Beth Holloway Twitty Interview With Bon Dia; No holding back


From todays Bon Dia, Saturday September 10th 2005, page A12. Beth Holloway Twitty lets some accusations fly. She calls out the DTZ [Department of Technical Affairs and the members of the Strategic Group as well.

Mother of Natalee Holloway Moves Back to The United States, But Will Be in Aruba Every Week

ORANJESTAD- Beth Twitty is back in Aruba, but tomorrow already she'll go back to Alabama. Nevertheless, as she told American media, she'll be coming to Aruba regularly to see what is happening with the investigation. Even more, it is her intention for her to come back every week.

The mother of Natalee Holloway is disappointed in the judicial system of Aruba. She does not hide this thought, not even for the local press anymore. Beth Twitty says that based on the comments that she saw, declarations of the three suspects that she read, that she finds it totally impossible for a judge to suspend the detention of Joran van der Sloot and the siblings Satish and Deepak Kalpoe. Even more, the lady told Bon Dia Aruba that the suspects were set free, just when they were starting to talk against each other.

Beth was met in her suite at the Wyndham Hotel, the suite that was her house for all these times. She is going to send the majority of her things back to Alabama, and she herself will return to Aruba "every week for a few days", only with a suitcase. She already has a good understanding with the management of the hotel, who will keep on giving her accommodations.

Mrs. Twitty said that she saw the documents signed pa the three suspects, where specifically Joran van der Sloot admitted to have had sexual relations with Natalee, while the youngster [Natalee] was going in and out of unconsciousness. This according to the mother of Natalee Holloway is sufficient to show that Joran had sexual relations with the youngster [Natalee] without her consent, and as such, she thinks Joran must be sentenced for this. “This is rape”, Mrs. Twitty said.

The mother of the youngster of Birmingham, Alabama does not talk of murder , but she is convinced that a crime took place, based on the declarations of the the three suspects. “I can’t say with assurance that Joran killed her,but I think that I have enough motive to think this. And my lawyer said, that on September 1st, the suspects were not denying that a crime had been committed.

Documents that she had access to, according to his own declaration, show that Joran van der Sloot changed his story at least 4 times, and not twice as he declared during his interview with Exclusive [local news show and news magazine --Arubagirl].
Beth Twitty also says that she isn’t saying that Natalee didn’t drink alcohol during this trip. But “Natalee had the age to drink. She was 18 years old, and she didn’t break any laws Joran did break the law, by being in a night club, in a casino without having the age.”

I’m Not Staying Quiet Anymore

Beth Twitty said that she has a lot of information and out of respect for the Investigative Corps, she didn’t talk. But now she has no trust anymore. For two weeks already, she has no contact with Karen Janssen, who also gave the order to Eric Soemers to avoid talking to the family of Natalee. “It was very hard to stay professional, and to keep informations confidential. But now I can’t say quiet anymore. Why was I protecting the integrity of this investigation?” the lady said, adding that the police ignored many aspects of this case, that eventually hindered the investigation. All these constant errors, make her think about a ‘cover-up’ and she is keeps on thinking this.

The lady tells that where there were mistakes made, starting with her own declaration taken by the police, the night that they went to Joran’s house at Montanja. Beth Twitty tells that she signed a document of her declaration and trusted that everything would be right. The document was in Dutch. After a time she was able to get copies, and sent these to the U.S. to be translated. And when the translation arrived, three days later, she lady noticed that the declarations were not what she had given.

Beth Twitty has heavy criticism against the Aruba judicial system, but does not know who to blame. She is aware that the judges make the decisions, but she thinks that there is inconsistencies in the documents, as it was the case in her own declarations, and these make it so that the judges took the decision to suspend the detention.

On the other hand, both lawyer Anthony Carlo and Joran van der Sloot insist that there was not a change in declaration, except the first time when he lied that he left Natalee at the Holiday Inn Hotel. Also, Joran insists that he is innocent, and that he hopes that the investigation can go on so that he show that he is free of guilt.

Pressure of the United States

Beth Twitty stands on the fact that Aruba authorities took advantage of Katrina and its effects on the United States to let the three youngsters go, since it was known that the attention of the U.S. media would be on New Orleans and other areas. Just like she also criticizes the fact that the DTZ [Department of Technical Affairs] suddenly raised the price for a ‘satellite up link’ from $800 to $4000. She feels that these were attempts of Aruba to chase the American press away.

Also, she herself has received a call from one of the members of the Strategic Group (she did not mention specific names, but she did talk about John Paulie, Bob Dilella, and Steve Cohen), that asked her “what day will you finally leave Aruba.” This question created a determination that Twitty must keep on coming.

And this time she has another group that will help her in her search, Joe Mamanna. Mamanna is a philanthropic millionaire, who believes in vengeance and said in the U.S., that “hell will come with him to Aruba.” When Beth Twitty was asked what she thinks this makes Arubans think, she answered: “I cannot comment on what other people think.”

