Actually Aruba Truth Gets Its Wrong, Part 1


A website dedicated to providing the truth of what is or is not being accomplished in Aruba called has decided to inform us as to the truth of the Dr. Phil interview. With all that has gone on in the last month of the Kalpoe brothers being rearrested then released, Joran Van der Sloot being released and then allowed to fly off to The Netherlands and all restrictions against the suspects lifted by a Judge during the last set of appeals; ArubaTruth has decided to inform us on the truth of a syndicated American Talk show, The Dr Phil Show that did a segment on missing teen Natalee Holloway? Folks, where were the posts explaining how on earth these three suspects were allowed to walk out of prison with no restrictions? Allowed to walk among the Aruban people knowing the evidence that exists even if many wish to discount it? stated the following:

His entire program was designed to prove that Aruba was responsible for the inability of the office of the prosecution to charge the three suspects with either kidnapping, rape or murder. No information was allowed in the program that would have refuted any of the charges by Beth Holloway Twitty or the other guests.

Let me just make one thing perfectly clear. I have visited Aruba over 25 times in my life since I was the age of 5. Along the way I have met many good people. That is not to say I have also met some less than good ones as well. I and many Americans have nothing against the good and kind hearted people of Aruba; however, we do question those that have been put in charge to find justice for Natalee Holloway. The situation regarding those questioning the investigation and those that are puzzled by Judges decisions to release without restrictions have nothing to no with criticisms against the Aruban people. As much as those that seem to want to combine the two make it out to be. Like many countries, it becomes a cottage industry to keep people fighting and blaming one another while others sit back and refuse to take responsibility for their actions. I will make this observation as it would appear that there are more than just potential and alleged murder charges that may be sought in this case. After hearing certain comments from the Dr. Phil Show from Deepak Kalpoe referring to Natalee Holloway as a slut I would question the good people of Aruba especially the women if your justice department is looking out after you. Deepak Kalpoe’s own mother stated the following, Come on, we all lie. We all lie as big people. I know that I lie sometimes. Forget us Americans and tourists that visit Aruba, what about your own safety? Having seen how most dress and act in Aruba, does one really think that this is a normal attitude to take, especially when its discussing someone who is most likely deceased?

Blogging and being a part of the Internet in a non-traditional method of communication is free speech at its finest. The mere definition of blogging and why one gets involved is to question authority of those around you in power and do so with passion and honesty. Blogging and voicing one’s opinion on the Internet is the latest non-traditional form of “free speech” that exists in todays society and to get the real news to people who may be unaware of the events that are transpiring. I actually find the site that wishes to pronounce “truth” as somewhat eye opening as it is in fact a vehicle for a specific Government party that is in power. In fact I would go so far as to say that this web site, Aruba Truth, is not about the Aruban people but about a particular point of view that a government wishes to espouse to its people and the millions on-line. Aruba Truth is made up of The Strategic Communications Task Force.

Members of the Strategic Communications Task Force

Mr. Olindo Koolman (Senior Advisor)
Mr. Jaap Beaujon (Advisor)
Mr. Serge Mansur (ATIA)
Mr. Greg Peterson (ATIA)
Mr. Jorge Pesquera (AHATA)
Mr. Jeff Lesker (AHATA)
Mr. Alfonso Riveroll (AHATA)
Ms. Myrna Jansen (ATA)
Mr. Rob Smith (Aruba Hospitality & Security Foundation)
Mr. Bill Carson (Banking Sector/AHATA)
Mr. Edwin Roos (Chamber of Commerce)
Mr. Ruben Trappenberg (Aruba Government)
Mr. Eric Brete (Aruba Government)

On their own site they reference the following in a Questions & Answers post:

Question: How has the task force interacted with the Aruban Government?
Answer: The task force has been in contact with the Aruban Government on a daily basis.
The task force has several members appointed by the Prime Minister
and have been active in requesting more resources. The task force urged the inclusion of the Dutch Marines in the search and supported the Prime Minister in his decision to give the FBI a larger role in the investigation

I am sorry, but I question and so should everyone any organization that’s sole purpose is to give the party line, was formulated by a government, has hand selected government appointees and reports daily to the government. The chief spokesperson for the Aruban government, Mr. Ruben Trappenberg, is a part of this entity. I think a blind person can see what the purpose and agenda of this information dissemination is.

