‘THE ABRAMS REPORT Transcripts; Joran & the NJ Connection


On yesterdays Abrams Report, a New Jersey mother and daughter reportedly came to the defense of Joran Van der Sloot by referring to him as a a very romantic guy.

As much as the interview would appear to be a defense of Joran Van der Sloot on its face, after watching the interview and hearing the comments that Shelby Cadmus had to say I would question whether this really was a pro-Joran interview. By the answers this girl was giving seems to me Joran is capable of feeding lines and charming anyone to believe what he says. They fact that there may be another side to him, how would the mother or daughter ever know this.

Video from MSNBC available and also from Ian, The Political Teen.

Posted August 16, 2005 by
Natalee Holloway | no comments

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