Defense appeals ruling giving FBI access


From the Birminghma News (AP): Defense appeals ruling giving FBI access in missing teen case

Defense lawyers on Wednesday appealed a judge’s ruling that Aruban authorities could share information with the FBI about missing Alabama teen Natalee Holloway.

Last week, a judge struck down a motion by the defense to prohibit file sharing with the American law enforcement agency, which is acting in an advisory role in the high-profile case.

“It’s not a question of having something to hide but about the legality of their (FBI) involvement,” said defense lawyer David Kock.

I guess when a defense attorney states, “its not about having something to hide”, it most likely is all about having something to hide?

Kock, one of three lawyers who argued the appeal Wednesday in a closed court session, said a decision was expected Monday.

FBI agents have been on the Dutch Caribbean island as observers since Holloway disappeared May 30. They were granted access to material last month at the urging of the Aruban prime minister.

It would appear that this was one of those scenarios that if this decision was ever overturned Aruba would have a severe PR relations nightmare on their hands. As it presently stands many have questioned the investigation including the Holloway’s and Twitty’s, to suddenly have the the access of material by the FBI overturned would simply cause problems beyond mention.

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