The post, DR PHIL GETS IT WRONG ON ARUBA, states this rather interesting and amazing fact when one considers that the government is behind this web site:

It was an example of how a well regarded talk show host can use his power to play at being a journalist and distort a country’s efforts to solve the disappearance of Natalee Holloway.

Power? What is more powerful than that of governmental power? Maybe only Judicial power. These statements are almost comical coming from a closed informational society with a legal system that is all but hidden. I do not need to remind Aruba that for some reason the only 24-7 news outlet they get in still CNN. This has existed for some 15 years. I could have understood this when CNN was the only game in town, but how does an island nation with 70% American tourists only have satellite access to one media outlet? Whats happened to Fox News, MSNBC and CNBC? Does one really wish to get into the debate of power and controlling the media? For all of the media outlets that came to Aruba, how many Aruban’s actually had access to them? Other than the Internet how was anyone going to be able to access any of the stories, discussions and opinions put forth?

They talk of “What Went Wrong” and that there is no evidence of any cover-up.

Beth believes that from the moment she arrived on the island that a cover-up was underway. However, there is no evidence from her or anyone else that there was an effort to hide evidence, or collude between the Van der Sloot’s and top cop, Van der Stratten.

To date, no physical evidence, no body, no DNA has emerged. Dr. Phil and Beth would have you believe that it does exist and has been suppressed.

What they are getting wrong is the notion of PERCEPTION. With the lack of any investigation, evidence and three suspects walking the street one wonders what Aruban authorities would expect? The fact that Paul Van der Sloot was a judge in training or as one might refer to in the US as a clerk is a major perception issue. The fact that Paul Van der Sloot coached the three suspects is also another major issue. The fact that the suspects stories have changed over and over is yet another. One would have to argue over the DNA evidence seeing that one judge allowed the DNA of suspects to be taken then another throws out the DNA and never allows the DNA to be taken again from the suspects.

More importantly from a perspective point of view and what went wrong for many Americans and people around the world for that matter is the fact that the three people last seen with Natalee Holloway were never initially considered SUSPECTS, as ABC news reported.

Police questioned and released three Aruban men who said they dropped Holloway off early Monday at the Holiday Inn, where she had been staying about 3 miles from the capital of Oranjestad, said police assistant inspector Jules Sambo. The three were not suspects, he said.

This in itself is the single biggest screw up and the reason why “what went wrong.” This is the reason why the family and many question the investigation and Van der Stratten and any ties that Paul Van der Sloot may have had with authorities. Whether or not there were valid reason to suspect the security guards is one thing and will come out in the future; however, not to suspect the last three individuals ever seen with Natalee Holloway from day one is criminal. Instead the three persons of interest then witnesses were finally arrested some ten days after the disappearance of Natalee Holloway.

more to follow …

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    35 Responses to “Actually Aruba Truth Gets Its Wrong, Part 1”

    1. Me on September 17th, 2005 9:59 pm

      Why don’t you mention in your blog entry that van der Straaten described himself to Tito Lacle as a “friend” of Paulus van der Sloot?

      Tito – ON THIS MESSAGE BOARD – said he asked van der Straaten if he was friends with Paulus van der Sloot and he said to Tito, ‘yes’…

      To me this is scandalous – to have the head of the “bungled” investigation admit he is a friend of a suspect to Aruban media – and not to recuse himself from the case – makes me wonder why this fact isn’t splashed across every Natalee blog entry and TV program….

      Imagine if Rudy Giuliani called himself a ‘friend’ of John Gotti – and proceeded to head an investigation. Everyone would be calling for his immediate dismissal. Instead, Aruba puts up a website to tell the world they’ve done all they could…

      I will never visit Aruba… whatever the outcome of this case.

    2. Herb Wenz on September 17th, 2005 11:10 pm

      Many, including myself, seem to favor a boycot for Aruba. At least until this case is solved and the guilty convicted. Perhaps we should direct our attention toward the U.S. Department of State and seek a travel warning for Aruba. On the web go to and then to International Travel. If the people in Aruba want us back then let them throw out their current judicial system people.

