Jug Twitty On the Record; July 18, 2005


The following are the transcripts to the Jug Twitty interview with Greta Van Susteren from July 18, 2005.

VAN SUSTEREN: Jug, the hair that’s been found — how did you learn about this?

TWITTY: You want to know the truth? I actually learned about it from Craig Rivera.

VAN SUSTEREN: And Craig Rivera being the brother and producer of my colleague, Geraldo, is that right?

TWITTY: Exactly.

VAN SUSTEREN: And for reference, for those who — I think everyone pretty much does know the story — but Van Der Straaten is the police commissioner who’s been in charge of the investigation.

Jug, I know the frustration. I’ve spoken to you, and you’ve been back and forth to Aruba, and you and I have spoken many times. Are you bringing a private investigator in to sort of supplement or to try to avoid the problems you have felt so far?

TWITTY: Absolutely. Hired a private investigator this weekend, has a team of ex-FBI personnel. And you know, my goal here, Greta, is to get somebody down there on the ground that will give us answers. And I understand that they’re, you know, doing an investigation their way in Aruba, but they won’t talk to us. And everybody knows it’s frustrating for the family when we have to hear things from the media, and I want a guy on the ground that can dig and try to get us some information and you know, can communicate with us every day.

Kudos to Greta for this statement:

VAN SUSTEREN: And I think that, Jug, is also true of, you know, my colleagues and all the news services, you know, because everyone has been down there.

TWITTY: Oh, absolutely. I’m not leaving out anybody.

(Full transcript)

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