Post Hurricane Katrina; More Resources to Help Find Loved Ones


The aftermath of Hurricane Katrina has left many without any contact or idea as to the location or welfare of their family friends and loved ones. This crisis has affected so, so many. Become part of the solution. The following are great resources in the location and reporting of Missing Persons in the Gulf Coast area following Hurricane Katrina:’s missing persons board.

NIUSR Missing Persons Center (NIUSR web site launched)

According to Michelle Malkin’s web site there is also a missing persons helpline to report lost relatives/loved ones: 225-925-6626. She also has other contact registry info lists.

Go to Wombat Nation for a list of extensive Katrina Missing Person and Survivor Registries.

Also another site set up to help find victims, KatrinaFinder.

This site was set up in an awful big hurry, so I can’t guarantee everything is exactly correct. My own sister, Jennie Belle Coulter, age 25, working for Domino’s Pizza in Gulfport, Mississippi, was there when Katrina hit, and we have yet to hear from her. I wondered how I, a computer/web programmer, could do something to help, and I decided to make an easy-to-use Internet site where people who are searching and people who are trying to get word to their loved ones can – I hope and pray – find each other. I know there are improvements we can make, and if you think of something, please let us know. If you’d like to volunteer to help with this project, please let us know.

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