    3. Tazman on September 18th, 2005 12:43 am

      Sounds like Aruba Truth and the Strategic Communications Task Force have some privy information on this case that no one else has. If that is the case, they need to share it with Beth Holloway. And, if they want some type of forum in which to address Dr. Phil and his statements, then the same should be given to Beth Holloway, her family and attorneys.

    4. Terry on September 18th, 2005 1:37 am


    5. Gabriel Leo on September 18th, 2005 7:58 am

      I quote the following: ” Power? What is more powerful than that of governmental power? Maybe only Judicial power. These statements are almost comical coming from a closed informational society with a legal system that is all but hidden. I do not need to remind Aruba that for some reason the only 24-7 news outlet they get in still CNN. This has existed for some 15 years. I could have understood this when CNN was the only game in town, but how does an island nation with 70% American tourists only have satellite access to one media outlet?”

      For the one who wrote this I say again, how wrong you guys are by saying pure lies again. You should keep in mind that a government of only 100.000 people against dr. phil who I believe have over 1 million viewers if not more, has clearly more power than our government. Our government can say to dr. phil to stop those aligations but in return he can go on his show and tell his viewers all what is or is not the truth about Aruba and this case.
      And also for those who once again do not live on Aruba, but yet again seem to know what’s going on her on the island, say that Aruba only has one source of newsmedia coming in from abroad which is CNN. Not true. Everyone on the island has cable and NO it’s not controlled by the government! THIS is not freaking Cuba, Venezuela of any other third wordl country. Why make these aligations just to make the story seem more saucy? Everyone here has Cable at home and therefor everyone has acces to CNN, CNN Headline News, NBC, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, FOX-news channel and so I can go on and mention the other 45+ US-channel wich everone on the island has! For simply 55 Aruban florin which is about 30+ dollars per month. The media is not controlled over here and it’s because we have been viewing all channels, all shows that majority of the Aruban Communnity, including me, urged the government to act even though we know it’s impossible to act against US-Arrogant-Media who are in search of ratings.
      Therefor the government search for people in the tourism sector, which consist of Americans and Arubans and when the comitee was installed the government anounced it to the public and made Trappenberg and Brete the contact person’s for the government and the comitee team. Their task is to simply react in an oficial way on aligations which they find are not based on a objective point of view.

    6. Diane Bowker on September 18th, 2005 10:23 am


    7. splashtc on September 18th, 2005 10:26 am

      How’s this for truth. They addmitted they raped her! What do they want-a videotape of the crime? If they prosecute this case then Paulus would be included which is probably why they don’t. Aruba Truth ? They can’t handle the truth.

    8. Koni on September 18th, 2005 10:58 am

      This has really taken a toll on Beth, I just pray she can hold up through this, this has been a case of so many twist and turns, its absurd, they are destroying Beth, same as they destroyed, Natalee. My heart goes out to her and her family. I hope all the people in the media, hang with her, till there is an answer. I commend all that has kept this in the public eye, and Beth please don’t let these people beat you down, as they would surely like to see this happen. you have been so strong, and I am sure there is a higher power guiding you through this horrific ordeal. You make this Mother proud.

    9. jay on September 18th, 2005 11:58 am

      Can you imagine American prosecutors allowing THREE confessed rapists and murderers to go free, and even leave the country. The Kalpoes and the Van der Sloots are being given a free pass for the rape and murder of Natalee Holloway.

      Aruba is a dangerous place for Americans. It’s a lawless territory where anything is possible. Until they establish law and order there, STAY AWAY FROM ARUBA.

    10. joan on September 18th, 2005 1:07 pm

      I pray for Natalee and Beth everday. Being a mother whose now grown daughter experienced a near tragedy about six years ago, I can feel for this family. When you don’t know where your child is and you fear for their safety, you have to find the strength to hold yourself together in order to function every day, when really, inside, every fiber of your being wants to run out into the street hysterical, screaming – What have you done with my baby – please someone help me find my child!

      Not one day has gone by that I don’t pray for Natalee and Beth.

    11. g3jedi24 on September 18th, 2005 1:34 pm

      wow man. wow. its all I can say.

