Rita Cosby Discusses Deepak … and Michael Posner?


Rita Cosby Live & Direct for Sept. 19th discusses with Beth Twitty and Harold Copus the latest news in the disappearance of Natalee Holloway. Read the transcript. This was a rather interesting exchange, referencing Michael Posner. Not a topic or angle normally discussed.

COSBY: What about Michael Posner? There’s this gentleman who owns a Excelsiorcasino where Natalee and Joran were seen spending time. Apparently, Joran has a big credit line there. I went into that casino. What do you know about the guy that owns that casino, Harold?

COPUS: Well this guy has that casino. He‘s alleged to have organized crime ties back to Chicago. And you can say alleged, he‘s actually served time. He‘s been convicted. So he comes up into Aruba and is able to get a gambling casino. At the same time, we‘re told that Joran and his dad both are gambling there. It really makes you wonder how that‘s happening and how they got this line of credit.

COSBY: Yes. And a big, big line of credit. Beth, I know you‘ve actually been to the casino, right? And Michael Posner threatened you, is that correct? HI

HOLLOWAY TWITTY: Well, there was a phone call made. And it was just really having me refer to—you know, I‘d only mentioned the fact I had gotten from prosecuting attorney as far as the open line of credit, and that Joran is in his casino gambling, and I don‘t think there was ever a question that Joran and Paulus Van Der Sloot had been in that Excelsior Casino, and, particularly, on the night of the 29th where he and his father met Natalee.

COSBY: Well they seemed to be worried about business. Well, of course, your daughter‘s well being is a lot more important. You know, Beth, as you think about this, you know, I was so heart broken. We left to cover the hurricane. And when I say we, not just myself, but a number of other people, because, of course, I was so devastating. And then, sure enough, a couple days later, they all get out. How disgusted are you at the system?

HOLLOWAY TWITTY: You know, it‘s just incredible, and especially as early as September 1, I felt like we were so close to getting answers. And it‘s just amazing that, you know, that they can hide underneath the cloak of Hurricane Katrina, right in the midst of just getting close to finally having an answer to what happened to Natalee and where is she. The Dutch interrogators were just as shocked as I was, when these suspects were released.

COSBY: Yes. And they certainly seemed, Harold, didn‘t you think that they were closing in. That was the sentiment I got, too. Real quick, Harold.

COPUS: Well I think so. I think this case was really close. And now one more time, it seems like something was easily within our grasps, we‘ve lost it one more time. In a case, it‘s hard to gain momentum, especially, when it‘s had this stop and go so many times.

Discussing Deepak Kalpoe and the release of the suspects

COSBY: But now we‘re going to turn to another big story that we‘ve been following for a while, shocking new details tonight in the disappearance of Alabama teenager Natalee Holloway. A private investigator just back from the island of Aruba says there‘s much more there than meets the eye. Live and direct tonight from Birmingham, Alabama is Beth Holloway Twitty, Natalee‘s mother, and also from Atlanta, Harold Copus, he‘s the man who uncovered the latest information in the Holloway case. Harold, let‘s talk if we could, you and I just missed each other when we were in Aruba. But what did you find out from Deepak Kalpoe, one of the brothers?

HAROLD COPUS, FORMER FBI SPECIAL AGENT: Well I think the interesting thing was that Deepak had said that he claimed that he, his brother and Joran Van Der Sloot all had sex with Natalee, which was very shocking. It was very—he was just very distanced the way he described it.

COSBY: And, Harold, did he talk about what I know Beth and I have talked about before. Sort of going in and out of consciousness during this issue?

COPUS: He certainly did. One of the things that he had said was that when they left Carlos & Charlie‘s, that she was obviously an individual who couldn‘t stand up, very well intoxicated, passing in and out of consciousness. It makes you really wonder what they were trying to do there, and take advantage of that young girl. COSBY: You bet. And, Beth, you know, I want to tell you, we are not going to forget about this case. You and I talked a bit, when I was in Aruba. How angry are you, when you hear what Deepak Kalpoe is talking about?

BETH HOLLOWAY TWITTY, NATALEE HOLLOWAY‘S MOTHER: You know, Rita, it‘s just incredible that all this new evidence is coming out, and there‘s still even be a question of its credibility or, you know, or whether this is enough evidence brought forward to warrant the re-incarceration of these suspects. It‘s just unbelievable.

COSBY: How hard , as a Mom, too, Beth? I mean, you loved Natalee so much. I tell you, you know, John Walsh and I were talking during the break. It is because of you that this story has been alive. Just you and your love for your daughter. It just must outrage you to hear what this young boy is now talking about?

HOLLOWAY TWITTY: Oh, I know. Well, you know, Rita, it‘s so difficult, because Doug and Dave, Natalee‘s father and I, we‘ve all three known that, at least Joran had admitted in his statements that he had had sex with her. So this is something that we‘ve had knowledge of since before July 1. And also, of course, huge suspicion of Deepak and Satish‘s involvement. And, you know, we‘ve had to hold this in for a long time. And, you know, it‘s—you know, now I‘m just glad the world sees that—what has all happened to Natalee.

COSBY: Absolutely. And, Harold, why not hold these boys under suspicion of rape? I mean, you‘ve got a guy who‘s saying that she was going in and out of consciousness. You‘ve got a number of them now saying that they had sex with her, while she clearly was incoherent? Why not hold them on rape?

COPUS: Who knows? You know it‘s really hard to understand that system, and what they‘re trying to accomplish down there.

