Aftermath of the Appeals Ruling


After the decision by the Appeals Courts Thursday to maintain the present scenario and deny all appeals; the Holloway’s & Twitty’s although disappointed can probably take a collective sigh of relief that Joran van der Sloot remains in jail.

From CNN:

PAUL REYNOLDS, NATALEE HOLLOWAY’S UNCLE: Well we’re certainly glad that Joran has been — continues to be detained. We do not understand, I do not understand, you know, why the Kalpoe brothers were let out. They obviously lied. Whether that’s obstruction of justice or interfering with an investigation, whether or not they committed any other crime, certainly those are crimes that they have committed. And to let them out and let them go free doesn’t make any sense.

The Birmingham News; Dutch teen to remain in custody in Aruba

ORANJESTAD, Aruba (AP) — A 17-year-old Dutch youth must remain behind bars as authorities try to find out what happened to Natalee Holloway, who was last seen six weeks ago leaving a nightclub, an appeals court said Thursday.

The court also ruled that there was not enough evidence to detain two Surinamese brothers in connection with the disappearance of the 18-year-old Alabama woman.

What the 3 Judge Appeals panel was reviewing:
The Daily Herald; Court hears appeals in missing girl probe.

The appeals include four of the prosecution, of which two are against the release of the Kalpoe bothers. The other two are against lifting restrictions for the only suspect still detained, Joran van der Sloot(17), including admitting his lawyers to interrogation sessions.

Van der Sloot in turn is appealing the decision to prolong his detention. He admits he was left alone with the girl at Fishermen’s Hut by the two brothers before she vanished, but says he left her there when one of the brothers picked him up later, something they both deny doing.

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