    12. John Hancock on September 18th, 2005 4:35 pm


      You are a bigotted “XXX”, and a certifiable “xxxxxx”. You blindly support YOUR government, when it is corrupt, inept and criminal from the top to the bottom. With mountains of irrefutable evidence: [Judge Paulus instructing all of the "suspects" to "shut up, because, 'no body, no crime';" numerous confessions of rape & "something BAD happened to her; numerous alibi changes; cronyism from the State lead investigator with the "Judge Dad;" thinly veiled obstructionism from all officials (DNA, yes... then DNA , no!, full disclosure guaranteed, then no disclosure given at all); Then most recently the re-arrest of the "Kill-poe" brothers, along with a 3rd "suspect" and then days later, the total release without visible restriction of EVERY one of them!], but in the face of this Gabriel Leo, you talk about cable media and arrogant Americans… How stupid can you be?

      No, we are not “arrogant.” We are OUTRAGED! You blind Aruban citizens should demand justice from those public leaches that call themselves Public Servants, and demand a complete turn-over of leadership in your country. If you Arubans are content to have a corrupt system in your country, then it is a reflection of the corrupt standards you as citizens have.

      You have proven the old adage: “What you first tolerate, you then accept… What you then accept, you will come to embrace. What you come to embrace you will finally enshrine.” Until you Arubans get the backbone to thrust off this corrupt and inept leadership you have, you DESERVE this misery. And I (for one) will not sully my self or my family with the cesspool of Aruban government. I have enjoyed numerous other carribean destinations… and had planned to visit Aruba… until this.

      Gabriel, you must be a swine yourself, because you wallow in the slop, and cannot smell the stink of your country. If you are a decent person, then get up off of your lazy back-side, and do something positive to help your country. See the Criminal colusion of your leaders and start a movement to clean up Aruba, if you want American money back in Aruba.

      I am writing my Senator, Congressman and State Department and demanding a nationwide boycott, until Aruba purges itself, and punishes the wrongdoers. Sor-r-r-r-yyy! You may be personally innocent of Natalee’s rape & murder. But when you defend your incompetent government, YOU become complicit! Shame on you Gabriel… you SHOULD know better, but you obviously don’t.

      As for other decent Arubans, you proved your decency, early on, by going out in huge numbers and participating in search party after search party. You showed gallant and generous kindness to numerous of our citizens in your country. THANK YOU!!! Surely you are a bunch of good people.

      Now then, rise up… as our ancestors did, when they thrust off corrupt British Rule and established America. You can do it. But your going to have to have the cojones for it… and the stomach for it, too. Good luck!

      John Hancock

    13. steve landers on September 18th, 2005 7:18 pm

      I believ paulos vandersloot his son and the klope brothers all should be tortured untill they alll come forth with them truth about that night. and also america should cut off all ties with aruba if not. the keystone cops down there havent looked for the girl or anything all the searches have been conducted by the parents. what kind of police department doesnt go out and investigate a case? those four guys the vandersloots and the klope brothers all know what happened and know the whereabouts of the girl. I say if they dont tell hang them one by one.

    14. steve landers on September 18th, 2005 7:30 pm

      I believe that paulos vandersloot the judge wanna be and his son and his friends the kalpoes all know what happened to natalee and they all should be tortured untill the truth is told. the holloway family is hurting so lets hurt these four guys.these liars all need to be hung one by one till the truth is told and the aruba keystone cops need to learn how conduct a murder investigation. I have never seen a police department mess up on everything from day one they are like playing police because they sure dont know how to investigate a crime.I believe the us need to stop all support to aruba via tourism and anything else. there are plenty of other places to visit other than aruba.

    15. jing on September 19th, 2005 3:45 am

      Steve, is torture legal in the USA ? If not, why bring it to Aruba ?

      BTW I think I have a clue why USA police investigations are so much more successful.

    16. Michele on September 19th, 2005 8:02 am

      Aruba is HANDLING the TRUTH in their own dishonest way.I just dont understand why people feel the need to be so dishonest ( notice I am being nice here). JUST SUPPOSE Natalee was a “slut” does this also make her like a suicide rape victim?( I dont believe she was a slut)..As always the lies build to cover all the other lies.Does anyone remember what the truth actually is anymore?

    17. Linda on September 19th, 2005 9:47 am

      People have sought justice in many ways. If not through the courts, then privately.
      In this case, justice has to be done! How could we ever go to Aruba for vacations again???
      I truely do not believe this is the first time. But it must be the last time for these boys, and the last chance for Aruba to redeem itself!

