Dave Holloway; you know, when you lie, it`s really hard to remember what you lied about


Last night on CNN and Nancy Grace, Dave Holloway gave further thoughts and opinions on what he thought of Joran Vander Sloot’s interview with a Current Affair.

Well, apparently he has lied a number of times and, you know, when you lie, it`s really hard to remember what you lied about, so it is apparent that, you know, he`s lying again.

So what good was the statement? I don`t know. I read through it myself. There was one question, what do you have to say to the American people. And he said, I don`t have anything to say to the American people, you know, which tells me that he`s all in it for himself and trying to cover up for the Deepak and Kalpoe brothers.

GRACE: Well, you know, from what I read of it, he seems to be blaming Natalee, like it was her fault that she had too much to drink and then somehow went missing, with him.

HOLLOWAY: Well, I`ve read about criminal pasts and this type stuff, and part of the process is to belittle your victim, demean their reputation and all that kind of stuff, so that doesn`t surprise me. You know, Deepak and Satish did the exact same thing.

The fact that Joran Van der Sloot initially lied about the bringing of Natalee back to the Holiday Inn makes no sense and Dave Holloway picks up on the theme. Its also rather pathetic that Joran would attempt to demean the reputation of a missing girl that is most likely deceased. Harris Faulkner of a “CURRENT AFFAIR makes an interesting observation regarding Joran Van der Sloot and his inability “to the handle the truth”.

At one point in the interview, which, by the way, goes more than 30 minutes, he puts his backpack on the ground and says you know what, there is no need for me to run, let me just talk.

Some of the things that happened during that interview, and you know, because you`re an attorney, you know, you`ve been around the block, Nancy, one of the things that happened during this interview is a glimpse of what investigators must have been seeing all along in this case. Do you know that this kid on camera contradicts himself several times about some really important stuff –

(Full transcript)

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    14 Responses to “Dave Holloway; you know, when you lie, it`s really hard to remember what you lied about”

    1. Mezcal on September 27th, 2005 6:37 pm

      It seems to me that he just gave his version of what happened that night. I don’t see any attacks. He even tells the reporter that he thought she was attractive. And everything he said has been confirmed by the MB kids.

      The fact that he has changed his story is nothing new either, so I don’t know why Nancy is getting all that excited about that. And why is nobody trying to get some witnesses of that evening, simply to check out if it is true what he tells us about that night in C & C’s. Nobody checks anything in those damn programs.

    2. Scott on September 27th, 2005 7:20 pm

      you must be a very good friend of joran and drinking the same koolaid! please
      take the blinders off!

    3. Kate on September 27th, 2005 8:02 pm

      Mezcal, so what if she was doing Jello shots at the bar? Who cares? Is this important news to reveal on these “damn programs?” No!

      The bottom line is that, no matter how she acted at the bar, she DID NOT DESERVE to be raped and murdered.

      But, ppl like you do not want to hear the news that IS important…such as the fact that Joran lied to police, his parents, the Twitty’s, and everyone else he meets (if it’s in his best interest).

    4. sandy leiva on September 27th, 2005 8:30 pm

      Papa van der sloot is trying to get his son off the rape hook. The aruban judges will let him do that because they are hiding something. Go back to the ist statement made by Mrs sloot. very different deameanor, teary scared and i daresay dissapointed in her son joran. Then the Kalpo mother says I pray that his girl will be alive. Do these mothers know something else. Is the referal to thiese statements something like Nat is alive but not here. Then Mrs sloots recent statement Hang him but that will not bring NH back. Same thread again. Is this child lost in the aruban underworld and what hand does van der straten play in this. Mrs sloot is practically screamin out when she said go back to the begining you are looking in the wrong place. SAme thread …..does she know more???? Start back at the begining with van der straten, something is fishy there. The islanders seem more upset about lack of tourism than the lack of the truth in this case. Hhmmmmmmmmm. That the vander sloots and kalpos have thier hand in it…Definitly….that they know more……definitly….that pap sloot wants Joran cleared at all costs…..definitly…that official on island will let him….Seems to be the big coverup ……WHY………………………………………………………

    5. suniskye on September 27th, 2005 9:29 pm

      Joran just gave a different story of what he says happened that night. And, during the interview I counted 3X that he contradicted himself in the 5 minute segment that I viewed (A Current Affair tonite). He is trying to make it seem he had no interest and that Natalee was the aggressor. It is easy to do that when she is not here to defend herself and the only person left to do that for her is her mother.

      I would have liked the interviewer to have asked just one question of him. I would have liked her to ask him why he felt it necessary to lie to all of the MB students when he first met them and told them that he was visiting Aruba from Holland and staying at the Holiday Inn. I would have liked the interviewer to have least asked a question that would have made him have to think. Unfortunately, they let him talk and nearly give a statement. They did not question anything really of importance. Oh they did ask if he had sex. Being the actor he is he handled that question pretty well and composed. However, he gave 3 different answers in 5 minutes time.

    6. Hyscience on September 28th, 2005 12:19 am

      HarryTho Tuesday Night Natalee Holloway Update And Commentary

      Jerry only mentioned two alarming revelations: 1) Joran admitted that the three agreed to lie about the real drop-off, and 2)….

