Commentary in Comparison of Natalee and Amy Lynn Bradley


Here is an interesting read and comparison from the Caribbean Net News; Look no further than the case of Amy Lynn Bradley.

I thought the commentary about the “Natalee Holloway,” madness was very interesting.

As a journalist myself, I was wondering where he got the information about the dissension within the Twitty camp.

Now this could be true, and if it is that shows me that the people, who came to Aruba to search for Holloway’s body were actually seeking to stroke their own egos. If so, they apparently lost sight of what was supposed to be going on.

Personally I believe what Beth Twitty has been saying about the authorities on Aruba. In fact this was kind of confirmed when the Prime Minister, in what has to be almost the understatement of the year, admitted that there were mistakes made.

If someone wants further proof they need look no further than the case of Amy Lynn Bradley. This woman was kidnapped off a cruise ship that docked at Curacao in March of 1998. A year later she identified herself to an U.S. Navy sailor in a brothel, which I believe, was in the same port she was kidnapped in.

As there are comparisons there are also some major communication and news differences between today and 1998.

Once again, look at Aruba. Where is that gardener whose testimony blew a hole in the boy’s story? If he’s smart, he’ll be back on Colombia in hiding or if not probably has suffered a fatal accident. Still, I hope they can find him alive.

So folks, it all comes down to you. It’s not 1998 and the Internet allows a person to offer real information anonymously. So far the Bradley’s have only heard silence about their daughter. Let’s see decent citizens of the Antilles finally stand up and be counted, even if they can’t publicly do it.

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Hat Tip: UGAmom

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