    18. Gabriel Leo on September 19th, 2005 10:53 am

      Mister JOHN HANDCOCK, if that really is your name,
      I defend my government all the way. I as wel as the government agree that this investigation has been done wrong and mistakes have been made. It is therefor reason why our goverment / MY government which I support 100% has taken the chief prosecutor Karen Jansen off from this case as head of investigation and has also replaced police comisionary Jan van der Straten and did not prolong his contract with the police force. He is now non active.
      My Government wich I support 100% has voiced that an ivestigation is underway in how this case has been handled by both Karen Jansen en Van der Straten, because before any actions are taken against these two, the government, especially OUR, MY MINISTER of Justice want real proof to back his aligations. He has voiced on TV on the island that these two especially THE Comisionary who was leading the case the first 10 days has been subjective in this case ann says that he caused disturbence in this case. He has warned on TV that Van der Straten better watch his back because JUstice will be done in this case.
      And as I the majority of people over here who are backing this government, coming friday we have Elections here on the island and we shall see if we do or don’t back this goverment. Democratie is present and justice is present. If something was done wrong, than believe you me, when the internal inverstigation is done those responsable will be made responsible.

      So plss stop bashing My island, My government, MY people just by things You see, or saw via internet, tv, newspaper. You have to be present here on the island, follow things personally before YOU and others say something and think what you said is right!
      And btw I also searched for Natalee on the island MR. JOHN HANDCOCK.
      And BTW I called the AMERICAN MEDIA –> ARROGANT! and not the American people. I just want to make it clear that I am not anti-american I love the states, I travel there 3 to4 times a year, I have a vacation home in Ft. Lauderdale, city of Weston (Broward County). Have worked with many Americans in the states and on the island. You guys mean allot to us but if you don’t want to visit my island it’s your choice ;)

      You say we deserve a boycott, well my friend if you find you should no visit my island, it’s your decision i Believe you never intended to visit my island anyway. World/life goes on, hope you future destinations will be pleasurable, safe and relaxing.

    19. stef on September 19th, 2005 10:59 am

      Just like we tortured the prisoners in Abu Ghraib prison, real intelligent!!!!

    20. Scared Monkeys » » “Aruba Truth” Responses to Scared Monkeys on September 19th, 2005 1:15 pm

      [...] onkeys

      by Scared Monkeys Aruba Truth Responses to Scared Monkey’s post on ‘Actually Aruba Truth Gets Its Wrong, Part 1′ Aruba Truth state the following: Scared Monkeys [...]

    21. TheGreatPretender on September 19th, 2005 6:08 pm

      You Don’t Think They Tortured Natalee ??????

      Eye For An Eye

    22. Rafael on September 19th, 2005 6:10 pm

      I spent my honeymoon on Aruba. I have such fond memories of the island, the people, and the culture. I feel sorry for the majority of good people on the island. Their businesses will suffer greatly because their innept government is not doing the right thing. I myself will NEVER go back now. After watching the Dr. Phil show I am more angry than ever.
      In MY COUNTRY having sex with a girl who is coming in and out of consciousness is considered RAPE and punishable by law. Yet these three guys have admitted that and are running around free. Kill-Poes mom ruined his alibi and asked for her interview to please not be aired. Shady and sleazy. This is a cover-up. These three have lied to the police, changed their stories numerous times. Now there are confessions of sex. Special Dutch investigators left the country after interview Joran and concluded that he is not being honest and is hiding something. YET THEY LET ALL THREE GO??????????????????? Cover up. Period.
      So I say this to the people of Aruba. Stop defending your country for a second and stop to to the right thing first. Show your outrage towards this botched investigation and help a mother find peace. If you do this, you will be doing the right thing and your country will restore its proud name.


    23. Stefani on September 19th, 2005 6:54 pm

      we are all children of the SAME God, and I believe in my heart that God KNOWS who did this and will not let it go unaccounted for. Beth and Jug and Dave are too good for HIM to let it go by the wayside…Keep the faith, and sooner or later the REAL TRUTH, NOT Aruba TRUTH will surface for the good of everyone !

