Transcripts from Last Nights Shows, August 22, 2005


CNN’s Nancy Grace had Jossy Mansur discussing the Prime Minister’s comments regarding the possible mistakes made in the case and the lack of cooperation in the field. Jossy said the following:(full transcript)

JOSSY MANSUR, MANAGING EDITOR, “DIARIO”: I believe he did say something in that sense, but I believe that what he meant was that she should be more reserved in her comments as far as the criticism is concerned toward the Aruban authorities.

MANSUR: Well, there hasn`t been much cooperation in that field over there. The only cooperation that was received in the beginning was that half day off for the public workers so that they could go en masse and help search for Natalee. The rest has been done by the Equusearch from Texas, the Golba team that is here now, and the Aruba search and rescue team, and other private members of the community.

Scarborough Country had some great video of Deepak returning to Carlos & Charlie’s as well as some great dialog and comments with Clint Van Zandt and Paul Reynolds. (Full transcript can be read here.)

VAN ZANDT: Well, you know, Joe, you run into a lot of people in life, probably to include myself, who wish we had take-backs, wish we could take something back in life, something you said, something you did.

He impresses me as somebody who would really like to have one take-back. It’s not as much he said. It’s just, you know, when you kind of look at the guy’s face, that it’s just, you see a combination of fear and disconcern. And he doesn’t know where his life is going. He doesn’t know what’s going on.

And, again, this is not—no matter what he may have done, this is still not Dennis Rader. This is not BTK. This is a 21-year-old kid who may, who may have made a very serious mistake, either on his own, with his brother, or with the primary suspect, who, as you suggest, there is more and more information.

When I was in Aruba last week, and I knew these stories were coming out about Joran Van Der Sloot and about allegations concerning him and other women. But, you know, from my point as an FBI, a former FBI agent, I don’t want to hurt the locals’ case. I didn’t want to—I didn’t want them to say, hey, it’s the media, who broke this story.

PAUL REYNOLDS, UNCLE OF NATALEE HOLLOWAY: Well, you know, my first thought was, here he’s complaining because my sister visited him at the Internet cafe. And now he’s back at Carlos ‘n Charlie’s, as you said, the scene of the crime, which we definitely think that it is.

SCARBOROUGH: And what do you think about that?

REYNOLDS: Well, it’s amazing that—but this is what he’s been doing. This has been his life. And we definitely think that he’s a predator, him and Joran, the episode that we heard from the young girl that said she met him last April, the way he stalked at the club, the way Deepak and Satish sat on the sidelines, the way—I can just see the way they parked the car, so that it looks like a taxi, so they can either drug the girls or give them enough to drink, so that they aren’t really aware they’re getting into their car, but they think it’s a taxi.

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