Police Stop Calling Ben Fawley ‘Person of Interest’ in Behl Case. Really? Or Did They?


In a situation that sounds all too familiar, the AP is reporting that Richmond Police no longer consider a 38-year-old Richmond man a person of interest in the disappearance of Virginia Commonwealth University freshman Taylor Behl.

Richmond police spokeswoman Cynthia Price says police initially called Ben Fawley a person of interest in Behl’s case because they wanted to interview him. But they’ve done that, and NO longer classify him as such.

Last week, police said they had several persons of interest in the case. Price says that now they have none.

Fawley was arraigned Monday on 16 counts of possession of child pornography and ordered held without bond. Police raided Fawley’s apartment last week and took several computers and C-s, according to a search warrant.

As also reported by NBC4 it could be a matter of semantics rather than anything else. No really really believes that Ben Fawley really isn’t a suspect in the disappearance of Taylor Behl do they?

However police spokeswoman Kirsten Nelson said it’s a matter of semantics. She said Fawley is still someone police are interested in and that he’s “still a part of this case.”

Police said Fawley was initially called a person of interest because they wanted to interview him.

However, unlike the comparable case of missing teen Natalee Holloway, Benjamin “Skulz” Fawley, is held in jail without bond on other charges. The noticeable difference from the well publicized Aruba case is that authorities have held “Skulz” on other charges while most are sure they will be questioning him on the disappearance of Taylor Behl. Maybe Aruban authorities could have done the same with other charges as well?

Bond denied for man who knows Behl. He is held on child-pornography charges; search for student goes on.

Benjamin “Skulz” Fawley, 38 — a “person of interest” in the Richmond Police Department’s criminal investigation into Behl’s disappearance — was denied bond after appearing in Richmond Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court on 16 counts of possession of child pornography.

Senior Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney Mike Jagels said Fawley was in possession of sexually explicit movies depicting young children with adults when police search his home on Sept. 16.

Jagels told Judge Kimberly O’Donnell that there may be as many as 30 movie files discovered on computers confiscated from Fawley’s apartment, “some depicting acts with minors as young as 1 or 2 years old,” and others featuring “individuals 10 to 14 years old.”

However, The Richmond Times Dispatch does seem to continue to be referring to Ben Fawley as a “person of interest”.

The search for Taylor Marie Behl enters its fourth week today with a “person of interest” in the investigation into her disappearance in jail on unrelated charges and teams of police and family members growing increasingly concerned for her safety.

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    8 Responses to “Police Stop Calling Ben Fawley ‘Person of Interest’ in Behl Case. Really? Or Did They?”

    1. suniskye on September 27th, 2005 9:41 pm

      They also stated tonite that Ben collected license plates as a hobby. I find that interesting since Taylor’s car was found with stolen license plates on it.

    2. matty on October 2nd, 2005 12:26 am

      i feel like this guy did it from the beginning, i mean, come on now, they found her belongings she was last seen in , in his apt on hancock st in richmond, va. her necklace and her clothing and weapons and some other demented items he had.
      i have been followint this case from the beginning. i almost feel like i know her even though i do not. i have compassion for her and her family and feel like this sicko
      did take her life and i hate him although it isn’t proven that he did it. i strongly as though he did and obviously the police must feel the same way or they wouldn’t have
      called him a ” person of interest” as long as they did. i hope if they find him guilty, and he did indeed do this, that he fries………to a crisp. she seemed like a really sweet girl and he ruined her life…..or took it, whichever they prove. this is how i feel.

    3. tipi on October 4th, 2005 11:04 am

      I find it very interesting that Ohio tags were found on Behl’s car and that fawley had a P.O. box 70 Middleburg, Ohio 43336 in 1993.

    4. tipi on October 4th, 2005 11:05 am

      I find it very interesting that Ohio tags were found on Behl’s car and that fawley had a P.O. box 70 Middleburg, Ohio 43336 in 1993.

    5. Kim on October 6th, 2005 1:09 pm

      As a former student of VCU and a very concerned mother! I am just curious what a 38 year old man is doing with a 17 year old child? If it looks like a duck, it usually is. I hope this sick pervert get’s the death penality, my prayers do go out to the family of sweet Tyler. It is a sad time in here in Richmond when you can’t send your child to school without predators lurking around to hurt , abuse and kill our children!

    6. alice kelly on October 7th, 2005 5:02 pm

      I am trying to figure out exactly who Taylor was with on the night she disappeared. First the law said she had a date with Fawley, then they showed this other guy on tv last night that she supposedly had a date with the night she disappeared. Plus I heard she had a boyfriend. Just how many guys was she dating at once??
      I know they found her body in an area that Fawley was familiar with so now I reckon he’s the best “person of interest” that they have now.
      I don”t know why he would have killed her except for maybe she wanted to end their relationship, whatever that was.
      I feel bad for her family knowing she died in such a horrible way.

    7. Ann on October 12th, 2005 2:51 am

      VCU needs to crack down on what goes on in their dorms. Had her room mate not asked her to leave so that she could sleep with her boyfriend in the dorm room…she may have been able to survive long enough to figure out that fawley was a loser and a weirdo. And what’s up with the weird ex-girlfriend of fawley who knows the area in michaels county as well. she could possibly be in on the whole thing too. if they were both into the goth skulls thing…it could be a killing that they committed together. Another thing…the bogus kidnapping story fawley came up with…where was this dirt road he was allegedly kidnapped and taken to the night taylor dissappeared? From what they’ve said on the news, Taylors body was found off of a dirt road…They need to put him and whoever else was involved in this horrific crime under the prison…

    8. Cousin on October 26th, 2005 1:36 pm

      Well i guess this site isnt interested in the truth. I posted my thoughts about Ben before and they were not posted. I guess any comments that do not benefit this site or fuels anger towards Ben is not worhty of posting. All this people saying” I wish he fries” have no ie\dea of what it like. Because he is into death and decay, has a violent past, he has a knack for disguise, he has a history of mental illness, and that he hangs out with people younger than him. Well , i just described a large portion of america. So i guess that means that there are millions of people who are suspects in this murder if you want to go by his description.

      As far as the Ohio thing goes, yes he has roots in ohio. I am his Second Cousin. He is the son of my grandmothers sister. He was adopted out into a different family.

      Now for the porn charges. HE HAS ROOMMATES. Did any of you stop for a single second and think that just maybe one of his roommates downloaded those items. There is no actual proof that he himself downloaded those objects.

      Most people do not realize that he has mental problems and mabe he himself is confused about what happened. I am just like him and i know how it feels to have mental disabilities.

      So before nayone judges him you need to stop and look at all the facts, not just the ones that will make him look “evil” or “sick” or “perverted”.

      I know this probably wont get posted but im tired of people nailing Ben for his problems without even trying to understand. I am just like him and i take as offense to myself when you insult him. So you call him sick or perverted, or evil… then you are talking to me. So if this does get posted, do something you probably havent done yet… think about the case and have an open mind.

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