    24. NYSOM on September 19th, 2005 10:23 pm

      Dr. Phil can only broadcast the opinion of those willing to speak, and the facts as he knows them. If Joran, Deepak, Satish or Paulus would like to go on and argue the other side, I’m sure he’d accommodate them. Or perhaps Aruba’s Prosecutor, Police Force or Government would like to disclose evidence or information to contradict what is being reported and support the “progress” they keep eluding to making in the case.

      As stated repeatedly, Beth’s issue is with the investigation, not the people of Aruba. (Beth and her entire family have repeatedly stated their appreciation for the support of the Citizens of Aruba) She does not need evidence of a cover-up – while there are numerous circumstances to support this theory, she doesn’t require proof to have suspicion (and I can’t imagine anything proving a cover-up was documented). Just as Aruba Truth is allowed to believe there has been no cover-up, Beth is entitled to her opinion. She doesn’t need to have some secret file or document to support her opinion…the same opinion she shares with millions of others. To imply that she should not call for a boycott and should step back and put her faith in Aruba’s Police, Prosecutor, Government and/or task force is ludicrous. The same Police, Government and Prosecutor that have had almost 4 months to get it right and continue to come up short and mis-handle the case.

      Whether it be incompetence or a cover-up, the way this case has been handled is disgusting and criminal. The people of Aruba should be upset with their Government, Prosecutor and Police – not Beth, Dr. Phil or any person or journalist in America. Their anger is misplaced, we did not let the lead suspects go free, we are not suspected of the crime, we do not pose the threat to their young daughters. If they want to be mad at someone, if they want to hold someone accountable for the media spotlight and possible threat to their economy they only need to look as far their TV sets. I’m sure they have extensive coverage in Aruba of Joran smugly and arrogantly roaming free in Aruba; of the Kalpoe brothers walking their own streets…

      Beth and all of Natalee’s family have handled themselves with integrity and amazing strength, they should be commended, not condemned. My love and support goes out to them.

    25. avg on September 20th, 2005 4:50 pm


    26. Jill on September 21st, 2005 6:44 pm

      I regret what happened to this poor girl. I regret the killer hasn’t been found yet. But most of all I regret what stupid people are doing boycotting Aruba. It makes me more than angry!

      As we all know, tourism is the biggest income for Aruba. Have you thought about what this does to innocent hard working people who get fired because there is no more work for them?

      Have you taken a good look at your own f*cked up country? Should we Europians boycot the US because your government is doing a bad job in New Orleans? We have relatives there, who get left to die.

      Or maybe we should boycot the US, because everyone is carrying a gun and tons of innocent people get killed each year because of this. Including Europian tourists.

      No wait, we should boycot the US because your president is killing the whole population of Irak because of his own ego.

      Please, don’t let me laugh. How can you be so ignorant?

    27. JUSTICE on September 23rd, 2005 10:53 am

      “To all Aruban’s:

      American wants to encourage you to do all you can to help find Natalee Holloway by stopping the cover up of her kidnapping, gang rape and murder by Juran Van Der Sloot and the Kalpoe brothers.

      It’s time you stopped pretending that Paul Van Der Sloot with the help of Jan Ver Der Stratten ( corrupt Police Commissioner) Ben Vocking alias, Ben King ( corrupt prosecutor) and the entire inept, corrupted police force have conspired to cover up crimes committed against Natalee Holloway and for what?
      To protect Juran Van Der Sloot the son of a corrupt want to be Judge from going to prison for the rest of his life. Juran is a predator, rapist, murdering, lying coward and why would you let these corrupted Aruban officials cover for him?

      Americans now know and understand this will not be easy for you since your government is corrupted to the highest levels of government. We also know the Aruban government has been bought and paid for by the money launderers, gun runners and drug cartels that paid for the political campaigns that put you corrupt officials in office.

      If not for America, stop the cover up and prosecute all the above participants in her kidnapping, rape, murder and cover up, before we Americans show our retribution by boycotting Aruba and killing there economy the same way you let Juran and the kalpoe’s kill Natalee.

      So take a stand for the good people of Aruba who don’t won’t to pay the economic price of retribution by the Americans for the injustice your country has shown the Holloway’s and us Americans. Believe me the Van Der Sloot’s are not worth the price the Aruban Tourism industry is going to pay for the injustice your government has perpetrated against the Holloway family.

