New Searchers and Fox News have some explaining to Do


Last night on Fox News, 8/14/05 – Big Story (Jamie Colby), FOX News Channel, Jim Knox of the new search team out of Florida had some pretty not so kind things to say about previous search teams that have gone to Aruba to help locate missing teen, Natalee Holloway. Jaime Colby also thought it not to do any follow up questions rebutting the comments. Below is a transcript of that interview. Let me first say I find it appalling and unprofessional that any search team would criticize another. IT IS NOT ABOUT YOU! It is about Natalee Holloway and being able to bring closure in some form to her family. However, Former NYPD Detective Pat Bronson tried to say last night before Fox’s Jamie Colby tried to cut him off:

It’s awesome, absolutely dynamite. What he said could very well be the fact or that could just be something said by the next team in. Very rarely do you find complimentary things being said of the prior team, let’s be pragmatic about it

Jaime Colby: Let’s move on….

As a point of reference, this hardly seems like a place where one would bring an ice chest of beer does it? Its also a place where one can barely stomach the thought of eating. Maybe Fox News would like to interview the many volunteers that spent all day in the landfill helping search for Natalee taking time only to leave for lunch to get out of the hot sun and their surroundings? The volunteers that gave up their time and put risk to their health to help Natalee’s parents bring closure in one form or another. One last interesting point I will bring up. Why is it that this new group is so quick to criticize yet they have not been to this location. It is truly sad when people make it about their own agenda or vendetta rather than the primary focus, finding Natalee Holloway. Take a good look folks, there are certainly more landfill pictures to come.

Landfill 1

Landfill 2

Landfill 3

Fox News, Jim Knox and others have much explaining to do.

Story developing …

The following is the transcript from last nights show: (Hat Tip: Getagrip)

Jamie Colby (JC): A new team of American searchers are on the ground in Aruba and they are expressing confidence that they’ll succeed where others have failed.
(Jim Knox (JK) and Art Wood (AW) introduced)

Tell me a little bit about why you wanted to get involved in this search

JK: you just watch TV throughout your whole life and you see the world pass you by, you see things that are wrong and that you’d hope that you can correct. Because of raising a family, or working, or don’t have enough money, or don’t have time off from work, you really can’t do anything, so you write a check for 10 bucks and send it off to relief funds all over the world.

I’ve been watching this case since day 1 and watching what the family’s going through and it just makes me want to cry. I’ve got 3 kids. I just couldn’t imagine how I could do it.

Then I know that there’s a hearing Sept. 4 and I’m confident that a guilty person’s going to be let free if we can’t find Natalee, and I had a good friend in Riviera? Beach that has an investigation company and he had a contact with a great tracker who I have a lot of confidence in 100%…110%

JC: Let me ask you about the dogs, because that’s something that hadn’t been done in the past. There are 2 dogs, Astro and Rhino, they are actively out doing the searching. What are their capabilities and why do you think they’ll have better luck than the other human searchers?

JK: Well, they’re great dogs. They are cadaver dogs. They won’t hit on anything else — if they found a dead animal as we did last night, unfortunately, they wouldn’t go near it — there’s a completely different scent between a person and an animal.

The dogs that were here before…I only saw or heard of only one dog, and I believe that would be FBI, that was a true cadaver dog.

JC: Art let me move on to you. What are you doing specifically in your search and what is your impression seeing these particular searchers on the ground. Do you think this investigation will now move forward?

AW: Well, I’m happy to have them here. I don’t do much on the way of searching, Jamie. I’m the investigator and I do a lot of interviews and I turn those leads over to either the police or I follow them up by giving leads to the searchers.

JC: So who have you talked to and what have you heard?

AW: I’ve talked to many, many people. I’ve interviewed all beach bums, witnesses, people that call the tip line and I might say that I’m very encouraged by the amount of tips that are starting to come in and by the police participation that I’ve seen in the last 3 days.

JC: Art and Jim stand by. Former NYPD Detective Pat Bronson (PB), when you have all these different search groups coming through, do you think one can pick up where the other one left off, or do you have to start from scratch?

PB: It’s difficult to say because there’s been a whole confluence of different statements being made relative to the amount of authority that they have because it’s a monarchy down there, a constitutional monarchy, and the FBI had zero authority when they first came in, and there was a sense and a conviction that was being conveyed that there was no interaction between the different agencies. Like a private group comes in, like a group that we belong to in NY, we would have no authority. So if there is in fact a relationship between the prior group and they’re going to convey everything that occurred and the authorities are going to work with them hand in hand, then the answer would be yes, but I’m not certain if that’s the case. This sounds optimistic, but I have reservations.

JC: What are your reservations?

PB: Two. First of all, all this time that the case has transpired, there’s no body, obviously. There has been numerous accounts of where there has been some friction, not a complete flawless segway between the agencies, that the local authorities were not cooperating with the FBI, coming out of America, that there was a local group in there, there were different groups and there was friction — it was not a complete team effort. Now there seems to be a sense that there’s a team effort coming forward. I’m wondering 1) why? Why suddenly? Why now?

JC: Maybe this particular group is making progress. Jim let me ask you, how long is this group committed to being down there?

JK: We arrived on Wednesday, we started working Wednesday afternoon. We met with police first thing as soon as we got off the plane, that’s where we started the cooperation. They were mightily impressed. We presented Fred’s resume of over 2000 finds in 17 different countries and states. They’ve watched the dogs work, they’re impressed, they know that we’re working.

Jamie, I’ve had 1 beer in a week with a hamburger in Saturday. The previous searchers were taking tubs and ice chests of beer out with them. They’d work 2 hours and come in. They had equipment they didn’t know how to use. I could give you a world of information but….

JC:I guess the proof will actually be in finding out what happened to Natalee. That is the one and only goal that anyone had. It’s admirable for anyone to make the effort, don’t you think Pat?

PB: It’s awesome, absolutely dynamite. What he said could very well be the fact or that could just be something said by the next team in. Very rarely do you find complimentary things being said of the prior team, let’s be pragmatic about it

JC: Let’s move on….

PB: The goal is to find out first what transpired because you don’t know what transpired. Everyone assumes that she’s dead. The statistical probability would probably support that, but it’s not factual yet, so we have to urge caution on that. Just see if that is in fact the case, if not, let’s get to the bottom, you gotta get the facts, you gotta get to the truth. And that’s what this is: a truth-finding mission.

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      ‘Beer Can Party’ Comment On FoxNews Angers Previous Natalee Holloway Searcher

      In the same FoxNews interview HarryTho reported that Patrick Brosnan disbelieved Jim Knox’ appraisal of the prior search teams in saying that it is common for one search team to downgrade a prior team.

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