    7. GG on September 28th, 2005 6:22 am

      I don’t think either Joran’s comments or Beth’s interview blitz changed any hearts or minds.

    8. Dave on September 28th, 2005 8:06 am

      Anybody watch Jug on Greta last night?
      No wonder Nat ran away and doesnt want to be found
      Nice to see that LE is asking some tough questions
      Hmmmmmm they ask Jug tough questions and the guy has pretty much disapeared..
      Wonder just why that is?????
      Look in Alabama….All the answers are there.

      I am curious. Does Scared Monkeys advocate and support this way that the Twittys are going about trying to get answers to finding their daughter?
      Is this the way that Scared Monkeys thinks every unsolved missing person case should be solved

      Also notice that the REAL MSM like ABC, CBS and NBC have dropped this baloney like a hot potatoe…Its only fox and the other tabloid cable shows that keep acting as Mrs T’s personal mouthpiece

    9. Martijn on September 28th, 2005 8:57 am

      So sad that so many Americans have an opinion ready about what happened there, while none of them know what really happened. The Boys were released because there was no plausible reason to keep them, that should say enough! It’s time that people look the other way.

    10. Mezcal on September 28th, 2005 10:35 am

      Real mature Scotty!! You must be one of those intelligent people who “saw the truth right from the beginning”. If you just would give some examples of the revelating things you saw, instead. But that would mean an actual exchange of opinions, which are just impossible for me to have with a child of your age.

    11. Scared Monkeys on September 28th, 2005 11:50 am


      MSM is still following this story just not as often. Other news stories do come up along the way. Beth was just on GMA and ABC. The Natalee story is still being followed on Fox, MSNBC, CNN, Court TV, etc. News outlets are allowed to do other stories. Just because they do not cover it wall to wall does not make it not a story.

      The MSM does not do a piece on 9-11 everyday but it still happened.

      You do bring up an interesting point about the LE and Prosecutor that proves they screwed this case up from the outset. Would not one think they may have asked and interviewed MB students when they learned of Natalee’s disappearance in Aruba? Nope the Aruban investigators allowed all to get on a plane and leave and thus losing jurisdiction. Not saying MB is involved … however, rather disgraceful at this point that anyone in ALE would even bring the issue up.

      They know and see what the evidence is that the public cannot. They know who and what comments or confessions were made, lies … etc.


    12. Linda - L.A. on September 28th, 2005 3:03 pm

      To Martijn…funny choice of words you used…time to “look the other way”. The boys were not released because there was no plausible reason to keep them…they were released because without the body…they don’t have “enough” evidence to prove their case. That will soon end though. I’m glad they are released. Keep giving interviews you three. You are hanging yourselves. I for one am looking forward to the next one…and look the other way??? Not in this lifetime.

    13. suniskye on September 28th, 2005 5:23 pm

      Dave, everyone is entitled to their opinions. The Twitty’s have been treated badly by those investigating this case since Day One ….. when they waited 10 days to bring in the last three known ppl to have been with Natalee alive for questioning. That is what screwed this case up and that is why we are where we are with it today.

      The Holloway/Twitty’s have been thru hell….called in the middle of the night by the police saying they found Natalie, she’s alive with a crack addict, saying they found her body and then saying oops sorry, no, we didn’t say that at all. The Holloway/Twitty’s have dealt with this mess far better than I would have being the mom of a 23 yr old girl. I do not think I could keep the composure that they do. This case has angered me like no other. And, since “going along with the Aruban program” has not rewarded them with anymore information than what we have all heard, which is, other than many many changing stories, nothing, I don’t blame them one bit for doing whatever it takes to put a fire underneath the butt of the prosecutor to keep them on this case. At the very least, that woman should be in contact with them. Not daily but showing the courtesy of updates. It has been one month since Beth has spoken to her and she did not even show her the courtesy of a phone call ahead of time to let her know the boys were being released.

      Take a walk in their shoes once and see how you would feel if this were your daughter .

    14. Kristy on September 28th, 2005 9:18 pm

      To Linda – Well said Girl!!
      To Martijn – Look the other way – WHATEVER
      To Mezcal – I agree with Scott – Wake up Sunshine.
      To Dave – You are an ” “. Leave the poor family alone. They have lost a daughter that they thought they were going to watch grow, not be taken away from them by SOMEONE ELSE. GET A HEART. Maybe it is too much for JUG. Think about what they have been through the last 4 months and still with NO TRACE OF THEIR DAUGHTER and everytime those boys (because that is all they are BOYS otherwise if they were MEN they would be telling the truth and take responsibility and face the consequences of their actions) open their mouths all that comes out is LIES.

      General Comment
      I am from Australia and am still trying to follow this story. I am astonished at the way this case was handled from the start. There is something going on over there (Aruba) that is very suspicious (ie: cover ups etc, why it took so long to get those boys in for questioning, the father of Joran “no body no case” and the lies which are non-stop). One does tend to wonder don’t you think.

      I totally agree with Linda. Keep taking those interviews boys as I want to see them absolutely crucified and I think they will manage it all on their own. I think they think in their minds that they have got away scott free. The truth always comes out in the end.

      (Post edited, please refrain from name … thank you … Red)

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