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    46 Responses to “Beth Holloway Twitty Interview With Bon Dia; No holding back”

    1. vicki on September 10th, 2005 5:07 pm

      It amazes me that the PEOPLE of Aruba don’t want these guys prosecuted for SOMETHING. THEY, not Natalee H. or Beth T. have caused the taxpayers the expense that has been incurred since May 30. They, the taxpayers ,have had to pay for all the x-tras of the government (what little they did) connected with looking for Natalee. Not even considering feeding and housing the little jerks!Even all those subpeonas cost to be delivered. It sure seemed to me that not one of these guys or their families were concerned at the cost to the Arubian people who had nothing to do with this. Maybe a public outcry for justice from the island itself would be useful. They may be the next in line to need the help of the “government and law enforcement” there. God help them if they are nobody! Joe! keep it down about your plans. If you always advertise and then then you can’t surprise? You go, boy!But SHHH!

    2. Randy Allman on September 10th, 2005 6:31 pm

      I am appalled at the Aruban government although not surprised. The Holloway-Twitty family deserve answers and I believe that the Aruban authorities know the answers and as a result of a cover-up for what ever reason we may never know what those answers are. I agree that Aruba took advantage of Katrina and the let up in US news coverage. I can honest;ly say that any american that vacations in Aruba is condoning a government that has no respect for America or its people. We are not asking for anything out of the ordinary just simple justice for a young girl that was taken at the very start of her life. What happened to the other women that were comming forward against Vander sloot? What will result in those charges? It sickens me that something like this is being done.. Beth press on. Don’t give up, I believe that God will see the wrong and will right this particular case.

    3. Blogs for Natalee » Beth Holloway Twitty Interviewed on September 10th, 2005 7:08 pm

      [...] ress Coverage, Aruban Government, Aruba, Natalee’s Family — Ian @ 7:08 pm

      SCARED MONKEYS links to a Beth Holloway Twitty interview – and boy does she blow off some steam.

    4. Hyscience on September 11th, 2005 12:02 am

      HarryTho Saturday Evening Natalee Holloway Update

      Dave had no way of knowing that only 6 days later his daughter would be gone from him, forever.

    5. molly on September 11th, 2005 12:16 am

      Hurricane or not, we are still paying attention, Aruba. We all want the truth about Natalee Holloway. How many people must have been paid off for all of these boys to be set free? It’s blatant and inexcusable injustice against decent people, American and Aruban.

      I don’t see why Arubans aren’t angry with the Van der Sloot family for ruining their tourism. They are blaming the wrong family.

    6. TJ on September 11th, 2005 12:22 am

      I am still in shock over this entire subject. If my daughter was missing in Aruba or anywhere. There would be no stopping me, just as Beth and Dave, have been. I feel so much pain for this family, can anyone imagine in their heart what they have been delt, and will have to deal with everyday? The not knowing!!!! Must be a living hell!This is a disgrace to the people of ARUBA. They have let down the visitors they thrieve on. The good people of Aruba will hurt from the mistakes made in this case. Many have a bad taste of respect from AUBA, in my Job I sell Travel, and now it is difficult to sell ARUBA. Many people think as bad of ARUBA as they do Jamaica. I know it’s not the same, but with this case being handled as it has, the general public doesn’t want to visit there.
      I somewhat think this case is done, and there will never be answers. I truely hope this isn’t the case.

    7. Joe on September 11th, 2005 7:54 am

      Like many Americans, I have been following the Natalee Holloway disappearance and the (so called) attempts of the Aruban authorities to solve this mystery. I believe that the investigation was deliberately hampered from the very beginning. Unless the Aruban authorities are able to solve this case in short order, prosecute the offenders and return Natalee to her family, I believe that American citizens should initiate a determined, deliberate and progressive reduction of travel to Aruba. Letters of protest to our Senators and Congressmen would be a good start…

    8. ellen martin on September 11th, 2005 10:00 am

      let’s hope that overindulged dutch boy gets prosecuted to the max. I hope his sneakers turn, up, the body of his innocent victim, with telltale signs of his indiscretions, or something. I feel impotent. The court deal is a farce. Who is this youth’s father but a part of the system of old fellows who support each other, etc, turn a blind eye on each other, maintain an old boys’ club of silence…Those barriers have to be breached…have got to be gotten over, the dams broken, just like in katrina, the subterfuge revealed…let joran suffer too…he looks very nervous…so do those other boys. shame on them. let them confess and not be covered for by some rich parents who think they are smart…

    9. Roger on September 11th, 2005 12:29 pm

      From many statements made by Aruban attorneys (not related to the case) and others who talk about Dutch law in various forums, the common wisdom has been that if documents or investigative materials are made public, then they cannot be used in the prosecution of a suspect (or defendant if he goes to trial). I cannot verify the accuracy of this supposition about the existence of such a peculiar quirk of Dutch law, but if that is a reality, then I would suppose that the reason Beth was keeping these documents confidential, which were obviously shown to her under the promise they would not be revealed, was so that she would not contaminate the evidence and destroy chances of conviction. If , indeed, her revealing specifics about these statements from Joran does render those documents and that information to now be non-evidentiary, what was her reason for doing this? Book deal?

    10. a..incanada on September 11th, 2005 3:34 pm

      Wow! The real AMERICAN way Brian! Kill, kill, kill!

    11. clenehan on September 11th, 2005 3:43 pm

      What time does Dr. Phil show on Thursday air so I can set my recorder? Thx

      Aruban gov’t is in denial about the coverup; the island is really a scam and the people who run it obviously have everyone by the neck chain. That island is more corrupt than the mafia of downtown NYC.

