John Roberts is the Supreme Court Nominee via MSNBC


John Roberts (from Independent Judiciary)

Nominated to: Court of Appeals, District of Columbia Circuit

Status of nomination: Confirmed 5/8/2003
May 8, 2003: The Committee voted out Roberts 16-3.

Alliance for Justice Resources:

  • Born 1955, Buffalo, NY
  • B.A., 1976, summa cum laude & J.D., 1979, magna cum laude, Harvard University
  • 1979-80, Clerk for Judge Friendly, Second Circuit
  • 1980-81, Clerk, Associate Justice Rehnquist, Supreme Court
  • U.S. Department of Justice
    • 1981-81, Special Assistant to U.S. Attorney General William French Smith
    • 1989-93, Principal Deputy Solicitor General
  • 1982-86, White House Counsel’s Office, Associate Counsel to the President
  • Hogan & Hartson, LLP, Washington, DC
    • 1986-89, Associate
    • 1993-present, Partner

Hat tip Political Teen with video.

From Progress from America:

Progress For America Inc. (PFA) president Brian McCabe today vowed to defend President Bush’s nominee to the United States Supreme Court, Judge John G. Roberts — who was confirmed unanimously by the US Senate just two years ago — from attacks by liberal special interest groups bent on the personal destruction of any nominee to the high court.

“A former Rehnquist clerk with a distinguished resume and an impeccable reputation, Judge Roberts is a terrific nominee to the Supreme Court,” said Brian McCabe, president of PFA. “Judge Roberts is a man of great character who deserves genuine consideration, not automatic attacks and partisan indignation based on nothing other than the fact he was nominated.”

Added McCabe: “Progress for America will defend Judge Roberts from the Left’s predictable and premeditated character assassination attempts.”

Update: AP, Federal Judge Roberts Is Bush’s Choice

President Bush chose federal appeals court judge John G. Roberts Jr. for a seat on the Supreme Court Tuesday, delighting Republicans while unsettling some Democrats with the selection of a young jurist with impeccable conservative credentials.

Michelle Malkin has been posting all day on possible Supreme Court nominees, SCOTUS WATCH: ROBERTS FILE.

The Moderate Voice also on the story

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    1. CommonSenseDesk on July 19th, 2005 8:38 pm

      John Roberts

      from NYTsPresident Bush is nominating John G. Roberts Jr., a conservative federal appellate judge from Washington, D.C., to the first vacancy on the Supreme Court in 11 years. President Bush was to announce the selection of Judge Roberts, who sits

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