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The United States, by far the largest donor to the world, has gotten some help in the Katrina crisis from India. India has faced the Tsunami last year, and beyond that has had trouble with water purification issues throughout its history.

So India is sending over a team that specializes in water purifications and a medical support team. So remember those countries that have and will step up and help the United States in this time of turmoil.

From the Telegraph of India:

If all goes well, an Illyushin-76 Indian military transport plane loaded with large water purification systems both for households and communities and critical medical supplies will take off in a day or two from an airfield in India for the southern US which is reeling from a killer hurricane which hit the area a few days ago.

The Russian-built military transporter has been readied in anticipation of clearance by US authorities of an offer by New Delhi to “stand in solidarity and sympathy with them in these trying times” of death and destruction wrought by Hurricane Katrina.

The Illyushin, which will bring its own naval boats and dinghies for a “self-sustaining and self-supporting” relief operation in the US, will also carry a medical team from the Indian Army Medical Corps.

The team will include a surgeon, an anaesthetist, doctors, nurses and paramedics who have had first-hand experience in handling the effects of natural disasters.


Via Boing Boing and Bruce Sterling.

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