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The following is the transcript from last nights Scarborough Country, July 20, 2005. Joe Scarborough had the Twitty’s on for two great segments last night in a great interview. I would like to thank Beth Twitty for doing a change of pace and appearing on one of the other news networks other than Fox. Move over Greta … Scarborough was the man last night. A different perspective and a different line of questioning. Kudos.

SCARBOROUGH: Now, you are just trying to stay positive, Beth. A lot of people wonder how you do it. Obviously, you are down there. You said you are not going to leave until you get the answers about your daughter. You stay positive. How do you do it? What do you do—I guess—I guess what a lot of Americans want to know tonight is, what do you do throughout the day to keep moving forward, to keep this fight up for justice?

HOLLOWAY TWITTY: Well, as I am listening to your show, I heard Jug’s voice for just a minute.

And, you know, what an incredible support team that we have. I mean, you know, Jug and I are being supported by just an incredible amount of people. You know, it starts off in the community of Mountain Brook, and then now it’s spread throughout the world. And the volumes of cards and letters and e-mails, it’s just absolutely incredible. I mean, we feel that we have that support and are able to continue doing this.

SCARBOROUGH: You know, Paul—your brother Paul suggested Aruban authorities may be working a bit more. He was heartened by the advance in the DNA evidence, the investigation, and, like you said, the ranger that found this.

And, tonight, we’re finding out that it was more than just these four strands of hair, that, actually, there was a lot of long blonde hair in there. Do you get a sense that the Aruban authorities are working a little bit harder and pushing forward a bit more to try to solve this case?

HOLLOWAY TWITTY: Well, I think what Jug and I have been concerned all along is—is the sense of urgency. And, you know, those first days, of course, you know, I know we can’t go back and recoup, but we still have to go back and recognize that there were certain elements that were and were not discovered at that time.

But, you know, we just have to—you know, just have to hope that, you know, not only is—the investigation is progressing, but that, you know, you just—it has to progress with some sense of urgency at this point. I mean, it’s just so critical right now. It just cannot proceed in any slow manner at all.

Then comes one of the best questions of the interview for many reasons including the emotional answer of it that sums up why Beth remains so determined to find her daughter:

SCARBOROUGH: Well, that’s great.

You know, in a recent radio interview, I was given this quote. You had said that you knew that Natalee was ripped from your life. You said you knew the second when Natalee was ripped from your life. What do you mean by that? Are you talking about the night that she disappeared?

HOLLOWAY TWITTY: You know—right.

You know, I think what I—when I was speaking of that is, you know, somebody was saying, you know, what separates Natalee, I think, from any other 18-year-old girl at that moment in her life? And, to me, what it was, was, Natalee was ripped from her life. And, you know, it was—it’s just she is certainly a victim of this. And she—you know, I just think about her character and her record and her—you know, her personality.

And I know—I know that Natalee truly is a victim when I was speaking of that and that she has been ripped from her life.

(Complete Transcript)

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