Suspects Undergo DNA Testing, Part II


From Aruba Today; July 20, 2005 DNA samples taken from suspects.
Editorials pg 11.

Also from Aruba Today, July 19, 2005 Reward For Natalee’s Safe return Increases
Editorials, pg 6.

Also transcripts from Abrams Report; July 19, 2005 (Michelle Kosinski & Dave Holloway)

ABRAMS: Test results are expected within days. Joining me now once again, NBC’s Michelle Kosinski. So Michelle, do we have any better sense of exactly when those test results will come back?

MICHELLE KOSINSKI, NBC NEWS CORRESPONDENT: Well we’re told within a week, but talking to the FBI today they said it had not yet reached Quantico. That’s where the FBI lab is. So a week is right now the amount of time they’re giving us.

ABRAMS: So you do intend to go back?

HOLLOWAY: Yes. The Texas EquuSearch people are going back next Thursday and I plan to go back with them.

HOLLOWAY: He did. He felt like that youth had a lot to do with it and the fact that he left his—left Natalee at the beach, that he—you know the parents and everyone else would be angry with him for doing that and that was the reason they made up the story in the first place. Why, I just don’t buy it.

ABRAMS: You don’t buy that story?


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