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One of the many questions that I have been asked while in and after getting home from Aruba was whether I saw Arleen Schipper while I was away. The answer is yes. After the taping of the Greta Van Susteren show last Thursday night I got the opportunity to meet Arleen Ellis- Schipper. What I thought was going to be a quick meet and greet turned into a 20 minute conversation. I will say this: “and I thought I was opinionated and passionate about what I spoke of.”


Arleen was a bit skeptical of the blog at first as she thought that they all spoke negative of her. Then I said the name again of Scared Monkeys and I then assured her that the Scared Monkeys blog loved her and she had quite the following. Aruba Girl was there to overwhelmingly confirm that fact. I think Arleen recognized the name when I said it to her the second time around and then began to talk much more openly. As I said to Arleen, “trust me you have fans abound at Scared Monkeys.” Arleen was extremely gracious in talking for such a long period of time and very honest. Her more than honest and pepper-pot personality was truly refreshing.

It was a pleasure to actually talk with Arleen and discuss parts of the case that she has some issue with. Her main concern and point that she made was “consistency”. Her point of consistency was that whether it be the family or EquuSearch that those that go on different shows, whether they be ones that can or cannot be seen in Aruba or local media vs. US media that the same story be told each time. Arleen made the point that this had not always been the case and that it is tough for Arubans to understand what point they are trying to make when two stories are being told. However, I did make the point to say that it is sometimes difficult to be critical on local media of the authorities and expect cooperation when it can be more easily done with the MSM that broadcasts back to the United States. I told Arleen of Paul Reynolds and I going to Aruban radio the day before and earlier that day and she though that was a good thing. I too said it was important to bridge whatever divide there may have been over the frustration of this long investigation.

I had to smile when Arlene spoke of some of the MSM types and the shows that she has been on and her adventures. I guess there are certain shows that we will never be seeing Arleen on and for “certain” reasons. It was nice to know that at the end of our conversation there was some agreement and others parts we just agreed to disagree. No harsh words just a mutual respect and understanding. Then Arleen agreed to have her picture taken. I said it was a must for all of her admiring fans at Scared Monkeys. I really do thank Arleen for spending so much time with me discussing the case, it was very much appreciated.

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