what if she bought the drinks, that didn’t give any of them the right to lie about where they dropped her off and have 2 innocent men arrested. They LIED about where they took her, THEN they said a DARK man approached her. MEANING in case you don’t get it, that they are racist, implying a black man approached her. For the life of me, I can’t understand why those 2 security guards did not file charges, but then again, maybe they are scared and maybe that is enough of what the Aruban authorities are like to open your blind eyes. As for the files not being released until the investigation is over! THEY LET THEM GO, IT IS OVER! What’s left? Time to proofread everything and destroy what they need to so that their integrity will be protected as well as the three supects? I think you fit nicely into the aruban govt DAVE why don’t you go live there? We will not miss you in the USA. Take your likenesses with you PLEASE!

    36. cheryl on September 29th, 2005 12:38 pm

      Aruba, stopped listening to B.H she no longer has the support there, i dont fault beth for what she had to say about aruba but i do have a problem with the way she seems to think that she knows it all ,none of us was there we do not know what happened that nite, she defeated her own purpose of ever finding out what happened to her daughter so now she is off to holland and again she will end up having bad relations in holland because of what i know Holland is ready for BH ,and i will assure you that they will not be as gentle as Aruba tried to be as i said before NONE OF US WAS THERE THAT NITE

    37. cheryl on September 29th, 2005 1:29 pm

      dave what is a jello shot???? i really dont know!!!

    38. Jackie on September 29th, 2005 7:30 pm

      3 people plus Natalee were there. Beth has voiced no more than the rest of the people who follow this case. She knows what is obvious and what the 3 have already admited, they were the last ones to see NH alive. This bunk about leaving her on the beach safe and sound is as truthful as dropping her off at the hotel safe and sound. Open your eyes. The 3 lied and have been lying. Obstructing justice, making false accusations, delaying the case for days, the aruban authorities believed that the black guys were involved before they believed that the Justice white boy was involved, Why? because black grownups are more likely to commit a crime. Authrities delayed this case as well. They arrested 2 innocent men and did nothing to progress the case while they held them. It wasn’t until the media and BETH stepped in that they even took DNA from the car. So give me a break with your “she had bad relations in Aruba and Holland will not be so gentle” do you think Beth cares what they think of her at this point? Her daughter is gone, search parties were looking for her in a dump for God’s sake. This woman wants justice and she deserves it, what would this world be without it? Aruba? People talk of boycotting Aruba, other people say the people of Aruba are great and it is not their fault and they should not have to suffer. Aruba is their people, and if the people allow a corrupt govt in office then the consequences to them are from their govt not from a woman who lost a daughter and wants answers, and deserves answers. Beth Twitty is putting her life on hold, her reputation on ice, and her heart, well, what’s left of it into finding her daughter. Shame on anyone who questions that. She has been privy to information and statements that none of the rest of us has been, maybe that is why she feels she ‘knows it all’ as you call it. She knows more than you do. She has seen the statements, they lied and keep changing their stories, they obstucted justice and made false statements, resulting in 2 innocent men being arrested, the Aruban govt knowing this let them go just when they were starting to talk. The consequences of the Aruban people from this case is not from the actions of Beth Twitty, it is from action of the the elected officials of Aruba to protect one of their own and put every tourist who goes to Aruba in danger. Wasn’t a GOOD friend of Daddy Sloot who owed the Sloot family a favor involved in the searches and the gathering of evidence involved? If this was your loved one would you want a good buddy of the investigated person handling the evidence? Natalee Holloway is not the only one who has disappeared in Aruba, do your homework. See how it was handled otherwise. Maybe Aruba used to be a safe, happy, Island to go to, but not anymore, maybe Natalee was killed, or kidnapped by someone else, as you say we were not there, the point is she is gone and she disappeared from Aruba, so how safe a place is Aruba?

    39. Chris on September 29th, 2005 8:21 pm

      I feel absolutely awful for the Holloways and Twittys, but I have to admit that the interview – A Current Affair’s dance with blowing the lid off of this thing – has left me with a lot of doubt as to whether Joran is responsible for Natalee’s being missing. And part of what makes me feel for them is the fact that they probably expected a lot out of the show, and instead, someone who looked like he got his journalism degree via graduate equivilency conducted the interview…

      We’ve all seen interviews where the person being questionned more or less runs the show, but this was an 18 year old kid. And the guy asking the questions is part of a television tabloid – the button pushers of the world!! Either van der Sloot’s a better liar as a teenager than anyone else is with 5 times the amount of practice, or there’s some merit to at least some of the claims he’s making.

      And then couple with his confidence the fact that there’s no trace evidence (even though he was questionned and followed non-stop from 7 hours after seeing her on), the fact that ANY kid his age would lie if told that the girl he just left alone on a beach is missing, and the fact that the Aruban LE – which regards civil liberties as less important than the US does – has released this guy with no conditions (while also having interviewed him for 116 days), it’s gotta make you wonder – could he simply be guilty of being less than chivalrous, as opposed to being guilty of murder?

      Either way, I’m not sold. But if sitting as a juror, and listenning to all of what the media has thrown out there (which is, undoubtedly, about three times what would actually make it into evidence at trial), I had to determine guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, I couldn’t even come close to convicting.

    40. Cheyenne on September 30th, 2005 11:57 pm

      I am so amazed to see so many that actually believe everything the media has spoon fed them on this case. I am also shocked at how speculations, rumors, twists and embellishments are taken and swallowed as truth so easily.

      The only fact that anyone knows concerning Natalee Holloway is that she is still missing. There has not been on shred of verifiable evidence shown in this case. None. Yet so many have their heads filled with so much junk that it has become toxic waste.

      There is no evidence that Natalee was raped or even had sex willingly. There is nothing there either way. The truth does not change as we know it and the way it is known today there isnt proof of anything about Natalee. She could be alive and well……she could be alive and kidnapped or she could be deceased. That is our options here that is all we have because to this very day the truth is we know nothing.

      I see allegations that Joran lied.. really? He did? And how would we know if he did? Have you seen the statements he made to ALE? I didn’t think so. Dont you ever stop and think that Joran knew that the ALE would hear about the tape and check him out to see if he still remains consistent in his story? Of course he knew. Have you heard that he now has been rearrested because he “lied”! LOL Of course not because he hasn’t been. That ought to tell the average bear something. His story remains consistent, his lawyer has repeatedly said the same thing but I know lol…….what would he know, right? lol

      I wonder where someone’s common sense and logic has gone. Do we really think any grieving mother on this green Earth would withhold vital evidence concerning her daughter’s disappearance. Why is the cold hard truth so hard for some to take?

      After four months no one, not even Beth or Dave knows what happened to Natalee. There is no evidence in this case. I am not even sure Natalee is dead, she may not be. Hopefully one day the mystery will be answered.

    41. ck1innm on October 3rd, 2005 2:03 am

      I have followed this story from day one—My heart goes out to Natalee’s family—–I feel for Beth and think that she should continue on–even if it means going to Holland,or anywhere else the VanderSloot family runs off to! I also can’t help thinking that Joran’s ‘papa’ knows exactly what happened to Natalee!And for those of you that make the negetive comments about finding Natalee– it’s obvious that you have never been a MOM!

    42. Scared Monkeys » » Beth Twitty: “Forensics were never done at the primary residence of the Van der Sloot home” on October 3rd, 2005 1:32 pm

      [...] s ever examined or tested? This coupled with Beth Twitty’s other comment that “The FBI never received a single document in the investigation, audio or taped evidence“. More from t [...]

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