    12. J on September 11th, 2005 5:02 pm

      The first thing that pops into my head upon reading this excerpt, “Mmanna is a philanthropic millionaire, who believes in vengeance and said in the U.S., that ‘hell will come with him to Aruba.’ When Beth Twitty was asked what she thinks this makes Arubans think, she answered: ‘I cannot comment on what other people think,’” is terrorism. Regardless of what happened in Aruba and who’s fault it is, some basic morals of behaviour between human beings apply and statement has more in common to something that Bin Laden or Zharqawi would have said in a videotape submitted to Al-Jazeera than something that comes from a representative of the United States of America, the self-proclaimed leader of freedom and justice from terrorism.

      Also, on the comments about the cost of an uplink beging raised, the United States would never tolerate the media of a foreign nation berating it’s citizens and legal system from within the U.S. so, I believe its fair for another nation to feel the same way. These ideas by Holloway and others involved have been a classic example of ethnocentrism and the idea of “American exceptionalism, therefore, these comments and actions by the Holloway camp and their supporters are no more appropriate coming from the United States than any other country.

      In the end, I believe the stance taken by the Holloway camp will have caused more damage to the case than it will have benefited anyone. Rousing a nation’s pride by criticising it’s people and legal system will probably hinder an investigation in any nation in the world, not just Aruba. Little hope is left for a resolution to this case because of the bitterness of the people involved on both sides and it has been another mark on the reputation of the United States and it’s citizens because of the extent of indiscriminate exceptionalism by the Holloway camp, poor diplomatc relations on both sides, and a total lack of cultural relativism by everyone involved.

    13. Britt on September 11th, 2005 7:47 pm

      This case just makes me want to cry. It is so obvious that Joran had something to do w/ Natalee disappearing, and I cannot believe he is getting away with it. At first I tried to be sympathetic toward him and thought maybe he made a mistake and was scared to admit what happened to Natalee. But if he can lie about it for 4 mos., and go on with his life like everything is back to normal with no remorse, I think he is a horrible, horrible person. I wish I could contact him somehow and tell him how I feel. I hope this follows him for the rest of his life, and I hope someday he has to pay for what he did.

    14. Mark Donaghe on September 11th, 2005 8:58 pm

      I know Beth never wanted to come down on the citizens of Aruba, but I now believe that America should turn its back on the island and vacation somewhere else. Take away the only lifeline Aruba has -American tourist dollars! Force the people of Aruba to axe this corrupt and ramshackled police agency. I see lawyers (ha-ha), and judges (ha-ha), and judges in training (ha-ha-ha!) that have ulterior motives and have probably been on Aruba about 2 decades too long. Its time we brought this ass-backward island up to the 21st century.

    15. Chris on September 11th, 2005 9:51 pm

      It is unbelieveable that the Kalpoe brothers and the Van der Sloots have committed the perfect crime. There is NO WAY they could have done this without the assistance of the Aruban police and government.

    16. Sylvia Osborne on September 11th, 2005 11:44 pm

      I think the Holloway and the Twitty family’s are so great. They will never give up looking for Natalee.

      We know that the 2 Van Der Sloot’s and the 2 Kalpoe brother are guilty as sin and Arube paid off everyone that knew it. Aruba let all of them out of jail while the hurricane was being televised hopping everyone would forget, WELL GUESS WHAT ARUBA NO ONE FORGOT. Everyone I talk to say they will never visit Aruba because it is to dangeres.


    17. John Marson on September 11th, 2005 11:50 pm

      The Holloways apparently have $1,000,000 in a trust account in Alabama as reward money for finding Natalee alive.
      Once all hope is gone, the best use this money can be put to would be to form an organization devoted to preventing disappearances such as Natalee’s. This could be named the Natalee Memorial Foundation. This Foundation shoule be dedicated to the goal of preventing tragic disappearances such as Natalee and many others.

      The first thing the Fopundation should promote is to have all high schools teach students, particularly young girls, methods of self defense.
      Had Natalee been trained, she might have been able to disable her attacker by jabbing her fingers in his eyes. This would have ended his attack instantly. Of course, this should only be done when one’s life is at stake, since it can permanently blind a person.

      A gentler method, to forestall rape, is for a girl to pretend to have some dread disease such as AIDS.

      Some method of finding disappeared persons needs to be developed. We have radio transmitters to track wild animals. We also have the Lo-Jack system for cars. Why not a system for humans?

      A small transmitter that a girl or child can trigger with a code to transmit an RF distress signal would help. It should contain a transponder that can give the victim’s location when they are missing, whether or not it is triggered by the victim.

      Eventually a tiny implantable transponder might be developed. An attacker could not remove it, and it would reveal the missing person’s location.

      This would be a great mission for Mom Beth to undertake, to help her recover from her grief.

    18. Dawn on September 12th, 2005 1:07 am

      I cant believe this case, and how they all got released! It sickens me immensly! There is definately a cover-up down there, and its so sad. I for one, am still paying attention to this case since day one, and its a shame that it hasnt been on the news since the hurricane. Beth, DO NOT GIVE UP keep going down there as much as you can, and keep letting them see your face…the truth WILL come out

    19. Julie Sontag on September 12th, 2005 1:17 am

      It’s so heartrenching to read another update without any good news. I keep up with the updates on the case and everything is so frustrating. The Aruba government should be acting in a way that is much more supportive, NOT asking a mother who has been searching endlessly for her daughter when she was finally going to leave!! That just makes me so mad! Just because the US got hit with Katrina does NOT mean that we don’t care and are just going to drop this. The US citizens should wake up and take a stand. If their government isn’t going to help and be honest about the search and case for Nataleel, then we should stop going. Hit them where it hurts. Maybe without a steady economy they’ll get their butts in gear and start doing the right thing.

