John Roberts on the Role of the Courts


In response to Dianne Feinstein’s question on the role of the courts in a case, John Roberts, the Supreme Court nominee stated.

I think courts have a limited role in general. They only interpret the law. They don’t make the law. They don’t shape the policy…

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UPDATE: (AP): Excerpts From Roberts’ Hearing. Senator Biden’s childish antics. At times today I actually forgot I was watching grown men. John Roberts’ maintained a presence about him as others certainly did not.

An exchange between Sen. Joe Biden, D-Del., John Roberts and Sen. Arlen Specter, R-Pa. after Biden prodded Roberts to say whether he agreed with a ruling in a specific case. Biden said Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg had answered such questions in her confirmation hearing, but Roberts still declined to answer, saying the issue in the case could arise in the Supreme Court:

Biden: “… Judge, she (Ginsburg) specifically, in response to a question whether or not she agreed with the majority or minority opinion in Moore v. the City of Cleveland said explicitly: I agree with the majority, and here’s what the majority said and I agree with it. My question to you is: Do you agree with it or not?”

Roberts: “Well, I do know, Senator, that in numerous other cases — because I read the transcript…”

Biden: “So did I.”

Roberts: “… She took the position that she should not comment. Justice O’Connor took the same position. She was asked about a particular case.”

Biden: “Oh, Judge, Judge, Judge…”

Roberts: “She said, It’s not correct for me to comment. Now, there’s a reason for that.”

Biden: “But you’re going from the…”

Specter: “Wait a minute, Senator Biden. He’s not finished his answer.”

Biden: “He’s filibustering, Senator. But OK, go ahead.

Specter: “No, he’s not. No, he’s not.”

Roberts: “That’s a bad word, Senator.”

Biden: “That’s if we do it to you. Go ahead. Go ahead and continue not to answer.”

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