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In the late morning I met Paul Reynolds, Natalee’s uncle, for some coffee and to discuss his upcoming plans. Paul plans to leave Aruba tomorrow and go back home to Texas. He also stated that he will be back to Aruba. Paul has made himself accessible all the time and has answered so many questions. After breakfast Paul let me ride with him and spend a day in the life of a member of the Family searching for any clues or leads in the disappearance of Natalee Holloway.

After breakfast we made a quick jaunt over to the Van der Sloot home to see by the off chance that maybe Paul Van der Sloot was home. A couple more pictures later and off we go. Having no success, it was off to the ponds to take a quick look as to what was finally done. I quick side note is that I am not quite sure why they ever stopped at the ponds seeing that they were not drained entirely. I just hope that the story that the pumps broke was not the reason why actions were ceased there. From what I saw there was plenty off water still needed to be drained.

It was now off to Paul’s hotel to do some brain storming and bide some time until his Fox, Day Side interview. I referenced to Paul that although it was a mark of brilliance what he and his family have done with the MSM in keeping this story on the front pages like no other story I have seen in recent years. Let us remember that Beth, Paul and family have single handed kept the MSM focused on Natalee Holloway and the events in Aruba. They have literally guilted the media into following the story or suffer the wrath of the viewing public.

That being said I mentioned to Paul as I did earlier in the week to Natalee’s dad, Dave Holloway, that maybe they should think about local media as well. International media like FOX, CNN, MSNBC and the other alphabet ones are great for American attention; however, Aruba really only gets CNN. If they really wanted to get to the hearts and minds of the Aruban people then maybe they should appeal to them through the local radio. Do interviews, take questions, appeal to the sensibilities of the Aruban public. To truly get through and make your point it is much better coming from the mouths of Natale’s family on local radio than it is from Nancy Grace on CNN. Ask any Aruban with regards to their opinion of Nancy Grace and they will say, I hope shy does not think of buying time sharing any time soon.

So thus the calling of the local radio stations began. Paul went live on Magic 96.5 FM today for a short time and tomorrow Paul will be live and in person at Top 95 from 9 to 10 am. He will be discussing where the situation is presently at and answering questions. Let us just hope that the family will continue to pursue the local media scenario as Aruban’s will listen to the radio, watching Nancy Grace that is another story.

Then is was off to the Marriott for the Fox News interview for the Day Side program. There we met Jossy Mansur who was also a guest on the show. I couple of technical difficulties later and Paul got bumped and Jossy Mansur went on to discuss Joran Van der Sloot and some of his anger management issues. After the show I was introduced to Jossy for the first time. Seemed like a nice enough man who wanted to get to the bottom of things. However, that post is for another time like tomorrow. I will say that I was amused when I introduced myself, “Hello Sir, I am Red from Scared Monkeys.” His reply, “I am glad to finally meet you, your monkeys think I am only in this for the fame and attention and absolute power.” Needless to say a smile engulfed my face knowing that the only way he could have known such a comment was to be reading the Scared Monkey’s forum.

After the Fox interview Paul Reynolds, Jossy Mansur and I sat down and just discussed the case and issues. Jossy presented a rather chilling statement that when reviewed seems to be true. Jossy said, “The only fact that we truly know as the truth is that Natalee got into a car with them.”

After meeting with Jossy it was off to the Holiday Inn so that Paul could meet up with his sister Beth Twitty who had just gotten in to town earlier today. Look forward to seeing Paul tomorrow and go with him to the radio interview on Top 95 at 9am. Thank you Paul for allowing me the insight and access to what is only a small portion of Natalee’s families day searching for her. Until tomorrow … signing off.

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