    20. glad2BAmerican on September 12th, 2005 1:42 am

      Does it occur to you that this cover up by Aruban authorities is just that and
      will NEVER be solved so what does Mr Mammana visit or Beth Holloway Twitty’s
      telling all hurt? Expose everyone for what they are. It is the Aruban authorities
      including Mr Paulus VanderSloot, who are corrupt not the Aruban people in
      whole. Joran is young and one day may ask any of our daughters out on a date.

      BEWARE none of these boy’s have a conscience.

      Beth should tell everything she knows……cause this case will NOT be solved.
      Only by a miracle. EXPOSE them!
      Prayers to the family for strength!

    21. J on September 12th, 2005 9:36 am

      I apologize for the succession of posts but i have a bit of pent-up frustration from reading about this case.

      1) Even if Joran were subject to the U.S. legal system, he probably would have been released by now if the facts weren’t clear or were lacking. If Aruba were to keep him without the neccessary proof, it would be a violation of basic human rights and Amnesty International would be knocking on their door. The idea of “innocent until proven guilty” is a way to prevent putting innocent people (I’m implying that Joran is innocent) in prison at the cost of letting a few guilty people go. In this ideal, the value of one innocent life is greater than the cost of a few guilty people being st free but it still does not work perfectly. Many innocent people have still been convicted and some innocent people have even been executed in the United States. Recent advances in DNA technology have allowed some investigators to reopen and examine old, disputed cases and have found that the truth was rather different than they originally thought.

      2) The difference in the legal system is far more than simply legal. Aruba is not that unique in it’s legal system, the U.S. is. The American way of idoloizing the law, contracts, and the amount repsect to written law found in the American culture is fairly unique. Many other nations have a much diffferent interpretation of how rules should be made to govern themselves, especially on a small island nation. I spent time living in Cyprus and the price that one would pay for committing a crime has just as heavy societal implications as legal implications. Even if you aren’t convicted of a crime, everyone that lives on the island judges you themselves, they don’t need a court to do it for them. That would probably explain why Joran has fled to the Netherlands. So, their legal system functions in a completely different way because it works within a completely differerent society and I don’t believe its morally correct for Americans to criticize another nations people or system that they don’t understand. After being abroad for some time and then returning to the U.S., one realizes that much of what Amreicans and the U.S. government are accused of; ethnocentrism, exceptionalism, violation of human rights, manipulation, arrogance, ignorance, is true.

      3) The book “To Kill a Mockingbird” is required reading for most kids in U.S. schools at some point. People didn’t understand Boo Radley and persecuted him in the story but in the end, he was an alight person if a little weird. But the point behind it was to be careful of criticing things or people that you don’t uderstand.

      4) At this point, Aruba would probably be thankful for a reduction of travel be Americans. After several very candide converstations with my friends from various places around the world about how Americans are perceived by people in foriegn countries, the response was markedly similar. Americans tourists are second worst behind the British. The Americans tend to be just as loud and annoying as the British but spend more money. This is another example of cultural difference. We speak louder, joke around more, and our kids are more obnoxius and spoiled. Sometimes people don’t understand us either. I’ve been yelled at in a library in another country for speaking too loudly, had someone refuse to exchanged American dollars because I was American, I’ve ignored when trying to order food, and was damn near killed by two different taxi drivers in two different countries and people outside the U.S. are getting these ideas in their heads to discriminate against us because of things like the Iraq War, the constant spew of threats toward other nations that comes from Rice, American exceptionalism, which the U.S. has actually inspired dictionaries to add the phrase “he theory or belief that something, especially a nation, does not conform to a pattern or norm” to the defintition of “exceptionalism” (Source:, the behaviour of U.S. tourists, and now, the Holloway camp.

      O.k., I’m done. The point of all this is this: The possibility exists that the problem is not with everyone else and every other nation in the world but with lies The United States and many of it’s unfortumately misled people.

      We need to seriously reconsider what our nation stands for as a whole and start working to repair the damage that has been done -J-.

    22. J on September 12th, 2005 9:40 am

      I’d like to submit a correction to to the previous post: in line 8, in the parentheses, I stated “I’m implying Joran is innocent,” it is supposed to be “I’m not implying Jorn is innocent.” I honestly don’t think he is innocent but the facts will tell in the end.

    23. don katzman on September 12th, 2005 10:00 am

      Myself I think they should down there and crack a few heads .Igot a laugh when Joran,andthe kalpoe where talking about their rights .What about natalees rights when they raped and murdered her!What about beths right to get back her daughter so she take her back to alabama !Iwonder if they will ask beth if that her daughters purse they found in the pond along with machette and tennis shoe .I bet the the tennis shoe belongs to Joran because he came up missing one that night.The duct tape with the blonde hair that was sent holland for dna sample I thinkwas natalees because this has been acover -up since the start What we need to do is to go over there bring the the boys over here and let them try the court system over because Joran dad would not have any say in the trial!

