Jug Twitty calls Out Aruban Government Spokesperson Ruben Trappenberg


Last night on Scarborough Country, Jug Twitty made some rather interesting and strong comments with regards to what Aruban spokesperson, Ruben Trappenberg has been saying lately. Frankly after hearing some of Mr. Trappenberg’s comments first hand on the set of Greta’s show I have been waiting for some type of response. Finally last night, Jug Twitty began did just that by stating the following regarding Trappenberg’s recent comments:

But the whole thing is—is frustrating to me. Last night, I saw something on TV. It was very frustrating, when Ruben Trappenberg said something to the effect that—somebody asked him about, well, you need to pay for all of the family’s expenses. Oh, we are. You know, everything is comped, all the cab rides, all the hotels, all the—everything.

And, you know, that’s so frustrating to me, Joe, it’s unbelievable. I mean, I cannot believe the man came on there and said that, because…

SCARBOROUGH: So, is he lying?

TWITTY: … I can’t tell you how—absolutely. They are not paying for all our things. And, yes, they have offered to help us with a couple of things, but they are not comping our rooms down there. I put Beth in a nice hotel because I wanted security in there, and the owner of the hotel was nice enough to come and give us a discount on the room, but they are not comping our rooms.

Jug then went on to discuss how on earth that all of the families expenses are being covered when he certainly has a credit card statement to prove otherwise.

They’re not comping—I have there in probably 70 cab rides. I have never had anybody offer me to give me a free cab ride. It’s just unbelievable to even come and say that. And I have seen my credit card bills, if they want to pay for it. I don’t want them to pay for it. I don’t want the Aruban government to give me a penny. All I want to do is, I want to find Natalee and I want to go home.

Then as the interview went on with Jug and Beth Twitty, Beth made the following comment regarding further things that Trappenberg has stated:

HOLLOWAY TWITTY: Well, all I was going to say, and there was also another false statement made that was by Ruben Trappenberg, the spokesperson for the government.

You know, the FBI was not involved from day one, and it was only until my plea that came probably June the 5th that we began getting some response and some involvement from the FBI. But, you know, we had to pursue that ourselves and from supporters in the U.S. to be instrumental in getting that.

And then, there were only in an assistive mode, remember, for many, many, many weeks, and basically up until just—until—until recently. And, still, I am not sure if they are much more into that unless now all the documentation, from videotapes, from audiotapes are being released. So, you know, that was a false statement.

One of the comments that has most bothered me because it affected me personally and those searchers around me that Trappenberg made was the one about Aruban Government equipment used in the landfill helping search for Natalee Holloway. Trappenberg’s made a reference in some form of cute comment stating, “well, you know, I don’t know if the White House has backhoes in their backyard, but we don’t have them down here”, was about as uncalled for and unprofessional as it gets. Then again with hat follows later on in this post may semi answer such ridiculous comments. Jug Twitty, however, decided to certainly let the world know how he felt about the backhoe comment:

TWITTY: Joe, I would also say, it’s so frustrating to us, because, you know, here’s the government down there. They are saying they are helping us.

And I am sure they are, but when Ruben Trappenberg comes on there and says statements like—this was on another network or something the other night—that they were complaining that the government wasn’t helping with backhoes and things like that, and that EquuSearch and private investigators—private entrepreneurs down there, like Jossy and people, were donating equipment.

And Ruben Trappenberg come on and goes, well, you know, I don’t know if the White House has backhoes in their backyard, but we don’t have them down here.

You know, what kind of statement is that? I mean, it just frustrates me to no end.

Maybe Mr. Trappenberg would like to explain to us all how the Aruban Government owned landfill does not either own directly the equipment that works on the landfill property or at the very least contracts with equipment owner’s and thus that equipment acts as an agent of the Aruban government? Parsing words of whether the equipment is owned or not is irrelevant. The fact that at any given time they could have been asked to help searchers looking for Natalee Holloway in the land fill is. As this story has gone on and the many statements that have been made by Mr. Trappenberg have become more and more puzzling and to Natalee’s family obviously frustrating. Then this bit of information was brought to my attention regarding Ruben Trappenberg. He has a Tickle site? You have got to be kidding me? A spokesman for the Aruban government has a Tickle site with a profile, how are we supposed to take this serious? More to the point, how does an official spokesperson for the Aruban government supposed to be taken seriously when of all things he has a Tickle site? To each their own but somehow the fact that the mouth piece for the government has one of these just seems inappropriate. I thought nothing more regarding this matter would amaze me, but I stand corrected.

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