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NANCY GRACE; August 29, 2005

Who Is Fourth Man Behind Bars in Holloway Case? What is the Relationship between Freddie and Joran?

HARRIS FAULKNER, “A CURRENT AFFAIR” CORRESPONDENT: Yes, really a lot, Nancy. “A Current Affair” has learned the name of the third guy arrested on Friday along with the Kalpoe brothers. We knew his initials were FZA, we knew his name might be Freddy. Tonight we know it`s Freddy Zedan Arambatzis. And I talked with this man`s attorney actually.

FAULKNER: Zedan Arambatzis.

FAULKNER: ZA. So we were able to confirm that. “A Current Affair” talked with his attorney earlier today to see why he might have been picked up on the same day with the Kalpoe brothers. Because you remember on Friday, Nancy, really, all the way through the weekend, there was a lot of speculation on whether or not he had anything to even do with Natalee Holloway`s case.

I`ll tell you the big connection. He`s very good friends with Joran Van Der Sloot. In fact, “A Current Affair” has some exclusive photos of the two of them together. But meanwhile, his attorney is saying, however, that he was picked up on a different charge, a different case, not related to Natalee Holloway. We`ll have to see how that plays out. That`s thing number one.

The other rather interesting topic that went pretty much unnoticed was the individual that was seen at the Police station on Friday. It was widely reported on Friday that there were four suspects at the jail; however, only three wound up being arrested, the Kalpoe brothers and Freddie. Now we learn that Steven Croes was also at the police station. Many have wondered just how Steven Croes plays into this latest discovery of girls, pictures and arrest of Freddie.

FAULKNER: Thing number two, that party boat deejay, remember Steven Croes?


FAULKNER: Well, a camera crew spotted him coming out of the police station today, thought maybe he`d been re-arrested. Apparently he told the camera crew, no, I just went to pick a few things up. However, “A Current Affair” got a call from his mother earlier today saying she was concerned that her son might have been re-arrested. So we`re still working to see what the plan is there.

I thought he`d been exonerated. “A Current Affair” was the only station to talk with him, the only network to talk with him when he got out of prison the first time he was arrested. He told me on camera, Harris, I`ve been exonerated, I have no reason to think I`ll be a further suspect in this case. That was over a month ago.

Back at the police station, Nancy, we`re not quite sure why. He says he`s picking something up. His mom says she`s worried.

FAULKNER: Third thing going on, the divers, what they found yesterday as they searched about a mile off the coast of Aruba. One of the volunteer searchers had said that he saw something with sonar that looked like it might be human bones. It turns out to be nothing.

GRACE: Another disappointment.


Beth Holloway Twitty’s and Jug’s reaction to the rearrests of the Kalpoe’s and arrest of Freddie

GRACE: Here. Have one. They`re having a difficult time? Let`s talk to Beth Twitty tonight, joining us is Natalee Holloway`s mother, Beth Twitty, her husband Jug.

Thank you very much for being with us, Beth. So much happening. What do you think this means, the arrest of the Kalpoe brothers, and what do you have to tell us tonight — Beth.

BETH HOLLOWAY TWITTY, NATALEE`S MOTHER: Well, Nancy, I would imagine that it means that they`ve gathered new evidence to warrant this re-arrest of the Kalpoe brothers. And there`s no way you`re going to convince me that Freddy`s arrest is a coincidence. You know, I`ve seen his name surface throughout my documentation that I`ve been keeping since as early as June 15th, so.

GRACE: So the FBI, or the Aruban authorities, one, gave you Freddy`s name way back at the very beginning?

HOLLOWAY TWITTY: His name has been mentioned in my documentation on at least three occasions. So I don`t know what the connection is other than it happens to be one of Joran`s closest friends, and I think lived behind him. But other than that I don`t know.

GRACE: Well, Jug, what do you think about the theory that he may be a suspect — I mean, excuse me, a witness in this case? That either Joran Van Der Sloot, one of the Kalpoe brothers, told him something or he observed something around the night Natalee went missing?

GEORGE “JUG” TWITTY, NATALEE`S STEPFATHER: I don`t know, Nancy. I mean, if you`re Joran`s best friend, I`m sure they`ve talked some, especially during the days that they — between the 30th and the 10th, or whenever they arrested him. So I`m sure he talked to him about it. I don`t care what the case is, I don`t care what they have him in there for. I`m glad that they have him in there and hopefully it will help us find Natalee.

GRACE: Jug, it was my understanding that for them to make this additional arrest, there had to be new evidence. What`s the new evidence? What do they know now they didn`t know back in June?

TWITTY: I don`t know. They don`t share all that with us. I mean, that`s part of the investigation. My mission coming down here was to get a meeting with the prosecutor, which Beth and I had yesterday, and we had a long meeting with the prosecutor. And I feel like that there were — that the police do have a lot of things working right now, and, you know, I feel that they`re really digging into this case.

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