    24. Hello on September 12th, 2005 1:06 pm

      Amen to J he’s the only one who got it right!

    25. J on September 12th, 2005 8:54 pm

      In response to this:

      Does it occur to you that this cover up by Aruban authorities is just that and
      will NEVER be solved so what does Mr Mammana visit or Beth Holloway Twitty’s
      telling all hurt? Expose everyone for what they are. It is the Aruban authorities
      including Mr Paulus VanderSloot, who are corrupt not the Aruban people in
      whole. Joran is young and one day may ask any of our daughters out on a date.

      BEWARE none of these boy’s have a conscience.

      Beth should tell everything she knows……cause this case will NOT be solved.

      I would like to say this:

      1) I have not seen or heard any definitive proof that a cover-up has occured in Aruba. If one had, the media would have been on it like a pack of rabid animals by now. The logic used to arrive at that assumption is the same type of thinking that would put innocent people in prison or worse, get them executed. Again, I’m not implying that anyone is innocent or guilty, I simply don’t believe that its fair to judge these people based on unsubstantiated gossip. The United States has slowly but surely been moving away from that sort of thing in it’s legal system since the period of colonial law when they burned “witches” without any substantial facts.

      2) The statement that the case will “NEVER” be solved is another assumption arrived at through the same logic and is rather pessimistic.

      3) I never stated that Holloway shouldn’t talk. I honestly don’t see how it would change anything in the current situation but again, I’m not very familiar with Aruba’s legal system or customs so, repercusions might exist that I’m unaware of.

      4) Its possible that none of them have a conscience. But its also possible that many people in our own country don’t have a conscience, either. Nearly 11,000 people are killed with firearms in the U.S. every year. That’s almost 10x the next highest rate in any industrialized nation. Honestly, I feel more safe wandering about in public in most European countries than I do in most cities I’ve been to in the U.S. But this is my home and this is my country and I believe that we need to recognize our faults and work to improve upon them, not berate others for not being perfect, either.

      The current and future position of this country is in need of some serious thought and deliberation. Historically, the United States is already one of the longest lasting democratic systems and has enjoyed a long jaunt as a singular or one of two world superpowers but nothing lasts forever. The overall position of the U.S. isn’t necessarily declining but it’s relative power is. What I mean by this, is the gap between the U.S. and other segments of the world is rapidly closing. China’s annual economic growth is 3 to 4x the rate of the U.S., the European Union has managed to pull together 25 nations to create a political body with more people, more inustrial output, and an 11.65 trillion GDP, which is slightly larger than the U.S, and other parts of the world show much promise for the future. All of this points to one fact, the United States is going to need to learn to play well with others. Something that I’ve always kept in mind in various positions I’ve been in that I think applies to this situation is this: if a decision isn’t proactively made before a certain point, one of the choices will eventually be forced upon you. If the United States doesn’t make an effort to cooperate with other emerging nations in the world, it might eventually be forced to cooperate under less than satisfactory terms and not have the ability to stop it. The only other superpower during my lifetime serves as an example of what can happen and how fast; the U.S.S.R. The U.S.S.R. didn’t choose to end the cold war or collapse, it was forced upon it. The empire that was built over centuries, survived countless wars and revolts, and went through various forms of government took less than 2 years to completely splinter.

      I have chosen my stance on these issues. I choose to support cross-cultural understanding, cooperation, respect, and peacable, practical solutions to real world problems. But I am only one citizen of this nation and it’s future rests with all of it’s citizens.

      Also, I apologize for the myriad of typos in my previous posts. I have written these at awkward times that have left me no desire to proofread them. Although, that typo in the previous post was a really, really bad one. It couldn’t have been in a more worse place. -J-

    26. P. McDonald on September 12th, 2005 11:29 pm

      I believe that the Aruba govt. took advantage of the US state with Katrina and concluded with release of the three; expecting us to go away.
      I believe Van der Sloot and his buddies took advantage of a drugged girl and should be punished for that…I also believe that a cover up is taking place; and it is possible it might include a ring of folks who took her off the island for sexual use; at a profit to them. Beth is right…there is a cover up. Now what will it take to uncover it? Honest people.

    27. CJ in Texas on September 13th, 2005 9:26 am

      Beth! I am all for Mr. Mamanna “taking Hell to aruba” while he is at it have him bring a few ‘hit men’ with him…they ought to be able to BEAT the BLOODY answeres out of certain people. I have sit and watched your pain since May 30th and I have sworn from the beginning to NEVER go to aruba while I adore the carribbean seas. I believe you and your family are steadfast for good reasons and my prayers go out to y’all. Heaven only knows how many innocent girls this has happened to before or will in the future….God speed your endeavors and the answers that you seek. Peace be with you and yours and peace be with Natalee.

    28. GayleWilliams on September 13th, 2005 5:54 pm

      This whole thing has broken my heart. I believe that she died at the Van Der Sloot
      home and her body was there when Beth and Jug went there on the morning of
      May 31st – that is why Paulus did not let them near the house.
      Also, the witness at the landfill remembered seeing the body buried there on June 1st.
      His story was scoffed at because he stated that 2 SUV’s drove up with about five
      people total. Now, it seems more plausible – it was probably Paulus and his
      government friends at work. Joran and the Kalpoe brothers probably do not have
      a clue where Natalee is buried because “Big Daddy” took care of it. All this time,
      everyone has been looking near water when in fact, she was probably dumped at
      the landfill. I bet she never saw the lighthouse, Fisherman’s huts or any beach
      that night.
      I hope Mr. Mamanna will fund the re-digging of the landfill because I truly believe
      that precious girl is there.

