Dave Holloway On Rita Cosby Regarding Prison Video


Last night Rita Cosby gets Dave Holloway’s reaction as to the Aruban Court blocking the airing of the Joran prison video. However, NBC said it was OK to show the video of the prison in which Joran Van der Sloot was being held. The video.

Dave & Robin Holloway

Rita: Dave what is your reaction to the fact that the court and VDS family have blocked us from showing the video?

Dave: Well, that doesn’t surprise me a bit. You are violating his rights so to speak. He violated Natalee’s rights. What would you expect?

I do want to say this, it doesn’t surprise me that you were able to get in the prison because most of the people in Aruba are very friendly. They want to help, and I know this warden’s goal was to help. He wants to find Natalee and everyone else there does too.

Rita: They were saying he was reading a book, looked a little thin, had two cellmates. Looked casual, relaxed. Doesn’t sound things are too bad for him.

Dave: I hope he was reading one of the books I gave him. Maybe he will turn his soul or life over to God and make some right choices. That is what we are asking for is to open himself up to God. Something positive is going to come out of this, there is no doubt about it. Hopefully we will get to the bottom of it and the police and anybody else that has any information will solve this case.

Dave: I have opened a website: helpfindnatalee@comcast.net and what I am doing is reviewing them myself. Then turning what is important over to the attorney who will turn it over to the prosecution. The police will not know about it unless the prosecutor knows first.

Rita: One of the things that must be so hard for you is the waiting for this girl to come forward. She says she was raped and drugged by Joran.

Dave: I understand that she retained an attorney, to go through the proper channels. So that her name will not be used or anything like that. That is one of the reasons I created this website.

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