      Note: I promise you if the Holloway’s don’t have justice for Natalee’s kidnapping, gang rape, murder and attempted cover up, you and the rest of the corrupt island of Aruba will pay dearly. I will do everything in my power to choke the life out of your tourism industry and watch it die, just like you did to Natalee Holloway.

      Also in the event you fail to show some balls and take a stand against the corrupt justice system of Aruba and allow justice to be served to the Holloway’s , I just want to say …(EDIT)

      Yours truly,
      Justice will prevail

    28. marie on September 23rd, 2005 11:16 pm


    29. Linda on September 26th, 2005 1:14 am

      Jill…I have one thing to say to you…the difference in this case and how our country is run is that we Americans are not sitting back in the face of tragedies…and telling the rest of the world what a wonderful government we have. True there are some of us who support the government…some that aren’t too sure at the moment. But if you read any of the news reports you’ll see…that just as many…if not more…stand up to our government every day and tell them they are wrong.

      As for everyone running around the U.S. carrying a gun…well…think you need to watch less westerns on television. Yes there are people carrying guns to commit crimes. Those are illegal…and I don’t know of any citizen who believes thats just fine with them.

      I think calling for a boycott isn’t really going to force anyone’s hand in Aruba regarding this case. The reason I’m for it though…is maybe…just maybe it will let Aruba know that its not ok with the United States to use drugs on our citizens. If they were going there and buying them…or taking them knowingly…well…so be it. But apparently thats not what’s happening. Let me ask you a question. Unless I’m wrong…I don’t believe you are from Aruba. Sooooo…my next question is…are you planning a visit anytime soon? Or letting your child visit anytime soon?

      I don’t think a planned boycott is necessary. I think it will happen naturally out of concern.

    30. gina on September 26th, 2005 3:12 pm

      hellooooooo is anyone there

    31. Laura on September 26th, 2005 6:46 pm

      John Hancock you are SO right!
      Gabriel Leo you are soooooo wrong. How is it in your view that it’s a perfectly wonderful island when:
      With reguard to this story at least, the governmant practices censorship.
      The Island serves a a base for money laundering. Some of the people involved are your most prominent citizens.
      Rape is not illegal.
      Drugging women is not illegal.
      Murder is not illegal.
      The US State department says this island and surrounding Dutch islands are part of a ring of kidnappings (women and children)for a sex slave market.
      Do you notice the problem here?
      And we don’t even want to get into the whole Prime Minister thing……
      Had it not been for Natalee’s disappearance we would never have known…though I would trade that ignorance to not have had this happen to her.
      So the truth is….the Aruba Truth is…we don’t like you anymore.

    32. mary alice townsend on October 6th, 2005 12:39 pm

      Please lets get to the truth of what has happened to Natalee. We the people need to stand in back of our US citizens and we need to make sure this never happens again to anyone. I beg their goverment to please help find out what happened to Nattalee so we can move on. The people do not want to make things difficult over in aruba we just dont want three boys running around that could do this again to someone else. Come on Aruba lets join in and find out the truth.

    33. Gabriel Leo on October 11th, 2005 7:16 pm

      Show me the proofffff where murder isn’t illegal.
      Show me the prooff where Rape isn’t Illegal.
      Show me the proof where drugging someone else isn’t illegal.
      Show me the proof where your US-state department says that Aruba is a sex slave market?

      And pleaseeee your Media, who are soooooooooo subjective in this case isn’t real proof!!

    34. Gabriel Leo on October 11th, 2005 7:19 pm

      mary alice townsend,

      that’s what we are doing, but with so much pressure so much call for boycott we just don’t wanna anymore!
      When that stops and Beth doesn continue telling us inthe face that she is thankfull for our help and please continue helping out and then the very nexy day when she’s in the states tell a completly different story and calls for a boycot. That just not workable over here.

    35. Hog Blogger » Just find Natalee, is it that difficult to understand. on November 9th, 2005 4:34 pm

      [...] ice and compassion than most in a missing person case. Click here for the Scared Monkeys article: posted by Strategic Communications Task Force at 7:37 AM Sunday, September 18, 2005 Aruban Feels &#82 [...]

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