Scarborough Country Transcripts; August 15, 2005. Paul Reynolds Remains Positive


‘Scarborough Country’ for August 15; transcript to the Monday show

Guest: Clint Van Zandt, Paul Reynolds, Bill Stanton, Jack Hickey, Graham Bensinger, Bernard Goldberg

JOE SCARBOROUGH, HOST: Tonight’s top headline: An American girl who dated Joran calls the Dutch boy a sweetheart, but an explosive court ruling may formally allow the FBI to nail the Dutch boy as a sociopath. Welcome to SCARBOROUGH COUNTRY. No passport required, only common sense allowed.

Paul Reynolds, Natalee’s uncle, remains optimistic and positive regarding Natalee with all that goes on around him.

SCARBOROUGH: Talk about what Clint said. He’s afraid that, because of all the missteps early on, that this investigation is never going to find out the truth about Natalee, and that these three punk kids are going to be able to walk because they haven’t been interrogated the proper way.

Have you given up hope, or do you and the family still believe that justice can be discovered in this case?

REYNOLDS: We’re convinced that justice will be discovered. We understand the difficulties, the problems that we had in the very beginning, and, you know, all the concerns that we’ve talked about over the last few weeks.

But, you know, we’re determined. And, you know, we’re going to stay involved. And, you know, we are seeing an increase in the effort. People are continuing to come forward. We’re convinced, we’re certain, that, you know, the truth will come out and there will be justice.

REYNOLDS: Well, Joe, we can’t give up hope. We still have to have hope until we’re shown that Natalee is not alive. But…

SCARBOROUGH: So you believe, Paul, though, you believe tonight that she could still be alive?

REYNOLDS: You know, it’s certainly possible, you know, no trace has been found. It’s not something we can give up on until we’re just absolutely shown otherwise.

That’s not to say we’re not realistic. We understand the possible consequences. And, certainly, we’re looking into those consequences, but you just can’t give up hope yet.

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