NNDDA President and K9 Experts to do Live Q&A tonight on Scared Monkeys


Correction: Due to an emergency Renee Utley has been called away and will not be able to make it; however, she has agreed to come back next Thursday at 7:00pm for a Q&A.

Sam Pepenella will be doing the Q&A session by himself this evening.

Tonight at 6:00 pm EDT: NNDDA , National Narcotic Detector Dog Association President Renee Utley, former police officer since 1978, K9 trainer and handler for almost 20 years and Sam Pepenella, certified NNDDA cadaver K9 and work professionally as a Deputy Sheriff in Pasco Florida will be answering questions regarding searches in general, searches that have taken place in Aruba with regards to Natalee Holloway and any other general questions that people may have regarding certifications or dog handling.

These two individuals will be great resources in providing answers to many questions that individuals may have with regards to research and rescue dogs.

Renee Utley:
NNDDA.org: An organization with approximately 3500 members worldwide. She is the President of NNDDA and has been a police officer since 1978, K9 trainer and handler for almost 20 years. She is a certifying official for NNDDA for 10 years. She is a TCLEOSE certified instructor. She currently handles 6 explosive detector dogs (bomb dogs), 2 cadaver (human remains detector dogs) dogs with a 3rd in training, a narcotic dog with 1 in training. She has trained and handled many more over the years including police patrol dogs as well. Renee holds seminars and assist other agencies in selecting, evaluating, training and certifying dogs. I also import and breed dogs for scent detection work. Labs, English Springer Spaniels and German Shepherds. She is a member of Texas Equusearch and assisted in the selection of HRD dogs deployed to Aruba.

Sam Pepenella:
Sam was put in charge of the first group of K9 teams searching in Aruba. He currently has a certified (NNDDA) cadaver K9 and works professionally as a Deputy Sheriff in Pasco Florida. He is a member of a 5 member team, K9 Forensics Recovery Team (www.k9forensicsteam.com) and have conducted numerous searches for Law Enforcement agencies in Florida and one in Panama South America with confirmed finds.

Join us tonight for the Q&A session. Please note you must be a Scared Monkeys registered user to participate. However, a transcript will be provided afterward on the main page of SM.

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