Beth Twitty, EVERYONE’S MOM.


“She learned things before the police did. She knew what to ask”.

A mother’s intuition is a powerful thing“.

Birmingham News; VICKI COVINGTON, Twitty defines ‘good mother’

From the first moment that any of us saw Beth Twitty on TV, we all knew that she was a smart, caring, driven mom that would not be denied in her quest to find Natalee and answers. Many of us know for a fact that if it were not for her perseverance most likely two black security guards would have been convicted of a crime they did not commit and this case would have been brushed away as fast as humanly possible for reasons other than that of correctly solving it.

The Holloway’s and Twitty’s knew from the outset that the only way to maintain pressure on the investigation, probably not as much as what they would later understand, was to keep the story alive in the media. I would also like to say in the blog world as well, as many have cooperated with us to get the story out and to inform those interested readers that have been riveted to the story from “dawn to dusk and dusk to dawn”.

Isn’t the family using the media?

Of course they are. Once Beth Twitty understood that the reporting of her story might help find her daughter, she put the family on. We met smart aunts, smart uncles. They were pretty, too – like all the Holloway’s and Twity’s.

Keeping the story alive wouldn’t just keep Natalee alive. It would keep the family alive, too.

However, I hardly doubt that anyone uses the media. It is in fact their job to report such stories and one would more say the reverse of such a comment. Gaining someone’s confidence only to see them leave for another story can be hardly a good thing for the psyche of a family going through the stress that is trying to find a missing daughter in a foreign land with different customs and laws.

And, as is often the case, the investigative journalist and her subject grew close. They are looking for the same thing: the truth. A skilled investigative journalist, Van Susteren became the family’s priest, best friend, tour guide.

The one paragraph that I would have to completely question and disagree with in this entire brilliantly written piece. Priest? Best friend? One must have a far different definition of both terms than I and many others.

What is for certain is the following and I am sure its one of the many compelling reasons why so many have been following the story. It has been said by many, why follow this story so many people go missing every day? Natalee is just one of many. That in itself would hardly be justification not to help in whatever manner we could, no matter how small or big.

By now, we’re scared that Beth knows what we’ve known for awhile: She is no longer looking for Natalee; she is looking for truth.

And what if the worst happens? What if journalists start writing sentences that begin, “We may never know now what happened to Natalee …” Even if this – this thing worse than death called injustice – is what we’re left with; even if we never know what happened to Natalee Holloway during the summer of 2005, we do know what happened to her mother.

Although, I am sure that Beth would trade all comments about herself for Natalee to be found; Beth’s actions, determination and will have inspired us all. One mom’s determination has taken on an island for answers and the truth and for that she deserves our respect, admiration and support. Not only has Natalee become “everyone’s daughter”, Beth Twitty has become “everyone’s mom”.
Beth certainly has our support.

If you had missed it from a previous post, A Note to Beth: Don’t Give Up, Don’t Ever Give Up.

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