Paul Reynolds Speaks Out for the Family and Defends Texas EquuSearch


Last night on CNN’s Nancy Grace, Paul Reynolds spoke out for the family and defended the previous search group Texas EquuSearch with all the class, grace and appreciation that I have to know Paul for. Paul Reynolds has been a stand up individual from the beginning providing a stern and forceful message for the family with a level and even keeled temperament that can only be commended.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: And I know that you`ve also brought in a new search team to help look for Natalee. Tell us about that.

REYNOLDS: You know, we welcome everyone that wants to come to the island to help out. There was a search individual from Massachusetts and an associate of his that came in from Florida. You know, we`re appreciative of their efforts.

But we want to make a special mention of all of the efforts that Texas EquuSearch made. You know, those guys spent four weeks on the island. They had 70 people in there. I spent a week myself working with them personally.

You know, this is a great group of dedicated professionals that have volunteered to leave their homes, and their families, and their jobs, and come down there and, you know, put forth this effort. And they along with the hundreds and almost thousands of others have been just a great asset to our family and the search.

In speaking with Paul Reynold’s the other day I know how hurt he was and just utterly amazed by the insensitivity and foolishness of the comments that were made toward TES. Paul Reynold’s during our lengthy conversation told me that Jim Knox had embarrassed himself, the family and the investigation. To be a fly on the wall during the telephone conversation between Paul Reynolds and Jim Knox.

In the half dozen or so times I have spoke with Paul and the 9 days in Aruba that I got to know Natalee’s uncle I certainly came to know him and know the appreciation he has for all the searchers that came to help his family. Natalee’s family has always been in search and need of help as the disappearance of Natalee in Aruba gets to be overwhelming at times. The help I was able to provide Paul and his family he certainly made me aware of his appreciation. Thus on CNN last night Paul Reynolds further went on to say regarding his deep appreciation for Texas EquuSearch’s help and his hope that the new search team will do just as good a job.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Well, I hate to bring this up, because it could be a little bit of a distraction from the investigation, but I have to, because it is being talked about tonight. There is some sort of reported spat between the first search team and the second one.

Why is that? What do you know about it?

REYNOLDS: You know, I can`t really explain that. All I can really let you know is Texas EquuSearch did a great job. You know, I know Tim Miller. I spent a lot of time with him. I`ve met a lot of the search guys. Some of them go to the church that I go to.

Great individuals. I know they did a good job. And, you know, I`m hoping the new people that are there — I`m hoping they do just as good a job.

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