    29. J on September 13th, 2005 11:22 pm

      Hitmen. Something disturbs me when people openly support “hitmen.” In difficult circumstances, a clear good or correct way to pursue something doesn’t always exist but some very clear wrong ways almost always do exist. I think Mr. Mamanna and “hitmen” fall into the latter catagory. Also, I don’t think Aruba will miss supporters of Mr. Mamanna or organized crime so, by not traveling to Aruba, those people are doing Arubans a favor. With that in mind, I also believe that supporters of Mr. M and organized crime should never travel to Aruba. Or any other country. I would not have expected Americans to support terrorist acts after what happened in 2001 but I suppose that’s a lesson that hasn’t been learned yet by many people. Churchill did say that history is nothing but a series of unlearned lessons. Looking through the history of terrorism, a pattern arises. When a nation or people have used force or terrorism in response to a terrorist act, they just get more terrorism. The pattern has held true straight into this Iraq and Afganistan thing, as well. More terrorism has occured in or related to those two countries since force was used against terrorists than for a considerable time before. Nothing says the same thing wouldn’t happen with Aruba. Suppose someone did go there with “hitmen” and “BEAT the BLOODY” answers out of them. That’s all it would take for an Aruban radical to pull some like-minded people together and begin a terrorist campaign against the U.S. for the next 50 years. So, that would create another front to the U.S. war on terror for our children to deal with in the future but it would have been caused by the U.S. One innocent girl has already been tragically lost, but think of how many people might tragically lose their lives if something like that scenario were to take place.

    30. rebecca on September 13th, 2005 11:51 pm

      I wish Americans would boycott Aruba–it’s the only way to beef up the pressure on the government to investigate –I thing Van der sloot Senior is involved

    31. tblue on September 13th, 2005 11:58 pm

      What kind of a society would be so embarrassed by their inabilty to dispense justice that they would actually find deception and obstruction as an acceptable alternative?
      I believe that the Aruban authorities have elected to falsify and supress facts in order to avoid being exposed as a group of utterly incompetent morons.

    32. Meg on September 14th, 2005 2:36 am

      There is something wrong in this world when a murderer goes free to roam the earth and a beautiful young girl is murdered and nothing is done. From the beginning there was mistake after mistake after mistake. ANY POLICE DEPT. in the WORLD would have had those three in custody the next morning, since they were the last ones to see her alive. NO QUESTIONS ASKED!!!!!But with the aid of Mr. Paulus Van der Sloot, they were able to make up stories regarding those guards, which gave them the time they needed. It is obvious that they were dealing with a bunch of incompetent morons!!!!

      I sent Beth and family, my prayers and wishes while she was in Aruba. This grieving mother, stopped what she was doing and CALLED ME. When I picked up the phone I was so shocked to hear from her. With all that she was going through she was calling people who had sent notes etc. to thank THEM. IMAGINE!!!! This is the kind of woman you are talking about. Beth Holloway Twitty , may God continue to give you the strength to continue the search for that beautiful girl. She did not deserve whatever happened to her.

      NO ONE I know will be going to ARUBA…that’s for sure.

    33. elaine on September 15th, 2005 6:03 pm

      As a mother of a 17 year old daughter that just started university, my heart aches for Beth and her family…..I can’t imagine the pain… is easy to smell a rat in Aruba but much more difficult to catch it….I think they should keep up the pressure(use the million) on both suspects’ families until someone cracks……
      Dig into their pasts and watch their every move. Regardless of what happened to Natalie in the end……they are responsible. Canadians are watching and boycotting too. elaine

    34. j l fike on September 16th, 2005 5:04 pm

      On the Dr Phil show, the Kalpoe Mother stated that her son said Natalie didn’t like black men. How did he know that unless he had a conversation with her, like as he was raping or attempting to. In all the reports I’ve read, Kalpoe brothers say they never talked to Natalie, just drove the car. Maybe they sat on the beach and discussed this, maybe she said some unkind words as she was being raped. It appears the mother has given us a little bit of a clue.

    35. GayleWilliams on September 16th, 2005 7:21 pm

      Oh I think the Kalpoe mother is really playing the race card on this one.
      Do you really think that poor child yelled racial epithaphs as she was being raped?
      That is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. I don’t think she probably
      uttered a word after she got into the car because by that time, she had already
      been drugged. The race baiting is really low down.

    36. marie on September 17th, 2005 12:22 pm

      Please this has to be over one day I am following the case because I would like to see how Beth is going to repair all the damage that she had caused. First because Aruban’s does not deserve this. In Canada they found dead 2 youngsters, no one is here complaining how the investigation is being held, IS THIS BECAUSE CANADA IS BIGGER THAN THE USA..
      She took the wrong path and got into the sea. No one harmed her. She was too drank to find her way… Accuse him of leaving her in the beach without surveillance ? Not his responsability, Beth is not allow to judge him if his is drinking under age at least he knows where he is going … So, I am a mother also.
      Poor you that you think that the Arubans live only from the USA tourism, they have visitors from all over the world, and not even in the USA I think people is smarter than that because some of them are going to still go there, is not enough that a person drawn that they are going to stop. If we have an open mind we can see that USA is not the only rich country in the world, life keeps on going and if some choose no to go to aruba, well not the end of the world. They will go to australia

    37. Barbara A Offerman on September 18th, 2005 12:29 am

      This is the most amazing and sickening story I can imagine. The Aruban goverment is obviously guilty of a cover up!!!! I will never ever travel to Aruba… nor should any other American Citizen.

