Dave Holloway; Some Phone calls are Better than others


Especially when they have good news on the other end from Tim Miller. From tonights Abram’s Report on MSNBC we learn from Dave Holloway that sometimes hope is kept alive by simply receiving a telephone call. Dave Holloway tells us of the phone call he received from Tim Miller of Texas EquuSearch who said, I have some good news for you.”

Dave: Late this afternoon, Tim Miller with TES called me out ot the blue. Wanted to know how I was doing, feeling, all that stuff. He wanted to know when I was going back to Aruba. I said, well, when you go back, I’ll go back. We are partners. I have some good news for you. He is working on a deal to move some dozer’s to the landfill from the USA. To possibly get a company to commit some people and assets. It is still in the works, not finalized. Still in the talking stage at this point. I was given a little hope that we can clear that landfill.

Dan: How do you keep hope alive at this point?

Dave: It is just like the phone call I received today from Tim. That was a big concern for me, the landfill was not properly searched. I spent 50 days on the island continually searching, a lot of time with TES and a lot of people involved with TES. They have done a great job. Landfill was the last issue, other than that…we are probably looking at the ocean as the last place.


No one needs to know any more about Dave Holloway and what type of individual he is than his comment, “I said, well, when you go back, I’ll go back. We are partners”. He is a real class act and was my honor to meet him and try and help him in whatever way I could.

Hat Tip: sunmoonstars

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