Interview with Paul Reynolds Transcripts, Part I


Scared Monkeys Live Interview transcripts with Paul Reynolds, Natalee’s uncle from 5-6 PM EDT on Friday, September 2nd, 2005. After having met Paul in Aruba and having spoken to him numerous times, Scared Monkeys welcomes Paul for the first time in the Monkey Cage. (Please keep in mind this transcript is prior to the release of Joran and the Kalpoe brothers.)

Paul: Hello, this is Paul Reynolds here. Thank you for having me. I’m happy to answer whatever questions you might have…

Red: Thank you so much Paul for joining us this afternoon, it is a pleasure.

CaliGirl wrote:
Paul, thank for you taking the time to join us.

Do you know if there is any truth to the disappointing rumor of the Kalpoe brothers being released?

Paul: We have heard the report. We are not sure at this point whether or not that is true. Certainly, it would be very disappointing to us if that were the case. We believe that they have information that is necessary to give us the answers that we need.

kzambron wrote:
There are rumors that Satish, Deepak and Joran are all going to be released. Does the family have a plan of action if this happens? Since this was botched from the beginning, unless one of these kids rolls over, I can’t see any closer in the near future. With the others that they have been picking up lately, it looks like these boys have been doing things in the past, without dire consequence, and have gotten away with it. Is there any chance, rather than letting them walk away from this, to get them on some other type of charges?

Paul: Presently, we are conferring with attorneys as to possible legal action. We understand there are certain appeal processes available. The family wants to pursue all possible charges against the individuals who we believe are involved, such as obstruction of justice, conspiracy and kidnapping.

May wrote: Hi Paul, God bless you and the whole family.

mrs. red wrote:
Paul, Thanks for taking the time to come in and talk to us.
What can we do (besides continue praying) to help your family? Are there Congressmen or officials we should write?

Paul: Your prayers are very much appreciated. At this point, the family is preparing an action plan and will be sure to let everyone know how they can best support that effort.

cancon wrote:
I thought I heard that Beth and Jug had met with Karin Janssen prior to Joran’s hearing and that it was a long meeting and they were happy with what they were hearing, is this true?

Paul: I’m not sure what was discussed at that meeting. It is my understanding that the prosecutor presented over 300 pages of evidence to the judge. At this point, we do not understand the judge’s ruling. We want to make sure that all of the appropriate information was presented. In our opinion, there are certainly charges available against these individuals.

Ted wrote:
Paul, My sympathy for all the emotional turmoil your family has endured. I keep hoping that there will be a “break” in the case to provide closure — hopefully positive news but closure non the less.

At various points in this ordeal some family members have stated that they have evidence or information that (in Jug’s words) would “shock the world”. Has this information now been released (info about the video’s etc.) or does your family have additional information that can be brought to bear?

Thanks for any response and the very best of luck moving forward.

Paul: Under Aruban law, the victim is entitled to all of the investigative information at some point. Once this information is available to us we expect to have a better understanding of this process. We are anxious to have this information for our review.

goon squad wrote:
We have heard the report. We are not sure at this point whether or not that is true. Certainly, it would be very disappointing to us if that were the case. We believe that they have information that is necessary to give us the answers that we need.

Around 25 minutes someone posted what appears to be the text of the prosecutor office’s statement regarding the suspended detention and release of Joran and the Kalpoes.

This leads into my question(s), for which the answers are probably self-evident. Is there anybody from the prosecutor’s office making an attempt to communicate with the family? Is there any attempt to even alert the family regarding processes and decisions, let alone explain them and provide an overview regarding prosecution response and strategy, so that Beth can offer something other than her devastation to the public? Is there any sense of awareness in the prosecutor’s office of how horrible it is for Beth to hear about Joran’s release from Paulus – a suspect, no less – before the prosecutor’s office?

Paul, thank you for your time.

Paul: I believe that Beth has been in communication with certain officials. I know that her attorney is recommending action regarding appeals. We are waiting to ensure that we have a complete understanding of the current ruling.

mom2three wrote:
Paul, is Beth prepared to release the information that she has collected? I am referring to the information that the ALE has used to “hold her hostage”, when they asked, told, or threatened her not to release it.

Paul: I believe that Beth will follow instructions from her attorney so as not to jeopardize the investigation.

Little Miss wrote: To Paul, Tell Beth that we’re behind her all the way, and admire her strength and courage. Everyone that loves Natalee is in my prayers.

Paul: I will be sure to relay this message to her. We thank you for your continued support and prayers.

frankdags wrote:
Paul are you planning to go back to Aruba.

Paul: I do plan to return to Aruba. At this time, I am monitoring events to determine the most appropriate time to head back to Aruba.

Hopefloats wrote:
Paul…Beth and the whole family is truly amazing and sets a example for all of us on how one should come together, be strong and have such faith in God to be able to do what you all have done thus far.. May God bless you all!

We have heard rumors of Joran admitting sexual assault against Natalee, several have confirmed this including Beth, Dave and Jug that I am sure of, someone above asked is there proof this so I will ask, is there proof of Deepak and Satish as well or has either of the brothers admitted this too as of late or being witness of this happening?

Paul: Thank you for your kind words. I am aware of some of the statements that the suspects have made. In my opinion, the statements support charges that should be filed against the individuals. We hope soon to have all of that information to consider as we evaluate our options.

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