Can’t Believe I am saying this, But there was a great Larry King Show.


Last Nights Larry King Show had both the Twitty and Holloway families on the show , along with the Private Investigator, T.J. Ward. The key points coming out of it were that the reward for the safe return on Natalee has been raised to 1 million dollars, the focus on the new information coming from an informant.

T.J. WARD, PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR: Yes, thank you, Larry. This has been a very challenging case, not only having to create our own investigation, not being able to deal directly with law enforcement here in Aruba, but we’ve followed up, from the information that we gathered on Friday, from the witness that was found in the Aruba Racquet Ball Club. And I went door-to-door today in the racquet ball club and was able to locate another witness, who described the vehicle in question, owned by the Kalpoe boys, and they were able to tell me and describe, clearly, the car in question, being in the area and in the racquet club, around the homes, about six weeks ago, which was estimate somewhere after the 29th and 30th of May.

After she gave me a description, I went and obtained a picture of the car that was obtained by law enforcement, on the 29th of May and 30th, and brought the picture back to her. And she was able to describe the car to a “t.” And what was interesting that stuck out was the taillights — who had custom taillights on it with clear covers over red lights. And not only did she describe those taillights, but she described it all the way down to the wheels of the silver Honda Accord, which very may well be the vehicle in question, being belonged to (INAUDIBLE).

I just find it very interesting the car being in the neighborhood. This lady — the subdivision is — it’s kind of remote right now. It’s still under construction. And she’s one of the few people that live there. And she was at home this night, along with her daughter and she heard, and monitoring traffic coming in and out of the subdivision, being under construction, and was able to get a good glimpse of this car and give us a good description today, which I took this information — after getting a detailed description, and took it to the Aruban authorities and the FBI.

And exchange with Larry King and TJ Ward

Yes. The Aruban authorities have the run on this case. And the FBI here is to oversee and monitor what evidence is taken. And give them direction on what to do in this case. That’s the only authority that they have. They will have no authority to sit down and interview. Now I’m sure they’ll be able to monitor if there are future interrogations, they will be able to do that. But it’s my understanding through the letter of the law that was brought down, and the joint efforts between the United States and the Holland and the Aruban government, the FBI will just monitor what transpires.

KING: And Joran Van Der Sloot’s attorney, we understand, has filed motions relating to their involvement. He doesn’t want them to have access to anything.

WARD: Well that’s kind of interesting, also. Because if these defendants or suspects, we’ll still call them, don’t have anything to hide, then I don’t know why he’s going through the motion and trying to keep the FBI out from bringing their expertise in here to assist the Aruban government.

KING: Because the prime minister wants them more involved.

WARD: That’s exactly right.

Click here for the rest of the Transcript.


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