Family and EquuSearch Respond to derogatory comments from Jim Knox


Natalee Holloway’s family and EquuSearch have responded to the insensitive and derogatory comments by Jim Knox of the newest search teams in Aruba.

As reported earlier today and as seen by many last night, Jim Knox, of the new search team in Aruba made some pretty accusatory and inflammatory comments regarding previous search groups in Aruba. The insinuation was that Knox was referring to Texas EquuSearch in the following comment as much as Mr. Knox wises to play games of parsing words and state that he never mentioned EquuSearch by name. (The entire transcript of comments can be seen here.)

JK: We arrived on Wednesday, we started working Wednesday afternoon. We met with police first thing as soon as we got off the plane, that’s where we started the cooperation. They were mightily impressed. We presented Fred’s resume of over 2000 finds in 17 different countries and states. They’ve watched the dogs work, they’re impressed, they know that we’re working.

Jamie, I’ve had 1 beer in a week with a hamburger in Saturday. The previous searchers were taking tubs and ice chests of beer out with them. They’d work 2 hours and come in. They had equipment they didn’t know how to use. I could give you a world of information but….

When emailing the family and talking with some of them personally, all were profoundly disappointed in the actions and the comments made by Jim Knox. What makes matters even worse is it appears that members of the family had spoke to Knox before be left for Aruba an stated they asked Knox to discuss his searches with the media and not talk about previous search team’s efforts. I guess Jim Knox did not understand that conversation. Especially seeing that before he even came to Aruba he made other inflammatory and derogatory comments.

The following is an email that I received from Dave and Robin Holloway this afternoon regarding this matter:

I want to take a moment to defend EquuSearch. Dave and I frequently read posts from this website and want to take this opportunity to let everyone know how much we appreciated EquuSearch and all of the hard work and volunteering they have done in our efforts to find Natalee. Dave was with them every day they were there. The only tubs we saw they carried were filled with water and soft drinks! They are wonderful people and very dear friends of ours that we will stay in touch with the rest of our lives. Negative comments from other searchers will do nothing to assist in our search for Natalee and we feel this was uncalled for. We appreciate all of the volunteers who are looking for Natalee, but want to keep it civil and professional.

Thank you so much for all of your prayers and support! That is the only thing getting us through this.
Dave and Robin

I also received am email from Linda Allison that stated the following:

“It is unfortunate that the comments were made last night since it is irrelevant to finding Natalee. I have always been a very big advocate of EquuSearch and have met some truly outstanding, hard-working, and caring individuals”.

I also personally spoke with Paul Reynolds this afternoon at great length and discussed the unfortunate issue at hand and how many people were hurt by these comment. I told Paul that there were many volunteers and caring people out there that were profoundly hurt that their efforts were undermined by the selfish and insensitive comments made by Mr. Knox. I told Paul that people truly care about Natalee and your family and want there to be closure for you, but such comments can only do harm and make people not care. In talking to Paul, he was bewildered and simply shocked at the comments that were made. He called Jim Knox today to tell him just that. It was my understanding that the conversation was pretty much a one sided one with Paul doing the talking voicing his displeasure. Paul told Scared Monkeys that he wanted to apologized for the unfortunate and childish comments made by Knox and in no way did the family support anything that Mr. Knox said. Paul also wished to say the following:

“I am shocked and dismayed at the irresponsibility and inappropriateness of these comments. We have always welcomed every volunteer and every person to help find Natalee. Everyone has been gracious, respectful and diligent in this effort to help our family and to go on the air, in a live broadcast and make such inaccurate and derogatory comments is unbelievable wrong and insensitive.”

I also received am email from Tim Miller of EquuSearch. I did not want to bother Tim as he has been recovering himself from an illness.

Statement from Tim Miller:

I am very hurt and offended by allegations made in our efforts to search for Natalee Holloway. We brought in every resource we thought possible in her safe return or search for her remains.

I was personally very optimistic going into the Natalee search that she would be located, probably deceased.

Probably the most disappointed people besides Natalee’s family was each one of the 93 volunteers from Texas Equusearch that had to leave that island with no results.

I am extremely proud of every effort every volunteer made. I am extremely grateful to every person that sent us a donation allowing us to continue the search as long as we did.

We also realize the struggles of Natalee’s family and did everything we could do to help support them in any way we could.

Texas Equusearch at this point is several thousands of dollars in the red and credit card bills continue coming in. We will defer these expenses through our own fund raisers and we are not asking for the public to support us in these expenses.

We are asking everyone to continue praying for this family during this terrible time of need. Let us continue praying for the other families who also have missing loved ones who have not received the support that was given in the Natalee Holloway search.

On a joking side, I have no turtle eggs and really don’t enjoy turtle soup and I’m very disturbed that Paul VDS felt as though I threatened him, but hopefully someday he’ll allow his property to be searched.

As far as statements from Jim Knox and Fred Golba, I have thick skin and will deal with these as needed.

Again I appreciate all the support that we’ve received during the Natalee Holloway search and other efforts we’ve been involved in.

Hopefully Natalee’s disappearance will not be in vein and resources gathered will be used for our missing loved ones in the future.
God Bless all, Your Friend
Tim Miller

Thus at the time these comments were made the family members had no idea they were being said. Some even found out through SM and direct emails and telephone calls from either myself or other Monkeys for the first time.

Thus everyone can see how one person’s agenda and comments can waste valuable time and resources in the primary goal to find Natalee Holloway. Amazing when one makes thyself bigger than the story. I have to admit I was suspect of Mr. Knox by his previous comments when I previously posted, Calling All SAR’s; Search More, Talk Later.

How anyone can go to Aruba and help in the search for Natalee and use the media air time for their own personal gain, agenda or vendetta is truly reprehensible. I hardly think that this is what the family expected out of Jim Knox nor what he ever claimed he would do prior to coming to Aruba. Jim Knox has has embarrassed himself, the family and the investigation by his actions and I hope understands and makes amends for his foolishness.

I hope that Jim Knox apologizes publicly for what he has said and if not I hope the family tells him to cease all future media events until he does so. There is no need for any of this childishness and three ring circus caused by Knox. This is about finding Natalee and bring closure to the family, nothing more. Maybe Jim Knox should remember this before he opens his mouth again?

Look for the family to be on the talk shows tonight having to do damage control for Jim Knox’s comments.

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