Diaro Report on Fox – A New Witness


Here is the latest breaking news coming out of Aruba.

Jossy M. Mansur of Diario heard about a domino game in the prison in which someone said to Deepak that he was seen the evening Natalee Holloway disappeared. According to Jossy Mansur, the story went like this:


“Hey, my gardener saw all 3 of you at the racquet club that morning” and Deepak gets mad and throws the dominoes all over the table. Jossy and his crew hunt down the gardener and convince him to go to the police even though he is scared. No reward money in question here, gardener isn’t getting any.

The gardener signed a statement with the police saying that between 2:30 am and 3:00 am he past by the racquet club and saw Deepak’s car. Joran in driver’s seat, Deepak, beside him, and Satish in back. He drove by very slowly and Joran covered his face while Satish laid down in back seat. Natalee was not seen in the car with the boys.

This is in direct conflict with previous statements by the three boys.

The Private Investigator is happy about this and not happy with Aruban Lead investigator.

Friday the Diaro people found him and convinced him to make a statement to the paper and to the police.

The Political Teen has the video of the Fox show with Geraldo Rivera.


Thanks to Dragonfly and Absolut for helping put this together.

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