How many parents do you know who can’t identify with a mother who just wants to find her child?”


From The Birmingham News, Keeping Natalee in the spotlight is a rather interesting article on a families and most notable Beth Twitty’s efforts to keep her daughters mysterious disappearance in the spot light.

“I learned pretty quickly that when you’re desperately searching for a missing child, the news media is your best friend,” says Twitty, who moved back to Mountain Brook last week after three-and-a-half months in Aruba.

This is a must read story that details the many aspects of strength an perseverance as to what is needed to even attempt to maintain a daughter’s disappearance to so keep it the focal point in the medias eye in an attempt to uncover the truth. We can all empathize and sympathize with Beth as we have come to know her over the months; however, it is fair to say none of us really want to ever know what it is like to walk in her shoes.

“People feel like they know Beth now, and they want to hear about the case from her,” Moret says. “It’s like she’s become a part of their family. How many parents do you know who can’t identify with a mother who just wants to find her child?”

Full article.

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    10 Responses to “How many parents do you know who can’t identify with a mother who just wants to find her child?””

    1. Dez_Perado on September 20th, 2005 10:37 am

      If anyone has ever read through the Court TV message boards, or those at Websleuths, it would appear that many people do not share those views.

      Constant attacks are made against this grieving Mother, by those that claim to be parents. There is something very hideous about the mindset in my opinion.

    2. commonsense on September 20th, 2005 10:46 am

      I am a parent, and I do not identify with Beth. She has turned from grieving parent to media figure. Her being on the island and on 5 news shows every single night hurt the investigation the most.
      Innocent until proven guilty

    3. Stefani on September 20th, 2005 1:10 pm

      As a Mother with grown sons, I can identify with Beth Twitty 100%. I feel that there is NO mountain too high to climb for her child, regardless of their age, or the difficulty.I for one am NOT tired of the media coverage on this subject. I identify with Beth and hope she gets a resolution ! I cannot imagine How this would affect me. I admire her strength and the stamina she displays with the horrific pain she feels. Resolved or not at this date, I feel that what Beth does, says, and how she acts is part of the grieving process she is undergoing. Dead, alive….regardless of the answer of WHERE Natalee is, this is tough for her Mother. Any dedicated, loving Mother who had bonded with her child, and who has seen them a childhood into adulthood, cannot be expected to NOT go to ANY length to attempt to bring about a resolution. IF Beth “chills” with media coverage, this will be forgotten, so the media coverage I feel is good. If Beth feels it will help, then go for it girl !

    4. Dave on September 20th, 2005 3:26 pm

      I do not believe at all that the majority of parents agree with Beth. I think that many emotional people do agree with her but I also feel if the entire country was polled she would have very little support. Of course people feel terrible that her daughter is gone…. I just dont think the majority of this country agrees with her tabloid way of trying to find her daughter.
      I think at this point she is harming the case and has either gotten just horrible advice or she has ignored good advice.
      It does no good at all and some harm for her to be adding her opinions and then state them as facts

    5. Common Sense on September 20th, 2005 3:27 pm

      commonsense, nice try trying to confuse people.

      How about feeling sad for the Katrina parents that lost their kids? Oh I forgot, most of them aren’t media-friendly images.

    6. Stefani on September 20th, 2005 5:09 pm

      i do feel terrible about everyone touched by the hurricane, katrina. beth is so far from where her daughter disappeared, in a foreign is not like she can walk up the street to look for her, or drive a short distance to persue the matter. the worst thing is that natalee was a guest in aruba, and i feel that aruba has a responsibility to do all that they can to resolve this mess. aruba in my opinion has a large responsibility to keep its guests safe and free from harm. doesn’t the usa exercise the same thoughts ?

    7. Pat on September 20th, 2005 9:08 pm

      Beth Holloway has resorted to the only thing she believes can get results. She has waited through 3 months of Aruban rope-a-dope, and seen these boys released UNCONDITIONALLY. The Aruban government could easily defuse this situation by being more inclusive with Beth about what they do or don’t know, why things are inadmissible in court, etc. Any parent or victim of a crime would expect no less. Those who think otherwise are kidding themselves.

    8. jeannie caldwell on September 23rd, 2005 5:01 am

      i know the pain of losing a child as eleven years ago i lost my only two grandchildren ages three & four in adrowing we didint know if we would find them but god was good to us & we did find them
      i sometimes wonder if beth has gotten so lost in the media
      dave is wanting to find natalee but he doing it in a differnt style
      he isint seen on tv all the time but he is trying to find natalee in his own way
      my heart goes out to him i see the pain & hurt in his face

    9. Linda on September 25th, 2005 6:58 am

      Interesting commonsense that you are a parent. Have read some of your other posts and wondered. So just how would you handle one of your children coming up missing? Would you go file a report…and when you heard nothing…just stay at home because surely they would tell you if they knew something. I don’t think so…and ya know…if you did that…I’d be amazed.

      None of us know what we would do in this situation. Beth Holloway is doing what she needs to do to preserve her sanity and to locate her daughter. Its a well known fact that victims rights agencies tell the parents to get out and get word out…and don’t stop. That when they stop…people stop listening or remembering.

      She may very well be stepping on toes…and going against what some people “think” they would do in the same situation…but she won’t have to look back and ask herself “If only I didn’t keep quiet” or “If only I had tried harder”. When the day comes Beth finds she needs to give up…she will know she did absolutely everything and anything she could do to find Natalee.

      It amazes me when people say Beth has “gotten lost” in the media or has turned into a “media figure”. What are you thinking??? She isn’t reveling in her 15 minutes of fame people…she is fighting tooth and nail to find her daughter. She appears to me to be a very proud woman. I doubt very much if its her idea of fun to get on television and let the world see her cry. We need to stop judging Beth and Dave for that matter. Let them handle this their own way…pray for them. And god forbid something like this should ever happen to any of us…lets hope and pray we won’t have to deal with criticism like they are.

    10. Gloria Overton on October 10th, 2005 2:03 am

      How can anyone not feel empathy for Beth Twitty, Jug, and Dave. She has shown enormous strength and undying determination to find her daughter and put whomever is responsible for her disappearance behind bars where they belong. How can any of you unfeeling idiots accuse her of using this tragic and traumatic experience for her own gain through the media. I haven’t heard anyone raising cain about the runaway bride or these criminals that make millions using their lowdown antics. Beth Twitty is a brave, intelligent woman. She has shown a lot more restraint than I would have if this happened to my only daughter. I support her 100% and pray that God will bless her and her family in finding Natalee.

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