    38. Theresa on September 18th, 2005 5:20 pm

      How dare you sit there and say those things about Twitty and how she is to fix the problem there in Aruba…What is wrong with you .They stole her daughter and god only know what they did to her and you sit there wondering how Twitty is going to fix the problem>What about the problem in Aruba a cover up from the start.Let me tell you something we are the riches country let alone canada and i believe they are standing behind Twitty also right long with all the americans.I will never go to Aurba and i will stand behind Twitty.If it wasnt for the americans going there spending money your Sweet Aurba wouldnt be (…..)

    39. Living in the real world on September 18th, 2005 9:06 pm

      I feel sorry for the whole Holloway Twitty family but lets be real for a minute. Everyone is talking about the Aruban Gov. when in fact in the USA the boys would have never been arrested in the first place. Look how long Scott Peterson walked around free. If they would not have found the body of Laci he will still be walking around. And for all the people who say they will never travel to Aruba there are a few other places to add to the list of places you will not go. Like Tampa, Miami, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Atlanta, and so on. Just about every vacation spot in the US. Let’s stack the Aruban crime data against any US vacation spot and tell me where you will feel safer. Have anyone ever stopped to notice how quickly Fox news change the subject when one of the guests questions the US on missing foreignors. Even the Birmingham area where Natalee was from just reported the 71st murder of the year. Compared to 1 missing person in several years. I have always been told that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure so if Beth had been on Natalee to be in control, stick with the Buddy system and of course do not get in the car with any strangers there is a good chance we would not have this terrible situation.

    40. cynthia on September 19th, 2005 12:03 am

      I truly believe that all three of the boys are innocent What happened to innocent until proven guilty and justice for all or is it just justice for Beth Holloway Twitty. If there was any evidence that they hurt Natalie they would not be free. Her made up stories do not count she lies and lies. It is so awful that Beth Holloway Twitty can use the Media to slander innocent people that is so wrong for her to be allowed to do that . That is just evil.. And why does she want to boycott Aruba and cause innocent people of Aruba to suffer and go without food because her daughter disappeared .I know what happened to her is a tragedy but that does not give her the right to accuse innocent people of causing what ever happened to Natalie .No one knows what happened to Natalie. Maybe she ran away , could it be she just did not like the life her mother chose for her Maybe she had an accident . If that happened in the United States the three boys would not be arrested at all ever . I do not think you get away with slandering people on TV in the United States .She has no real honest proof that anyone raped her daughter and her daughter is an eighteen year old woman and she can have sex with any one she wants to where and when she wants to without her mothers permission .That very good looking Joran Van Dersloot does not need to rape anyone .Natalie’s friends said on Fox that Natalie introduced herself to Joran in the casino and when he came into the place that night that he did not flirt with Natalie or pay any attention to her but she went over to stand with him . Her classmates who were there when she left said she left with him and she was not drunk she seemed fine and when her friends asked her to get out of the car she said she wanted to go with joran. I think Natalie knew he would not hurt he and I do not believe that he did. Shouldn’t Beth be more concerned about finding her daughter than worrying about her sex life. her adult daughters sex life. No one cares about that. Maybe Beth Holloway Twitty should get professional help from a Doctor .

    41. Susan Spivak on September 19th, 2005 4:35 pm

      I am disgusted with the Aruban government and have the deepest admiration for the Holloway/Twitty family. Let’s get this story back on the air. If this happened to me I don’t know if I could have held up like Beth. She must get closure and those boys and the father have to pay for what they did.

    42. Rita on September 20th, 2005 9:43 am

      YOU are obviously delusional. The comments you made are not only uninformed, they are bizarre!!!

    43. J on September 24th, 2005 9:47 pm

      The fascinating point in these comments is not Aruba, Holloway, or even missing people. It’s that most Americans don’t realize that the United States has done far worse things than Aruba could ever dream of. The U.S. has used its vast resources for less than moral purposes on a scale that Aruba could never achieve. The Philipines in WWII; Korea; Vietnam–My Lai; Mexico–we took part of it, then gave them some money and said that we didn’t conquer and steal part of their country; Hawaii–marines landed there and took control of the island from the queen; Panama–wouldn’t exist if the U.S. didn’t support a revolution there; Cuba– we originally declared war on Spain over it; countless Native American tribes–I have an Iroquois friend that says the tribes have not forgotten; African Americans; Chinese and Japanese immigrants–the Chinese Esxclusion Act, which was later expanded to include the Japanese; etc. The list could fill this entire page. A researcher has suggested that U.S. foreign policy could be responsible for in excess of 20,000,000 deaths since the end of WWII. If that is true, the U.S. falls into the same category as Stalin’s U.S.S.R and Nazi Germany. Before anyone berates and persecutes a small island nation and its innocent (again, I’m not implying that any of the accused in Holloway’s case are innocent or guilty) citizens, one should take a long, hard look at their own nation’s past. Aruba might be responsible for an innocent young women’s life but the U.S. has far more blood on its hands. As an American, I wish I couldn’t invoke these events and points but they exist and are the truth. I have accepted these truths and struggle everyday to improve the future but also recognize that the past can’t be forgotten, or we risk repeating those tragic events as a series of unlearned lessons.

