Dave Holloway Returning to Aruba Tomorrow


I spoke with Dave Holloway on the eve of his return to Aruba in his quest for answers. Having kept silent as to the exact time of his return until todays call when I was given the OK; Dave Holloway stated that this would be a fact finding mission and that he wanted to get answers to certain questions. In Dave’s words,

I want to get answers to questions that need answers. I want to follow up on some tips and you never know when there is some area you just may want to look again.

Dave Holloway plans on being in Aruba for 4 or 5 days, but as he said, “you never know the plans may change.” Dave will meet with his attorney Vinda de Sousa and will probably want to meet with investigators and maybe the Prosecutor’s office. I am sure after the release of Joran and the Kalpoe brothers and todays court ruling that even the restrictions are being lifted against the three suspects, Dave must have plenty of questions he wants answered.

In talking with Dave today he did reference that he was not surprised at the Judge’s decision. I guess I would have to admit I was not either, except for the lifting of the restrictions against the three suspects. We did both discuss the fact that it is truly amazing that they last three people to ever have been seen and admittedly been with Natalee are now just free to walk about as the Judge stated there was a “lack of sufficient grounds and serious suspicions” to keep the restrictions. We both did a collective sigh. However, Dave remains positive, focused and determined. Dave is willing to take the slow and methodical approach if necessary. For all involved, when speaking to Dave it is tough to get discouraged at the events of the day when he remains so determined.

Dave Holloway later went on to say that he thought that the pond area/Racquet Club location Pondand the landfill were still points of interest. When asked whether he or the family was ever told that the landfill witness was ever deemed not credible by the LE or Prosecutors office Dave made it a point to say that he was present when the witness under went a voice analysis and passed it as telling the truth.

We wish Dave Holloway safe travel and hope he finds the answer that he is looking for.

Below are just a reminder of the areas that Dave Holloway still believes are points of interest, the pond and the landfill.

Pond 1

Pond 2




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