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Red sent me this link about a story that the National Enquirer did on the disappearance of Natalee Holloway.

According to the National Enquirer:

A meatpacking plant once occupied the site. Workers there would discard meat cuttings into the ocean. The sharks would quickly gather and go into a feeding frenzy. To this day, dead animals are dumped into the waters at the shark site for the sake of tourism.

There was not ever a meat packing plant there. It’s true that government workers used to discard meat cuttings there, but this was at the very least a decade ago. If dead animals are dumped on that specific site, it’s because their owners don’t want to go the trouble of burying their pets, certainly not because “for the sake of tourism”.

According to the magazine’s sources:

“Joran and others discussed an appropriate place to dump Natalee’s body, a specific place where someone would disappear forever… a spot on the island where the waters are shark-infested.”

Boca Mahos may have been shark infested a decade ago or more, but it’s not anymore. Yes, one can get rid of a body there if so desired, but the same thing can be said about most of the north coast. If they were at the Marriott / Lighthouse, it would have taken them perhaps ten minutes driving to get to an appropriate spot, instead of driving all the way to Boca Mahos.

Another one of their sources stated:

The source revealed: “Paulus told the headmaster that Joran and Natalee had been taking drugs and decided to go for a swim. As they played in and around the water, Natalee fell, hit her head on a rock and drowned. In a drug and alcohol-induced panic, Joran felt he had no other choice but to dispose of Natalee’s body in the sea.”

I’m not sure that Joran’s father would confide this matter to his son’s headmaster, but in any case, on the south coast there isn’t anywhere where you’re swimming, minding your own business, and then oops, you hit your head against a rock. Natalee would have had to go to the north coast shore, looked down at the rocks and jumped in anyway.

In short, the theory of Natalee swimming and hitting her head seems unlikely to me.

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