Prison Warden Comments on Joran’s Temper


Last night during MSNBC’s interview at the prison in which Joran Van der Sloot is being held, Michelle Kosinski (K) had a chance to discuss with the warden (W) Joran’s temper and his stay in prison. The following is a close translation as to what was said from Rita Cosby, Live & Direct:

W: Strange in another way not, because of his temperament..when he doesn’t get his way he gets very angry.
He even snapped at his mother once. His mother tried to correct him once, he snapped at her.

K: Did he try to hit her?

W: No, not really hit her, just used a lot of bad language

K: Did you see some of his temper in prison?

W: In beginning yes, with a policeman. But then afterward, the policeman really roughed him up, cuffed him and took him to police station.

K: How did he act out at the police officers, what happened?

W: They came to pick him up and he wouldn’t go. His father was just incarcerated, and he said no, he wants his father free then he would go.
I said no you have nothing to say, you are going. He said no, I am not going and went back to his cell.
Then they called from ?? said he had to go.

K How has he been now that he has been here a couple of weeks?

W: Now, he is normal, has no problems with no one. He has incorporated himself to the system.

K: How do you think Joran has reacted to not being able to see his parents everyday? Has there been any noticeable change?

W: Well, his parents called me and also the second man in command. He called the social worker that handles Joran.
To get some extra time visiting. She came to me, I said no to extra visiting time.

K: So, she thought he should get some special treatment?

W: Yes, he thought so..the judge..the judge to be.

K: How do you think Joran is doing in here, is he okay?

W: To my knowledge yes, but to him, he wants to go home. He is eager to go home I believe.

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