COSBY: Are you stunned, Harold? I mean, you‘re a seasoned FBI guy. You‘ve been in law enforcement forever. If this was America, would these guys be free?

COPUS: Well you know after awhile, and even in the job I‘m in now, you get hardened, but yes, I think stunned would be, at least, the smallest word I could use.

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    10 Responses to “Rita Cosby Discusses Deepak … and Michael Posner?”

    1. Me on September 20th, 2005 7:00 pm

      Good post – just wish Rita had let Beth finish her answer about convicted felon Posner’s call.

      I look forward to “Aruba Truth” going on one of these television programs for “equal time” and being skewered with these facts which demonstrate a lawless, corrupt society, where a police chief can investigate his own friend, where a seventeen year old can get a huge tab at a casino he’s legally barred from entering, where a convict can get a gaming license and where three confessed rapists can walk free with no explanation from the prosecutor.

    2. Dave on September 21st, 2005 11:24 am

      Me to

      Im sure teh so-called threat will just be another one of Beths opinions and not a threat at all…
      Just like all of her other evidence and things that will supposedly shock the world.

    3. jkirgan on September 21st, 2005 4:23 pm

      I have followed this story from the beginning and always felt Natalee Holloway was sold into sexual slavery. No doubt in my mind the three blind mice had a game going. However, I can also see how this could have evolved into selling women into slavery with the element at the casino.

      Personally, if it were my daughter … you would have already seen justice served.

    4. Dave on September 21st, 2005 6:58 pm

      sold into slavery????
      why her?
      why when its never happened?
      why when the entire idea of sex slavery is to take someone under the radar
      that nobody would notice missing? Why in the world would a business like that want to take an American teenager who most obviously would have been missed.
      It is the most outrageous idea that is the most sensational no doubt.
      But it also defies any and all logic and just doesnt fit at all
      Look in Alabama…The answers will be out soon

    5. dennis vaughan on September 22nd, 2005 11:04 pm

      i guess dave thinks some of the mb kids took natalee back to alabama in their luggage. the 3 boys and paulus know where natalee is and what happened to her. and probably the ex-police chief too. much too many shenanigans going on down there for any other reason to be feasible. i’d like to know what the parents of the other pimps do on aruba. are any of them in positions of power to be of help to paulus in his many machinations. are they trying to keep their kids safe for anything they’ve done that paulus knows about?

    6. jeannie caldwell on September 23rd, 2005 4:30 am

      so much of the statements that are said is hearsay —-you really dont know for sure what was said
      its to bad the information the aruba goverment has cant
      beth is grabbing anything to give her hope be released
      my take on the matter is natalee was tossed in the water & sad to say will never be found
      i have a problem with some of beths resources the information they give her has me wondering

    7. david on September 23rd, 2005 2:52 pm

      what is this site an msnbc site. Or part of scared monkeys. I think anything is possible at this point except her running away. It is a sad state of affairs

    8. Linda on September 25th, 2005 6:22 am

      Actually Dave…you are wrong that its never happened before. A girl disappeared off of a cruise ship a few years back. She was travelling with her parents and the nite before one of the staff told her parents he wanted to take her to the exact same bar. When they told their daughter…she said she would never go. Next morning…she was missing. A man in the service was approached by a prostitute in a brothel asking for help and saying she was this girl a year or so later. He never reported it until Natalee came up missing.

      Now that certainly doesn’t mean that this is what happened to Natalee…only points to the fact that people need to do research before making claims or telling others they are so wrong.

      I don’t know if this happened to her or not…none of us do. I personally believe they gave her a date drug…or someone gave it to her and they took full advantage of it. Whether she accidentally died during the rape or whether they realized what they had done…who knows.

      As for her mother…we have no idea what evidence she has seen. I’d lay odds she has seen some that she isn’t able to talk about. Don’t sell her short everyone. Her only motive is to find out what happened to her daughter. I doubt very seriously if she didn’t have some pretty credible evidence that she would stop with these 3 boys. You saw how quickly she came to the defense of the two security guards that were implicated in the beginning. I think she would have moved on by now.

    9. jeannie on September 25th, 2005 6:38 am

      if its true beth has solid evidence dont you think that would help to rearrest the three men?
      when beth was on gretas program she told about some of the statements she had but when questioned by greta they were not founded
      i think some of her information comming from her sources may not be relible
      i know beth is trying to find anything that will help but sometimes it could hurt you
      rigt now we dont know what happened to natalee all we can pray is she will be found

    10. Linda on September 27th, 2005 12:25 pm

      I think you are right jeannie about “some” of Beth’s information isn’t reliable. As for solid information…I have to feelings about that. I think Beth took evidence as she got it to the police in the beginning. Maybe she feels now she will deal with the private investigator she is working with to check out the information more thoroughly.

      I understand what everyone is saying that she has some information that hasn’t checked out. And…so??? I wouldn’t care either. Are you expecting a mother who is looking for her daughter to think maybe she shouldn’t say something because it might hurt these boys image? We all know these boys and possibly more raped Natalee. We are pretty darn sure Natalee is dead. The only thing we don’t know at this point is whether it was intentional or not.

      As for everyone saying they want Joran killed or dead. Well not me. I want him convicted and made to live his life in prison with plenty of time to think about this. And you know what? If I’m wrong about him…I’m sorry. But I don’t think I am. If he didn’t do it…he sure as the heck knows who did. I’m not an overly religious person…but I do believe…he’ll be answering for this for a long time to come…and at the very end…his lies won’t work. That won’t help Natalee or her family…but it helps me to think people are at some point held accountable.

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