Phone call From Tim Miller of EquuSearch; Laura’s Song Will Never End


I just got off the phone early this afternoon with Tim Miller of EquuSearch and had a tremendous conversation with him. I would just like to say Tim, thank you for returning my call it was an honor.

Let me just say that Tim Miller told me that he will not be going to Hawaii as planned to search for 41-year-old Gilbert Dewey Gaedcke. The mere pressure and media attention that was given to Tim Miller and EquuSearch in going to Hawaii at the request of Gaedcke’s family caused an amazing thing to occur. Island search teams were pretty much forced back into action because of the media attention and Tim Miller received a phone call from the chief of the Fire Department in Hawaii heading the search that Gilbert Dewey Gaedcke WAS FOUND ALIVE YESTERDAY. Left pretty much for dead as searches were going to be suspended Gaedcke was found approximately 12 miles from the spot he went missing.

When the family asked for our help, we couldn’t turn them down,” said Texas Equu Search director Tim Miller.

Texas Equu Search has been involved in more than 400 cases in the past five years including the search for Natalee Holloway in Aruba.

Tim Miller also went on to tell me that he will be heading back to Aruba on Tuesday. He will be bringing down 2 dive teams and 2 side sonar scanners with him and the Texas Equusearch team. As Tim told me, “we are waiting on the edge of or chairs for the DNA results.” Much of the re-found spirit in the search for Natalee depends on the duct tape and hair evidence that was attained last week. However, the DNA matching Natalee’s may not be the optimistic conclusion that many hope for. Tim further went on to say, “If she is out there, I promise you we will find her”.

Tim and I discussed Natalee and other cases he and EquuSearch have and will be working on. I will discuss those later as I really wanted to get this post up as soon as possible. Tim Miller stressed that in one form or another, the most important thing is for any family to have closure no matter what the outcome is.

I would also like to take this opportunity to present the lyrics to the song that was dedicated to Laura and Tim Miller. As many are aware Tim’s daughter Laura was the murdered in 1984. Ever since bringing closure to families has been Tim’s labor of love. The amazing work that Tim Miller has done since then is beyond words. Tim Miller said it best in a 2004 interview with ABC13 Eyewitness News(HOUSTON):

“I myself, out of twenty plus Amber Alerts in the Houston area, I myself have handed three children back to their parents,” he said. “If Laura was alive, I wouldn’t have done that.”

And with that we are honored to bring you the following emotional song:

Laura’s Song Will Never End
Dedicated to Laura and Tim Miller
Words by Jonna Lee Garrett, Barbara Gibson & Ramona Gerene
Music by Jonna Lee Garrett

(Verse 1)
Sweet sixteen – Daddy’s beauty queen
In his eyes she was everything
A little wild, but still a child
Peering through a womanly smile
Her dreams to sing had just begun
When she vanished and her poster hung
Now her family’s left without a trace
Tell me, have you seen this face?

(Verse 2)
There’ll be no candles on a cake
No more birthdays to celebrate
No dress to buy for her senior prom
Her graduation has come and gone
There’ll be no bride to give away
No dance to dance on her wedding day
Just sleepless nights till the break of dawn
And wondering what went wrong?

(Chorus) (Tim-the father singing)
Is it over? Is this how it ends?
My heart’s so heavy – will it ever mend?
Is it over? No, it’s just begun
I won’t let her be another missing one
It’s not over –
I’ll always be her strong shoulder
It’s not over – I’ll search for closure
And Laura’s song will never end

(Verse 3)
What could his baby have ever done
To deserve a fate such as this one?
But her father’s cries of despair
Made him stronger for all those who share
In a grief so hard to have to face
When someone takes what isn’t theirs to take
His strength to lead and continue on
Is why Laura’s song is sung

(Chorus Counter-Melody..1st 2 lines are Tim (father) last 2 lines of each are Laura speaking from beyond…his daughter)

Is it over – is this how it ends?
My heart’s so heavy – will it ever mend?
Don’t give up Daddy, don’t give up
No one can part the two of us

Is it over? No, it’s just begun
I won’t let her be another missing one
Listen, Daddy – I’m nearer than your breath
Listen very closely – the voice on your left

It’s not over –
I’ll always be her strong shoulder
I’ve wrapped my arms around you, oh, so tight
And wiped your tears through many sleepless nights

It’s not over – I’ll search for closure
And Laura’s song will never end
Don’t give up Daddy, don’t give up
And my song will never end

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