    44. Pat Champion on September 25th, 2005 9:08 pm

      This case has gotten way too much publicity. They should start investigating all the other missing people in the US. It’s like she is the only “important” person in the whole world. Yes, we all want to find her but let’s move on. To write in articles that Natalie is a youngster, than Joran also is a youngster, and if she were a youngster, why in the hell was she drinking unsupervised on an island away from home. It takes a lot of nerve for some rich person to say he’s bringing hell to Aruba, well, maybe they shouldn’t even let him in. He has no authority bringing hell anywhere but to himself. Who’s he, God? I can see why everybody in the world hates us, we thing we can just go into any country and accuse whomever we feel did it. Hello, after all the interrogations, don’t you think somebody would break. There are a lot of lies coming out of Beth too (which is understandable), but she is partly to blame hereself. I don’t think Aruba or any country cares if we go there anymore or not. They can survive nicely on their own without us. I guess if anything comes out of this is that America can’t bully any country anymore and funny with all the sphisticated equipment we have, it didn’t do a bit of good in finding anything ( awh, what money will drive us to do). Just think if there was no reward….not too many people would be looking for her.

    45. Gianna on September 26th, 2005 12:03 am

      I tip my proverbial hat to both Pat and J. You represent the irealistic and intelligent thinkers in our society. My heart goes out to anyone with a missing loved one who has had to watch this circus acted out on TV day in and day out, and has suffered the realization that their struggle doesn’t receive half the attention and public sympathy that the Holloway case has garnered. What happened to equality, people? A human life is a human life, despite age, sex, race, or socio-economic background. Why have we lost sight of this?

    46. Linda in L.A. on September 28th, 2005 12:54 am

      My proverbial hat sure isn’t off to Pat and J. Intelligent thinkers? I had to look at the dates these were posted…thinking ok…maybe they said this a long time ago?? But no such luck. First J…so you are going back to deaths from WWII and saying the US has done far worse…so lets drop this now?? And Gianna…you find that intelligent?? Amazing. So…according to all of our wrongs…I have two questions for you. 1) Why in the world are you remaining in such a horrible country; and 2) at what point in history will we be allowed in your mind to stand up for our rights? I don’t think anyone on here disagrees that the U.S. has a clean slate…what in the heck does that have to do with Natalee?? Or maybe in your mind…we can now check off one of the wrongs you listed if we all go away and stay quiet???

      As for Pat…again…the victim is to blame…and not only the victim…her mother. As much respect as I have for both her mother and father…no one ever says its his fault for allowing his daughter to go to Aruba…why is that? Because he’s being “patient”? No…its because its not his fault…any more than its Beth’s or Natalee’s fault. Are you serious about drinking? Really? How dare she drink unsupervised on an island away from home. Well then she must have asked for what she got…thats all there is to it. Is that what you are saying or implying? You want to talk about ideas from the dark ages…there you go.

      So Aruba doesn’t care whether we go there or not? Well then whats all the uproar about? We won’t go…they won’t care…no problem right? Wrong…because they do care. Why people go around saying things just for the sake of saying something amazes me. The citizens of Aruba didn’t do anything to Natalee. I don’t blame the people…but I won’t travel to Aruba…and according to you…they don’t care so no problem. You planning a trip anytime soon Pat?

      As for saying all the sophisticated equipment we have didn’t find anything. Ummmm…no…it sure didn’t. Of course…thats understandable considering they released everyone to go home giving them opportunity to get rid of evidence. Did they do that??? I don’t know…but neither do you.

      As for Beth telling lies…and its understandable (your words not mine). How come Beth tells lies…but the 3 guys don’t in your mind??? You never once mentioned all the lies they have not only been caught in…but have admitted to. Why is that? Thats why I looked at your post date. I thought just possibly it was made before all the lies were told…but nope…no such luck.

      Now for Gianna…this circus? You think this is a circus…that you are sick of seeing on television…but yet you are on this site adding your 2 cents??? That doesn’t make sense does it? As for other victims who don’t receive this much attention. Has it hit you yet? They aren’t receiving this much attention because they don’t have a mother who is willing to put herself on the line every single day and be called a liar and responsible for her daughter being missing. I’m not in any way putting down the families who’s children are missing. I think each person does what they decide is right in that situation. I would no more fault a mother who left everything in the court’s hands…than I would fault Beth. Only they know what their limits are and what’s in their hearts. If you have such an issue with others that are missing with no media attention…what are you doing to help them?

      The other thing you aren’t getting is this. Yes others are missing…and yes…there may even be a lot of evidence in those cases as to who committed the crime. But it certainly wasn’t the godfather of the person committing the crime who investigated those cases and then released them from jail.

      I don’t pretend to have the answers to this case. I’m open to hearing what others think may or may not have happened. You 3 are not doing anything but putting down the United States. You may very well have made some valid points about U.S. history…but it has nothing to do with Natalee’s disappearance.

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